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… Young American women showing their class in a march on DC …

Over the next few weeks I’m going to discuss a bit about how feminism has taken such a hold on Western society that it is now institutionalized. Young men and women are brainwashed since childhood that the equalization of the sexes is normal. And then the feminists get ahold and convince everyone (especially the young women) that they have so many rights, but no responsibilities.

As an example today, we look at Rachel.

Rachel is a real girl. The list was taken from her website. Rachel is a typical young American woman. She made a list of what she expects in a man. Keep in mind that she expects everything on the list simply because she has a vagina.

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  1. 5’8” and taller
  2. Dark brown hair with brown eyes/blue eyes
  3. Handsome
  4. Muscular
  5. Weight depending on height – not skinny, not fat
  6. Good sense of humor
  7. Dimples
  8. Cute laugh
  9. Sensitive
  10. *Affectionate* in front of friends
  11. Gives me lots of attention
  12. Outgoing
  13. Popular but doesn’t know the whole state
  14. Friends with my friends
  15. Nice smile
  16. Straight teeth
  17. No facial or body hair (except legs n under arms)
  18. Pierced ear(s) if any
  19. Not too many tattoos if any
  20. Likes to cuddle
  21. Likes to party
  22. Takes me out
  23. Grabs my hand to hold
  24. Kisses me unexpectedly
  25. Dresses nice (*ABERCROMBIE*) hehe
  26. Has a good job
  27. Tells me he misses me when we’re not together
  28. Makes me laugh
  29. Open minded
  30. Polite
  31. Holds doors for me
  32. Opens car doors
  33. *Romantic*
  34. Likes all type of music
  35. Likes going to the movies
  36. Talks to his friends about me
  37. Looks into my eyes when just laying there on the bed
  38. Gives massages without me having to ask
  39. Plays with my hair
  40. Calls me to just say hi
  41. Tries not to argue
  42. Apologizes for when he does wrong
  43. Says what he’s feeling
  44. Has a car
  45. Has a dog
  46. Has a family that likes me
  47. Compliments me
  48. Is tan
  49. Doesn’t curse all the time
  50. Wants to be with me as much as possible
  51. Comes over unexpectedly
  52. Wakes me up with a kiss
  53. Same age or 3 years at the most older than me
  54. *Trustworthy*
  55. Patient
  56. Likes to shop
  57. Has good manners
  58. Doesn’t smoke
  59. Occasionally drinks
  60. Athletic
  61. Is on time for dates
  62. Calls back later when he says he will
  63. Lives close to me
  64. Wants to meet my family
  65. Treats me like a princess
  66. Has a cute butt
  67. Good kissable lips
  68. Good kisser
  69. Good memory
  70. Does special things for holidays/birthdays/anniversary/etc
  71. Intelligent
  72. Has direction
  73. Creative
  74. Likes everything about me
  75. Committed
  76. *My best friend*
  77. Respectful
  78. Mature
  79. Persistent – Hard working
  80. Likes walks on the beach
  81. Likes just staying home sometimes
  82. Writes me songs/poems
  83. Likes to dance
  84. Has a sexy voice
  85. Cooks for me
  86. Likes to show me off
  87. Calls me or introduces me as his “girlfriend” not “Rachel”
  88. Likes to take pictures
  89. Flirts with me in public and in private
  90. Puts up with my mood swings
  91. Comforts me when I’m sad
  92. Doesn’t say “sorry” all the time when it’s not needed
  93. Sticks up for me
  94. Likes animals
  95. Sends me flowers for no reason
  96. Ignores my imperfections
  97. Surprises me (good surprises)
  98. Doesn’t ever yell at me
  99. Likes picnics
  100. Likes to clean
  101. First to say I Love You
  102. Listens to me
  103. Smells good
  104. *Doesn’t lie*
  105. Likes kids
  106. Makes me the center of his world
  107. Not in trouble with the law
  108. Isn’t a goody-goody
  109. Doesn’t stare at other girls
  110. Doesn’t talk to other girls more than me
  111. Doodles our names on paper
  112. Likes to draw
  113. Leaves notes on my car
  114. Let’s me go out with him and his friends
  115. Will hang out with me and my friends
  116. Puts pictures of me in his car and wallet
  117. Gets jealous but not too jealous
  118. Dependable
  119. Doesn’t hang up on me
  120. Calls me babe, sweetie, etc
  121. Calls me cute pet names
  122. Isn’t conceited
  123. Isn’t a penny-pincher
  124. Likes sports and going to sports events
  125. Likes to play board games/video games and lets me win
  126. Doesn’t play mind games
  127. Doesn’t just think about sex
  128. Cares about world issues
  129. Doesn’t make me cry
  130. Leaves sweet voicemails/text messages on my phone
  131. Isn’t shy
  132. Has hopes, dreams, and wishes
  133. Not opinionated
  134. Will watch chick flicks even if he doesn’t like them
  135. Can spell

