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Fathers and Daughters

Perhaps the most recurring argument that has come up since I started this website is whether or not feminism is as pervasive in our society as I say it is. Friends, colleagues and family all say, “we now understand the appeal of Russian Women,” but that how they are versus how American women are is a result of cultural differences, not feminism. True, the differences between Eastern and Western women are because of cultural differences. But the cultural difference that separates the Western women from women from the rest of the world is the culture of feminism. The culture of feminism (yes, it is a culture) has spread its tentacles into every facet of American life.

Weekly, I am reminded of it on Facebook. This well-wishing writer thought that they would create some heroic and chivalrous message to cheer on women and all that they are. But if you look closely, it is a feminist message.

I’ll agree with part of the message: Fathers, be your daughter’s first love. This is true. Every woman who I’ve known that bounces from bad relationship to bad relationship had a poor excuse for a father or no father at all. Women who had a strong father are strong women and expect to be treated well.

But, there is a difference between being treated well, and being treated like a man, or like being treated as a princess. What is really wrong with the vast majority of American women [conservative Christian, Muslim, Mormon, etc women excluded ;-) ] is that many (if not most) have a “princess syndrome.” They think that every man should treat them as though they are royalty. The problem is, they don’t realize that being a princess comes with a lot of grace, (usually) keeping your mouth shut and otherwise, playing a quite feminine role.

This FB message, tries to capture the idea that Dad should be a stong and loving role model for his daughter(s) (he should). But it also tries to convey the idea that Father should treat his daughter like a mini-adult, giving her the same kind of reverence that he gives to his wife. I think that this is wrong. While a Father should be loving to his daughter, he should treat her well, but treat her as the “C” member of the Family. If Father is the Alpha, and Mother is the Beta, than daughter should be treated like the Charlie. Father shouldn’t be pulling out his daughter’s chair. Daughter should be bringing Father coffee. Daughter should be helping Mother cook dinner for Father.

This message says that Fathers should show a daughter how she should be treated so that she will never settle for “anything less.” Men, if you have daughters and you’re reading this, don’t ever do this. Don’t treat your daughter like a little princess and forever ruin her for the “average” man.

I mean really, are Father’s supposed to pull out the chair for their 5-year-old daughters? What kind of message is this sending to children? That they run the house? That they have Daddy wrapped around their finger? It is no wonder that we have so many spoiled American women. When Alana’s Father speaks, everyone (and I mean everyone, male and female) listens up and does as told. No one cries, “But you didn’t pull out my chair.” Interestingly, Alana is the strongest Woman I know. She learned how a Man should treat a woman by watching how her Father treated her Mother.

If you want to have a strong, resilient and feminine daughter, treat your Wife well in front of your daughter, but treat your daughter like a daughter, not as a social or intellectual equal.

Here is another silly little cliché photo I saw on Facebook:

Strong Women

What exactly is a strong woman?

Is this what we’re talking about?

Super Strong Woman

When I think about a strong Russian Woman, I think of one thing. When I think of a strong American woman I think of a demanding & spoiled woman. What I would rather see is a post that says:

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Here’s to Graceful Women:

May we Know them.

May we Be them.

May we Raise them.

We seem to have lost all of our graceful women. Where have they all gone? They have been converted into feminists who believe that it is more important to be manlike than to be graceful. It is sad. Fortunately, there are still millions of graceful women east of the old Berlin Wall.

Here is a snapshot of a feminist (who also happens to be a butch lesbian) and her shot at acting gracefully. This is a message left by said butch-lesbian to a Man who posted that butch-lesbians should stop “borrowing” the word masculine from Men (I guess he thought that lesbian she-men should have a different adjective for their “masculinity”).

Feeling a bit threatened, are you? These butches don’t have to understand a damned thing. I’d like to see you go and tell these 9 that you have it all figured out and you have determined that they have to bow down and kiss your ass and cannot “borrow the term masculine” or “exhibit masculine traits like boy haircuts or mens clothing or even stubble” without YOUR permission. While you are lording over the fact that you have a d*ck, add a tenth person to the mix–that would be me; I refuse to acknowledge a f*cking thing according to YOU–and tell you that the response will probably be a resounding “F*ck You.” How dare you think that you own masculinity, masculine traits, clothing and stubble? You’re more f*cked-up than a dog’s breakfast.

*** Language edited. From an interesting article titled: “Portraits of butch women proving masculinity is a trait not a gender.” Whether or not femininity is a trait rather than a gender, I don’t know. All I do know is that I prefer a feminine woman and there are few of them in America.

Back to my original thought: Feminism teaches that women can have everything and anything. Like Spiderman’s uncle told him, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Perhaps this is the largest failing of feminism. Feminism teaches so much about taking and “sharing” power but does so little to educate women as to being graceful. The message above is very typical of how so many women talk in America. It is crass, it is rude and it is NOT feminine in any way.

This last message, it starts off with good intentions. It is one of these “I love God (or Jesus) and you should too” messages. While I applaud the religious sentiments of the author, this otherwise religious message has been dipped into the stinking pool of feminism and what has emerged is a typical “I’m a Princess” and everyone should worship me (I wonder where she got that idea?).

I'm a Princess

I showed this to Alana and she laughed and said, “So, with six billion people on this planet, does this mean we have 3 billion Princesses? We are all children of God after all.” She makes a good point. It’s not enough to say that God loves me and I’m special because of it. No, now she’s a princess and you should treat her like one!

I’ve challenged the readers of this blog to take a look at our Western society. And as you do, be cognizant of the fact that feminism has permeated our entire society. Notice that you (even if you are a man) have feminist sentiments and that you act in a way that is synchronous with feminism. You can’t help it, you’ve been indoctrinated.

But, if you plan to go East and search for your “soul mate,” don’t take that feminist baggage along with you. You won’t be respected by the Eastern Women and you’ll likely get your heart fed back to you on a plate. To fit into the role of a traditional male, you have to act like a traditional male. In order to do this, you must first recognize all the feminism that surrounds you. After all, you can’t really change something that you don’t recognize.

And some day, if you have a daughter, don’t infect her, or let her get infected with this silly Princess syndrome. Love your children, but be a strong Man. Show your daughter(s) what a strong Man looks like so that she will seek out the same.

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Another successful marriage
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81 thoughts on “Born into Feminism

  1. Dang dude. These women are sexy, smart, educated and willing to cook, clean and rear your children the correct way? And wear heals? What the f*ck am I doing here?

    From Nebraska

    • not sure if I would generalize it so extremely, but a Russian Woman is much more likely to have classical family values (think the wives on the TV show Mad Man) than your typical Western faminazi.

    • I ask myself that pretty much every 2 to 3 hours even in my dreams while I’m sleeping. Even if I do not move out permanently, I desire to live at least 3 to 4 months in a pro-male region of the world.

  2. I think there is a huge misunderstanding in feminist culture- I agree, there are dirty mouthed women who do not give a thought to how they portray themselves to others. But, there are feminists who have good intentiins- not that they are Gods gifts to the world, but those who want to work, to be independent, and to have the opportunity to do so if they choose. Isn’t that an attractive thing? To see a woman who has worked hard to get all her affairs in order, done it with “grace”, without the support of a man. Does that mean she doesn’t want a man, hates men? No! But, if we think of all of the constitutions written, all of the laws, rules, women and men of their countries are inclined to follow- wouldn’t those be made better with an educated women’s input as well? If you bring religious context into it- ( in my interpretation) a woman and man are stronger together then apart, they bring out the best in both, they valance each other, encourage each other, and learn from eachother. Simply speaking, women, working with men as we do in the familial life, in the political realm, would benefit everyone, there are simply different viewpoints that cannot be considered without a women’s input. Hostility towards feminists is due to misconception from those who who don’t really study the history and how it intersects in different countries, different classes, in different ethnicities- and the categorizations of the bra burning hippy feminists from the 60’s DOES NOT HELP! ( the movement if feminism) people claim to be a feminist without even having the slightest idea if what it is, and I do agree that This is what has really damaged the perspective of the movement, and also the ignorance of Western feminists to the different cultures of the East (I am from the West, but have had the amazing opportunity to travel to the East, and learn respect and admire aspects of the different cultures- the west can be blind, but it us not all of us! And yes I am a feminist per say, but believe in respecting other culture’s and allow women in those cultures to establish agency fitting to what their needs and beliefs are!) Not all feminists are trash talking, or masculine, and many do have grace (I would like to say I am one if them) interesting blog, interesting perspectives :) thanks for the read!

    • You will find few Americans (read: Westerners) who disagree that Women should have every opportunity to achieve all they want. But somewhere, the feminist train went off the tracks down a path of extremism that vilifies Men, celebrates sloth and asexuality. For the Man that wants a Woman who acts like a Man, so be it. For me, and many more who have figured out that the game is rigged, off to the East they go.

        • scott- now your responses amuse me, because it shows (no offense to the women who choose to live with you), that you guys are incapable of thinking beyong gendered categories, are judgmental, and demand respect from any gender (I have now mentioned three times I came across this blog from searching about Muslim feminist and writing a paper about how eastern women have disenfranchised them, criticizing the veil and the hijab, arguing that it us their choice, not a form of oppression, just US justification of militarism “to save the poor Muslim woman- wrong!) – no one has treated me with any respect, but demand respect – why and who I are you that entitles respect from ne when you aalso, you are all so passive agressive, tor just plain rude- i mentioned ego and wow, the comnents started going then! All this blog shows is the only way to make yourself feel like men is to move to a place where a women defines your own feelings of masculinity, and gelps dussolve your own inferority complexes, that is sad. And no consistency- first, materialistic, then, typical western women riddled in debt. Pathetic, and no wonder you can’t find a decent western woman, they are not all the same. I don’t need my fiance to rescue me from anyone or anything- Seeker attacked who and what kind of person he was, and I defended him, and big men threaten women right? According to your gendered binary roles?!. ( And, schools expensive- I didn’t have the fortunate experience of having mommy and daddy take care of my multiple degrees, which at 28 grand a year for schools, as I’m working on my 3rd degree, that’s a kind thing of me to do) and those words are English Scott, so no your wife doesn’t understand!
          Thank you all for showing me where weak males go, (Because I love my Man, and he is all Man, not threatened bc i dont agree with everything he says- treats me with respect, buying me little things on a whim, things only he knows I care about) I have yet to see a “real man” respond with any intelligence- lovely wifes, but their not raising children, just spoiled boys, who their mommy’s made them feel like they were gods greatest gift to a woman, and damn that must have hurt when you weren’t and the rejection time and time and time again, Now you have new mommies, and only had to travel across the world to find them- i thought you were Masculine Men who were just poorly mistreated by those evil western women! And to make yourselves feel like a man, you demand respect- when you give none, are uncouth, All i see is a psychologists dream- a lot of guys with masculinity inferiority complexes, who can’t please a woman, and wants someone to rub their feet and tell them they are the greatest thing that happened to them, regardless of the lack of respect you show them (PS a roof over your head, paying for everything, that’s ni . Just because of your genetic make-up, (so im not uncouth), you feel as if you are entitled to automatic respect, and judge anyone who disagrees with you, once you get to a single sentence that you can skew its meaning- my wife would never talk like that… What try and have an actual conversation that isn’t centered around your own self? Thank you for the laughs guys, its been my pleasure!

