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Irene from Kiev

Actually, three more bite the dust. I was going through this site checking some links and I noticed that many of the profiles that I had highlighted on this blog were no longer active. It seems that a great many of the ladies that posted profiles on Elena’s Models are now engaged or married! And really, this is one of the primary indicators that can tell you if a dating agency is legitimate or not. I went back to some of the agencies that I had intially had an account with and sure enough, many of the women that I had seen are still on those sites. And stranger yet, the 24 year old women from 6 years ago are still 24 years old! If an agency doesn’t take down the women’s profiles who are no longer on the market, then there is no point to have a subscription with them, they are clearly bogus. Irene in the top photo was highlighted in the post “Men as an accessory.” She has since had this message posted to her profile link:

Irene from Kiev now engaged

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

We featured Sabina in October 2012 and it isn’t a surprise that she’s been snatched off the market. It is a good sign that Elena’s has pulled these women’s profiles down ~ have a look at some of the women you’ve seen on other sites, look at 10 or 12 of them and then come back in a year. I’ll bet you that all of them are still up on the site.
Sabina 2This is the message I saw on Sabina’s┬áprofile:
SabinaWe reviewed Victoria from Kiev in May 2013 and it shouldn’t be a suprise to anyone that she has found a man. I mean really, when you look at her assets it should be obvious ;-)
Victoria 04

Her profile now reads:

I have already met somebody. Good luck in your search!

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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Back in Ukraine Next Week
Born into Feminism

5 thoughts on “Another successful marriage

  1. I am enjoying this site a lot, please don’t let it die! You are one of many messengers spreading the truth on the internet. You can never go back to the local flavor once you experienced an import. As stated before I have experienced SA before, which is a great place for men but I’m seriously considering EE in the future. For some odd reason, even while in the femi-nazi west I have been running into a lot of EE women lately and I must admit I have been bitten by the bug. I really like the EE women as much as the SA women. So I feel like I am stuck at a fork in the road!

    • I laugh when I see so may men spending big money on Rolex watches, the latest convertible muscle/sports car or some other frivolous thing (unless they can REALLY afford it) and then they shriek at the idea of going to Ukraine or Russia instead of Mexico because it costs $650 more. It’s a lot cheaper than trying to impress a Western woman who will trade up and dump you as soon as another guy comes along with a nicer car or $5k more in salary. It is certainly a lot cheaper than divorce court!

  2. I can’t believe it myself either. Some guys looked like I had spit in their face when they were given a rough estimate of how much I have spent to go to SA in the past but these same idiots, will spend at least 3 times as much on dates, drinks at bars, jewelry, clothes, and expensive trips, etc. to impress these western women…and what happiness or joy did these guys get out of it???
    Another thing I have noticed these western couples are always take trips to weak places like France, UK, or Italy where there is weak female competition but never take trips to Argentina, Colombia, or Russia where the female competition is very strong. “Oh it’s so dangerous in those places”…dangerous that their boyfriend or husband might get a clue.

  3. LOL! Despite the media hype…I have felt safer outside the US than in it. A police state, a suffering economy, feminism, and a bunch of seriously frustrated males has never lead to peace and happiness.

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