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… two Ukrainian Women on Deribasavskaya Street in Odessa, Ukraine…

1/30/14  6:00 AM

One of my dates canceled on me, Angelia, 29 [Lame, I actually want to date that one when I got back.  I’ll see how she feels then, it may have just been the bad weather].  First I went with Marina (2), 21, a call-center girl who was studying a 5-year degree in makeup/hair.  We had a 40 minute date at a coffee shop and each had a “hot chocolate” (literally melted chocolate and cream).  She was cute enough and nice enough to warrant a second date, so we may set up ice skating on Sunday, although to be honest, it’s too late in the week to make her a serious contender right now).

Second date was with an Olya, 19.  Anna Davis recommended her as a good match; a tiny slip of a girl.  Our desert date (cherries and cream) turned into a 4 hour chat.  Very serious and interesting questions coming out of her.  Do I drink wine?  No, but maybe that’s something my wife and I could enjoy together.  Would I allow my wife to get plastic surgery as she got older?  I’m not even going to touch on my answer to that…  She was also the first girl to ask if I was a Christian, and if I had “been Christened” (baptized as an infant).  She wants to live by the sea (they all do).

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Well now, who would this be, haha!

Well now, who would this be?  Not sure what’s “confirmed”…wrong age, city, and I can’t really speak about having the profession as “photomodel”, but being her friend (and friends of several of her friends) on VK it doesn’t appear so.

I feel I’ve gotten farther with that girl than any other before her, but I’m holding out for my two dates today.  One is a blind date with Inna, 18.  The other is Valerie, 20.  I feel that today (Thursday) is my last day to meet a girl and still have time to establish a committed relationship.  I am very excited to meet Valerie, as all the men who remember her said she has an excellent personality.  I really connected with her at the social, and if it goes well I would very much like to have a second date with her today and see if she is potential for me to try to lock down.  I remember her being very smart, an Engineering student?

I wonder if it would be appropriate to get a flower on a first date?

PS. Olya’s childhood dream is to own a sports car (Audi GT to be precise).  She has several diminutive nicknames (Olga, Lola, etc); mother is a Dr.; she is working for an accounting degree.

Olya and I still toy with each other on VK, but I have not expectations that anything will become serious for it.  I don’t think that she’s playing guys, but she is just a silly 19 y/o girl and it’s a lot of power to go to your head when you’re that young and good looking!

Marina (2) and I never had a second date because I met Valerie and focused on her.  I may have some explaining to do at her table, but I doubt it would ever have worked out between her and I.  5 years…I’m not waiting that long.  Nice looking girl, though.


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1/29/14 6:00 AM
1/30/14 9:00 AM

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  1. Dear all,
    i have not been here in a long time, i thought of adding a little spice to this site,

    all of this will soon change if Ukraine is to join EU. the US, and EU, rest assured will flip this place upside down as they did in the USA, but on a faster more swift scale.
    they will introduce laws, studies, smart ass suggestions, on women rights…..etc and followup inspections, these fat baboons from USA of 21st century ladies wanna be, will not leave this pace alone, till they make sure ladies have the upper hand, and men will beg again for their company as we all know for sure back in USA.

    i really pray and hope, that Putin will not allow this to happen, and will finally stand up to all what this USA stands for.



  2. Ah, so this new information about Olya is enlightening. She needs to grow up quite a bit.

    Marina II seems nice enough, but what’s with the 5 year wait?

    Valerie? The Valerie at the same table as Olya? If so, good eye.

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