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I just wanted to take a quick moment and let everyone know how things are going in Ukraine.  I just wrapped up a few days in Kiev on my way to work in Europe.  It was a good trip that went off pretty well.  With the current state of affairs on the news about Ukraine, I can imagine that there is some concern for a few people about taking a trip over.  I want everyone to know that there is no concern at all about being there, especially if your trip is taking you to Kiev or the western part of the country.

I had booked my ticket over, round trip, on a last minute booking for just under $1,000.  Had I of booked it a little more in advance, I could have gone over, round trip for around $800.  When I did my apartment search, I was really pleasantly surprised at the availability and prices.  I settled on one that was about 50m from St Micheal’s, at the top of the hill from Independence Square.  The price was $36/night, and the location was fantastic.  One thing I noted on this trip, was that some of the apartment brokers, are advertising a place as being close the the central area, but then when you read the fine print, they say they have several in the area that you could end up with.  Some are not right in the central area, so make sure you have a specific location that you are happy with.

I’d arrived in the morning on my flight, then caught an unmarked/unofficial taxi for 200 UAH.  The first guy wanted 260, but the next was ok with 200.  The going rate seems to be 200-250.  I arrived at my place and the agent met me there with the key.  My only complaint was, there was not a stand up shower, something I really recommend.  Many places will have the euro-hand held shower.  (When I checked out, they were installing one since I’d mentioned it to them).  I had bought some credits for my sim card at the airport, so I topped off my phone and sent a text to my girl.  (I arrived at Terminal D, and they had sim cards for sale, in addition to top ups.. So you can buy one there on arrival for your unlocked phone.  It’s up on the third floor in a magazine shop.  They are charging an additional $1 or so for it.  The lady speaks English and can help you get it in your phone and get you started).

So I sent my girl a text and we made arrangements for her to come meet me.  No, I haven’t met her yet in person, but we had been Skyping for a long time with each other, and were very comfortable in who each of us were at the this point.  We agreed to meet outside my building, and went for a walk to have something to eat and a drink.

One thing I noticed with this trip, was that even though we had Skyped for a long time, and were very comfortable with each other, there were still huge struggles with communication and cultural understandings.  Which brings up the point that we have tried to make sure people understand.  Pursuing this kind of relationship had great rewards, but also huge challenges in the beginning, that you need to be prepared for.  Seeking the right fit, and then being extremely patient at the beginning cannot be over stressed.  It’s not as easy as thinking, I want a beautiful Eastern European girl who treats me well, so I’ll just go get one.  The have wants and expectations, just like an American girl, and will expect things from you that you may not be used to with an American girl.

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Being “The Man”, as Scott has posted about many times, has a lot of nuances that you should be prepared for.  Like how to romance them in the beginning.  Some of the things I though were petty, (since an independent American girl would do some things without thinking), these girls wanted me to do.  Like being attentive to their wine glass.  One of their complaints about their men is.. They are extremely attentive in the beginning (which is what they will want from you), but then their men don’t do that later (which they will want you to do).  Be aware of the fact that women are women, and will always want certain things from their men.  Don’t think that an eastern girl will expect less from you.  She will just want different things than an American girl may want.  If you’re familiar with the idea of different love languages, they speak a different love language than the average western girl.  Taking the time to understand how they understand you care and how they show they care is important.  For example, I found that they give words of affection easily, but don’t always mean it.  So talk is cheap in their culture.

So take your time and do your research and preparation wisely.  All of this begins with one of several trips over.  Plan on a couple of trips to meet the right girl, then a couple of trip to spend as much time with her as possible.  Learn the subtle nuances of dating and romance the way SHE understands it, so that you are talking as close to the same romance language as possible.  The peacocks over there puff up their feathers differently.

So back to the trip report and Kiev…

Kiev itself in the central areas around Independence Square looks rough.  If I hadn’t seen it before all of the protests, I would have thought I’d walked into a bad place.  It looks rough, but the atmosphere is really good.  The locals are still occupying it in tents, and it’s become a little touristy with people getting photos in front of the damage from the protests.  One of the main buildings is burnt out, the stones from the streets have been torn up to use as barricades, and it looks a bit like a war zone, but it’s anything but.


Your presence there as a foreigner is really welcome.  They want people to see and understand what is going on there.  They welcome your presence, and want you there, so don’t let the current events keep you away from the Kiev or the western part of the country.  Have beer with people, leave donation money for the occupiers to buy food and heat, and don’t be afraid to be out.  I don’t know what to say about the East or Odessa at the moment.  I’m sure it’s the same, but a bit more of a risk, since there is an active separatist movement going, which is being fueled by the Russians.  The Ukrainians I talked to, have said the media is over dramatizing the events on TV.  So take it with a small grain of salt.

