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New to writing on the blogs and I wanted to introduce myself
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It seems that all the old buddies are coming out of the woodwork lately. A few friends have dropped out of the blue to send me an email to check to see how things are going (I wonder if posting that I was recently married had anything to do with that? LOL). One friend who I met in Ukraine, Craig, he reports that he’s scrounging through some of his photos to put along with a story he’s writing. Can’t wait.

Another friend, Mike sent some well wishes and we exchanged some emails and pics. In his last email to me, he commented on some recent “interactions” with some American women. He writes:

The last one i’d flown to London to meet me, just to find out she was everything i was trying to avoid.. Didn’t like my arm around her because she felt it implied ownership, got upset when I just chose a hotel without asking her if she liked it first (a 4 star boutique hotel in the heart of of London that I was paying for)… Typical things that typify power struggles…

I’m back in a position to go anywhere with anyone.. Just need to take the time and do it.. It’ll be harder once I quit my overseas job…

I get so tired of telling the same story at work to guys who say that they don’t believe me “The women only want green cards.” And then a few days later I hear them complaining that their wife nags them, spends all their money and they haven’t had sex in 7 years. When you look at example after example of Western women gone a muck, you either open your eyes and realize it or you’re living in denial. I would easily say that 1/2 of the men I know are AFRAID to date a good looking woman and prefer to be in miserable relationships because they think that it is all that they deserve.

I wonder who gave them that idea?

Any time a Man suggests that he might try to escape the misery of the Western woman

Mike sends some more:

On to the blog..

One thing I notice about guys looking to get over to the east and take a look is, they are not fully prepared for what they are pursuing, in a cultural sense, the partner they are seeking, or the logistics of travel there.  You have done a fantastic job of preparing the reader for a bit of the eastern female mindset.  Guys like Seth have done a great job of writing about his experience for the guy who is considering heading over. I appreciate the blogs that delve deeper into the whole experience, and not whether or not to take a fanny pack (that post made me laugh)..

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He then goes on to recommend 9 questions for discussion. I’m going to take the first question in this post and do my best to answer it. Over the next few weeks I’m going to add them and ask Craig and my other buddy to contribute because they probably have as much experience in this as I do. In time, we will answer them all in turn.

1. What can I expect in terms of the human interaction with each other, once we get past the fact that you say you want to make a home for your “other half”?  (This is one i would like to learn more of from you..)

This really is the million dollar question. What is probably the more important question is, “Are you desperate?” If any woman approached you now and tried to pursue a relationship with you, would you bite without thinking? If you did start a relationship and you realized she’s not right for you, would you have the strength to break it off with her even if it means that you might be alone?

Paschal once said that most Men’s misery comes from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone. The same can be said about Men who can’t be happy without a woman in their life. If you can’t find happiness alone, maybe you’re not ready for a relationship yet?

And make no mistake about it: pursing a woman in Eastern Europe isn’t merely “dating.” You’re looking for and ultimately selecting a wife. The only real way that a relationship with an EE Woman can work is if you marry her and bring her to your country (the rare exception is for retired Men or Men of means who can live part or all of the year in EE).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you must go into every first date with an Eastern European Woman with the thought, “Might this be my wife?” If the answer is clearly “No,” walk away. Don’t create a lot of drama, don’t lead her on, just say, “It was nice to meet you, but it isn’t going to work out.” And then move on.

It is VERY easy to get into a “relationship” with a woman even if you don’t have the right feelings that she is the right one for you. And if you do this, you’ll break her heart and get bad Karma in the process. Meanwhile, you will be going out with her on a night that you maybe would have missed the woman of your dreams.

I stayed single, avoided the pitfalls and when I met Alana, I was so glad that I was unencumbered.

Back to the question, “what can I expect in terms of human interaction?” Really, she is a Woman, not a robot. I would think that she will react to you romantically like any other Woman. The big caveat is that she will expect you to be a big strong fearless and confident Man. She won’t expect you to say, “I don’t know Dear, where do you want to go for dinner?” She will expect that when you pick her up, dinner reservations will already be made. She won’t expect you to ask for a kiss, she will expect that you will pull her close, using the muscles that God gave you, and give her a deep and passionate kiss. Eastern Women loathe wishy-washy Men. Don’t be that guy. Be confident. Be bold. And be a gentleman.

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First and Second Tier Women
New to writing on the blogs and I wanted to introduce myself

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  1. Hello everyone, I’m in the process of writing to a few Russian and Ukrainian Women with the intent on finding the right one.
    Your advice and guidance here is outstandung and excellent.
    I just wanted to personally thank you all.

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