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… even the tall Women wear high heels in Ukraine…

1/29/14  6:00 AM

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Just got off the call /w/ the guys back in America.  There was a much more positive vibe from the men than I had seen previously.  The most demoralized of us had three dates yesterday, two of them were “knocked out of the park.”  He was very happy, and I am glad to see him so.  One of us has found, maybe, “the one”,  congratulations came from all around.  As I sat in the room so early in the morning, (it was only Mark Davis and I at first) with all the fellowship between the men, I had to reflect on a quote from Mark; “Even if you don’t come for the women, you can come for the men.”  It seems very true right now.

Three dates tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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  1. Now this post really contrasts with the “meet & greet” night with the ladies. When one of the translators chastised you for talking about the ladies amongst each other (who was best for whom). You are trying to help each other and not once have you mentioned anyone actually talking down one of the girls at an event. I don’t count this blog. ;)

    You have each other’s back, as it should be.

    Luck with the three. Still waiting on the “Olya Story”. :)

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