          • Wow, I’ve only had one beer.

            I’m going to go and drink two more and then come back and try to re-read some of this…

            I’d suggest a paragraph at each thought-break.

            Oh, and you’re talking to TWO OTHER GUYS, not Scott.

          • Drinking a beer right now Scott…it’s like that quote by some dictator…something like…”if you keep repeating a lie over and over again they will believe you”… something… something. This is my second beer…good thing I’m a skeptic…actions speak louder than words…men that have travelled or have experienced non-western never go back to domestic.
            Here’s a challenge.
            Send your NY champion fighter to the Ukraine or Brazil by himself for 6 months!
            How many readers here think he would come running back to LF?

          • That is no challenge- He would come back to me in a heart beat- That MAN has never and would never abandon me, doesn’t look at other women, and loves me, like I love him- He can go whenever he wants to. I hold no control over him- he makes up his own mind, can leave at any second, go out anywhere he wants to, (because we love and trust each other and are not insecure in our relationship). We are committed to each other, I would tell him to go for it. AND your exactly right, Seeker- Telling the Truth is being rude.. so what a “feminine and graceful” thing for me to do by apologizing for telling you the truth. And WE ARE ENGAGED- WE HAVE LIVED TOGETHER FOR 8 YEARS, and I started staying with him pretty immediately (as I said in comments earlier). do I have to capitalize everything, write in small words so that you can understand and hold on a dignified conversation? Drink another beer, and keep day dreaming about the hot EE chick or whatever who just wants a nice old Westerner who will die off after they make sure they are materially sound- live a good 10-15 years longer, and then your 20-30 year old will be set for life (what is that in America- a long term prostitute?) Just waiting for the bigger pay off- quite feminine, and NOT materialistic at all. Because every women just falls over the western men and you will love in a paradise for the rest of your pitiful days believing a lie- (that they care about you- they care about the support, their clothes, their wedding bands that turn into nice diamond rings, their houses, not having to work).. how feminine and “graceful”, and all they have to do in exchange is cook, clean, take care of your kids and say yes sir and no sir and bring you a hot mug of coffee, make sure you have a cold beer, and feed you- sorry not for me, Those women have you wrapped around their fingers, you guys are just too stupid to know it.. My fiance is free to go and do as he pleases, just like I am. (and I guarantee you when your loving graceful wife who saw that ‘hardworking man’, and is burying you with her kids by her side, she will take her nice big fat paycheck, and use it with all the feminine and grace she can muster) Go live in your fairy tale world for a little while, and while your at it, say hi to peter pan, and all the lost boys who never want to grow up- you get that one right.. instead of the I think some dictator somewhere said… let me use Spiderman and comic book references to communicate with you- typical dumb men. Theres your truth- so go be your King of the Pussys for a little while, as all these gorgeous women flock to your pocket book because you scream westerner, and pretend they love and care for you- hey its better to live in a fake reality than to be self aware of what the hell is really going on- There’s your truth Seeker. Have fun with it.

  3. A woman who acts like a man? To want be self-sufficient is to act like a man? If a slave is wanted, go for it- I have respect for men, just because misinterpretations of what feminism really is and what the movement believes does not mean that it has not evolved into a current globalized and world viewpoint. Yes, correctly it did start with women being “oppressed by men”. Now, it looks at differentiated and gendered states, a completely different concept of what men may thing feminism stands for. SO before you judge a movement you are lacking understanding in the evolution of, (e.g. looking at the instance of programs made for children soldiers in war ridden countries, (research paper), they had to turn in a gun to be helped, most girls did not have guns to be turned in, although they were also trained to fight, or used for different aspects, therefore- they received no help. Another ex- this also helps men who have been raped and are too shamed to admit it- the statistics of men who are raped are skewed and under-reported because it threatens their “masculinity” to go ahead and admit this atrocity- so they receive no help. Feminism has evolved to a new ideal of thinking, one that incorporates class, capitalism, gender, and ethnicity… so do your homework!! Research- before you disparage the feminist movement only based on epistemology (If you can even call it that- because it is extremely skewed), as opposed to its evolving perceptions and the beliefs purported today.

      • First to everyone who reads this blog- I immediately regretted putting “act like a slave” in that second comment. The reason being? Is because I am doing the same thing that I hate- assessing what a women wants to be or to do- putting her into a binary category in any way is wrong- (Example, I want to be able to pursue an education, and that is my priority. My reasons are not money, they do stem from nurture (or lack of), control, environment, culture, class, desires to help others, and myriad other reasons (I also have a fiance who is supportive of me and in times in our lives, we have had to switch economic roles- currently he is working so I can get an education, I have done the same for him- I cannot cook worth a sh**- my attempt to make a nice meal as a surprise usually either ends up burnt, or is tacos macaroni and cheese some sort of pasta, that is not my skill. My fiance, on the other hand, is an excellent cook- that does not feminize him in anyway, he is a laborer at the time being (although will be so much more), but he cant balance a budget to save his life, I keep track of the bills- that is what works for us- he is strong where I am weak and vice versa- that is what I originally meant with couples balancing each other out. My categorization of “being a slave” was completely wrong. Who am I, or you, or anyone else to categorize what a woman wants, what she wants to pursue; be it a family (which your wife sounds lovely), or a career, or to be married and live to support her man in other ways. Another ex- the Muslim woman and Sharia codified law. Sharia historically was simply ethical considerations, and was followed differently depending on the judge of the tribal town, the kinship- in some places, women were able to defend their moral character, violent punishments were only for the extreme, but they again varied in accordance with the time and place (multiple factors). After imperialism, and post colonization, the sharia was codified into legal rules, giving women either less room to defend themselves, or more (e.g Tunisia v Morocco). Therefore Muslim feminists (which do exist) had a European (Eurocentric feminism) categorization to them, and the colonized woman became the symbol for that area of what a woman was. Muslim feminists DO NOT want Western or Eurocentric feminists to speak for them- they have different goals that deal with their own culture and traditions, but also want a way to display agency. The veil, hijaab for many of them is a sign of either fashion, or something WANTED to wear, and Westerners are using this as a way to justify “saving the muslim woman from her oppression”- which is simply not true. Let them decide and save themselves and form their own cultural values- I am not merely a “Western Feminist”, Your wife Scott is not merely an “Eastern woman or a homemaker”- as you have admitted in your reply, and a woman who believes in Islam is not merely a “muslim woman”. We all have different needs, desires- all shaped by our environment and the intersections of class, culture, tradition (and much more) that we have encountered in our life. That is what has defined each woman, their values, their beliefs, and where they want to end up on the spectrum. Not all feminists are “butch, masculine, trying to do a ‘man’s’ job”. And Scott, although you spoke as if all I mentioned were women and their wants and desires (although this is a why western women suck blog- which I would argue you are placing all western women into one binary category, without considering the aforementioned examples and points), I also mentioned the damage this did to the state and to men. How it led to undercoverage of rape statistics, under reporting, etc. How the state would be better if an educated qualified woman brought her input from her experience, that like men, only a woman knows, into the conversation when it comes to laws, rules and regulations, e.g. in many of the states constitutions, they were made during a time where women had no say- to use my fiance and I as an example- he balances me where I am weak, and I balance him where he is, and this could be done for the benefit of the country- regardless, there is still different viewpoints to be shared, that only a woman can speak to, the same as a man, and when you leave one out, than you are cutting out the balancing aspect. So, it was wrong of me to save act like a slave- because if that is what that woman wants- go for it- I don’t want to judge or place anyone into a binary category. (And Scott, by your wife choosing that path, that lifestyle, to do the things that she does, isnt that her exerting a feminist input? She is following the lifestyle that she desires, and is doing so gracefully and with character). Feminism can be looked at from many different angles, and although I am not a fan of how my Western counterparts portray themselves, I must claim the country I currently live and come from :) I am not blind to what we look like to the rest of the world, and when I went on a student trip to the East, many students were surprised that I was from the west (beside the lovely southern accent). Try looking at feminism from a non-binary category, consider the intersections of all of the things I already listed that have instilled those lifestyle wants in that woman, and see the character and grace of those who follow those choices, establishing their own agency and taking control of their lives- I dont villify men, I love men! And I am not butch, (I have heard quite the opposite, please do take that for ego or narcissism, it is none of the kind). males also cannot be placed in a binary category for what type of woman they are looking for! It does go both ways, being a male does not mean that you are not a good dad, better in some aspects than the mother, havent had a personal experience with raper, etc. The main goal of scholarly feminist women is to connect why the hatred for feminism- and I think, again, it is because of lack of understanding of what goals they really want to achieve, and human nature taking advantage of that title- justifying actions that are unjustifiable, etc. (My response, not I must finish a paper :) ) Im always up for a respectable debate, and to learn from other’s experiences and their viewpoints- please do not disrespect me, because if that is the case, I will no longer respond!
        Lil Fish <3

        • Hello Lilfish,

          Lets keep this healthy debate going, though I am not sure what your objective is, in relation to this blog. Just for clarification, I believe this blog was created for western males to read about personal experiences of men going abroad to find and marry a non-western lady. I am going to presume that you are trying to defend the dignity of western females who are classified in this blog as feminists. Am I hitting somewhere near the target? I am not sure what kind of common ground we will find in this arena, but we can sure give it a try.

          Based on that, I am going to try and stay away from generalizations because that has all kinds of tentacles and we can easily stray from the topic. So, I am going to speak from my own experiences, with my own opinions or fact based examples. In this subject matter, it may be best to speak from this platform, as I certainly cannot speak for the thousands of men who are searching for a foreign bride.

          Why did I leave my own country (USA) to find my foreign bride? I am a 20 year Army veteran for God sakes! How can I dishonor my country by leaving it? Its an easy answer. I knew in my heart, that I would be able to find the caliber of women of whom I sought. Ukrainian ladies are gorgeous beyond one’s imagination, yet educated beyond belief (my wife is a knock out and a lawyer by trade. Her mom is/was an economist).

          I am currently 57 years old, so I have lived a life of dating many American women, even being serious with a few, but OMG, how many times was I let down, disappointed, cheated on, lied to, and broken hearted? So many, that I had made up my mind by 2011 that I was going to move to Ukraine. In my micro world, that was mostly made up from the military world and later 12 years of the Corporate America world, I saw first hand, too many marriages that ended in tatters from cheating wives and/or ladies just bossing around their husbands like it was no ones business or women treating their children in stores like they were dogs (threatening to slap them, yanking them by the arms, leaving them all day at day cares, glad to have their kids going back to school after summer breaks because they were tired the kids were home all day. Husbands that lost their jobs during the Great Recession were home more often and I’d hear the wives talk about how “he” was getting on her last nerve).

