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1/24/14  9:00 AM

Helped Mark Davis eat breakfast.  He left to pick up people at the airport.  Found out he knew about SuperSkank only a week or so in advance.  I’m thinking about taking pictures of women on the street.  I decide against it.  I can do it later.  I certainly an attest, however, about the number of good looking ladies in the street.  My current perch allows me a view of the street and the elevator so I don’t miss any guys coming down for breakfast.

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This picture was taken later in the trip because I did not want to seem creepy shooting pictures out of a hotel window with the receptionist staring at me.  It was taken at the hotel restaurant in Nikolaev and it is a good representation of the dress and looks of women in Ukraine in this weather.

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  1. Hey there, it’s me again…here’s an update with my situation…I’m the 27 year old dude who’s thinking about meeting girls in Ukraine.

    The girl from St. Petersburg that I was supposed to Skype with…unfortunately she had to go to her friend’s house out in the country with very little Internet for the entire week. I still look forward to keeping in touch with her since she came to Chicago not too long ago, but since I am leaving next Friday, I don’t have any time to get a Russian visa made. We’ll see what happens..who knows, maybe in the future we will meet.

    There are a few other girls that are interested in meeting me. Three of them are 19 years old (perfect age), one is my age (27). One of the girls, I just Skyped with today…she lives in Simferopol, Ukraine. She can’t speak a word of English and she was going back and forth through a marriage agency to get her letters typed. She was typing her responses to me on Skype (I found it weird how she’s able to type but can’t speak..then again, I’ve never had to learn another language so who knows). She wants to visit me her in Simferopol and she’ll show me around, but honestly..even though she’s absolutely gorgeous and does cheerleading….with no way to talk to her, I can’t see it going anywhere with her. At least she’s a nice girl though.

    The second 19 year old chick…she speaks English. I had a brief conversation with her yesterday on the phone. We plan on talking a lot more tomorrow and the day after. She also lives in Crimea and wants me to visit. We’ll see what happens.

    The third 19 year old is more than ready to help accommodate me. I told her…I can stay in Ukraine for up onwards of a month and just get to know you, your family, friends, etc. She was estatic and has said yes, now it’s a matter of us Skyping.

    The 27 year old women…she’s well educated (PhD in economics) and we plan on talking on the phone later this week.

    Anyways, I’ll let you know what happens with any of these girls. If anything, Elena’s model is an amazing website….to give you an idea of how strict they are, when I contacted the help desk about a profile I thought was fake, they emailed me back saying ‘We interviewed her on the phone and have a copy of her Ukrainian passport…she’s definitely real, we just can’t guarantee her behavior.’ Pretty insane background checks…

    • Yeah that cheerleader girl sure is sweet. I’ve also Skyped with her and she uses Google translate. Told me she wanted me to visit in the very first letter.

    • Much the same with what I found. But whether you meet a woman on EM, eHarmony, Match or at the local bar or grocery store, you’re bound to find a wide range of classy women and skanks, intelligent and sophisticated women and gossiping monsters.

      The only thing that you can be assured of – when you date an Eastern European Woman versus a Western woman – is that she will be more often be in better physical shape and have a more traditional (non-feminist) mindset.

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