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After Valerie reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, I immediately purchased a place on the May tour and got my vacation and flight plans arranged.  I also started dating women in Ukraine (more like they started dating me).  Between them and the platonic dates I set up back in the U.S., I’ve been on about a dozen dates.  I’ve been approached by about 20 other women, whether domestically or foreign (Ukraine mostly, but also Columbia, South America, and even Africa once).

I’ve met some pretty nice American girls, and when I’m on my one date with them I ask them the same question…Where were you before I was set to go overseas?  They never have a good answer.

Right now, I am scheduled to return to Ukraine for two weeks every two months.  Meaning I get to spend about 25% of my time in Ukraine until I find her (“her” being my half).  I don’t honestly see myself needing to go back more than one or two times, however, considering I almost had it locked down last time.

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I got to meet this girl last time, but didn’t get a chance to date her.

I talked to Anna Davis last week.  I got to choose my translator (a fun one with an excellent track record of making matches) and gave her my list of 5 girls I want to see when I go back.  As I understand, she will be leaving for Ukraine a month before I return and asked for my permission to use me as girl-bait (or more specifically, my pictures/profile) and to pre-setup some dates for me before I come over.  Such is the burden of being an attractive international bachelor *sigh*.

The five I want to see on my return trip are a mix of girls I met already and one I haven’t met before but received personal recommendation on (pictured below).


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Trip Report Summary
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2 thoughts on “Since I Got Back: Summary

  1. Seth ,
    You keep to amaze me.Wow , first you say , that you asked Valerie to marry you.And now I read , that you wanted to buy a ring for her.
    Well , I don`t know , what to say.Personally , I think , that you were going , really fast here.

    And , that seems to be , her reaction also.You made it look , like you were a bit desparate.Now , I myself , didn`t try , to date , with as many Ukranian ladies , as would be possible.Nor ,did I try , to break some sort , of a personal record.
    And try to date , as many of them.

    But I think , that I know , that they don`t want or look for someone , who may seem too desparate.They want a man , who knows what he wants , and who is honest.
    A man who is straight , and is not playing games.

    I have not dated , these young women of 19 , 20 or 27 years.So , cannot say about their real interests or goals.Or what they are looking – searching for.
    But when they still live with their parents , it will be very important for them , to also consider , of how their parents , will think about a relation , with a foreign man.

    What is important , is that she believes in you ,and she is certain that you are sincere.When she is really certain , about your motives , then she will start to trust you.
    Of course , you must let her know , that you are really interested in her.And that you want to build a relation and future with her.

    Winning her trust (and her heart) , is not something , that will happen over night.Of course , there are exceptions to this rule.And you have to work for it.
    Nothing comes easy , especially , when it is a long distance relation.

    On the other hand , you asked her to be your wife , and you wanted to buy her a ring.But , at the same time , you had other dates planned , with some of the other ladies.
    What sort of impression , do you think , that this would have on her ??

    Imagine , that you would do this , to a women , in your home town??What would her reaction be ???
    Well , I know , what she would tell you.

    But , you have more chances , so nothing is lost.
    Anyway , better luck , on your next trip.


    • I’d like to clarify that at no point did I ever ask Valerie to marry me. Rereading my post, I can see where you draw the conclusion that I asked for Valerie to marry me (via being willing to purchase a ring), so I’ll re-write it.

      The “ring-thing” is a promise ring, which is why it is only $150-ish, meant to be a physical token of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Because you (literally) come out of the sky and may sweep a girl off of her feet, it is important to leave behind something so that when you’ve disappeared into the sky again she doesn’t wonder so much if you were just there for a short fling.

      When she said it was “too soon”, it was for a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. I was inclined to agree, but my time was short and I didn’t want to have left something that was going very marvelously without a small token of my dedication to return (and grow the relationship further). We may assume, with our 20/20 hindsight, that she was not digging the relationship as much as I was and it all worked out for the best.

      No biggie as far as I’m concerned.

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