          These pockets of memories kept adding up and served as a checklist for me why I stopped dating any US woman from 2009 on. In 2011, I took my first trip to Ukraine, and my eyes opened pretty wide. I remember spending a week in Odessa in April, and the weather had become nice for that week. One of the first things that caught my eye was how well kept the ladies were in style, fashion, body shapes and grace (as if it was an art). For fun, I kept a mental note of how many fat butts I could count for the week, excluding ladies 40 and over. I believe my count was around 10, no kidding!! My other deep impression was how sweet and attentive the ladies were when you talked to them. My apartment was above a hair salon and I got a haircut and style my first day there. Even their business manners were impeccable. My hair dresser offered me hot tea and cookies and I sat in these big sofas. The other ladies working there came by and said hello. Soon, I was having conversations with 3 of the working ladies who were stunning all to themselves. One of the men hairdressers asked me if I wanted to take a walking tour with him when he finished work. This young man took me around Odessa, had coffee with me and brought me back to the salon. For the next week, I’d spend my evenings down there chatting up with the ladies and having a grand ol’ time. At the end of my trip, I bought them all roses and brought home some nice photos with these amazing and gorgeous ladies, hugging and kissing my cheeks. I ask you, where in America do we have this kind of business acumen? In my years of going to salons in America, its always a quick cut and a boot out the door.

          I went back in early 2012 and stayed for 3 weeks. After this trip, I was absolutely convinced that I was going to move there and never looked back.

          My other reason for moving there was the fact that I knew that Ukrainian women are less shallow than American women. American women are always talking, either jokingly amongst themselves, or seriously, about money and material things. In other words, they’re very materialistic. Just look at the wedding fingers of an American woman. It has to be the size of Alcatraz or she ain’t getting married. I’ve heard women say and I had a fiance say to me, that the size of the diamond says how much the guy loves her. Yeah, right! Bitches divorce your ass 2 years later, or are in bed with some other guy and then she takes most of your possessions and your child. Eastern European women don’t get diamond rings, unless they are marrying a western man. They get wedding bands. In my case, my then fiance, picked a wedding ring from a US catalog, but she wouldn’t go past the $500 page, because she thought any higher was too expensive. Now, she wears a lovely white gold ring, with a tiny diamond surrounded by a heart. Does she feel less loved by me? Hell no! So American bitches can eat a shit sandwich for that one. Wow! Writing this response to you brings up some bad memories, so I am letting it rip.

          American women are also so damn hung up on looks and the body of a man. I’ve had a disrespectful girlfriend remark in front of me while I was driving, moan and yelp for shirtless construction guys on the side of the road. Another bitch and another reason to leave America behind (for me). In contrast, two summers ago, my gorgeous 30 year old fiance and her equally gorgeous girlfriend and I, took a trip to the Black Sea for the day. I was positioned under the umbrella while they were out catching the rays. I saw this good looking California surfer looking young man heading our way. He was selling shrimp from a bucket, wearing only swim shorts. 6 pack ripped dude. I said to myself, “oh, here it comes. The girls are going to see him, and then look at each other and give that little “girlfriend” wink to one another.” Mind you, we’d only been together for 1/2 year, so I didn’t know her completely yet. Wow, much to my surprise and another chalk up to feminine ladies, when the girls looked up because he was shouting out, they never looked at each other, never winked. Only looked down again at their magazines. It was the most amazing thing. My experiences in the States, was American women hardly containing themselves and acting like 10 year olds at a birthday party, in a scenario like this. You see Lilfish, feminism in my opinion, is about women wanting to be equal to men. So men gawk at a Bo Derek running down the beach. Yes, that’s what we do. However, Ukrainian ladies, because that’s who they are, don’t oogle, don’t gawk, especially when they are with their boyfriend or husband. They have CLASS! and RESPECT!! When you walk down a Ukrainian street, women won’t even look at a man. I have never ever seen my girlfriend/fiance/wife look at another man. She sees me looking at the ladies, I mean, you’d have to be dead to not look at the Ukrainian ladies. She doesn’t like it but she understands it, because she knows how beautiful Ukr ladies are vs the west. We now live in Germany, and often visit the US military base for shopping and we are constantly amazed how truly overweight and ill dressed the US and sadly now, even German ladies are. We are in Spain for the moment, and she actually said that the Spanish ladies are as pretty and well dressed as her Ukr sisters. So, heads up for any guys going to Spain…. My wife has never given a compliment to other ladies from another country before, so I raised my eyebrows on that one.

          My other point I wish to stipulate is age. In America, women are very shallow minded in this area. They typically will not date or marry a man more than 5 years greater than themselves. Eastern European women typically don’t mind whatsoever a man 12 – 15 years more than her. Its an interesting concept that American women cannot grasp. Because American women are so hung up on looks and body, do they ever give credit to wisdom and experience? Obviously not. A Ukrainian lady with serious intentions of having a family, prefers an older man, because of his wisdom and experiences in life. She doesn’t want a pretty boy, or boy toy, f@@k buddy, or any other American expression you want to insert. She knows that these assholes will just use her and drop her. An older gentleman is likely to be serious as well and so the match is often quite good. Look at me, 25 years older than my wife, and I am not rich!!!! I am a frickin retired govt worker, with a disability!! But, that’s how a 29 year old American girl would look at me, and not give me a 2d look. To my wife, she saw a man with battle scars, tough and ready for a family, to have a child, to make it work and survive, in HER country! In her eyes, I looked like a millionaire, not from my wallet, but from my heart. And that is my main point here, is that good Ukr girls, look at a man’s heart. Not his wallet, not his looks, and not his body (well, if I was 300 lbs, then probably not, but pudgy is ok. Full disclosure, when we met in 2012, I was a pants size 32. One year later, after her good cooking, I am a 34, and still holding….barely).

          Lilfish, I have done my best to give many anecdotes and examples of why I could never be with a Western Women who Sucks. I clearly hope that these personal examples sheds some light as to why men are going to other countries to find their other half. They are treated with great care, honored to be a man, and given attention in such ways, that they never thought possible. That’s why each and every one of us (who are married to an EE lady), who has stories on these blogs, talk of their happiness. We are only sharing our stories to give hope to those men, who feel stuck in a world where women bash them, disrespect them, won’t look pretty for them, not loyal to them or their families; can see that they have options. They don’t have to be stuck. They just need to get on a plane and make that visit. My words, or Scott’s words, cannot even come close to the out of the world experience of going live to an EE nation.

          Without trying to chase my tail talking about this ad nauseum, Lilfish, I want to bring it back to your latest response. You referred quite a few times about balancing your current relationship with your fiance with each of y’alls strengths and weaknesses. Again, not disrepecting you, however in my mind, what I am hearing again is that word, “equality.” Feminism’s fav word. Its about being equal in most matters. I say BS to that. Its about roles, its about being a Man/Father and being a Lady/Mother. If my wife insisted that we need to be equal in our relationship, then I would never open a door for her, or never have to buy her flowers, or buy her some new pretty shoes that match her dresses. Or she’d carry all of suitcases, or the baby car seat up two flights of stairs. In the Ukrainian culture, the Man is expected to pay for everything. The Man worries about where the next $ is coming from. The woman looks to the man as her wall. He is strong and can handle all aspects of life. It is his duty to provide a home, food and clothing. In return, she provides a warm home for him, lots of sex, caring of the children (I haven’t changed a diaper in 4 months), clean clothes, hot fresh meals, positive attitude, no whining, minimum to no nagging. That’s balance, that’s strengths and weaknesses vs a western relationship. We were put on this earth to not just make money, or drive the latest/fanciest car, or have the highest education. We are here to procreate, to have families, grandchildren, to tell stories, to leave legacies, and its in close families where we are the strongest and most successful in life. Would we rather die with a house full of cats, or surrounded by wives/husbands, children and grandchildren? Rhetorical question, forgive me. As for me, every day when I see our 4 month old daughter gushing at the sight of me, I know where my place in life is. Everyone can have their opinion about me, the difference in age with my wife, that I left America; but no one can take away that twinkle and smile that my baby girl gives me each and every day. I made the absolute and BEST decision ever by moving to Ukraine and finding my other half. And she’s pure feminine.

          • Really? Balancing strength and weaknesses does not mean equal- he does what I cant, and I help him out where he cant- he makes me better and I make him better- we love eachother. I dont spout equality, and a- i have weighed the same age since highschool, I am 31. b- my fiance also doesnt want to have a family, we are the same in that aspect- not because we are selfish (Ive been homeless so many times i couldnt count and I stayed on a freaking chicken farm, feeding chickens, taking the slop to the pigs, and staying home every night sleeping on the couch with a man in his 80 because his 50 year old son couldnt do that for him and they let me sleep on the couch. c- my ring cost less than your UK WIFES!!! I got a 30 dollar ring on sale at Zales on black friday with a coupon (we upgraded- he wanted zales, i wanted the pawn shop- my ring might have a few small diamonds in it, but 5 are missing, and it was less than 300). My fiance cooks for me because i get so stressed in school i wont eat- i stay up all night to make sure he doesnt oversleep for work because he wakes up at 330- I would drive for an hour and a half at the drop in a hat, with a 20 minute notice at anytime at night when he got back in town for work- i bag the trash, he takes it out- I CANT its too HEAVY for me. you know nothing of me, and just did not listen to a work except what you wanted to hear- balance means equality- I must be fat because im a feminist- im lucky if I hit 120 I need to gain weight- c i must be materialistic- I WANT TO WORK because I LOVE HIM and dont want him sacrificing his education for mine…and d- I must look at other men and cheat- I DONT, HAVENT AND WOULDNT, and i dont considering cheating going to a bar and bringing a chick home for your honey, wow, talk about a retarded follow up to an apology for being binary in my descriptions of women. Point is- their is no nornal- it depends on multiple factors that all intersect, (me budgeting the bills – matierialistic, that one still gets me, damn bitch you get the bills paid on time while im working so I dont need to worry about it- what a feminist!, damn how dare you be insistent on getting a job BECAUSE WE DONT WANT A FAMILY, know we arent ready- and YOU ARE WILLING TO take less classes, graduate a year or two later, JUST SO I CAN GO TO SCHOOL)- you obviously couldnt find that kind of girl- so the UK was your best chance. (And I know when to shut up with him, and HE LIKES IT THAT everyone else is intimidated by him and his own girl will stand up to him he ever crosses a physical line)- so again, slowly this time- DONT PUT ANY PERSON IN A BINARY CATEGORY… because what you just told me is that any man who goes to the UK is a pussy who is insecure and cant get a girl in the US.. I found the site for a research paper for school by the way.

          • Lilfish here is a middle finger…an American woman is the last thing I want.
            I will only marry Latina or Slavic.
            Over 90 percent of western women are garbage…go die alone with 10 cats.