Borrowed from No Marriage.

I bet that she doesn’t have a list that lists her attributes for a man. Most women on Match & eHarmony all have long lists of what they want but few can say what they have to offer, except demands.

I read this list to Alana and she said, “Silly girl.” But unfortunately, there are so many 35 year old American women with similar expectations. What amazes me most isn’t that these women think that this is realistic. What blows my mind is any Man who would tollerate this.

Each to their own. All I can do is bring the message.

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Getting a local sim card/phone.. (You need one)
#2 Planning a solo trip

32 thoughts on “The List

  1. Not opinionated, that eliminates me. BTW, what is her education / job status, – and my favorite peeve, what does she weigh and which fad diet is she on this week?

    • I’m writing a post now that describes how we (Americans) program young women to expect this as normal. I read all the time that Daddy treats his daughter like a Princess. Hmmm… every Princess I know is graceful and mannered; not true of so many American women…

      • My revised list.

        Doesn’t smoke

        No Power Drinkers

        No tattoos

        No facial piercing

        Has legs slim enough she can cross them…

        Car doesn’t have the doughnut shop programmed into the GPS….

        Doesn’t smoke….

  2. Sometimes I get so hurt by this website and it’s overt hatred towards Western women …. but then I read articles like this one and I understand why websites like this are necessary in the first place!

    • Hahaha. What a typical comment from a blind and sad woman suffering from selective perception. You know the truth but refuse to see it. You probably were raised with such outrageous demands. May be that’s why you find it difficult to swallow the article like bitter pills which must be swallowed. No one said eastern european women are all good, they have their flaws as well. But compared to Western women, its like a half a bucket of water in the Atlantic ocean.

  3. Love the site, been a lurker for a while.

    I gotta say though, a number of the EE chicks on come across a bit the same way, maybe not as bad as the above list but when I read through their checklist I just shake my head and think “dreaming!”.

    Gorgeous? Sure, but a major pain in the arse any other time.

    It’s ironic however, if a guy made a list like the above of what he expected of a woman, how quickly he’d be called a chauvanist and a pig.
    No marriage is right, I sure as hell wouldn’t ever want to sign the contract on the above mentioned dreamer.

    • The “Pepsi” generation is creeping in all over the East. It is not uncommmon to see little “Tolsties” (fatties) walking next to thin parents. And yes, feminism has reared its ugly head in the East. Don’t be put off when a Russian Woman writes a long list of wants, it also comes with a long list of “gives,” and she will expect to treat her man well. This is a HUGE difference with Western women.

      • Typically it’s the younger ones who expect to be treated like princesses, after a couple of bad experiences I’m sworn off any under the age of 25.

        As stated here and on any number of other sites it’s the older ones to go for, either because they have the life experiences to realise that life isn’t a box of chocolates or have become so disillusioned with their local men that we Western guys take on extra appeal without us having to do anything!

        I’m 33 at the moment so hopefully I should have quite a few years to find the right one.

        Keep up the great work on the site, your stories have given me plenty of encouragement after a few lack-of-success stories of my own.

        • Thanks for the comment, when I hear someone say that they enjoy this site it makes all the effort worth it!

          Yes, you have plenty of time. Better to choose the right one than to choose the wrong one in haste.

      • Ah yup! A NICE give from my wife yesterday. Came home from work exhausted as usual to the smell of grilling steaks! Supper ready with a smile and a hug, steaks, potatoes and gravy, salad. Love is a woman who actually COOKS for her man.

  4. OMG , I can`t believe my eyes.Is this true , and in the 21st century ??
    For one thing , she had all the time in the world , to think out , this list.

