Back in Ukraine Next Week

#2 Planning a solo trip
Another successful marriage

I’m back in Ukraine next week.  After four months, it couldn’t have come soon enough.

inusWork shortages in my office have led me to work over half my normal hours some weeks, and the consequences of living a more stressful and less healthy lifestyle (fast food for breakfast every day) has led me to gain 5 pounds.  I’m back to my normal schedule as of last week, but I only work Monday this week, then on the plane back to Ukraine on Wednesday!

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I’m using the same tour group as last time, and I’m not going to document my trip nearly as thoroughly (although my pictures should be more numerous and of higher quality with the warmer weather).  I’ve put a lot of effort into preparing the men going with me, I doubt Mr. Davis has seen a group as fired up as this one.  There’s a few girls I want to meet in particular, but I’m going in “cold”.  With the experience I gained last time, I think it will be difficult to not have a productive trip.

Other than working my butt off, since I’ve been back I’ve restarted an old hobby, have two social circles I have dinner with every week, and have generally earned the ire of the local datable female population.  Girls will see me dressed classy, ask me why I’m dressed up, tell them I’m going to Europe every two months or so from now on.  Then the girl ask me why…  I usually give a short, succinct answer, “Looking for a wife, what could possible go wrong?”  The responses are varied, but usually quite amusing.

In any event, I’ll be back…with photos…around the end of May.

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#2 Planning a solo trip
Another successful marriage

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  1. Seems like everyone is in EE this week! Good luck, have a fun trip and stay away from angry crowds ;-)

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