          • so funny- (Im engaged).. wait wait wait… Im engaged…. one more time…Im engaged… so my fiance, my cats, and dog will be just fine. Thank you for your concern :) P.S. if you dont understand binary just ask, judging all of one people, is umm I dont know… racist? just not based on colors, based on beliefs? based onbeliefs of gender stereotypes and the way things “should be”. Create a different norm for youself instead of living in bittterness A xenophone.. oh wait the big words.. someone was extremely insulting and assuming to a perfect apology and a long explanation, of how people should judge anyone- the typical stereotypes I retorted, angry cause i fit none of them, and said in that case, by your way of thinking… this is what you would be.. sorry but that is the thinking- binary is assigning one identity to millions of people- that is what you are doing, and feminist or not, its just shows blatant ignorance, I wasnt nice, but I did find this site by looking for info on a term paper that I decided to do about learning muslims culture, intersectionality, allowing women to wear the burka, the veil- (not a feminist trying to save them- sorry I made fun of your typical stereotypes- but that is the problem= WITH AVID FEMINIST WOMEN and MEN who think they know the concepts behind feminism, but really do not. I am for WOMENS RIGHTS, and MENS RIGHTS, a persons choice to live the life they choose, their personal autonomy (more of a post-material feminist I guess if you would like to try and categorize me) Civil liberties as long as it does not effect the life of others (which is why I am against capitalism, and want to go kick wall streets butt), and am ridden in student debt, actually loved the east and stuck up for anyone who I was with in this student honors group who would begin judging their culture, so thank you, for making my point so blatantly clear. I understand your frustrations- but your own personal experiences molded your thinking- you named them out one by one- that is where those intersected with your personal beliefs, and Scott- Im sorry, but my brother is married to a Korean, she is wonderful, quiet nice and respectful and I lover her dearly, and I an not any different, or less feminine, all I believe is that every person has the ability to choose, every gender, that what we are exposed to in life shapes our thinking, and I do not see how believing in choice (for women to wear hijabs, to practice whatever religion, to be in whatever relationship they believe works for them, my fiance and I dont fight every day, we love each other, and he is the only man who has been there for my, we have been together for eight years, we have yet to get married because of loans, but read what I am saying!) , I am not making any arguments about what type of woman is better, I am saying that Feminism the actual idea of thought, the social science, is being confused, misportrayed, it has evolved- there are ignorant people everywhere, and they, including you, are only dividing perceptions- when this is not what the academic scholars believe- SOME western feminists are out there with their ideas, other feminists share the same as I do- to study culture and tradition, to make multiple comparisons, gather data, and find a way to allow certain things that THOSE WOMAN (say muslim) want in their country- be it education, be it equal protection under the law (and their was one more value)- dont connect it to a feminist movement, – the hijaab and veil SHOULD NOT be banned in france, immigrants should not be being turned away- we are becoming a global community, and westerners also need to get rid of their superior complex. You are coming down on me for purporting viewpoints of allowing women to choose what role they want to play- be it under the religions and traditions that have been instilled in you- THAT is what I care about. Misperception, Misunderstanding, is causing a drift, my brother’s wife is a lovely women, but I am not her- she chooses to be herself and what makes her identity and I choose to be myself and my identity- I dont like the egocentric culture I live in, but it is sad because it is not all true- and you are categorizing without any knowledge but your own personal dating experiences or whatever else was instilled in you when you were young from family (P.S. My fiance has Ukranian in him, Irish, his moms a Jew, and I am of European descent) It is not my place to judge, and as long as my civil liberties and another’s civil liberties- the ability to have personal autonomy- we together should choose if we want to have a family (In all honesty, we want to be able to have a stable home and living environment, and so we are instead thinking of adopting after education)- Not all westerners share the same beliefs. I have been around many eastern women- my brother’s wife for one, but I do understand and show how to be feminine. To say that a feminist means your are not feminine is just another plane misconception of what feminism really has evolved to.

          • Rodney,
            I agree 100 percent!
            These western women can make all the apologist arguments they want. I’m going South or East for love and happiness…and North American chicks can go f*ck themselves.
            This 30 something has checked all the boxes but the other party is not holding up their end of the bargain…so they can go die alone with 10 cats or bastard children.
            A Ukrainian or Argentine wife is sounding better and better with every feminist rant on this blog.

          • Lilfish you and your castrated little boy are feminist. I don’t care if you are engaged.

          • I like this part because I got another useful bit of info. I always wondered what do Ukrainian (and other Eastern) men give their ladies when proposing marriage?
            Eastern European do not expect to get huge diamond engagement rings?

          • Yup, Lilfish, I am a 100% bonafide pussy who couldn’t get a woman in the US of A. Wow, you nailed that one!! You must be studying psychology, psychiatry, anthropology or you’re just psycho. I am also insecure and could only find a woman in Ukraine, not UK. If you are that smart, you’d know the country abbreviation is UA. So, just to summarize…. I am the happiest, most loved, insecure pussy, sonofabitch American, married to a hot UA babe, with a gorgeous baby daughter. Hope that scratches your feminist drawers!!

          • I hope I can be a big time pussy too…the King of Pussys…that will only marry something like a nice young classy Colombian or Russian lady…we will produce and raise healthy children that will respect the family unit and the property rights of others.

  4. Lilfish, I’d like to directly respond to your two blog additions. Obviously, you are quite intelligent and I’d say quite a few IQ points higher than me, however, as I read and re-read your comments, naturally I had to compare your thoughts to the character and values of my Ukrainian wife. For me, something very clearly stuck out, which helps confirm why I find ladies with your type of thinking, absolutely non-attractive – is the always common thread – lack of family in your conversation. I find feminists to always be talking about themselves, their rights, their fellow feminist sisters, and so on. Its very boring, to say the least. Its like a maze and I am trying to find a way to get out of it.

    My wife and our 4 month old daughter, just arrived into Spain this evening. We’ve been driving for 3 days, not pushing it, for the baby’s sake. Our daughter was pretty tired of the car and cried pretty hard and loud the last 45 minutes. My wife, constantly the air of grace and patience, just did what she always does, cooed and comforted her, till we reached our destination. Naturally, we brought a ton of stuff for our 2 week holiday. Without having to write down our roles, but just understanding the natural courses of a man and a woman, I carried all of our things up the stairs while my wife unpacked it all. This evening, after a nice dip in the pool for me, we went back to our apartment. We were both starving, but our daughter needed to eat, get her bath and be put to sleep. My wife did all of this, while I fumbled to get our computers hooked up to the internet. After our daughter was taken care of, my wife whipped me up an awesome dinner, cooked fresh from the stove (no microwave meals from my wife – EVER!). Does she ever complain that she’s too tired to cook? NO! Does she ever say, oh, I am so tired, lets go to McDonald,s or KFC and buy the Family Bucket? NO! Why? Because her family is the most important thing to her in her life. Her husband just drove 1800 km’s, or I just worked 60 hours per week. Does she ever complain that she has to be home all day with the “kid,” and she never gets a break? NO! Did she wear a pretty dress today and put on her make up this morning before we left the hotel from northern Spain? YES!! (BTW, she cooked us an awesome breakfast this morning as well, which we enjoyed on our balcony…and she packed all of our suitcases. I carried them all down to our car…feminine and masculine roles, replayed over and over again, without a fight or argument). She cares about how she looks for herself and for me. She loves to hear my compliments every day, and she never gets tired of my compliments. She reacts to them as if I had said them for the first time.

    This is a woman of femininity, not a feminist. And these type of ladies will have the longest and happiest of marriages – not “live – ins,” MARRIAGES! You see the difference? Its all about family and you didn’t mention or even hint of this, which in my opinion, is why feminists end up living with cats (as Scott likes to refer to, and I agree).

    • Rodney,
      I agree 100 percent.
      Her babble is written in English but it reads like some alien language from another galaxy. It lacked any type of humanity or talk of family; that’s why men are reading and commenting on this blog. I want a wife not someone (a partner) that I constantly argue with because that would be hell on earth not a family.
      Rodney (Scott and the other happy men that chose well) your personal stories alone vs. the feminist (male and female) babble that occasionally makes it on this site is just another nail in the coffin for western women.
      Seriously, what kind of MAN would choose someone like Lilfish for a wife over a Ukrainian or Russian bride after reading these replies?

      • Here it is…telling the truth is being rude…a man saying what he thinks is unacceptable is threatening violence. Yet…I was the one being threatened with violence…this does not bother me…because I would not have any problem defending myself…

        • Actually most of the people in my family (men and women) live to their 80s and 90s…so if my future wife wants to stick around for about 50 to 60 years for the big pay day…she can have the well as my future children and grandchildren!
          It’s funny these western women keep calling these EE women prostitutes and whores (someone here mentioned their boyfriend has Ukrainian ancestry…interesting) because they can put the fork down and dress well or they are not dumb enough to marry a man that can’t support his family.
          Another note, money IS important, it’s a means to an end, not an end to itself.
          Plata I$ the medium by which earthly success is measured…Plata makes possible the enjoyment of the be$t the earth affords…Plata I$ plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition…Plata I$ governed today by the laws which controlled it when prosperous men thronged the streets of…
          Yes! I can fly. I can fly to Ukraine, Russia, or any other former Eastern Bloc country.

    • I read this to Alana and she agrees with you.

      She says that Rodney sees the difference because he can “compare” now. Meaning, you’ve dated Western and you dated (married) Eastern.

      Guys, get the hint?

      Alana also says, “The deal with Miss Lilly, she believes that she is like Women who are not feminist, or she believes that she is ‘close to’ them. But her style of mind or thinking is completely different, but to realize it, she needs to have a friend or be close to a feminine woman. Today, a young Russian girl made a comment to this blog and she also mentioned that she has friends who have this feminist mindset. But because they are able to see and communicate with her each day, they are able to see the difference between them and her.

      This nice lady, Lilly, she really needs to have contact with feminine Women and then she will understand the difference.”

      And my Wife’s last comment is, “I like the comment of that Man Rodney.”

  5. I am sorry Scott but you wife is wrong. I have a different way of living, and my fiance and I’s relationship works out successfully ( and he still wears the pants in the house), but we have mutual respect for each other, and allow each other to contribute in the way we both can at the moment and both do best- that is how we work. Other couples work differently, I am not critiquing them. I am not critiquing the lifestyle- it is the critique of women who do not have the choice- women who feel proud to wear the veil and the hijab, Im all for it, (same goes for men)- that is where feminism is at by a lot of scholars, their are just ignorant people who are stuck in one mindset, who cannot see past their own. And your wife, lovely as she may be, has not been in a relationship like mine, she chose not to, her culture doesnt support it–that is fantastic,but if she believes I do not know feminine, then she also, does not know the love and freedom and relationship I have with my fiance. So if situations were reversed, she would need to actually be friends with someone of my main mindset (which doesnt judge hers or thing she is oppressed, or think that muslims are being oppressed except for American and British Colonialism and it is dependent upon where they developed, many middle eastern states tunisia for ex, have women in head of state positions- we havent, I dont want Hillary- the word feminist causes hostility from men, and feeling judged from western feminists- That is a sad consequence of ignorance- so is the hostility, because we all know males dont listen :) (See that is another categorization that isnt true). It is just as wrong to categorize yourself as feminine, without knowing me- I talk (in waiting tables, my job is to talk, I worked hopitality, fine dining, and now have been in school for 6 years interned for a delegate, I know how to be feminine in my actions, and how I speak and portray myself, I prefer to be who I am comfortable with when I am at home, that is also a feminine women, in different ways- misunderstanding is so obvious, and sad. It makes Eastern and Western the same – not able to see either’s viewpoints, and Rodney- you just had bad luck with women, it happens, it isnt a character flaw- human beings are not nice- and saying that I could not go out there and find a women who was not feminine in her actions is just as ridiculous as saying you could come and visit here and say their are no feminine feminists. Just as absurd as saying that the Us cares about any interest but its own survival, just like every country- and that the justification of acting radicalist groups we created in the first place by trying to save the women I mean oil- killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and destorying their infrastructure, and making them vulnerable to radicalist groups like Boka Haran and the Taliban- I am not blind, but take off your blinders as well.

