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Breakfast is served by the hotel from 8-11.  Apparently I’m the first one up.  Be sure to bring chapstick if you’re going in the winter.  Lack of [drinkable] water from the tap may dry you out.

I can’t remember if we’re going to eat at a restaurant next door, but after checking that nobody else is up at the front desk, I set about practicing my Russian with the breakfast server.  Most of it was out on the table, but I was not sure if the items were for an omelet or individual consumption.  I settled on the latter.  The “milk”, if a little thicker, could be sour cream.  Very thick.  The omelet is delivered after a short while as I sit on the balcony of the main room.


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Today is to acclimate to the time zone and to do tourist things.  Two more men are flying in today, so while we wait a few of us are going to roam around.  Some of us want to go to the bazaar (market) where they are supposed to have hand-crafted artisan goods.  All the music that plays around here is in English, and the stores take Dollars as payment.

When ordering with water you have to specify if you want it “with gas” or without.  I’m going to try to learn the Russian later.

I found out later that the “milk” is actually Drinking Yogurt.  Learning the Russian for “no gas” was told to me as nigazerosomethingsomething.  I found out at the end of the trip that “ni gaza” (nee gah-za) will suffice.

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