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1/30/14 8:45 PM
Russia is on sale!

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1/31/14  5:40 AM

Now that I’ve gotten some good sleep, I can tell you about yesterday.  The men went to a nightclub last night.  I was going to go, but then I found out that nightclubs double a strip joints in Europe.  Topless only, and I’ve always understood that European culture doesn’t have much of a reservation about topless entertainment, but it’s just not my speed (going to a nightclub in the first place was pushing it).

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I had two dates yesterday; the second one was with an Irinna, 18.  She told me essentially that she was not willing to leave the country.  She told me that many women are like Western women now, less wanting to get married young and focusing on career.  Talking to my interpreter later, she said that women who are very young tend to think that way, but they change their mind in a few years.  Irinna was from another agency that Anna Davis has a relationship with.  I was her first foreign date ever.  251 grivna for the three of us eating dinner, and 50 grivna for her taxi ride home (about 15 minutes away).

[The other date was with Valerie, and it’s about 5 pages long.  Needless to say, it was breathtaking.  I have not the heart to go into such detail about her, because I truly adored her.  I remember (and have written) asking the translator when Valerie went to the restroom, “Can I marry her now, or do I have to wait until the date is over?” 

I found out three days ago she is now engaged to the ex-boyfriend she left me for.  I don’t think I’ll write about her specifically any more.  It really doesn’t bother me right now and I wish her well, but I’m not going to till this soil, just leave it to the weeds.]

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1/30/14 8:45 PM
Russia is on sale!

6 thoughts on “1/31/14 5:40 AM

  1. Hi Seth ,

    Well I suppose by now , you are over it , that she is engaged to someone else.I must tell you , that by now , I have lost track of all the ladies , that you mention.

    And I don`t really know , who is who.Maybe it is , because parts are from , other days and meetings.When you were on the really serious dates , I suppose the super troll and the camera , were not shooting any events ??
    I don`t hear you , mentioning this.

    And , are you really serious , that you wanted to ask her to marry you , on that date ???I wonder.

    Well , I guess , that you still are in the phase , of letting it all get to you.And you try to set your mind at ease.I understand , that it is not easy , to make a choice , and to understand the (some) ladies there.

    Keep in mind , that now things are very unclear , and there will be many changes coming , for them.This will put more stress and demands , on them , about their life partner.Read foreigner.

    The choices , that she will make , will also affect her family , and how they will react to this.It also depends , on the vieuw of her family , whether she will or can , continue with you.
    The real challenge , will come , when she wants to introduce you , to her parents.If she is asking you , if you want that , you are already 1/2 way.

    If after that meeting , she is still dating with you , well chances are , that you can stop dreaming , and get real serious.
    And remember that actions , speak louder than words (especially in these troubled times)


    • I was filmed for two interviews and one date (the bowling date with Crazy Marina).

      The list of ladies I dated (in kind-of-order):

      Crazy Marina
      Natalia (42 y/o)

      Ladies I had scheduled dates but did not get to b/c of cancellation or could not reach:
      Galina (had a child, I didn’t want the date anyways)
      Angellina? (older than me, I did want the date)
      Inna (will definitely try to get a date next time)
      Larisa (same as above)

      Ladies I plan on seeing when I go back in May:
      Victoria (hottie that did not show up to the event, comes with personal recommendations by several men)
      Victoria (video gamer, rather unusual so I have to date her if I can)

      I didn’t really want to ask Valerie to marry me, it was rather tongue-in-cheek. The relationship needed time to grow, and by the time I left we still had not reached a point to where commitment was something we were comfortable with. It’s one of the main reason’s I’m comfortable talking about it in person. I just don’t think it would be healthy of me to spend a half hour dwelling on it while I transcribe the date.

  2. Allright , I got a better idea now , of all the meetings.I understand , that not all the ladies , could make it , to the meeting.Because of the bad weather , or becaus eof other reasons.

    But did you got to meet those , who you had selected , before you left?? Ladies whom I had scheduled dates with but cancelled I had met in person before. And those , who could not attend the 1st meeting , did they show up on the 2nd one ?? Girls may only attend one of the days, there are completely new women each day.
    Are you convinced , that they did not come to the 1st and 2nd meeting , b/c of bad weather (other reasons) or , they just did not want to come , after they have had some information , of the translators. They have to RSVP to attend, and attendance was low due to weather, but it was still a 9:1 ratio of girls to men.

