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… Ukrainian Women often wear dresses and high heels…

1/25/14  11:30 PM

I somehow misplaced this notebook and it ended up in TDH’s luggage.  Very strange.  So much to catch up on!  We went to a market where I purchased a pair of pipes, a stacking doll, a mug, and a cloth hat with pins.  Cost about $100.  Ate lunch at a cozy Italian place.

We loaded onto the bus for Nikolaev at 3:00 PM.  The camera crew had to film us on.  When boarded we were given itineraries for the week.  At the back was a list of pictures of girls who said they would come.  After taking a cursory glance (what am I really going to do?) I chatted with the guys and took a nap.

[Redacted] wanted to interview me at some point in the ride; asked me the usual questions; Why are you here?  What to you hope to come away with? etc.  At some point [redacted] found out that I have never dated in America previously [lucky me!] and had the ovaries to ask, “So I take it you’re a *mouthing out silently “V-I-R-G-I-N”*.  My response was the standard: a shit-eating grin and, “I prefer the term, ‘Single Christian.'”  [Redacted] opened its mouth like it was going to argue the nomenclature, but stopped after a few braincells rubbed together.  [Probably wouldn’t have been a good idea to argue that on national television.  In a usual western woman attempt at one-up-ing,] It “revealed” that it had been celibate for 3 years; “Best thing ever.”  [I really wanted to respond with, “Do you want a medal?”  Seth was polite.]  Of course, we know here that early 30’s is prime Cock Carousel disembarkment time.  Whatever.  It went on trying to stroke my ego about how I was the “catch of the trip” (probably true) but seemed to have the misleading idea that women here would be trying to sexually conquest me for its own sake.  Double Whatever.

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After arriving in Nikolaev, we freshened up and walked around the corner to a restaurant that served traditional Ukrainian food and met our translator for the week.  [I got to eat there again at the end of the week, and look forward to returning.]  Mine is named Yulia, only a few weeks older than I.  She is thin and attractive, with a Slavic face and patchy skin, but seemed a very good translator and assistant.  She did not eat at the dinner, claiming that she was “on a diet”, so I dropped the issue.  She also happens to be a woman, and took my offered arm as we walked back to the hotel.  She needed it, as she was wearing 3″ heels on the icy sidewalk and slipped several times.  She did not live far but decided to take a taxi home because some years back she had broken her leg from a fall in heels.  Retired early to sleep.

Yulia was indeed on a diet.  Later on the trip, she told me that she was told by her boyfriend that she was more attractive when she was thinner about 5 years ago, and that she should lose about 10 pounds.  Her current weight?  115 lbs.  Damn.

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  1. “Yulia was indeed on a diet. Later on the trip, she told me that she was told by her boyfriend that she was more attractive when she was thinner about 5 years ago, and that she should lose about 10 pounds. Her current weight? 115 lbs. Damn.”

    Compare to America:

    He said what? You better dump him!

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