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… 3 beautiful Ukrainian Women…

Went to the karaoke event at 9:00 PM yesterday.  Was loud, but had a good time.  At the end got asked for 500 grivnas…  Paid, just went with it.  Told my translator other men would be very upset.  They were.  They also told me that X brought a date, while Y was told he couldn’t bring his, was told that she had to leave during the event [she didn’t because Y wasn’t going to be pushed around].  Didn’t help that his girl was flirting with other men during the date (even gave me the eyes a few times).

I heard from the guys that Jason is going to sit down with Mark about the problems.  Talked to Jason, who was not aware of all the problems, and he not planned on sitting down with Mark to discuss.  I also told him about the moneys that Mark owed me, that I had more or less ignored up till this point. [The tour I had originally paid for was more expensive.]

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Jason convinced me to immediately go with him to Mark and we sat him down.  Mark heard us out.  He apologized for the misunderstandings [in short, what all of the problems were] and immediately wrote an e-mail at with an apology (to be reviewed and sent after sleep) and stating that he would refund us the entire 500 grivnas.  He also sent me an e-mail that mathed out how much he owed me.  I requested he pay me back in grivna [I was short on local currency].

I could not be more pleased with the meeting tonight.  With Mark’s genuineness to solve problems in the drama and bending over backwards to do what is right, I really approve of his heart and his practice.  I feel he’s working hard for us.

One of the men is borrowing my translator tomorrow morning to go shopping and to style him out.  His translator is bad at shopping and does not like it.  Tomorrow I may go to visit some large hat shops with Jason.

There is a lot of other drama I wrote about, but I’m not going to add, because it involves other men’s stories.  I feel it’s enough to say that meeting with Jason and Mark led to be fruitful in resolving all of these issues.

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1/26/14 8:30 PM
1/28/14 7:15 PM

4 thoughts on “4:30 AM 1/22/14

  1. I’ve been following along, but I’m confused about this post.
    Who asked you for 500 grivnas? Don’t you need to pay the karaoke bar? Was this a group date, or was it a bunch of guys going to sing? I presume it is a group date, but why are dates not allowed? Who is Jason?

    • 500 grivnas was asked for by the DCT staff. The karaoke bar did need to be paid for, but the DCT staff ordered food for the group (community food) and some of the guys were on a budget.

      It was supposed to be a men only (with translators) event, but it was not listed as such in the itinerary and several of the translators (mine included) were under the presumption that you could bring a date if you wanted (I didn’t).

      It was mostly the translators singing. They would dance too and that was pretty fun to watch.

      One of the men was bringing a date on purpose because of the film crew (publicity) and this caused confusion.

      Jason is a newer member of the DCT group staff. More “country” to Mark’s “city” if you get my feeling.

      • If the 500 Hryvna was not part of the itinerary description of the function, then yes, they are right to be upset. Kudos for Mark for making good.

        Did your translator get him a ‘man purse’ too??

        Hat shops? Large? Batten down the hatches folks, this doesn’t sound good. ;)

  2. Hi Seth:
    You stated, “There is a lot of other drama I wrote about, but I’m not going to add, because it involves other men’s stories.” I wish you would have. It is very difficult to obtain such information (details of drama) unless you actually take a tour and experience it yourself. The point being, is it drama that should be expected or is it more? If one pays money to attend a romance tour, is it with his best interest or is it to enrich everyone else?

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