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If you plan to take a trip over to see someone, I highly recommend getting a local phone sim card.  They are incredibly cheap, and well worth the investment for communication when setting up dates. The best way to do it, is to bring over an unlocked phone.  You can get one for $20 from Tiger Direct, or on the bestbuy website.  Just get something cheap for texting.  You usually can’t get the sim card at the airport (not in Kiev anyway), so when you arrive, once you get to your room and go out for your walk to figure the area out (I always look for local places to eat, drink, etc..), go by a phone store.  There is a Kiev Star shop not far from Maiden/Independence Sq.  The sim card costs about 40 UAH (a few bucks), and it’ll come with credit on it.  Then buy a top up card for another 40-100 UAH.  Then what I did was had the only English-speaking girl in the store, set up my phone for me, (I went with a djuice chip).  One of the features, is a phone # that you punch in that allows you to buy 30 or 60 text message package for pennies each, that are good for 30 days (the credit is deducted from your chip, so you can just top off again when it runs out).  Texting is the best way to confirm your dates, tell them you are running late, or call the driver you met on the way in to arrange your airport pickup.. etc… Keep the chip so the next time you fly in, you can go to a newspaper stand at the airport, and buy a scratch off card, to credit your phone again, and let your friends know you’ve arrived, and what time to meet you for drinks.  Beats Using your US phone for $2/min, or $1.50/text.

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Getting to and around Ukraine
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7 thoughts on “Getting a local sim card/phone.. (You need one)

  1. Gentlemen

    This is very important .On my return back from Ukraine I was presented with a $7000.00 cell phone account due to data roaming.According to my sister I am mechanically and technology disabled—))))))))This is proof.

    • Yikes!

      My Beeline account in Russia is $10 for cel (unlimited minutes and I can call most anywhere here) and fast 3G (4GB) per month.

      ATT wants $2.50 per minute!

  2. Yeah.. my Kyiv Star chip and top off cost less than $10 initially, lasted the whole month I was there, and never costs more than $5 to top it off for a few weeks when I’ve gone over after that. Also.. the girls need a local number to text you.. They can’t afford to text your Int’l number.. Another trick is to get Viber, What’s App, or Text Free for your smart phone..

  3. I completely agree that you MUST have a local SIM card – you’ll also quickly see how much Americans get screwed on cel phone service!

    Another option to be considered is to get an UNLOCKED smart phone. If you have passed your service contract (or even if you haven’t), call you cel phone service provider and tell themt that you’re going overseas and you would like to use a local sime card, see if they will give you the unlock code.

    If not, you might consider one of the commercial unlock services. It gets hard with iPhones and some of the other smart phones, you may have to jailbreak your phone to unlock it.

    I jailbroke my first iPhone in Odessa (iPhone 3) and I’ve never gone back since. The features and versatility of a jailbroken phone can’t be touched by the Apple only features.

    You can now buy unlocked iPhones from the Apple Store (no need to jailbreak). You just buy the unlocked phone, use it with your normal carrier and then when you’re overseas, you just pop in the local SIM card. Having all of your contacts in the phone, camera in one package and not having to carry two phones is nice.

  4. Hey guys,

    You don’t need another SIM card! Here’s the thing…I’m actually in Kiev right now. I met a few girls from Elena’s models (unfortunately I bumped into some crazy ones, but I’m still gonna be on the website and come to Kiev more often).

    If you live in the US and have access to T-Mobile, they offer a plan where you can go up to 100 different countries with UNLIMITED DATA and TEXT, and .20 cents a minute per phone call. And yes, UKRAINE IS INCLUDED! I share a phone line with my mom and my bill was only 160.00 dollars…imagine that.

    T-Mobile has a partnership with UA-Kyivstar so all you have to do when you are on T-mobile’s Simple Choice plan is to land in Kiev, turn on your phone, go to your phone settings, and select Kyivstar. When you connect, you will get an automatic text message from T-Mobile saying Welcome to Ukraine…unlimited text, data, and 20 cents a minute per phone call. The best part is…you can also turn on the roaming feature of your data plan and you won’t get hit with roaming charges!

    • Thanks Aimz! I was just about to mention that; I have Tmobile and I’ve been using it all over Europe – unlimited text & data (about 3 or 4 gigs I think).

      My problem is/was that the phone calls were ridiculously expensive. Depending on which country I’m in, it can be .20 cents a minute or a dollar a minute.

      .20 cents a minute for Ukraine is not bad and if you’re just going for 2 weeks, it is probably a whole lot easier than getting a new SIM.

      Also, if you have Skype on your iPhone/Samsung, you can call Ukraine numbers using your wifi and Skype.


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