1/30/14 8:45 PM

1/30/14 9:00 AM
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… beautiful Ukrainian Woman stops to look through a telescope in Odessa, Ukraine…

1/30/14  8:45 PM

I just want down for the record.

I may have met my wife today.

A little tongue in cheek, only the first date.

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1/30/14 9:00 AM
1/31/14 5:40 AM

6 thoughts on “1/30/14 8:45 PM

    • Or Mud, heh. Seems like all the women I dated (minus 2) are not going to be invited back due to unbecoming behavior.

      On the flip side, one of those two I’m going to have to bring a small gift for (b/c our date was that good) and the other I’m going to have to do some serious explaining as to why I didn’t follow up on a second date (we got short of scheduling it, then I met Mud).

  1. If Ukraine still exists in two months. Things are getting crazy it seems.

    I know Anna at least set up the date/connection with Olya, but hey, Ted Williams didn’t get in the Hall of Fame for batting 1.000 You just keep moving, that is all. Until you get stuck in the mud. ;)

    Good luck with Mud. :)

    • I asked Anna about it later, she really only recommended her because Olya had to leave early and she was “in my age range.” Nothing special like I thought.

  2. Just went to Crimea between March 12-17 to see a sweet girl. A little tough to get in and out at the moment but possible. Amazing trip and except a few road blocks and car searches I didn’t feel threatened at all. Cool to see 123% of the Sevastopol population go to vote live.

    For the record this girl could be my future wife. I just hope politics won’t ruin this now and that I can go back soon. And that she doesn’t go back to her ex.

  3. Experienced my first bankrun there too. And it’s really sad how the Crimeans think that is sabotage from Kiev when it’s just inevitable in every fractional reserve system.

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