    Surely , when she expects her boyfriend , to clean , and do all the other house or daily jobs.

    I guess , that she will die lonely , and single.Or …….. maybe not.

    Maybe she will find some fool , to fall for this.Or ………. she may not tell him about this list , until it is way toooooooooooo late ………………….. for this poor fellow

    • This is an interesting article about 20 something western women.

      — — — —
      “This unwillingness to settle for less than we think we deserve is joined by a lax attitude towards searching for potential mates.”

      Why Are So Many Professional Millennial Women Unable To Find Dateable Men?
      — — — —

      Enjoy the cats girls.

      • Thanks for the link; definitely post materiel.

        What is most amazing is that these Women can talk like this with a straight face. Well, most Men reading the article will nod in agreement; those who have read this site will roll their eyes in amazement.

        You can sum up the whole article in two sentences:

        “This unwillingness to settle for less than we think we deserve is joined by a lax attitude towards searching for potential mates.”


        Or, accomplished women hold firm in searching for impressive men to help them feel they are getting anything out of the partnership.”

        Partnership? This is the problem, these “Millennial” women see relationships as business arrangements that can be broken up on a whim, merged to other corporations or taken public and sold in the form of stocks and bonds. The problem with these women is not that they are educated or that they have high standards, it is that they have devolved the nuclear family into a unit of business.

        • Great points Scott!
          I agree.
          Two decades of femi-nazi conditioning has confused everyone in the west but to keep things simple with the help of
          Option 1. Nuclear Family: A social unit composed of a father and mother and one or more biological children.
          Option 2. Business: An occupation, profession, or trade; the purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit; and a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern.
          Many of these millennial women will find out the hard way –after it is biologically too late– that Option 1 has been removed from their negotiating tables by Mother Nature and the Grim Reaper will be smiling at them in the chairs next to them.

  5. What a small circle. This same list was posted on a hockey website I’m a member of. I guess it was about 10 years ago. Some of the replies of the guys were just hysterical. YOu just have to love hockey men!

    *Edler Statesman* began a string of “the list” for the perfect woman and the guys just kept pouring it on. I’ll add their comments because they are just so hysterical:

    1. Is hot
    2. Large breasts
    3. Long, slender legs
    4. Naturally beautiful hair
    5. Doesn’t spend my money
    6. Cleans the house
    7. Cooks
    8. Treats me like a king
    9. Washes my car
    10. Doesn’t complain when me and my buddies come home drunk and loud
    11. Will go see war movies with me
    12. Unwaveringly roots for all my favorite sports teams
    13. Gives head without being asked
    14. Is heiress to a large fortune
    15. Skinny
    16. Under 5’8
    17. Only piercings permitted are bellybutton and ears
    18. No tattoos
    19. Perfectly tanned skin
    20. Tells other men that I have a nine inch penis
    21. Tells other women that I’m amazing in bed
    22. Listens to my rants about random sports/government things
    23. Isn’t nosy
    24. Doesn’t ask to come along on nights out

    Radulov for Czar
    #25. Buys me random sporting event tickets.

    26. Has a nice Can

    27. Does not expect me to know what to do when she’s crying.

    28. Doesn’t gibber gabber in ones ear when watching hockey or any other sport.

    29. Doesn’t make up lists about “the perfect man”

    30. Isn’t conceited as to make a 135 item list of what a ‘perfect guy’ is and includes that this guy can’t be conceited.

    31. Doesn’t ask what I did after she left for home early from the party that night

    31. Works right out of the box (Batteries Included)

  6. here are some more of the comments:

    *Burke’s Evil Spirit*
    Rachel will soon learn that her “perfect man” can do way the hell better than her, and she’ll end up overweight, and with 5 kids fathered by this man.

    Holy ****. Talk about the disappointment of lowered expectations.
    Rachel: a moron living in a parallel universe.

    WOW….I think this list described a gay man…not a perfect man….

    Did I miss something right here. What about honesty? If I read it right, that’s not “too” important for her.

    Bill McNeal
    My list for the perfect girl:
    1. She breathes
    2. She doesn’t have time to make a list of 135 things that make a perfect guy.

    my list…..
    1. her name is Lindsay Lohan

    1- Big or cute brains
    2- Loves hockey
    3- Laugh at my jokes.
    That’s all I need.