    About the men , and the overall opinion , that these translators had , on you guys ?? Translators work for DCT at a fraction of the cost they could charge doing other translator work (about 80% less) because of the guarantee that the men they will work with are great. They have a positive view of the men. In some cases , the translators have a good relation , with these ladies.Even more , if they had been on other meetings , with foreigners , in the past.

    So , they know all the “tricks and pitfalls” , and may have a good idea , of what they can expect.Maybe they had seen pictures of you guys , or read their profiles ?? Women that the men want to meet (from the DCT women roster) are given the man’s profile and picture, to entice them to attend.

    Introducing ladies , from other partner sites (agencies) , seems to me , as a manner , to boost the number of women , to introduce to you all.So , I get the impression , that they don`t have too many women , in their own portfolio?? That would be correct. I would rather that they have no unique women in their portfolio if it meant that they could put more focus into quality control (a legitimate beef I have for multiple reasons).

    It makes me wonder , if and how high their success rate is , by organizing these trips.And I am not sure , if you feel , that you have got , what was promised to you , or the other guys. The “80% left with a particular woman (or two) to continue a relationship” statistic held true for this trip. I debriefed each man at the end. Everyone was satisfied, including the two who did not have a special someone (one of which will be attending with me again in May).
    Yes , they had some women , that you could spend some time with.But for you , in the 1st meeting , there was only 1 , that you had a little interest in. Saturday is always the worst. You can’t really prepare for entering a room full of beautiful women at least marginally interested in marrying you. There’s a steep learning curve that you overcome on that day, and Sunday is much better.

    On the other hand , if you had been successful , in the 1st meeting , that would not have been good , for their bussiness , yes ?
    I mean , the profit comes , when you will book a second tour , or even a 3rd one. I highly doubt it is the business plan is designed to create return customers. I have never heard anyone state that DCT was deliberately trying to keep men from forming relationships.

    One other thing , that I am wondering about , is how on earth , can you have a dinner for 3 persons , and pay only 251 grivnas ???Or , were you the cook at the party , ;-))) ? Odessa is a tourist town, much more so than Nikoleav. I noticed that food was much more expensive on the two days I was there.
    I paid much more than that , on my visits , to Odessa.In what place was this ???


  3. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* man!
    I was recently dumped by one of the first girls I have ever actually liked in my entire life and it was horrible. From the very first date it was really good. I’m sorry to know about that.

    But hey man, fish come and go and you’ll get another good one soon. She may have probably been just extra nice because she was trying to get over someone that she was not really over… Women are crazy man. Go figure.

    Anyway, please keep on updating us. I really like your posts and am always cheering for you!

    Keep up the good work! :)

    • Hi Gustav ,

      Yes , it is a bit of a disappointment , when a girl , that you really like , will stop to date or go further with you.Especially when you have gone through all the trouble , with communication and to go to visit her.

      There can be many reasons , why she would do that.But do not forget , that now things are very different in Ukraine.And no one really knows , what will be happening , in the coming weeks or months.

      Who knows , maybe she was really interested in Seth , and she could see a future , for the 2 of them.But what , if her ex – boyfriend told her , that he was going to volunteer , and to join the national guard ??

      In her vieuw , that would make him a “real man” .Because he is willing , to go and defend his country.And , yes , there is a possibility , that he will not come back.
      We also don`t know , why or who , was responsible , for their break-up.

      Do not forget , that the people , in from the former USSR , are very proud , and they have a history of heroism and brave men.
      It should not surprise you , that they adore their soldiers , and others , who have defended their country and their customs and traditions.

      Even so more , in the old USSR , many men were in the army , and also may have been a member of a communist party.
      I cannot tell you , of a country , that has more events , to celebrate and remember , their fallen soldiers and comrads.

      They have the Victory Day , a day to remember their fallen comrades , and other days , to remember the siege and victory of other cities or regions.
      And don`t forget , the annual parade on the Red Square.

      It may well be , that her father was or is a soldier (was in the USSR army).And growing up , in this situation, may have given her , a specific look , on the life of a soldier.

      There is a possibility , that she may compare , her future husband , with the way , how she sees her father , and he is meaning to her.In the way of , manly hood and standing for your principles.Even though , they may not be corresponding , with someone else`s vieuws.

      I don`t say , that this is the real cause , for her decision , but it may let you think , about their background and philosophy.when I would ask you , to name some great writers from your country , would you have to think real hard?

      Or go to the library , or search on Wikipedia , to find them ??Many of these ladies , will name some of them , without even thinking about it.


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