      • Again just anger when brought with reason. I am sorry for hurting your ego, and if you could read, as Rodney was unable to- I did not seek this blog, I was curious, read the comment and decided to respond. (And please come say that to his face, I havent had the pleasure of seeing him fight since he won the championship in NY- thats why he respects me, out of the three times an argument ever escalated to that point- You would run away – I would stand my ground :) (because I believe in principles and respecting others, which both of you have a strong lack of in this blog, Im sorry, but your arent seeking much of any truth dont even read or comprehend my responses and speak to me in a way my fiance never would, out of respect, and vice a versa. You have no right to throw a tantrum, or being feminine, should I just sit there and allow you to throw your tantrum? Wipe your tears? then make you dinner? while getting your bubble bath ready?

        Research and read, dont retort with some uninteligable dribble that has nothing to do with what I just said, because you got halfway through the first paragraph- you have no reason to disrespect me except you simply disagree, and I again do not want my fiance to take on or be responsible for money I am in debt for. So call me some more names, try and degrade my relationship and tell me I am going to be alone, and what I look like.. because you cannot come up with any logical argument about equal choice to EVERY LIFESTYLE REGARDLESS OF YOURS (that included yours…think )

        • *Regardless of gender- excuse me, Ive been sick for a year, and school finals have been very difficult, we can resume this lovely chat tomorrow, after I am finished with my last final and can finally take a break (And also on my fiance- climbing cell phone towers and working on them hanging from a harness, usually 800 ft in the air, is not ‘not wearing the pants’) again a stupid judgment with no facts

        • I don’t care…I don’t have anything to prove…I already have multiple degrees from real universities…western women suck!

          • Typical American girl…
            Research and read, dont retort with some uninteligable dribble that has nothing to do with what I just said, because you got halfway through the first paragraph- you have no reason to disrespect me except you simply disagree, and I again do not want my fiance to take on or be responsible for money I am in debt for.
            broke and in debt up to her neck.

          • I never started the conversation rude or intentionally disrespectful, even apologizing for the disrespect. In all honesty, you have been more disrespectful, merely because a women might have a different opinion about you. Also again to mention to Alana- my brother is a missionary and is married to a lovely Korean woman, as I have said and said many times on this blog… modern feminism is different than the feminism that was around in your age. I am also embarrassed by the way AMERICANS act- and my fiance and I decided to get married, it was a lets take the next step, make this official- family is not a main priority in our lives- right now education is because without an education, we cannot support ourselves- my fiance climbs cellphone towers for a living- good old blue collar HARD work- I was attracted to him because of his intelligence, and we immediately hit it off. (and if you actually read any of my responses you would have seen I apologized about the comment about a slave)- you believe in gendered division roles- that it is the best way to raise a family. We figure out the strengths and weaknesses in our relationship, and help each other accordingly, I am not materialistic, I am in debt because school is expensive, I have to take out loans along with scholarships and grants, 28,000 USD at a public school, the cheapest where I live as well – I did not suggest violence- seeker did, I merely responded) All these nasty retorts because I have a different belief than you do. All anyone has done is read comments.. and looked for a sentence that stands out to them that they can retort to. In America, in order to have stability for a family, education must come first- our family are our animals right now, just because we have not married yet (as Rodney just pointed out the expense- which we are not willing to spend, and want to go on vacation in Africa and do our vows alone there),does not mean that our relationship is not a “real” relationship, and that he is merely my boyfriend, I am just as committed to him as he is to me, there is no cheating, we support and love each other, have both had different difficult lives, and are there for eachother. I have said disrespectful things out of anger, and then apologized- because I am being judged with no real merit, no backing, not being met in person, not having the opportunity to be around me, and put into the category of western women suck (I personally think most westerners or ignorant). And you mention that i never said family- I did, adopting is something we were later possibly thinking about, or possibly freezing eggs, because of my own hereditary issues, but that is neither here nor there- fact is, we are not ready for a family, our happy with our animals (which also includes a big masculine dog), and I am trying to be nice- but either Rodney or Scott, said they pay for the house, a nice diamond ring, this and that, etc. Marrying a man to pay for all those things is materialistic to me- a wedding equivalent to 30k in the US- the 30 year age difference, (will she get everything when you die?)… Im just saying in the most respectful way I can- the culture is different, traditions are different, and that is how they were brought up, but why do you think that these women do all these things for you? Security, Money, and a Family, and hey after your gone, and they still have another 30 years to live, they will still have that security, money, their kid, etc. Different perspective, Im not being disrespectful, but the very thing that you are saying western women do seems prevalent there (just US money goes a little longer). The fact that I am not just jumping into a family is because I know and my fiance knows we are not ready to take care of a kid- that is responsible, that is thinking about supporting a family, with the cost of living in the US- those should know that. That is what keeps divorces, what allows for a long lasting marriage, and it doesnt have to be under gender-division roles. And you dont have to be so nasty because you disagree. (the whole way that you have been responding just shows a lack of maturity, and a I dont care wahh, I want this- they dont expect diamonds?, just bands? no wonder, go for whatever type of women you want, but moving somewhere and thinking that women will flock to your side when you are so blatantly disrespectful, I dont think your chances will increase- Also I just said I was in school, I never said I was so smart, etc. All just inferences you and others have made- I support a women’s choice to live in whatever relationship they want to, as well as a mans- and I dont believe my only role in this world is to make a baby, I have aspirations and dreams, I want to travel and research, and make a difference, so no family isnt a priority, but having a loving partner by my side is. And we have found each other, and within three weeks of meeting eachother, actually within a few days-because he lived 2 and a half hours away from me, I was working and living with a roommate, but didnt have a car, I changed my schedule, workd 3-4 days, and he would drive down every 3rd or 4th day, for months, and I would stay with him, then he came back to where I lived, with the intentions of joining the military, we stayed together the whole time, I was going to move cross country back to near my home town to go to school because my mom had offered to help, I was gone for two weeks, some personally things happened, and I came back, immediately, and we have lived and been together ever since- our engagement was when we went on a picnic, when we set a date to get married it was going to be on a lunar eclipse in his moms back yard, but we were not financially stable enough, and my loans for school would have been severely deducted, so we decided to wait to get married, until the next lunar eclipse, we still live together, and just moved again to where I transferred to school- we have a committed, loving and supportive relationship, and are just trying to make it, just like any family is- things are cheaper in other countries, and I dont care about a big wedding or celebration- I care about the financial repercussions that could be placed on him and BOTH of our abilities to finish our education, so we are not just wasting our lives away- family is not our priority at the time- times have changed- there is nothing wrong with that. I know plenty of westerners who have gotten married, successfully, at a young age, have had children- traditionally, historically in an agrarian society, because of the economic family unit- that is not how our economy is any longer- if we want to give a child the life they deserve, than an education must come first. That does not make our relationship dysfunctional. To say I am sexually promiscuous is another wrong categorization. (and also on the subject of materialism- the nice clothes they all wear and dress up in? who buys those?) Play an act for 10-15 years, be set for life- not saying any of the women you have married our doing this, but it happens- you cannot say all women in this country are like this, all women in this country are like this, all marriages should be like this. And for the 500th time, the women who choose to be in whatever type of marriage- good for them- they chose that path, and I judge not one of them. You on the other hand, have thrown every completely wrong stereotype at me because of my viewpoints, which have all been completely off. So keep them coming- I am sure a women finds the disrespecting of another woman extremely attractive (and sorry- I haven’t paid attention to the names- scott wrote me rodney wrote me and seeker has just been plain rude, the only two males who had some resemblance of respect is scott and rodney- therefore I was addressing scott, because he was respectful to me, for a time. But, i owe no respect to someone who is straight disrespecting me and categorizing me in a stereotypical fashion, and I don’t know of any woman who would just stand there and let a man say the things that have been said without retorting with the same level of disrespect- except the difference is, I apologize for my disrespect, you think you are justified because of gender- and that is just plain wrong. I did not come at anyone with anything rude until I myself was disrespected, if you actually can read the comments without thinking ahah I got her there and pull up two articles and be like see.. I told you so… Im sorry but that sorta backs up the childish nature, and the need for a women to feel secure about yourself.

        • Lilfish, every time you open up a new blog, you remind me of an onion; another layer is peeled back and more of you is seen. Now, you are introducing violence into the equation by inviting Seeker to lose in a fight against your boyfriend. I use the word boyfriend, because Fiance is a special word for those who plan/are planning a wedding to be MARRIED and not living together, using a bunch of excuses to support that reason. Send your boyfriend to Germany to meet a Combat Veteran…and by the way, give me his name so I can pass along to the German Polizei. He may make the No Fly list, just warning you, based on the imposed violence that his girlfriend supports him with.

          And if you were trying to “Win Friends and Influence People,” Lilfish, I don’t think its going to happen here. I believe you continue to push yourself deeper into your binary position, all by yourself. Apparently you just needed a little push from me and Seeker. Glad to help.

          Reading your continued babble, I again began to contrast against my own wife. She would never write all of this BS that you have spewed. Because she has no feminist thinking, these words or characters don’t even exist. I think you have been tainted by years of feminist propaganda and its forever imbedded into your cells. Your boyfriend hasn’t married you in 8 years or so, because he’s probably deep down – scared!! You claim bills and loans. In a marriage, you drive through these issues together, you don’t avoid them in like a “live-together” situation, where either of you can walk with no legal consequences. It takes the Man to ask his Lady to marry him, to assure her that he will take care of his wife, their home. I am not saying your boyfriend is not a Man, because obviously, he is. But, in the traditional value world, he needs to step up to the plate and define the traditional family structure, which means absolute commitment.

          In my daily dealings with the American culture here in Germany by working with the military, I embarrassingly have had to listen to how in an off base housing mode, once lived 9 American families. Part of an old castle as a matter of fact. In 3 years, all 9 families had divorced!!!! 100% divorce rate!! WTF!!!!

