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… everywhere in Ukraine – tall and thin Women…

1/26/14  8:00 AM

It was 1:30 last night so I could not write anything more, I had to sleep.  This morning I downloaded Google Translate.  It works offline English > Russian, but not Russian > English.

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According to Mark Davis, Sundays are always exponentially better for meeting ladies.  Most if it has to do with digesting how the interacted with women yesterday.  Mark stated he almost feels sorry for the Saturday women…  I spent several hours late last night talking to men on the meeting process, the questions and chemistry.   By and large we (the men) determined that we were trying to be too defensive.  Instead we need to shift the directive to the women.  Other things that were hard to explain, such as many of our jobs, we will politely defer “until we are on a date”.

We sat for several hours refining our wording to better represent ourselves and reflect our thoughts.

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One thought on “1/26/14 8:00 AM

  1. Hi Seth ,

    Glad to hear from you , and that it has been a great experience.Now , I didn`t check the site yet , that is giving this tour.You mentioned , that you bought two pipes – I believe still in Odess.

    Do you mean those water pipes for smoking ??Or was it something else.
    Wow , Blue Balls ?? – first time I hear this expression.I thought that it was from the cold ??

    You told in another post , that you had some interactive realtion , with a Eastern European woman.So , you had a bit of experience , with their way of thinking , and normal behaviour.
    And , now , that you had real contact , with these women , was this experience , more or less , what you had expected ??

    Or was it a complete different interaction , between you and the ladies ??Of course , I understand , that their age is also a certain factor in this.
    Well , I can tell you , that on my first meeting , wtih the lady , I was rubbing her back , her side , all the way down , to the bottom , when she was sitting beside me.
    Our only contact , before this meeting , were just 2 letters.So , it was maybe a bit of try to establish , how she would react to all this.But , she did not seem to miind at all.

    And after 1 hour , the translator reminded me , that it was passed , you know , for the costs.But then I asked , if we had more time , and the lady said yes.
    So , our first meeting , lasted eventually 3 hours.

    But then they had to go home , you know , the next day , they had to go to work.
    The lady , then said , that it was very good first meeting.Earlier , the interpretor said , that we would have a follow up meeting , to get to know each other better.
    But then we would be just us 2 .

    In some ways , your daily situation , may be different , from mine.I understand , that you live in a country , where most of the majority of people ,is over weighted.And that beautiful slim ladies , are rare or very rare.
    Luckily , I don`t have this , and can enjoy the look of nice and beautiful slim women , every day.

    So , I can really understand , that you were impressed by all the glamour and grace , of these ladies.And let`s be honest , they are also very nice , and will enjoy a good company.
    One thing to consider though is , that when they want to date with you again and again , and you agree , they will think , that you are serious with them.

    Well , that is what I believe.I also wanted to date more , with my lady , because I really liked her , and she is just looking stunning.
    The interpretor , only came to join us , on our first date , to check , what type of person I am.And if I was a good candidate , for her.
    And I believe , that I passed the test , because , after this , we had many more dates , until I had to leave.

    On our second date , she showed me a photo , from when she was a little younger.And she told me some other things about herself , and she asked me , if I like them.
    This is a sure way , to tell , that the woman is really interested in you.And yes , of course , she and the interpretor wanted to know , why I wanted a woman from the Ukraine.

    It is without a doubt , that they will listen to your answer , with great interest.So , you have your mind set for this , and sure , you will give the correct answers.
    Another important issue is , if you have your own house.I am not sure , if they mean , if you live by yourself , or if they mean , that you own your own house.

    In this regard , I can fully understand , the question of the older woman , of “how much money you make” .We all know by now , that life in the Ukraine , is hard for the majority of the people.
    Not enough work , too many people searching for a job , which makes the wages go down.

    And when you have a family , what will you do ??Or you live on your own , or still with your parents , how will you pay the bills ??
    The costs of live , have only risen , in the past years.It is only now , that I saw some adds on tv , where the government , is urging people , to buy products , that were made in the Ukraine.

    So , this can help to boost the national market , and eventually , can create more jobs.While the costs for the products go down.

    I believe , that no woman , wants to move to another country , if she will face the same life conditions , that she now has , in her own country.Even when she loves her country and family , very much , to have a better life , with someone , who she really likes , may let her decide , to go and live with you , in your country.

    Wating for your other posts


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