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Yesterday was the second (last) meet and greet.  It was, as predicted, much better than the first one.  My opening changed from Name > Job > Lifestyle to Name > Age > Serious Intent > Have girls introduce themselves.  Also, instead of telling them my job, I explained to them that in the past it is hard to explain b/c the job is so much different in Ukraine, but I wanted them to know 3 things: 1. Medical field  2. Work as much/little and can still support a large family  3. Can work anywhere in the U.S. b/c lots of jobs.  If they pushed the question harder, then I say that I am a Dr.



I have decided that if the girl knows too much English, then she is not as much fun to talk to.  Maybe it is because when they do not have to focus on speaking English too much then think thy have superiority to the other women at the table (probably right).  The ones that spoke some English, however, were too cute.  Three women really stood out to me, compared to none at the first event.  The first was Inna, 19 y/o, who is a small girl who obviously had a genuine personality even though she spoke only Russian.  The second was a 42 y/o.  I cannot remember her name [Natalia] but we dominated the conversation at her table.  She has a similar profession to mine (the one mine is confused for, in fact) but we had a crazy good time talking about the differences between us.  While we would have no intentions of fostering romantic interests, I would love to spend an hour or two chatting with her more.  Also very cool is that  TDH, who has not felt much connection either, liked her and will most likely have a date.  On the topic of older women, one tried to interest me in her 17 y/o daughter, and was describing her to me instead of telling me about herself.



The third was 24, knew ~50% English.  She was named Valerie?  Very smart, engineer, warm and genuine personality.  She is my top pick from the social events.  [This one happens to have been Seth’s special lady-friend.  She’s actually 20, and her name is not Valerie like I thought, but I like it so I’m sticking with it.]

I had a bowling date last night with Marina; the film crew was there to film it.  Right before I left, Anna Davis advised me to break up with the girl b/c she seemed too impressionable, that she was saying how much she liked me too early but not showing any other signs of reciprocating my advances.  This confirmed by gut feeling I had after the first date that I played off as too much – too soon.  We played 1 game because it was her first time and her wrist hurt.  She said that she wanted the cameras to stop, so I told them and they immediately and respectfully did so (and thanked me for letting them film as long as they had).  We went to a Turkish themed restaurant.  Ordered cheese and Shastlik (meat on a stick).  Talked about movies and it turns out Marina and I have opposite tastes in movies and literature.

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The end of the date I tell her that I had a good time, that she is a special girl, but I do not fell the connection between us that I expected to feel.  She got very quiet and thus began the agonizingly slow time for the check to arrive.  Outside the restaurant, as she was leaving, she whispered in my ear, “I really like you, I want to see you more, if you want to, call me.”  She gave me a last kiss on the cheek and left in the taxi I had paid for her.  I wondered if I was cruel for having another date (this one) with her when I knew I was going to reject her…  This realization happening right before a date made it impractical, however.  I believe Anna Davis was right though, I don’t feel as though I am missing anything by not seeing her again.

I have a museum date with a 26 y/o Galina tomorrow.  She has a 5 y/o kid.  Child will probably not be there.  I do not think the girl is pretty, and I really don’t like a woman to have a child at my age, but my translator set it up for me and I will go b/c I do want to meet many women.  Maybe she will change my mind about her.  Probably not.  Don’t tell anyone, but I know she had a date with a 53 year old man right after the social, and I guess they really hit it off.  He told me, “Don’t be surprised if she is already in love with someone else.” (him)  [While I personally confused Galina’s aggressiveness for dating lots of men as a sign of desperation (having a child) in the end it turned out that she may have been trying to take advantage of they guys.  I don’t know the full story, but needless to say she will not be attending any DCT events in the future.]

