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… Ukrainian Women walk – a lot – and it shows in their bodies –

and they dress like WOMEN…

1/30/14  9:00 AM

There is a good reason to have a camera that is not your phone:  You can take pictures of the dates with your camera, and have pictures you want to show the girls on your phone.  That way as you’re scrolling through the pictures you won’t accidentally show them your previous dates.

As an exercised in thought, I wonder how much time I could take off from my job before my boss would fire me.  I did tell him that I would be taking extensive time off this year to pursue a Wife life partner (edited by Scott).

I have a lot of time to reflect on how I have been changed by my trip so far… Many of the men have had Western women “ruined” for them.  It was already there for me.  I also feel like I am opening my mind to some of the girls requests that I had been closed to before.  I’ll have to research and inform myself about some of the things, but maybe there are some of my traditional values that I could compromise on.  We’ll see.

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Laundry is supposed to be 30-50 grivna; you have to put it into a bag from the closet with your clothes and hang it on the door knob outside your room (or take it to the front desk).  I think they bring it back to your door in the bag?

One thing I have noticed is that women will follow you.  As I walk the streets, or sit in a cafe, they will notice if you make eye contact with them.  They will glance your way, start to turn their eyes back, then realize you (a man) are looking at them.  This causes their whole head to swivel and align to point at you, and you receive a direct look, which will be held until they walk on past.  Men’s attention is a scarce currency.  There’s a story that floats around about girls who go to clubs that dance facing into the mirrors because they do not receive the attention from men, and they want someone (even if it just themselves) to appreciate how beautiful they are.

If you make eye contact with a woman in, say, a restaurant where she is not moving by you, they will hold the eye contact for a few seconds, then turn away and giggle or smile depending.

My laundry was delivered to my room the same day.  6 pairs of socks, 2 undergarments, pants, undershirt and 2 shirts.  Cleaned, folded and pressed, cost 116 grivna.

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  1. True what you say. Western women are no longer an option for me. I am in relatively good shape, financially more than stable, and I won’t go on and on about what I have been told that I have to offer, but suffice it to say I will never date another western woman again. My Ukrainian girl is living with me now for a year and though it’s not all smooth sailing, her affection, lack of feminist bullshit thoughts and behavior, and her instinctive desire to put me first and see me as the head of the home… I’ll never eat another western shit sandwich again. They’re all ugly to me.

    If for some reason this relationship doesn’t work I’ll be going straight back to Ukraine or Russia. It’s so wonderful to have a girl who is not only so beautiful that she makes western women stare in envy, but also treats me like a king. (they don’t take shit though, you have to come to the party and treat them like a princess, just thought I’d add that :) )

  2. How do you know that they follow you? Do you make a few needless turns to see if they stay with you?

    I take it that the “requests” are more philosophical than having wine during dinner?

    Have you mentioned this to the other guys? Have they had the same question(s)?

    • It’s not a direct following, such as what you are describing. Their eyes give it away. They may be so bold as to stare at you directly to meet your gaze, or they may gravitate towards you if you are in the same room, linger with a hand lightly touching your table in a busy restaurant, or other subtle behavior.

      Requests: Some are more bluntly phrased than others. Sports cars, plastic surgery, and travel (vacations) are a few that come to mind. The girls are very open about what they want, and you’d better be open to discussing things. It has to do with how they’ll pretty much ask/tell you anything if they get the mood. One woman discussed how she wanted children, but she was afraid of the pain of childbirth and what I would do as a husband to comfort her during that time. There were, of course, more sensual topics discussed, but I will leave that to your wild imaginings because it’s private (and I’m a tease).

      I did discuss a few of the questions I was receiving from the women at length with the other men. The general consensus is that Young Girls are Young Girls, that if I had the ability to date women in their late 20’s that I’d be receiving more of the “What is the meaning of Life?” questions and less of the “Let’s negotiate the terms of our marriage” stuff. The difference between 18 and 22 y/o is substantial in most cases, but each woman has her own personality and view on what life is and what marriage means. In a way I’d be far more comfortable with the 25-35 y/o age bracket, but I doubt they’d be comfortable with the idea of dating me.

      Last week, for instance, I was having some Skype dates with a 24 y/o, who is much more put together. Lawyer, and very inclined to see things through an Evangelical Biblical sense. Well developed in theological learnings and much (much) more serious about finding a husband than the girls under 21 I dated (aside from Valerie). This relationship won’t go anywhere b/c she’s e-mailing 3 other guys and I flat told her I wasn’t going to come see her on my trip back to Ukraine in 2 months if she was doing that. Too serious for her, I suppose :).

      And because I’m a big tease:


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