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Anastasia Date

Dear Scott,
You have new e-mails in your Anastasia International mailbox.
10 credits will be deducted from your account for each letter you read.

Anastasia 01

Sometime back I wrote a review of the overall dating agency process wherein I described some of the scams that are prevalent in the industry. In my story “How the scam works,” I discussed some of the obvious indicators that suggest agencies like and IDC are scams.

One of the most common emails I get is, “Is xyz or abc dating agency legitimate?” And of the different agencies inquired about, Anastasia Date is the most common. I am not sure if that is because it is the largest agency (or second largest depending on who you’re asking) or if it is because it is such an obvious sham? Either way, I haven’t discussed this agency in a while and I thought I would take another look.

And so, I logged in using the most outrageous information that I could think of:

My info

Height: 5′ 4″ (163) with a weight of 326 lbs (148 kilos)

Age: 73

I even put that I had a kid born in 1967

I then put down hobbies as group sex and collecting beer cans.

I wrote that I am in a wheelchair and that I have AIDS.

In the “about myself” box I wrote that I had murdered my first wife and I was just released from 30 years in prison.



The pop ups started almost immediately.

Two women popped right up and said:

“Are you busy? Let’s speak,” and another said, “Hi honey Scott, I miss you so much.”

Interesting, we haven’t met before…

Anastasia Minute 01

Before I could even close the chat box, the beautiful, 25-year-old Aliona from Kharkov, Ukraine initiated a chat with me. Now realize, what do you think the chances are, that a stunning hot 25-year-old woman is just sitting at her computer waiting for some random guy to come online to contact her? I’m sure that this woman has better things to do than to mind the chat room at Anastasia Date. Hmm, perhaps she is worried about the coming war with separatists in the East and she’s looking to flee west?

What happened next is evidence as damning as the OJ glove that this AnastasiaDate company is a sham, a hoax and a huge ripoff. After she asked how I was, she said, “You are from Russia?” Now, call me crazy, but how does she know that I’m in Russia? Not unless she can see my IP address does she know that I’m in Russia. I’m supposedly on the same chat system she is on; I can’t see her IP address. Unless, she’s not a participant in this “chat,” she must have administration credentials. Yes, as I expected, she’s not 25-year-old Aliona, she is 58-year-old Boris working from his living room sofa. Or, this is a paid employee for Anastasia who works in a boiler room trying to get men to send in money.

You are from Russia

Amazingly, even after I tell men that Anastasia is fake, they still email me and try to convince me that it is legitimate. I get so tired of trying to save people from their own foolishness. Look at the photo above, if you see this, and you still believe that Anastasiadate isn’t a complete sham, then please, send them ALL of your money. For the rest of the level-headed folks reading this post, don’t don’t don’t ever send any money to this fraudulent company!

I tried to talk further with Aliona but a message bar popped up saying that I had exceeded my “free chat time” of 3 minutes. Wow, first three minutes are free and then… yup, you have to buy credits.

Purchase credits

Do men fall for this? They apparently do. And in alarming numbers. Anastasia’s sales are HUGE!

Elena’s Models bought some domains and published some websites warning men that Anastasiadate is a sham. Anastasia didn’t like this cutting into their profits and sued them in court. Thankfully, they lost (it isn’t libel or slander if it is the truth).

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

On May 1, 2013, Anastasia International filed a suit versus the Australian company EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models, in US Federal Court in New York. The complaint revolves around the sites and, allegedly owned by Elena’s Models, which according to the complaint, have fabricated negative testimonials and used the trademarked name AnastasiaDate illegally. AnastasiaDate lost the case against the Australian-based modelling company. (from Wikipedia)

I pulled up on Wikipedia and see that they are incorporated in the Seychelles Islands. I’m not sure exactly the legal jurisdiction of the Seychelles but I know that they are an offshore money laundering country; all of the money sent to bypasses the tax structures of Europe and/or North America. What is most interesting is that Wikipedia lists their 2012 annual sales at $110,000,000. Yes, you read that right, one hundred and ten MILLION dollars. For a company that sells NOTHING it is incredible.

Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Online Service
Registration Yes
Owner Anastasia Date Ltd[1]
103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza
Launched 1993
Revenue $110 million USD (2012) [2]
Current status Active

The more and more I think about it, I am amazed at how a company that sells nothing but a lie can fool so many people and earn such huge profits. If they were selling porn, at least there is an equitable nature to the transaction. But what they sell (nothing) is like ordering a product from Amazon or Ebay and the product never comes. Or, ordering a gold or silver coin and they say that they will credit the coin to your virtual account that doesn’t exist. Some day down the road, you go to collect your coin but its not there. You pay, you just don’t get anything.

Another pop up appeared on my screen; it was soliciting me to “sign up” for some “free credits” so that I could continue chatting with Aliona (I mean Boris). I clicked on the “free credits” button and I was presented with a credit card entry screen. Even though they promise not to charge you, you need to enter a credit card to get your free credits. I see the ploy, once they have your credit card, some nubile hottie will chat with you until your “free credits” are gone and to continue the chat, you have to click “buy more credits.” Since you have already entered your credit card the sale goes through immediately. I quickly wondered if there were some sad old widowed men who put in their credit card, got carried away and then had a $9,000 bill to Anastasia for chatting with Aliona (I mean Boris).

Creidt Card Screen

As I began closing out of the credit card window and the fake-chat pop up windows, another hot-young “woman” began to initiate a new chat with me. 18-year-old Tatiana said, “What type of panties do you like?” I’m thinking WTF? If there is one thing I can say about Eastern European Women is that they are traditional and conservative. Street whores aside, no Eastern European Woman is ever going to come on to you in such a forward fashion.

Your favorite panties

And this is perhaps what is most vile about this disgusting company. Not only that they prey on desperate Western Men, but that they do it at the cost of the reputation of the fine Women of Eastern Europe. Eastern European Women may dress sexy, but they are conservative and they are classy. This piece of crap website makes it seem like the Women of Russia and Ukraine are just desperate whores who will say or do anything to escape their home country.

Nothing is farther from the truth.

This website is based on a vile lie. Shame on them and shame on any man who sends them money.

The pop ups continued for the 20 minutes or so that I was online. This, despite that I murdered my first wife, that I am morbidly obese and that I am confined to a wheelchair with AIDS. Does any of this sound legitimate to you? For the life of me, I don’t understand why this company hasn’t been shut down and the owners arrested for fraud. Oh yes, that’s why they’re in the Seychelles…

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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15 thoughts on “Agency Review:

  1. Hi Scott

    Please post this
    I would like to have you share with all the guys who have been taken by these 2 sites

    I have a way to get our money refunded to us but it will take a large group of men who are willing to be a part of it .So guys get in touch with me and lets put this scum out of business


  2. Information I have known for some time. I did bring them to the attention of the Maine Attorney General who asked if I know anyone who had proof. My suggestion is that all your readers forward this email to the Attorney General state of Maine, and ask why they allow this company to operate out of an office in Bangor.
    Copy also to US Attorney General, consumer fraud division. I will, and if hundreds of other guys would, something might happen.

  3. Great post about a company I always knew was a scam. It is sad to see A Foreign Affair posting more photos of models on their sites. Sick shit that these companies want to rip of desperate men looking for love!

  4. Jim ,

    I think that Dale is referring to Anastasia.But here you mention AFA – Foreign Affair.
    So , are they both bad ??

    My understanding is , that AFA , is doing a much better job , than Anastasia.
    But , I myself , don`t have personal experience , with them both.

  5. Guise, let me give you some advise, I am married now ten years and I fined my wife on Elena`s model. do not waist your time on any site like Anastasia that will not allowed you to exchange e mail or phone number . do not waist your time on a girl that do not speak English you will get nowhere . do not look for pretty yang girl if you are old and looks bad…you cannot get them to love you for real…and even if she will fake it you will be dumpt after she gets her green card. if she tells you she has no phone she is fraud. when you call her just ask are you home alone and if she says my mom here ask to talk to her mom for a second .tell her you want to say something in Russian, if she let you speak to her mom she is real.if not . her boyfriend is there…I was scammed by 3 girls and married the forth one.