          A 1st Sergeant told me that she has to counsel young airmen who come to her about how they want a divorce after only being married for 3-6 months!!! WTF!!!!! As an American, I am embarrassed by these behaviors. We are a frkg Pepsi Generation, where I want it now, yesterday, never press, never iron, I am tired of it and I want a new one Culture!!!

          I have personally arranged for four western men to meet four Ukrainian women and in two years, all are married and living happily and I am constantly getting their thanks for this. They, too, are tired of the nonsense that someone like yourself has espoused to. Its the constant bickering of your words, chasing your tail, by regurgitating basically over and over, till its all ad nauseum.

          You are not going to win many men to your side of thinking on this site, Lilfish. I still don’t know your objective of why you are here and you are sniping at everything, without any endgame. I’d say, typical feminist, who just loves to hear herself heard.

          Adios, Lilfish, and hope you can conclude your rants with some sort of objective and closing statement. I think Seeker and I have heard enough (thoughout the years).

          • Rodney,
            I couldn’t agree more.
            As usual, the strong independent woman is expecting some guy (her boyfriend/champion fighter) to clean up her mess. Proof enough that women and men are not the same.
            The 8 year relationship part, now that is surprising because a man that is serious hardly even waits 2 years if he is really interested in a woman.
            I have seen plenty of domestic vs. foreign wife marriages examples. Her comments on this blog serves as a reminder of what I don’t want.

          • Wow, I go away for a day and you guys are all at it!

            Alana’s Father said; a man knows by the third week if he wants to marry. If he’s with a Woman longer than 6 months and hasn’t proposed; he probably never will – he’s just there for the sex. And then I got a Russian anecdote that is equivalent to, “Why buy the cow when the milk is free.”

          • I agree with Alana’s father on that point. Even if a man wait’s 1 to 2 years to propose…he knows within the first month if he want’s to marry her…at least mentally.
            My parents were engaged about year after dating…and married about a year after the engagement…I was born a few years after the marriage…and my parents are still married!

          • I also agree with Alana’s father. A man can tell after a month or so whether or not he wants to propose to a woman he is with at some point. Here are some of the reasons why I think western men end up proposing to the wrong women without wanting to:

            1. Prolonged harassment from both the woman he is with and the female members of his and her family.

            2. Age: the older he gets and the longer he stays with her, he probably thinks he can’t do any better with a different woman.

            3. She is the only option in his life, and he has no opportunity or means to travel abroad to compare foreign women to her.

            4. The sex is so good that he can’t think rationally for months after getting with her. So if he marries her, he thinks he is securing the great sex for life. (This one is more of a joke really, but I suspect it applies to younger men)

            5. Due to western brainwashing and lack of being outside the country, he probably believes that all women on Earth are the same as western women, so he may as well take what he can get and marry her.

          • Well in my case no pressure, not on my part or the families, we had lived together for about 1 and a half years before he proposed, it wasn’t with a fancy ring, it was at a place by the river we liked to go, no dropping on one knee. We had been separated when I briefly moved to Boise and then West Virginia for about 4-6 months, we knew from the moment we met each other, the time apart just concreted it. So he’s not getting the milk for free either. That is a very miniscule part of our relationship, we were with each other non stop from the moment we met. He is my fiance, again, not married yet because of school (financial reasons) and I want a wedding on a lunar eclipse. (But it does seem like most if you have no problem with “buying the cow”) again. What’s the exchange rate? Superficialand money hungry western women… No… Typical western woman in debt… No. Two young people, in love, who are trying to set stability in our lives, get and finish educations, working hard, because we both have the desire to do something in this lifetime more than for ourselves ( very opposite personalities with very similar gials). I appreciate Scott (?) Putting the posts mostly in context. But last one- the 30k USD wedding equivalent to your currency, along with the 500 wedding ring ( what is that equivalent to in your currency?) Point- stop putting people in boxes_ their is not just black and white there is a huge grey factor. I don’t judge women/ men for whatever way they want to live- that’s what you guys want, go for it- but to say all western women or feminists are categorically this and that way, is the exact same thing as me saying all eastern are prostitutes- both are wrong. Buy guys!!

          • Joel,
            Pretty good.
            #4 and 5 are spot on…especially for western guys under 35…they just don’t know any better.
            This particularly applies to most Americans that don’t have a passport.
            #1 and 2 for the western guys over 40…if they travelled to the right countries they would have a clue…middle aged men (that are at the peak of their SMV even if they don’t know it!) don’t have to settle for bitter old western maids that have smashed head first into the wall!

          • Not anymore than chauvinistic male pig (seeker). I have actual respect for the culture Scott and Rodney describe- that’s what they want, their women seem satisfied. You seeker, only seem interested in hot and cheap. I’m not materialistic, I have stayed steady with my beliefs that a woman and man (or whatever floats your boat) have a right to choose the type of relationship they want to be in… That’s where you don’t get the evolution if feminism. Rodney said his wife was a lawyer- THAT is AWESOME, my life dream. My fiance,s INTELLIGENCE ATTRACTED ME. (And vice versa). As said I have EE women all wrong, NY point in putting them all in one lump category was to show the idiocy if doing the same to Western feminists. We are not all the same. Just as EE women are not all the same. I am not content to live with only my cats, that’s why I’m engaged, live with NY fiance and we are planning a very modest wedding. Our education is important bc we cannot properly take care of a family or move and help others if we are not correctly educated. Stop getting frustrated Seeker bc I don’t automatically respect a ‘man” who calls me names when he can not hold a respectable conversation and sounds like a broken record.. No ahas in that last comment so you result to name calling, as u have many times throughout the conversations. I’m sorry if you feel like your manhood is threatened, or your world is shook up bc there us a western feminist who doesn’t fit in your black and white categories. And there is a man who loves me and lives who I am, how I am, and shares my passion to do good for the world- we are very opposite, Rodney might just hear equal, but he helps me where I am weak, ( emotionally, physically) and I help him in controlling his anger and other things. Just as I purposely categorized EE women, and was shown that they have many different colors and facets to them, so do western women and feminists, I’m sorry I burst your bubble. Resume your name calling, you respectable “man” you. ;)

          • And wow.. I cussed oncc in the multiple posts, how uncouth of me. No disrespect, but I dont think it is very FEMININE or GRACEFUL to make fun of people with genetic disorders (Obesity.. haha oink oink says Alaina…*HOW UNCOUTH- yes, some there own fault- others NOT AT ALL, what are we going to start making fun of people with dwarfism?) If that is being “full of grace” I want no part of that. and Seeker- how about once you find your dream woman you can then comment on how they are like. Rodney (Scott likes to arrange posts and leave them out to make his own points, you must of missed my apology) but dont you think your beautiful intelligent educated and lawyer wife would be happy using her education? If not, thats great for her- ITS WHAT SHE WANTS- Thats the evolution of feminism. Seekers comment “crazy bitch” I am sure thats a lady catcher right there.. and NO I DONT EXPECT any man looking for an Eastern Woman on a site named Western Women Suck to stick up for me.. (My fiance’s words- HE could take your women away from you in a second :) ) Kisses guys. (Lets see if Scott allows this one on, or rearranges it to make his own points).

          • I’ve never touched or altered any of your comments. Once someone posts their first comment on this board and it is approved, they’re free to post additional comments. Of course, if you use 3 different names and email addresses (or combinations thereof), the website won’t recognize you as “approved” and your “anonymous” contributions will be held in moderation until my holiday is finished (or when I have a chance to check the website).

          • That couple is into S&M for sure…so she is already admitting that her man is considering looking elsewhere…

          • “Well in my case no pressure, not on my part or the families, we had lived together for about 1 and a half years before he proposed, it wasn’t with a fancy ring, it was at a place by the river we liked to go, no dropping on one knee.”

            Uh in YOUR case, you are an entity on the other side of a computer screen giving me no reason to believe anything you say. Nice try, though. Anyone can be a creative storyteller in order to say things that supports their side. Am I supposed to be impressed? After reading a lot of your content, you definitely come off as a self-righteous hostile feminazi. You are severely corrupted inside, Lil. You really need to get some professional help and get out of your head.

  6. Hey, hey Seeker. Just noticed your response about the engagement process in Ukraine and wanted to answer you back. From my understanding of having lived there for my wonderful 2 years, and having talked to numerous folks about this – that is correct, the woman does not receive an engagement ring. The man doesn’t get on a knee, and take her to dinner, and hides the ring somewhere. That’s all from the west. They are starting to catch on though and they do know from movies that this is how it goes. I’d strongly suspect that they’d like for that to be done, but due to mostly economic reasons, its not done this way. The typical engagement is simply the man asking her to marry him. Also, its kind of “understood,” that they’ll get married at some point if the guy asks her to move in with him. The coupling together of boyfriend/girlfriend is pretty serious. Its not as lightly taken, as in the west, where guys and girls exchange for new boy/girl-friends like underwear. If a lady accepts a man as her boyfriend, then they are known as a “pair,” for lack of a better word. This title has a deep meaning and is taken quite seriously.

    When they’ve become “engaged,” (again, there’s no ceremony, or dropping of the knee, ring given, etc), the “pair” does start to make wedding plans which are typically in the warmer months. Throughout any city or village or summer, you will see on a daily basis, brides (grooms, wedding party’s) in their gorgeous white dresses, in the parks, taking their wedding photos. Its a two day affair, with the second day reserved for a “shashlik” (bbq), at a nearby river, lake, with lots of food and drinks.

    The bride and groom will wear bands as their wedding rings, which are very simple in most cases. Nothing fancy. The Ukrainians wear their wedding bands on their right ring finger. So, anytime you see that right ring finger occupied, you will know that she is “off the market.”

    Many couples cannot afford a large wedding and therefore just have a civil marriage, at the local courthouse or ZAG. But, like even in my case, we had to go there first and get married legally at ZAGS, and then we walked across the street to our wedding salon, where we had an amazing and memorable traditional Ukraine wedding with all the bells and whistles. Colorful candles, dresses, flower hairpieces, special tapestry to step on, bowing to her mom and dad 3 times (Orthodox religion has a 3 count for nearly everything), walking under an arch raised by family members, releasing white doves, locking our “heart lock” on a nearby bridge with our names engraved, and then driving in Chrysler 300’s to our reception.

    At the reception, there is a wedding planner who directs the whole show. Food keeps coming all night, games are played, money is donated to the couple through different games, guests are always yelling “gorki” or something similar and the couple has to kiss for at least 10 seconds. Dancing is out of this world, with customs and traditional dance styles occurring. Finally, my greatest need for this whole thing, was that I wanted fireworks, because in the States, we’re always restricted. In Ukr, they love fireworks, and my wish was made, when we had 5 min of fireworks go off, over our restaurant, that sat on the Black Sea. Amazing time and best wedding I’ve ever attended!

    If you are wondering about costs, this will knock your socks off. All of this, including rings (your original comment), plus a honeymoon in Yalta, Crimea, cost about $4,500. An incredible price, that if compared to the US, with everything we had (from A-Z), it would have been a $30,000 wedding.