I also had the older (50+) men tell me who they thought the best girls my age were.  Got a few more girls on my priority list.  During the conversation, one of the translators overheard us talking about the girls and told us to stop, that it’s against the rules to compare notes because it may taint the group’s opinion against a woman.  While there certainly were some candid opinions going amongst the four of us, we reproached her as our goal was to help me find girls I would want to date, not warn me away from any.  She left with a dubious attitude.  The general consensus became that she had no reason to demand what we talk about (or not) because WE are the ones paying to be here.

I am excited that Anna thinks that she has found a good match for me, one who she interviewed that day (Sunday) and did not get to stay at the social.  Anna has a reputation for being right about these things.  Mark Davis thinks he knows who it is when I mentioned it at the bar to him tonight, but he “doesn’t want to jinx it”.  The girl is Olya, 22 [actually 19]. I look forward to meeting her.  I woke at the time listed and could not fall asleep again, so I write this now.  It is 4:20 now, and I am done, so I will try to sleep until 8:00 AM.

Olya had to leave early, so I did not get to meet her at the event.

Olya (left) had to leave early, so I did not get to meet her at the event.  Valerie is on the right.

These later entries are a little longer, so bear with me as I work up the time to get them all in one go.  I’m not quite half-way through with this account.  When I go back, I plan on doing my best to have a date with Inna, as well as a Larisa and a pair of Victorias.

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15 thoughts on “1/27/14 3:00 AM

  1. I like the way Anna has got your back. EDC really seems to care about their clients. I highly doubt other agencies in the biz can pay that much personal sincere attention to their clients. Anyways, I haven’t any idea how a couple can make it work if they can’t communicate less they have a live in translator lol. Though I hear quite a few girls over there can speak some basic English which if so, that can work. That one in the green shirt is dammed cute! Looks a bit young though, maybe 19? Enjoy your trips there. Sounds like fun. If I had the cash, I would try it even though I have my doubts about the rooskies. (Well, x ruskies that is , I guess they’re technically Eastern Europeans now. lol) I have a feeling they are more “calculating” in general compared to Asians and Latinas. But of course there are some good ones if you look hard enough and have a good sense to tell who is using you vs sincerely wants to find a husband.

    • Yes, DCT takes good personal care of their clients. I can call them up anytime toll free if I want.

      It’s funny you mention needing a live translator and then the girl in the green shirt, because she does not speak a lick of English, but today we had a two hour chat on Facebook. More specifically, she made a Facebook profile, specifically added only me as a friend, and started chatting with me to find out what was up…3 weeks after the date. With google translate, communication wasn’t really a problem. Oh, I’d better mention that she found the time to put up some photos for me as well.

      What kind of photos? Glad you asked.



      • Google translate is fine online. But what about face to face like after you two are married ?? I suppose a couple could constantly have access to a online translator when they are together but what a pain that would be. Well, I guess if in love, people will do what it takes. Its just that for me personally, I much prefer being able to communicate without using a online translator all the time. Though, perhaps it means I’m a bit lazy? lol But for guys like me who don’t want that headache, it seems there are English speaking ladies over there, at least I’ve heard that from many sources. And mark and Anna of EDC could probably specifically set their client up with ladies who speak some basic English. That’s what I’d do if I did one of these tours. ENGLISH only please! lol

        • All the girls understand some English in varying degrees. And by all accounts, if they find a man they like they pick up conversational English in 2-3 months. Also, EDC just started a program offering free English lessons to any of their ladies who want it, whether they have found a man or not. Even if you don’t want to go through them they can take classes three times a week for $25 every week. Learning English has never been a problem.

          Having to communicate online while typing, however, does have the added benefit of proving that you two have been in contact while during the courtship phase for applying to the K-1 Visa (for any who are not aware, the K-1 Visa is the marriage visa)

      • Seth,

        You are omitting something, unless I missed it, the date with Olya. You definitely met with her outside of the DCT event. This is good. Perhaps you will reveal a little about that. Regardless, the fact that you spent that much time dealing with Google translate on Facebook, and that she is only on FB for you, tells me you clicked.