    I really want to meet this girl. I just want to know if I am right when I told people in the Chat that she is 5’4″, 279 lbs. and has ‘Nsync on a 14 hour loop.

    Originally Posted by ARianna
    “WOW….I think this list described a gay man…not a perfect man….”
    Exactly. A muscular guy whose sensitive, has no body hair, and likes to cuddle is either gay or in federal prison.

    Theoren Fan
    whoever this girl is obviously has no idea what she wants

    The man she wants does not exist.

    Edler Statesman*
    128. Cares about world issues
    133. Not opinionated
    She shouldn’t have put these so close together..

    What I like in a guy:
    -Is the guy who gets along with everyone
    -Likes similar music to me
    -Likes hockey (who am I gonna watch the games with?)
    -Makes good conversation (not one-way)
    -But also knows when silence is best (…just sometimes it’s best for no talking at all)
    -Taller than me (can ya blame me )
    -Goodlooking in his own way (Attitude plays a large part in how attractive you are- you can be drop dead gorgeous and still be ugly in peoples’ eyes if you’re a jerk and vise versa…)
    -Doesn’t replace his friends with me, in other words-does make time with his own friends (I’ve known too many people who’ve let go of their good friends for a significant other )
    -Stays himself
    -Up for a good time
    …now that’s 10 things compared to 135…

    My list for my perfect woman:
    1. Can stand to be around me.
    2. Is alive.

    I think I am going to vomit if I hear one more guy describe himself as a cuddling, poetry reading, door opening, extended family loving, committed, pierced simpering fool. Women don’t want this….they want a challenge….something to fix…they are not that different from ‘us’ in that way. What is more interesting….a ’58 T-Bird that has been rebuilt all shiny and new or a broken down, cobweb covered gem hiding in someone’s grandmother’s garage. I mean really?

  7. This website is fun, even though I think it’s somewhat overwrought. And we were programmed to help the movement along, although inadvertently. The love of my life was the redhead I met in college who wanted to get married, while I wanted to see the world. Ten years later I met the woman I married who was a well-indoctrinated feminist, although I didn’t have a clue about it at the time. Now it’s all history anyway.

  8. I found this list on a profile on a site that I frequent – won’t say which one it is… Most of them aren’t so bad, but who would write such a long list on a dating site?