    • Thanks for the comments and wisdom Eric. Some of us are smarter and dumber than others, some are more and less foolish than others. But there is one thing in life you can’t replace with wits, brains or luck, and that one thing you have: experience.

  6. I recently put a claim in under anastasiaFRAUDs “anti scam” policy. Despite concrete evidence, the claim was rejected because it i “a breach of their terms of service to report fraud” to any other agency. My account was cancelled and no customer= no complaint! The scamming agency in Nikolaev and the girls reported are still in business.

  7. I’d rather meet women in person/one on one…internet dating still seems too risky…the sites you recommend seem like something I may seriously consider…

  8. I, like you wondered if these sites were scams or real and I found out pretty quick that they were indeed scams. I,on the other hand had not spent money, won’t do that with sites I don’t know, so I never lost anything but just the timeto fill out a form. Got to drinking one night and decided to fill out a form just to see what would happen and just exactly like so many other letters I’ve seen, the chat requests came pouring in immediately. Next day, lots of emails from these “ladies” and when I read them, noticed they all had the same form and tone, just a few words changed around. So, in answering one of the emails, I simply asked, “is this a prostitution ring?” . Never received any more emails after that…and of course deleted my information from the site.

    • Wow John Doe!
      Nice revenge site.
      Well I guess this a lesson by observation for a lot of guys on WWS. Even if she is pretty, next her, if something smells fishy. Seems like the place is overloaded with too many thin pretty women that are more honest/less issues…no need to tango with a scammer.

  9. Hi Everyone,
    Well im one of those suckers who spent $3500 chatting to one lady, yes i got scammed BUT, wait for it, i got my credits back after nearly 100 letters to admin. This lady had a so called ‘confirmed profile’ saying she was never married, she was lawyer, she wasnt, i found her on ‘linkedin’ phoned her ex employer who said she was married and gave me her SECOND husbands telephone number. He was devastated when i told him the story, and heart broken. So through him i got her marriage certificate, and got my credits back because of misrepresentation. She also lied about which country she was in.
    The ‘confirmed profile’ only means her agency has checked her out with her passport, it does not confirm her employment or if she is married, they just take the ladies word for that. I found adverts from one agency on VK [sort of russian facebook] targeting suitable ladies offering them a free makeover and photoshoot if the agency could use their photos, and then also offering money if they would chat to guys and even more if they would translate.
    A lot of the ladies on this site do not know that the guys pay and they assume the guys profiles are checked out. The site also uses 2 sets of ID numbers for each profile, so for example, i would know my ID but the lady chatting to me would see me with a different ID.
    The site itself is very cleverly arranged and set up, and im sure uses a computer that ‘learns’ from what you write on chat or in letters. For instance i travelled to Odessa and i wrote about this to a few ladies, and then, suddenly there are ‘pop ups’ from ladies asking me if im in Odessa etc etc. Also look carefully at a ladies profile before you accept a chat invitation, does she have the [flowers’ icon on her profile? if not, why not? Do you know a lady who doesnt like flowers? because the site sends you a photo of her receiving the flowers and a scammer would not want that. Also does she have the ‘cam share’ icon on her profile, again if not, why not? Even if she does do cam share, look for the obvious, is the back ground as you might expect in her apartment or office, or is it completely clear. Also you should know that the cam share is not live. Just try waving to her and see if she waves back? I think the site puts in a delay so that you cant send contact details over the cam.
    Also the area for the girls to write in their invites to chat, that come up in the ‘pop up’ windows is very small, so small in fact that if you want to read the whole message you need to open up the chat window.
    Also obviously if a girl just wants to chat on site for months and wont even give her e mail address then be very suspicious. I was chatting to a lady who said she had her own dental practise but didnt use e mail!!!!!!!
    So be very very careful, there are genuine ladies on there but its very hard to tell the difference,

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