        If her personality even comes close to how she looks on the outside, don’t let her go. She’s adorable–right down to her appendectomy scar.

        Good Luck!

        • Well, the story really hasn’t unfolded to the point where I get to my date with her (which was with DCT, by the way). DCT does not try to have any kind of control over the girls, you can contact them various ways if you so wish. The conversation we had will, by and large, stay private, but the general gist of it is that I was a “never-called man”. This is true, I pursued the woman who I had the strongest connection with and it turned out the way it did. It is what it is. Maybe I’ll get to talk to her later…maybe not.

          • “Never-called man”? How interesting. This does give me an idea of what your story will be, but I’m likely wrong (of course). But the very statement that you MAY talk to her later sounds rather ominous.
            I wish to clarify that, as you stated, you didn’t get to meet her at the event. I wasn’t trying to give the impression that you were able to make contact independently, I have no doubt that DCT was your contact source. I was merely stating that it happened after the event.
            So, was Marc and Anna’s “feeling” wrong? We’ll find out…


            p.s. “never-call man” is a reason to dump the man purse, just sayin’ ;)

          • Stories that are still in evolution are rather exhausting to explain the subtleties of.

            As the the P.S. lol, может быть

  2. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention , I too am on the same journey. I just recently spent 3 months in the Philippines (I was there during typhoon Yolanda and got the hell out of Cebu since it was in the typhoon direct path. My dam hotel never refunded my money for leaving early) . Anyways, I think I may have met the one. We’ll see. I plan to meet her a 2nd time but this next time will be in tel aviv Israel since it’s half way between the US and the Phils, and unlike most countries, Israel will let Filipinos enter without a visa.

  3. A number of these ladies hold advanced degrees in sciences or law which may not transfer very well across international boundaries. To be here, IMO, a man should be in a position to comfortably provide a one income household. Should the new wife wish to purse outside interests for personal development and fulfillment – fine. If the husband says ”hurry up and get a job, the mortgage is due!” – he shouldn’t be here.

    IN GENERAL…. what is the opinion of the Slavic woman on pursuing a career in her field of education – with a follow up question of ”I’m 22 and a doctor / pharmacist / lawyer…”. Those are 7+ year programs where I come from, and if I wanted a Career Woman working 12+ hours a day I wouldn’t be here. The ”set my own hours / very comfortable lifestyle” thing is covered, the ”feminine cultured woman who won’t raise the kids on macaroni and cheese / video games” is missing.

      • I see plenty of highly educated women in the profiles, I’m in a position where I set my own hours and lead a Very comfortable life. A career woman staying up til 3am to finish a report doesn’t interest me at all. IN GENERAL… what is the attitude of these women continuing their careers?

        • I see now. As a general rule, these women are very intelligent and commonly highly educated. They value getting a degree rather highly because they realize that their chance of getting a marriage is low, and a marriage to a husband who can support them even lower. While many of them will, at first impression, try to get a man to wait for them to finish their degree, upon finding such a man who is genuine and they fall in love with, they will discontinue the pursuit of such a degree. To these women (the majority, anyways) my impression is that over-all they value their family (husband, children) over their jobs, and while they may decide to pursue a degree or career at their new country, it is usually because it gives them something to do (life fulfillment instead of sitting at home) or to support their husband/family (the need for supplemental income in hard times).

          I’ve heard many stories from men about their woman who decided their beautician or accounting degree was pointless after they met their man, or who decided to continue their education overseas. With women over 22/24 y/o this usually isn’t a problem anyways because they have largely finished their education. When I was dating Valerie, for instance, she informed me that she chose her occupation (computer programming) because it was a job that would let her work her own hours from home so she could take care of children. Having seen some of her homework (including the calculus) I would have been more than happy to have given her the 2 years she needed to finish such a family-suppporting and, honestly, kickass degree she was working towards.

          Perhaps Scott could step in and enlighten us as to his own personal experience with his woman.

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