    1. You’re stunning beauty on the outside.
    2. You’re stunning beauty on the inside.
    3. You’re love and how you saved it for the right person.
    4. You Have great respect!
    5. Your unwillingness to settle for second best.
    6. The anticipation of our tomorrow being better than today.
    7. How you always seem to be in place.
    9. The way you linger on my mind after we have been together.
    10. You’re always receptive to ideas that I have.
    11. You’re honesty and truthfulness.
    12. How you’re good morals drive you.
    13. You’re strong self-confidence.
    14. You’re complementary different personalities.
    15. ????
    16. You understand that love takes work.
    17. Whenever we talk, I find something new and wonderful about you.
    18. The way you love how I hold you so close.
    19. Your stylish laugh over the telephone.
    20. Your good family ties.
    22. Your smile that lets me feels all is well.
    23. The way you could take care of yourself, regardless of the circumstances.
    24. Your willingness to take a chance.
    25. Your acceptance of me for who I am, and not a perfect ideal.
    26. You’re always trying to improve yourself.
    27. Because of the trust you have in me.
    28. Deep down you are highly emotional, and not afraid to let it show.
    29. The friendship from holding hands.
    30. You are always stylish regardless of situations.
    31. You bring excitement to life.
    32. Your spiritual view on life.
    33. You cause me to see the world in more than black and white.
    34. You have no regrets for past experiences good or bad.
    35. You’re strong self-esteem.
    36. The deep in your eyes and the way they sometimes seem to penetrate through me.
    37. The way you are always in control, and no matter the situation.
    38. Your ability to organize and plan well.
    39. The anticipation I have in seeing you.
    40. You talk to me as an equal.
    41. The things will always turn out well for you in the end.
    42. Our complementary differences attract.
    43. Our common values/ideals attract.
    44. You bring out the romantic in me.
    45. You’re strong resolve and determination.
    46. The many experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned from them.
    47. Your scent and the way it seems to linger with me.
    48. The fun times that we’ve had together.
    49. The suspense and mystery of what our future holds.
    50. How you make me feel deserving.
    51. Your understanding of soulmates and kindred spirits that dwell in our lives.
    52. Your elegance when you’re baking in the kitchen.
    54. You accept that I’m not the easiest person to know and understand.
    55. Your positive outlook on life.
    57. I never feel that I’m close to being hurt.
    58. Hey! A girl who likes sports.
    59. Your stylish, sexy hair.
    60. You simply have an interest in me.?
    61. Your independence is strong.
    62. You understand that relationships need work.
    63. You’ve been accommodating to me.
    64. you swirl of love.
    65. You understand life’s intellect does not come from a book or class.
    66. YOU WISH for new experiences together.
    67. Your shapely lower legs and ankles.
    68. Your high morals and the drive to do the things the correct way.
    69. There is so much more about you to find out.
    70. You cause me to see the world more creatively.
    71. Your soft tender lips.
    72. Your willingness to learn about me.
    73. Your reassurance that all is good
    74. Your initial shyness.
    75. Your perseverance after those incredible bad experiences you’ve had in your life.
    76. The incredible.
    77. Your openness, no head games.
    78. Your strong desire to succeed.
    79. Your exquisite..
    80. How it seemed crazy at first and right at the same time.
    81. Your artistic taste.
    82. The incredible coincidence of how we WILL MEET?
    83. WE wish to want to be a better person.
    84. Your wonderful success in professional aspects.
    85. Is there anything you can’t do?
    86. The grace how you motivate yourself.
    87. The love you give to children.
    88. I have fun being in your presence.
    89. You have strong opinions and stick to them.
    90. The fullness of life you have when you wake up in the morning.
    91. You don’t base important decisions on superficial values.
    92. Everything I seem to do with and for you turns out right.
    93. You give me a new view on life.
    94. Your strong desires to be loved and accepted as you are.
    95. Your determination to control the world and not have it control you.
    96. The way you love me so deeply.,,,,,i wish……?
    97. That sultry look you give……hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??,,,
    98. The mature handling and the way you handle this”NEW~~ GREATEST relationship!!
    99. Your dreams like expression .
    100 *******,TIME TO ENJOY LIFE with Elaine!!
    100. The fun I had staying up all-night and coming up with this list.

  9. Concerning the photo above, the so called proud sluts, I saw someone associated with this group called ERP/EndRevengeP0rn in the media recently. This is a blatant example of wanting your cake and eating it too. They want to make it feder@l l@w to ban revenge porn. This is a very vague indeed. So you gals get your kicks by taking lewd videos/pics of yourself naked and having sex but bitch when it goes viral on a porn site or blog? I don’t feel sorry for celebs when stuff leaks nor do I feel sorry for the normal people as well. Here’s a question why did you take the damn pics or produce the vid in the first place? When they post it to social media/shared it with their BF/BFF squeeze did it not cross their minds that there is a very high possibility that it’s going to be shared all over the world online. Oh, cry me a river and grow the hell up!

  10. Seen this before from the old nomarriage site. To Rachel and every other chick with a similar list.
    Good luck you fat crazy delusional bitches!

  11. And after these kind of women are surprised that they never find someone (and someone really serious)! Most of the men who begin to read these lists finish to fall asleep at the middle of the list (and I am optimist!). So stupid an immature girl!

  12. American women believing they have the perceived choice of millions of men to chose from through online dating and social media,created such ego,Npd disorders and entitlement in women,its unbelievable….Rendering the average Disney princess completely undatable,because many womens attitudes suck in America.

    It doesn’t help that women get thousands of thumbs up through social media for nasty oversexualized pictures of themselves,making duck faced,kissy faced,butt out,basic ug booted pictures of themselves.

    Then our women are raised by Disney princess movies and own men through criminal and divorce courts as well as affirmative action…Our women celebrate fat acceptance while little kids in the world die of starvation,have aborted 60,000,000 babies with the morning after pill available while men are denied the right to opt out of fatherhood….So obviously using abortion as a contraceptive….Female American nuts are out of their minds!