    Hope this helps Seeker, as I know you are very serious about finding your other half, possibly in EE. Ask me any other questions and I’ll be glad to chip in.

    • We have ibed together for years- and, he proposed, and he doesn’t get the milk for free… Just saying, our relationship hasn’t been used around sex, when we first met, for a little while yes, now, no. We are a solid couple, who doesn’t believe a piece of paper will solidify our relationship- we are planning on getting married, but as I said before (since people don’t seem to ever actually read what I say) us getting married would effect school, and I still have a year left. We want a small wedding, during a lunar eclipse (those don’t happen often) we had a date set, but dye yo economic issues, we had to push it back. I’m not the girl who has dreamed if her wedding for years, just not me, he respects that, in turn I respect him. So again, stop making assumptions and categorizing me, my relationship, and my viewpoints- which I have consistently said that I do believe in a women’s choice- to live in a gendered role as you and “all Ukrainian women do” support wearing the hijab, the veil, ( and Christian girls are more ‘princesses’ then most Western women), I support civil liberty- live in the type of household with whatever divisions you want to as long as both genders agree- what is so masculine, butch, materialistic, or, now typical american woman in debt- depending on what I say, about that?! I have a solid relationship with my fiance, we will taje tge next step when we are financially ready and able to- I am not trying to change minds, I am merely commenting about common misconceptions about feminists, I agree with you in some areas look back and actually read what I have written, besides the angry rants after being consistently disrespected when I was trying to be as respectful as possible!

    • Rodney,

      Thanks for responding.

      Actually I like the Eastern way you described. It is more romantic. These people seem to express their love and good intentions with dutiful daily actions and moments of true surprise…not just words or gifts. I’m not opposed to the Western diamond ritual but I just floored by what it has become; blood diamonds, overpriced jewelry, and people just going through the motions…? The man simply asks the woman to marry him. He doesn’t have to sell his soul or dignity for a wife.

      The bride and groom will wear bands as their wedding rings, which are very simple in most cases. Nothing fancy. The Ukrainians wear their wedding bands on their right ring finger. So, anytime you see that right ring finger occupied, you will know that she is “off the market.”

      I’ll remember that one.

      Your wedding and reception…just wow! You had a real wedding that lasted a couple days, not a soulless ceremony and reception. The cost you mentioned, well that’s just shocking but what’s most surprising is the life you are experiencing after the wedding. Your birthday story was just too much but what I most admire is your respect for each other…she respects your masculinity and you respect her femininity. Unlike western society where men that act like men and women that act like women are demonized.

  7. Fem-lib-Lil. Just read your rant that you posted, aiming your arrows at Seeker, yet using my invaluable resources and information about my own family, to manipulate your words into a horrid fireball of donkey excrement. Now that another layer of the onion has been pulled back, I can see that you are an insolent human being.

    By indirectly inferring that I am going to die earlier than my wife, because of our age differences, and inferring that she’s going to be a widow with our children at my grave site and she receives a big, fat check,,,yeah…. You have gone to the lowest lows with that one. If Karma is a bitch, then you’ve been served as its Queen.

    No wonder you are not married in 8 years of a relationship. I guarantee 100%, that your hard working man has 1% or more of doubt in him, about you. I definitely put you to the challenge, and have him go visit any country in Eastern Europe for 2 weeks. As much as I can’t stand romance tours, for the sake of time, I’d even recommend he goes on one of those, because in just a short time, he’d see and experience: class, femininity, unbelievable beauty, attention towards him, someone that could cook for him (for once), can talk on any subject, has a college degree, impeccable self-respect and eyes that would melt any man. I know, without a doubt, he’d drop your sorry ass, and you’d be up the creek, without even a canoe.

    Have you noticed in two weeks of your sorry feminist/liberal crap, not one man has stepped up to support you in any of your rants? Every time you open your yap, you are sealing the deal for these men, from around the world to make a visit to the EE or S Amer. Who wants to live with a miserable, yappy feminist for all of their life??

    And now that you’ve crossed the line and inferred my family, drawing a bleak and dark scenario for my younger wife and child, I am just going to play wack-a-mole with you. Every time you pop your head up, I’ll just be here to wack you down. Scott will probably ban me from his blog, oh well. At least I don’t have mountains of student debt to pay off. My least worry in life is getting banned from a blog. You want to mess with the family of an American Warrior? Bring it on byatch!

    • That was pretty low for her to do that…but I’m not that surprised.
      To the big question.
      Would he still marry LF after a 3 to 6 month stay in South East Asia, Eastern Europe, or South America? I think he should take 3 months off to go discover his Ukrainian roots alone.
      I have seen it before.
      The western dude never returns…especially to a mouthy chick.
      If she’s acting like this on the forum…I wonder how she really treats him?…the flies on the wall must have stories.

      • But your rants are awesome bc your a mab- my fiance doesn’t want kids right now, we are both in our 30s and he has traveled to Brazil, across Latin ametica, been in the peace corps etc. I’ve travelled. Ugh that awful word equality. You have ur views, WE HAVE OURS. he doesn’t want a submissive woman. I speak my mind, ( and I’m a size 0). With (gasp) tattoos, we have matching.. Big word coming guys Ghanaian symbols. So find your lively submissive bitches to raise your children. We want to do something for the world, not me me I’m so important ego ego ego. Eastern women just allow you to think your in charge, pay their bills etc. So that’s your right way to live, not ours. Its so funny throw a little intelligence here and there and the dumb fat idiots don’t know how to respond. Play them Eastern and those hot Latinas. Go for it. I prefer honesty. Bye idiots. Go buy your family! Have fun! I prefer love ;)

        • Lilly, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Eastern Women aren’t subservient. I would bet a thousand dollars that at a cocktail party everyone in the room would look at my Wife and comment on how confident and poised she is.

          When you make such crass comments (“So find your lively submissive bitches to raise your children.”) you only serve to reinforce what I’m saying on this blog. That Western women display social skills and etiquette that would shock most women of generations past. You, and so many women of today, seem to have mistaken being loud, uncouth and vulgar as somehow “empowering.” Nothing is farther from the truth. I know for a fact that in a room full of Men, from ANY country, my Wife would hold everyone’s attention whereas most would probably only look at you to make a sideways comment. I’m not saying it to be rude but as a fact as I see it every day in the Midwest as the Wife and I go about town among so many tattooed, cursing women who walk like Men and think that by being a Man they somehow gain something.

          Please, continue posting your comments as they are quite revealing to the thought process of modern American women.

          As for “doing something for the world,” go to it. Good luck saving the starving orphans of Africa. When you’re 45, and your “fiance” has left you for a 28 year old Ukrainian Woman because he (finally) wants to have a family and you’re trolling the sperm donation websites, be sure to drop by this website and let us know how its going for you.

  8. He also said- there is a pill for that guys.. the problems you have… you know. (Dont want to be uncouth by making fun of disabilities of medical issues, or just bad luck genes at birth.. kisses <3)

  9. Yup- You know my FIANCE. And his “feelings” hahaha. Thats a man there. Because we sit around and talk about our feelings all day long, with our pjs teddy bears and blankeys. Ive wasted enough time, rearrange and cut this post out too Scott. Just so “you are right”. I only wish I could make fun of people in such a feminine and graceful way as your wife- Maybe one day she will teach me… If only I could be so lucky.

  10. Hello Lil,

    I see your back to the blog and I have to give it to you, you don’t go away quietly into the night very easily. Your emotions and passions are high for what you believe in, however I would like to contrast you with a typical Ukrainian lady, who is even slightly younger than you. This now 25 year old has a graduate degree in literature and history and is a PhD candidate. Before I continue, let me say that since you are here to stay, lets just talk intellectually about our thoughts, opinions or life experiences. I’ll be cool about name calling, lowering my own temper with your comments, and just try and share and compare. Deal?

    In Nov 2013, demonstrators filled Independence Square or Maidan, in Kiev. I had been living in Kiev just a year before for 3 months. Lovely city and people. Yulia Marushevska took her students to this Square so they could study the real Ukraine, but not from a classroom. Her and her mom volunteered their time to help feed, aid and comfort the demonstrators and the wounded or beaten. In Feb 2014, when the first 2 demonstrators were killed, she decided that she needed to do more to help the situation. So, she made a plea for help by posting the youtube video I am attaching below.

    Lil, before I get to that, there are some things I want to reach out to you about, which I believe are consistent with many Ukrainian ladies. And I am drawing lines here between East and West, and I can as I have lived in both.

    Yes, its true, Ukrainian women are probably the most beautiful ladies on the planet. They also have model like figures. Men are wired this way, to look at an attractive lady. A feminist may say that men are dogs. A Ukrainian lady accepts the gaze with grace and confidently walks by. She may be dressed in high heels, fabulous dress, earrings, perfectly placed lipstick and the intimate scent of Chanel perfume lightly following her. Her hair is long and lush. She has no tattoos that can been seen because why would you throw paint on the canvas, “The Birth of Venus,” by Sandra Botticelli?

    But to go deeper than just looks: She loves her mom and dad and I guarantee you, she calls her mom everyday because of that love. She is likely a University graduate. And when she walks by the Ukrainian men who hardly notice her because she’s just one of thousands, she’s not looking for that. Her dress, her style, her bearing is all about being feminine and feeling that femininity. She doesn’t need a man to stare her down, wolf whistle her or approach her to know that she’s attractive. (Besides, Ukrainian men don’t hassle women. I’ve sat on many a bus and watched a man sit next to a drop dead gorgeous lady and he won’t say a word to her or even talk to her). But if they did, believe me, she is not afraid to get into a man’s face and correct him for his behavior. But, she’s not that way. If a man does pay her a compliment, she accepts with a smile and continues on her way.

    When she gets home, whether she lives alone, with a roommate, or a boyfriend or husband, she changes into her “home” clothes, and starts preparing dinner. I don’t mean from a box, can or microwave. I am talking from scratch. This is one reason why she has her model figure because she eats natural food, without preservatives and processing. She does this because this is what her mom taught her, its fresh and it tastes better than a fast food joint and less expensive. For her family or her man, she takes great pride in presenting this home made meal that brings smiles into their lives and stomachs.

    If she has a boyfriend or husband, she’ll always be very loving, affectionate and intimate. A husband or boyfriend is always content because a Ukrainian lady believes in making her man happy. A boyfriend or husband is probably only denied sex when its that time of the month. Otherwise, its love and kisses all the time.

    At work, if she doesn’t have any children, she’ll work hard and be a great asset to any company. I knew a lady in Kiev, who was the Chief of Engineering for the entire city! Talk about impressive. She stayed home with her young sons and when they started school, she went back to work and worked her way up to Chief.

    When she walks in the street with her man, she always holds his arm. Its a tradition for them. You’ll always see the majority of couples in this manner vs the holding hands in the West. I find the arm holding to be closer and more intimate. I’ve asked why women do this and the answer was, because they felt safe with their man and he’d catch her if she slipped (like the snow or ice), but mostly because they feel more secure with their man. The second my wife and I walk out our door, she quickly grasps my arm and we are on our way.

