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This post is co-written by Scott & Mike. The top part is Scott & Mike’s comments are below:

Mike gave me a list of 9 items that he thought warranted discussion: topics that might be helpful to you, a guy deciding to make this journey. In segement #2 of this series, we will give some ideas on “How to plan a solo trip.” Or, as Mike addressed it to me in his email:

How to plan a solo trip, without signing up for the sausage tour.

In other words, how do you go about taking on this adventure on your own: the “do it yourself” route.

The first thing that you will have to do is to meet a woman (or women). The “do it yourself route” is considerably cheaper than a tour like Seth took. But, like having a guy tile your bathroom floor versus going to Home Depot and buying tile, each has its advantages. With the tour, you have a guide and many of the logistics are sorted out for you. But if you don’t mind a little work to save some bucks, the do it yourself route is probably the best route for you.

And so, to meet a woman. I think that before any even signs up to Elena’s or another agency (I think that Mike said he used UkraineDate.com), you should first make a trip out just for “vacation.” (I’m not going to get into which agency to use, I’m sure that should be obvious from my other posts – just use common sense and think with the big head!) Just go to Odessa and make a beach vacation of it. It is a wonderful place, much like disneyland for adults. Night clubs full of supermodel looking women, hot bodies on the beach (and yes, the women go topless) and beer stands every 50 meters. Beer, ocean, topless sunbathing = are you getting the picture?

Go do Odessa, spend a week or two and I promise that you’ll never go anywhere else until you meet the woman of your dreams.

What is likely to happen is that while you’re planning your Odessa vacation, you’ll think, “I wonder what is available.” You’ll sign up for a dating subscription, put in your profile that you’re coming to Odessa for two weeks in June and you’ll have a dozen or so women write you and try to work out how to meet. The chances are, if you’re communicating (phone, email, text, Skype) with a beautiful woman in Ukraine or Russia, you’ll get over your fear of traveling alone – as any deer hunter who’s witnessed shy bucks come out during midday during the rut can tell you.

When you finally make that first trip overseas you’ll have a new sense of confidence and you will probably become very serious about abandoning the idea of courting Western women.

The primary obstacle to overcome in planning a solo trip is that you will be traveling overseas alone. For a seasoned traveler like myself or Mike, this isn’t a big deal. But I try to remember back to when I made my first visit to another country alone and it was, in some ways, a little scarry. One of the disadvantages that we have as Americans is that we are a bit isolated geographically. Someone from Belgium is much more likely to have traveled to other countries than someone from Ohio. Making a trip to Ukraine for a Belgian is probably about as much drama as someone from Ohio traveling to Florida.

Aside from the language barrier, life in Russia or Ukraine isn’t that much different than from the US or other Western Countries. If you look at the differences (language, different money, etc) you can find a lot of reasons to fear the unknown. But if you look at the similarities between Russia and the US, you’ll see that we probably share 90% of the same things. People go to work, people drive cars, people go to grocery stores, people use the internet, etc. The biggest difference is really the language.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, you really should only be pursuing women who speak English. Yes, it is possible to have a relationship with a non-English speaking woman, but it isn’t easy. And believe me, you’re going to have enough to worry about without the drama of not being able to communicate.

If you stick with English-speaking women, the only other drama that you’ll encounter will be finding your way around and ordering food. Both can be taken care of with a smart phone and Google Translate.

Just today I asked 3 different ladies in the grocery store where is this and that. I used my broken Russian to ask and when they asked for further details, I used Google Translate and it worked fine. They were a bit amused, I was a bit shy but it worked out ok.

If spend time in the bigger cities, Kiev, Moscow, etc., it will be a lot easier to get around as more people speak English.

But really, don’t let the fear of an unknown language stump your enthusiasm to venture out to meet an Eastern European Woman. I’ve traveled clear across Russia (a decade ago when I spoke NO Russian), across Mongolia and China and I don’t speak those languages either. As long as you have a good attitude and an adventurous spirit, you’ll do fine. Regardless of what you see on FOX and CNN, there aren’t terrorists behind every tree and you can in fact travel most of the world safely. China and much of Russia is MUCH safer than most parts of America (save for Ukraine lately if you’re in a political protest).

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

To sum up: 1. Meet a woman. 2. Just “do it” and fly over.

American Mom

… Typical American Mom and her child …

Probably the hardest part of this journey is taking the first step and flying over. But, I’ve never met a man who’s done the trip and then later settled for an American/British/Australian/German woman. Probably 95% of the men who have read this blog think, “Yeah, that is right,” and will never make the trip. I’ve come to that realization long ago. This blog is for the 5% of guys who finally will pull the trigger and will find an EE woman.

I guess if I had to sum up this post in one sentence I’d say this:

The most important factor in planning a solo trip is to make the plan to go, and then go.

I sent Mike an email telling him that this post was waiting for his addition and he emailed that he had just arrived in Kiev. So good luck to you on this trip Mike, hope all works out well.