    Women ignore the equal pay act of 1963,initiaite 80% of the 50% of all marriages that end in divorce,they wear mens crew cuts,rarely wear dress’s,demand to be wined and dined yet refuse to cook for men,they declare to be equal to men when nearly everything they will touch today was delivered,invented,manufactured and set up by men…

    With manufacturing jobs women do have,mainly because men invented machines to replace strenuous lifting women are not capable of….American women absolutely destroyed themselves and are no longer attractive or desirable…

    Anyone who ever worked in package delivery/sorting or knew some policeman….knows female cops usually always call for backup,and when they don’t usually get caught up in some sh#t with a criminal bigger than they are,or female package delivery drivers will even solicit help from other drivers to meet them to help them deliver heavy packages…”because we are all equal.”

    American men are finally getting tired of American women,who truly bring nothing to the table.Sex does not have value in times of aids,child support an no fault divorce.American women have no game.

    I refused to date a “sexy female cop once,” who was 5 foot 2….because I am not falling in love with a chick where you don’t know if she is coming home or not,”because she is strong and independent.”I literally think American women are insane….They are!

    I talked to a woman I knew for 5 minutes yesterday whom I had to get away from,because as a 45 year old single mother was wearing daisy duke shorts and a halter top,wearing 5 pounds of make up and had eye lashes that drooped because her fake eye lashes were so heavy.She looked liked an animal in heat…LOL

    The tattoo she had went from her tube top area,all the way down her side to below her shorts,which just screamed “white trash.” Her eye brows were shaved off and weren’t even matching,and looked insane….

    I looked around in talking to her,to see nasty men eyeing her up and down….What kind of female would dress as such in public???I will tell you,an undesirable female….because good women can get attention in conservative dress…

    Nearly every man I know has been divorced and or paying child support,losing his home car and children.Recently a man I knew inherited money from the sale of a dead relatves home,and left her husband the same day the money was deposited into his account…..

    Sadly,just another depressed man going to AA,while going through a divorce who will tell you how “not drinking,”is going well while he has alcohol on his breath with severe depression in his eyes,who is only keeping himself alive and together for the children….


    Go ahead and try to find a woman in America who is mentally stable,is not flat broke,is not 35 years old and in heat for a kid,who doesn’t own 4 cats and 5 visicous pitbulls,who can cook a meal,is fit,isnt wearing a mans crew cut,never divorced a man and actually is appreciative of a man who tries to make her laugh and protects her in public and at home….

    My advice to fellow American men is to avoid them completely and “Buy a dog and put your nuts on ice.”

    We are men who formed our opinions of women,by watching our own mothers and sisters wantonly destroy men….The risks now outweigh rewards in dealing with a westernized female….

    How hilarious to be an American male,who no longer wish’s to deal with women in his own nation,because America the father and mother of westernization,destroyed women with westernization,liberalism and feminism…..

    For the most part,conservative women have no problems finding dates….because a real woman would say,”Yeah,60,000,000 abortions with the morning after pill being available is absolutely disgusting.”

    Idiocracy came true in America.I would say women in any sjw movement in the streets dressed as prostitutes,women slut marching themselves,the epidemic of women hurting and having sex with school boys and girls,women marching topless,women marching with vagina’s on their heads in the streets with privilege over their men… for attention because men are actually avoiding women now….American women are spoiled rotten beyond belief….

    America is the twilight zone…lmao!!!

    • Funny how I have exactly the same feelings regarding…. Eastern European females.
      Oftentimes I get a feeling that I am back to Toronto of 2003-2005 where and when all females looked the same, acted the same and reacted the same.
      I have yet to see ONE attractive female on the streets of this goddamn city especially considering a summer like weather with temperatures hitting +28-30C in the afternoon. All I see is a faceless crowd of emotionless females all dressed in jeans and sneakers, young and old, fat and skinny, they all look exactly the same. It’s like walking through the crowd of robots or androids who’ve been preprogramed to act a certain way.
      10 years ago streets of any town in Ukraine were filled with gorgeous ladies wearing nice high heels, mini skirts (not vulgar, but soooo damn sexy), appropriate make up and most of them were very well taken care of.
      Nowadays it is a disaster…
      I honestly find American or Canadian females sexier and more stylish and obviously a lot smarter than their eastern European counterparts.
      Just my 5 cents.

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