New to writing on the blogs and I wanted to introduce myself

Long lists of requests
Is she real.. or is it a fake profile and you are writing a letter factory?

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… waiting for a flight in Eastern Europe …

Hello Everyone,

My name is Mike, and I met Scott last year on one of my many trips through Ukraine, on a morning flight from Odessa to Kiev.  After a couple of 8am beers together, we realized that we shared a common perspective on women from home, and an interest in having a serious relationship with girls from outside of the US.  After a few emails with each other sharing some thoughts and experiences, he suggested I should share some of my experiences here.

First, here’s a bit about my background… I grew up in the Midwest, and spent most of my adult life as a Navy pilot, living all over the globe, and dating girls outside of the USA.  I’d lived in Asia, Europe, South America, and The Middle East, with serious, long-term relationships with girls from Australia, Germany, Japan, Philippines, England, and Eastern Europe.  A few years ago I’d jumped back into the American dating pool, but found it to be an exercise in frustration.  I make a fantastic wage, take great care of myself, and like to think I’m a decent looking guy with a good heart… My experiences on the home front weren’t bad, but it left me wondering (as a mid-40s professional), what was missing and where could I find what I was looking for.  I’ll leave that for a whole post on its own.. (How did I get here??)

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I’ve always felt an attraction to foreign girls, and a few years ago, someone brought to my attention, the family values and attractive characteristics of Eastern European girls (specifically, Ukrainian girls).  Since then, I’ve probably traveled to the Ukraine about 10-15 times in the last two years, and have met with about 40-50 different girls there, after haven written, and sorted through, quite a few more than that.  The process can have some ups and downs with a very steep learning curve.  So my goal here, is to write an occasional post, to share information that I had picked up over the last few years.  Basically, how to get started in a search for a partner from another country, narrow down your choices, then execute a practical and cost-effective plan to meet them.  I also hope to share some of my limited insight on how to avoid some common pitfalls and cultural mistakes.

I really hope I can add some good information to the blog, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or advice for me.  It may take some time to get back to you, but I will when I can.

Mike “Purple” Hayes

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Long lists of requests
Is she real.. or is it a fake profile and you are writing a letter factory?
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About Mike

Mid 40's professional who travels extensively for work with the aviation industry. I had grown up in the Midwest, then spent a good portion of my adult life traveling with the military as a Navy pilot. I then went on to use that experience to work in strange, out of the way locations around the globe. I've lived in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, as well as North and South America. It has given me many unique experiences, and close relationships with these cultures, and the women in them. A majority of my girlfriends had been Australian, German, Japanese, Filipino, English, Eastern European, Colombian, and of course, North American. I hope to share with everyone a practical approach to understanding and executing a plan to meet someone outside of your country, and sustain a long distance relationship. I'm not here to bash girls in developed economies, but to help someone who has a different preference, achieve their goal through information sharing.

8 thoughts on “New to writing on the blogs and I wanted to introduce myself

  1. Awesome to see the blog growing!
    I have found the WWS a little over a year ago. Learned A LOT in the past year. Seing more people coming aboard, helping the work, giving us men insights and hints to find ourselves a woman that want us for who we are not as a fashion accessory makes me glad.
    I’ll be anxiously waiting for more updates from you. Hope to learn a lot from you! :)

  2. Scott –
    This is EXACTLY the kind of information I have been looking for – recent experience, insight, “financial advice”, strategies. I am a newbie, but have already made some mistakes and now realize that there is a learning curve. At least I have “only” spent $1000+ on letters before realizing I was being fleeced.

    So I have slowed down and am going to educate myself before jumping back into this process. Scott’s blog and several others have been invaluable to me. I am very well educated, nice looking, and very romantic and sensitive (but I am also a man’s man). Yet, when it comes to women I have not fared so well. Not going to blame them. I knew they had baggage going in but I “went where angels fear to tread.” My bad. Now I am going to be smart about this journey in search of love.

    Looking forward to your posts and insights!!!


  3. Mike –

    I “said” Scott . . . I meant “Mike”.

    I am so excited about this I forgot your name by the end of your post. :)


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