    Here’s my point, Lil in contrast to your thinking about EE ladies, and I am not putting you down, just want to enlighten you. Not only are they incredibly beautiful and shapely, but they are equally educated, mindful, well versed, multi-lingual, and perhaps a shock to you – STRONG! My wife stands up to me everyday and voices her opinion, but she respects my manhood, my leadership and my role, and I make the decision. We may have a small argument but its quickly forgotten and she covers me in kisses 5 minutes later.

    And that’s really the point I want to drive here: Beautiful, elegant, but STRONG! Strong for family, for her husband, her kids, and her country. Yet, she is not a feminist and she is the ultimate in femininity. Please watch the following video to get a sense of what I am talking about. This was filmed in Feb 2014 and I was living in Ukraine during these very tragic times. My Ukrainian friend sent me this video a year ago and I watch it every now and then because I admire her courage and the people of her country. And perhaps it will give you a peek into what this poor country has been through and still has to go through. Keep in mind, she’s normal and typical. She’s not a Hollywood actress. How can us Western men not fall in love with such a lady as I have described above and like the one you are about to see?

    • Rodney, I responded quite nicely to you and sent links to pictures, but THAT post has failed to make it on here. Which is what I am speaking of Scott. Where’s the pictures? Where’s the actual curious conversation? Where’s the here is my life story (abbreviated) bc Rodney was so quite nice to share his, I reacted rudely apologized. Showed actual pictures of myself. Scott, you are not changing content just changing the order and context of post. That was what I was speaking about- those obviously were rants (point proven**!!!) But two weeks after I responded to Rodney s very nice comments of debate and sharing, NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. POSTS ATE OUT OF ORDER. THAT IS ALL SCOTT. If you would like to portray the truth…how about you do it- I mentioned making fun of amputee veterans and those with dwarfism as well as obesity, and was very grateful and willing to talk with Rodney. And Joel.. You are also must behind a computer screen doll.

      • Lil/Lilly/Lilfish – its a simple concept, use the same name and email address each time and your comments appear instantly. The reason your comments are out of order is that you write some using your “approved” name/email and some using one of your bizarre aliases. I am on holiday and I log in as internet allows; when I approve one of your alias comments from two weeks ago it posts based on the time you wrote it, not when it was approved.

        I mentioned to my Wife that you had made (yet another) comment and she smiled and told me about how she sees similar comments on fashion websites:

        Like all Russian Women, my Wife loves high fashion – and believe you me, my credit card feels the pinch sometimes. She was telling me how she always will see some woman come to one of the high-end fashion websites and start criticizing the women there, “Why do you spend so much money on clothes? $20 Walmart clothes cover you just as good; its all a waste of money.” And my Wife wonders, “What do you care? If you want to look like a Walmart troll, go ahead, but don’t come to a website that is talking about high fashion and then bash the whole idea.”

        And so, it makes me wonder, what are you doing here? The whole point of this website is that American women suck at being wives (just reading your comments should give any Man pause to think about getting into a serious relationship with an American woman educated in contemporary fashion).

        Let me repeat that: AMERICAN WOMEN SUCK AT BEING WIVES.

        Now, if you don’t ever want to get married, that’s great. But to come here and call the Men names and stir up trouble, well, we can see what you’re all about. It is a simple fact that a Man who marries a Russian/Ukrainian Woman will be much happier and have a happier home life than a Man who marries an American woman.

        That I’ve allowed you to troll on and on here, I’ve received a few complaints from some of the regulars, but I say to all the guys, it may be like a train wreck – unpleasant to look at but it can teach you something – but Lil’s posts should give you a wonderful window of insight as to what you’ll have to deal with night after night should you make the mistake to marry an American woman.

        • (I don’t read fashion websites… I’m an IR and Govt politics major, double major in gender studies- to study the intersectionality (race, gender, and sexual orientation- Kimberley Crenshaw origins) and also I believe that culture, traditions and religious upbringing also ate part of the intersections- I think the western world in the main part are capitalistic pigs, and am working on a dissertation for the difference of Middle Eastern Cultures (comparative politics), post colonial era, how Sharia law was codified and the epistemology of sharia law — how it mainly depended upon what hegemony was put in place by the western powers- a lot of singular country studies, no comparisons- say Tunisia and Morocco. I have been speaking directly to the only man who has given me respect on this blog, yet NONE OF THAT IS POSTED…and Scott, you straight lied.. You said you don’t change comments (…**!!!) I’ve seen plenty of comments moved and rearranged, taken put of context etc. Rodney even said his wife was a Strong woman, would voice her opinion and then 5-10 minutes later make up. I treat my FIANCE like a man. Why do you not want to post the pictures of me? Or my responses to Rodney. I am not “trolling”– trolling is purposely trying to sell a bunk site. I apologize multiple times (so disrespectful) and of course I don’t think I would gain support on a site titled Western Women Suck, I am merely trying to broaden my horizons and learn from diff. Experiences, which is why I was engaging Rodney…still waiting for response to that post he kindly wrote. I responded rudely when I was straight disrespected, before I disrespected anyone (no matter how Scott wants to portray the posts, rearrange tgem, insert comnents, change words). So if Rodney would like to continue to engage me, on the very respectable level he did. Yet this post won’t make it.. A western woman wanting to learn and talk about a different culture, surprising. Scott is not portraying my comments in the correct order, nor in the correct context..but then he can show you how uncouth I am. And although I respect the video of the Ukrainian and work she does, I would in no way think she was a model. In all honesty, just an attractive and passionate woman. ( so Scott since you don’t want to place a post up here that I comment on that might actually show a different point of view than your own…pass my info onto Rodney, because I would still like to be educated, and he seems like the only man with any sense on this site). Thank you. And please post the one in response to Rodney, and if you don’t want to let the guys see I am actually pretty and take care of myself..all be it, I would just live to speak with Rodney more. Thank you.

          • I was teasing with Lily, that was the name u guys gave to me, I was being fecicious. Lilfish is my alias bc I am a little fish, learning, growing in a sea of big fishes ( a capitalistic metaphor) that I would love to take down/ destroy on Wallstreet- that moves into political viewpoints that I don’t mention obviously on the site. Also why I have sooo much respect for the law degree and education of the EE wife of Rodney, and the opportunities the women have to get an education without killing themselves and breaking their bank, it drives me crazy I could be going to Columbia, and bc of cost, I am at another school (still a very good school, but public, and it is what I can barely afford- the areas really expensive, NYC would be horrible! Only one alias, I’m lilfish, or Jess. And I did post some rants, which I apologized for. I switched email bc I use diff. accounts- {hat was my old school account. I apoligize.

            As I said, the few second rants on the blog were bc of the disrespect, when I came in very open-minded with an interest in the culture, I have said myself I am not a fan of the West, and that I am embarrassed about how western culture is. I immediately was placed in a cookie cutter box, my image “Western butch feminist”. Which is not true. Which is why I responded with comparing EE women and placing them into 1 category. I know their are different categories of EE WOMEN, look at how Rodney explained his wife, Scotts wife, the video of the Ukrainian woman. All different. So am I. I don’t like being placed in a black or white category, but that doesn’t warrant rude responses, and that’s why I appreciated Rodney’s comment, and would like to speak further with him.

          • Take down Wall Street? Capitalist pigs?

            Silly girl. Why don’t you go visit some of the world’s socialist utopias and see how well you have it living in the land of the capitalist pigs. The ONLY reason you have the resources to write your drivel is the piggish capitalist society that you despise so much.

            Gentlemen, this is what modern university produces. Feminists who despise motherhood and semi-communist radicals who want to dismantle the very society and economy that brought them enough affluence to sit around and complain.

            Once again, Lilly proves the entire thesis of this website. (For marriage) Western Women Suck.

          • Wow Scott. Sorry that I used big words. Studying the Middle East and Sharia codified law and how it differs? That is the demise of motherhood .. What a nonsensical answer that has nothing to do with the crap you spouted as a retort. As I have said MULTIPLE TIMES…I do not care how a woman chooses to live her life- I’m interested in the history of tribal judges and sharia law PRE COLONIALISTIC ERA TO POST COLONIAL ERA. Prioir to when it was codified (That would be in support of women and family life…very intelligent).
            And despise motherhood? I respect motherhood very much. I have never said that I despised motherhood, only that I personally WAS NOT READY TO START A FAMILY. Affluence? That’s a laugh?! Ive never been in money. Ever. I’ve been working since I was 15. Qualified for social security in my early 20s. Put myself through two associates degrees and am working on a bachelors… Stagnate capital gain taxes since the 70s and “trickle down economics” does NOT BENEFIT the middle class. I have morals and valies, care about others than myself, and yes- when the US IS DPING THE SAME THING, IMPLEMENTING THE SAME LAWS THAT CAUSED THE RECESSION… ALLIWING BANKS TO USE HIGH RISK INVESTMENT…THOSE CAPITALISTIC PIGS ARE TOO” BIG TOO FAIL” and the middle class is eroding…you have no clue about economics hon. And completely wrong about what I said in those last two posts, completely misinterpreting EVERYTHING. LIKE USUAL.

          • I remember my first weeks in the Army. Anytime a Lieutenant said, “In my experience…” and then you ignored everything after that because he has NO experience. Using big words does not make you intelligent. Having been to the University for one or two years doesn’t give you experience. I’ve lived in Shia and Sunni lands for years so I’m sure I know more about those people based on experience – the kind of experience you can’t read in a book, regardless of the university.

            You hiding behind big words doesn’t impress me (us) – it seems quite plausible that you’re substituting something you’ve read recently for actual intelligence.

            Either way, thank you for proving my thesis: You (Western women) suck as Wives.

          • Men, read Lil’s post about her interpretation of gender; we’re going to dismantle 8,000 years of history and tradition. The result, I was at the mall last week in America and I saw so many effeminate boys (dressed like girls, act like girls) and so many girls who looked like boys: shaved head, earring in the nose.

            You go Lil! Save the world. In 40 years, my grandchildren (and your “fiance’s” children from another woman) will feel pity for you as you wax over your dissertation with your cats and solitude.

            Poll for the Men. Did anyone get past Lilly’s 3rd or 4th line? My eyes rolled over and I just jumped to hit reply. Seriously, I’m not reading her comment, but go and TRY to read it. See if it doesn’t just make you sick.

    • Right on the money.

      My Wife commented to me how “easy” American women have it because the cheese comes grated in the bag and the salad is pre-mixed in a plastic tub and already washed and the carrots are already washed and cut and put into a bag. Other than that, it is all from scratch: 3 meals a day.

      Once we were in a hurry as we shopped late at the grocery store and I suggested some frozen fish sticks and Alana looked at me in horror.

      I’ve met so many American women who brag that they don’t EVER cook.

      Men, run, don’t walk from American women. You want to be happy? Go East.

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