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… in the Summer, the beaches in Ukraine pack out –
bikini tops are optional…

1/26/14  8:30 PM

My date (2 hour lunch) with Natalie wiped me out, so I cancelled the middle date to take a nap.  Also, I did not like the middle date [Galina] and only had it because the translator made it for me, and another man is dating her.  Lunch was red Borsch and bread, Natalie had fish and a glass of wine, and my translator sushi (you pay for the translator’s meal as well).  The total cost was 301 local currency, so about $35.  Taxi ride anywhere costs about $3-4.

I took that nap, and my third date cancelled [Valerie] due to needing to study.  Marina from before send me two texts and my translator a text asking if I read her email.

 Hey. It is a marina. We met yesterday and today.


Forgive me please I’m so distance after your words at the end of the evening … I can barely hold back the tears . You’re crazy like me … Yesterday I was up all night looking at your pictures … I think I fell in love with you. I have never met a man like you. I have serious intentions to you … And over time, I’m ready to move to your country and I would very much like to . It seemed to me that I found my soul mate. And it’s true . I loved when you held me in boulenge[She’s trying to spell “Bowling”]. It was perfect . I very much wanted to hug you and kiss you on the lips … but there were cameras and I was embarrassed . I’m a fool . needed to show their attitude towards you. I have never met these guys . I felt calm and warmth around you .


Too many girls want to fool foreign guys on the money that you would not think so , I allowed myself to pay for a taxi to the same driver did not have to surrender your bills. I did not think that it can hurt you [She is referring to an incident in the taxi where I was demanding (playfully, but seriously) to pay for it, she thinks I took offense for her willingness to pay.]. Forgive me please. You’re the man of my dreams … I’m sorry that I ‘m in a hurry with these words … But you will soon go away without knowing it … I like you very much indeed genuinely liked …

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If the reason in something else and you like another girl . Although very sorry , but I understand. Please write me an answer . I’ll wait. You are a great man … I dreamed about this all my life … It’s true. Please think over my words .. I’m ready and I want to seen with you every day. I dream to see you again …. Please … Have a good evening and a pleasant stay.

I want to give you some of the photos. yet.

I bounced it off a few translators who thought it was cute that she was “acting like a man who is desperate.”  In America you know she’d be batshit crazy.  After consulting the translator and Anna Davis, my translator sent the girl a text saying that I had already found a woman with serious intentions.  Anna Davis told me she will not be coming back to future events because she seems to desperate.

As I write here in the cafe a girl [who I later found out to be a boy] in a blue coat and spoke to me in Russian.  I replied that I do not understand, and the girl asked (demanded) in English, “Money please, give please!”  A translator with DCT also in the cafe told me, “Don’t give.  Don’t give.”  Apparently beggars will rush in sometimes and solicit as many people as quickly as possible before the store kicks them out. One of the veterans of the tours explained that this happens occasionally.

Only one date tomorrow.

Marina was probably truly feeling chemistry with me, but I can’t say the same for me about her.  Part of me wonders if she would have been more relaxed and open with no cameras that it would have worked out for us, but that’s water looooong under the bridge.

This young man is probably part of a racquet with the criminal underground.  Throughout the week he made several appearances, demanding money, claiming foreigners (me and the other men) had taken money he had “left behind”, trying to sell flowers to you when you are on dates (happened once) and soliciting the translators offering them sex.  That 10 y/o must be on crack.  My advice is to ignore them and tell the translator to dismiss them.

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1/27/14 3:00 AM
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