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1/28/14  7:15 PM

YB looked slick after my translator fixed him up.  My date canceled, reason: Called into work.  My day blown, I went and bought some stuff.  Russian hats for men are 400 grivna, but women’s are 1,000.  I bought two mens hats, a model car (a gift) and got coins to pass out to my patients.

Hat booth in the mall, each one is 1,000 grivna ($120).  I would have purchased one for my mother, but I knew I'd be back so I took this photo so she could choose which one she wants.

Hat booth in the mall, each one is 1,000 grivna ($120). I would have purchased one for my mother, but I knew I’d be back so I took this photo so she could choose which one she wants.

Ended up taking my translator to dinner.  Met a man from San Diego who introduced himself,  older/ex-military.  He noticed that I don’t fit the stereotype of man looking for a wife overseas.  When getting coins, the bank teller asked if my translator and I were getting married.  [I answered “Da”, and got slapped across the chest by the translator, haha.] Apparently that is all people get them for.  They came in ad-hoc stapled brown paper bags with the amounts hand written on the front.

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Came back to the hotel, took a shower.  Went downstairs and met “[Other translator]’s Brother” [One of the miscommunications from last night was that this “Brother” is actually an American man who found his wife two months ago, not a native.] and his fiance.  Brother told me of his past and I shared mine.  We both agreed that the suggested $700 in spending cash was not enough.  He met Fiance in November.  I bounced some Russian off of Fiance.  Brother was not as proficient, but trying.  They left to go on a date.  I will try to be on at 4 AM this morning and the 10 AM interview as well.

I really hope my dates don’t all cancel on me tomorrow as well; I have 3.  It snowed 3 times today and we’re supposed to receive an “Arctic Blast” later.  We tried with my translator and Anna Davis to get me another date for today with 6 different girls, but none of them wanted to meet me :(.  Bed early b/c of the 4 AM meeting.

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4:30 AM 1/22/14
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2 thoughts on “1/28/14 7:15 PM

  1. Ahhh, those kind of hats. Okay, now I get it. Did you get a reason why the ladies hats are priced as they are?

    “Apparently that is all people get them for,” I don’t understand. The coins are for…???

    Interview? The [redacted] or someone else?

    A shame about the six. :(

    YB got a man purse didn’t he? I know he did. :p

    • Ladies hats are more probably because they are larger, fluffier and more stylish.

      Coins are used for weddings. The tradition is that people in the couples new house celebrating (like a wedding reception) will throw money on the floor, chastise the new bride that her house is dirty and tell her to clean it up.

      YB did not get a murse.

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