From Mike:

I thought that some posts on getting to, and around the Ukraine would really be helpful.  Some great points were brought up by Scott.  It really is as simple as deciding to go, and just pulling the trigger and going.  This is very important, because if you cannot make a trip to the Ukraine, Russia, or country of choice, there is no need for you to think about anything beyond just reading these blogs.

One of the first earlier questions you will get from any girl you talk to is..”Have you been to Ukraine”, and “When are you coming”?  They will be patient and talk with you for a while, but they need to know you are serious about coming over.  Right now, it seems the country is coming apart in some areas.  Yes there is a lot going on, but you still need to plan a trip at some point.  Scott brought up some good points about the different types of trips (group vs solo travel).  I don’t like the groups, but it does streamline the process and make it easy.  I just don’t want to line up with other guys to see the girls that happen to show up.  I like the adventure of doing my own trip.  Here’s how I do it.

1.  I narrow my visits to one or two cities at the most, and try not to see too many people.  Since I have the luxury to travel there more often, I don’t feel like I need to see every person that I have talked with.  If you have the opportunity to make only one trip, make sure you spend A LOT of time talking to the people you want to see before you go..  As we’ve said.. language, language, language.. If her language skills are not fantastic.. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!!  I’ve spent hours on skype with people, just to get there and find out it is really tough just hold basic conversations.

2.  Once I know who I am seeing, I find my entry city.. Usually Kiev, but on occasion, it was Odessa.  So lets just say Kiev.  I then just go to www.kayak.com and type in the city pairs to find the best rate on a ticket, then I book it.  When I know what day I am arriving, I then go to booking.com and find an apartment.  You need to play with the site a little to find out where to stay.  There is a “near to” function that lists apartments near an area.  That is helpful.  Once I have my apartment booked, I’m pretty much set.  Walk away from the official taxis, since they are more expensive.  The going rate to central Kiev is about 200-240 UAH.  If you find a good guy, get his number and use him to go back.  Now if you are traveling to another city, you can stay a day or two in Kiev, then trek back to the airport, for a flight on Ukrainian Air, or Wizz.  Wizz has a few flights around Ukraine, and is cheap.  They fly out of a different airport in Kiev, but it’s actually closer to downtown.  At the moment, one of the good cities to see is Lviv, since it is in the west.  This last trip I did, ran about $1,000 for the airfare, and $36/night for apartment that steps from the best parts of Kiev.  It was all very simple.

What I think is really important is, this is your time and money, so you should only expect the best language skills and the kindest and best match for you.  I have some of the girls get bitchy with me because I am not coming as soon as they want, or I’ve had to postpone trips.  Don’t put up with this.  All they have to do is show up for dinner.  Many don’t show any consideration for your cost and effort, then you show up and some try to scam you with extra costs (taxis, translators, and expensive nights out on your dime).  This is very important.. do your homework before you go.  Spend lots of time on skype, so you are going to meet someone you already feel close to.  If they are serious about you, they will respect your efforts, and not use your date as an opportunity.  I will make a separate post about this topic.  There are a few things that can happen that you need to be aware of (asking you to pay a lot for their taxi and they pocket it, asking to bring a translator, trying to get you into a really expensive place for dinner)..  If you are serious about meeting someone from there, plan on several trips over..  So the first trip is a learning experience..  Please feel free to ask any questions…

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8 thoughts on “#2 Planning a solo trip

  1. Keep up the good work! Although 95% of American men who read blogs like this are just too lazy to travel and meet foreign women, the 5% who do will find your info extremely helpful. And you’re right, most men who has experienced dating women abroad (as in non western women and in their country), never seem to have quite the same interest in dating American women again. But, I am pleased to see the trend going in a positive direction as more and more men are learning about the differences with dating foreign women thanks to the Internet.

  2. I really want to know more about your feelings about non-English speaking women in Ukraine. I am getting serious about one woman whose English is only fair. I had a Thai girlfriend for 4 years. Her English was intermediate and we communicated fine.

    • I truly believe that dating a woman who doesn’t speak English (or your language) is a waste of time. It isn’t cheap to fly back and forth to Europe; make your trips count – stick with an English-speaking woman.

  3. Point taken Scott.
    Could you explain your reasons why it’s important that she speaks (some) English? Is it the issue with the letter writing (scam) and interpreter (BS)?

    In your own opinion; Is it better to focus more on learning Russian over Ukrainian?

    I signed up for your newsletter. Is there a way to email you or Seth through my online email account because I don’t do Outlook or Thunderbird on my personal computer?

    • We have links to our emails in the right column (a little ways down).

      A relationship is based on communication; if you can’t communicate, what’s the point?

      I’d learn Russian, most everyone in Ukraine speaks Russian.

  4. Same thing Mike and Seth. Why is it better that she has good English. Wouldn’t the woman be less westernized if she did not speak English? I just want your guys opinions.
    If she speaks English does it mean the woman is more likely from a better family?

  5. I agree with the guys. Initial intimacy and everyday events are easy enough working through a language barrier. But long lasting relationship will depend on both being able to communicate. Still skeptical, try carrying a conversation with a teddy bear for a week.

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