What does this mean for you??  If you want to travel, you are not competing with as many guys there for girls, apartments, or travel.  The exchange rate is really good, and the weather is getting really nice.  The girls will want to walk around with you and talk about what is going on.  It’s a great time to travel.  I actually spent more time in my apartment cooking for my girl and drinking wine with her there.  Any woman here will tell you how sexy it is for a man to cook for them.  Just getting some simple things from the local market to make them will go a LONG way in showing what kind of guy you are.  I highly recommend this approach, but it’s one you will do with someone you know better.  In the beginning, they will want to meet you out, as they like to appear to be a good girl, and not just go to a strange man’s apartment.

Good luck, and I recommend just jumping in and learning to swim..


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Agency Review: scam update
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Mid 40's professional who travels extensively for work with the aviation industry. I had grown up in the Midwest, then spent a good portion of my adult life traveling with the military as a Navy pilot. I then went on to use that experience to work in strange, out of the way locations around the globe. I've lived in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, as well as North and South America. It has given me many unique experiences, and close relationships with these cultures, and the women in them. A majority of my girlfriends had been Australian, German, Japanese, Filipino, English, Eastern European, Colombian, and of course, North American. I hope to share with everyone a practical approach to understanding and executing a plan to meet someone outside of your country, and sustain a long distance relationship. I'm not here to bash girls in developed economies, but to help someone who has a different preference, achieve their goal through information sharing.

23 thoughts on “Trip Report Kiev

  1. Excellent report Mike, thanks for keeping us in the loop. I saw that this was still sitting in the “draft” box so I thought I’d share your info with the Men.

    I think that it is very useful for the average guy to get several different viewpoints; in reading your story I’ve learned a few new things and you’ve reminded me of a few things that I’ve forgotten about altogether.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Thank you for the report. Though, I am very confused. On one side, men on this site make posts that talk about going to the FSU to date and marry the women. On another side, men say that FSU women are not marriage material due to the modern culture over there. Here is a forum post from a guy who lived in that region across Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Moldova for 2 years recently:

    Some other men in the thread also agree with what he said due to their experiences when going to Ukraine. The stalemate that I see here for each side that says yay and nay is that BOTH have been there and done that. Which side am I supposed to listen to here?

    • Excuse me Mike for answering this question before you do, I hope that you chime in as well.

      Joel, I looked at this guy’s comment in the link you provided and all I can say is, “Opinions are like a-holes, everybody has one.”

      This guy is saying that 18-24 year olds don’t want to get married. Sure, if you are looking for women in night clubs.

      You’ll find more traditional & family oriented women outside of the major metropolitan areas (think rural areas). Buy you’ll also find them in the big cities. The problem with so many 18-24 year old women is the huge invasion of 30-50 year old Western Men chasing them around with huge paychecks. Apt to spoil the female population of any country.

      Yes, the divorce rates in Russia and Ukraine are HUGE. This is entirely due to the fact that most Russian men are huge walking penises. The divorce rate between immigrating Russian Women and American Men is MUCH LOWER than for American Men and American women.

      This guy is dating women while he’s living in the CIS; the dating pool of CIS women who want to immigrate and those who want a money-bags foreign boyfriend is like the difference between a Hollywood party-girl gold-digger and a girl from Rural, Oklahoma, population 1,834.

      I read some of the other replies; mostly bashing white women and lauding the qualities of Philipina women. If you complain about something, you’ll find an audience. It is likely that the audience will be vocal and will leave comments.

      Perhaps this author is really ugly or really fat and Russian Women won’t put up with him. Maybe Philipina Women will and so he bashes one set and praises another. Who knows, I haven’t met him. Have you been to Russia or Ukraine? If not, why not? Go, see for yourself. Sure beats a holiday in Florida.

      Bottom line is this: Russian & Ukrainian Women are vastly superior to American women when it comes to their marriage characteristics. You will find good and bad in all countries, but in general, Russian/Ukrainian Women are less exposed to feminism and make better wives.

  3. Scott, thank you for providing a response. I had a feeling you would. I am trying to look at both sides here, and deduct what is what. The divorce rates in the US is what led me to research the idea of going abroad years ago in the first place. Eastern Europe was first on my list, but now I’m at a pause for that direction. I know that the divorce rates between American men and Russian women are lower, but the last time I saw that data it showed from around 2002. Do you have any current links for it?

    The thing about the HA forum is it is almost no holds barred with anything you want to say. Total free speech because of the site owner’s philosophy backing it. For this reason, unfortunately, you will come across many guys on there saying stupid shit. I have noticed the bulk of posts say that Filippina’s are the way to go on many threads. The members that ended up with a Russian or Ukrainian woman ended up off the grid.

    Most of the threads that I have read there tend to have a lot of bickering, however, this is the only one that I have seen that has unanimous agreement concerning women from a particular part of the world. Very rare on that forum.

    No, I haven’t been to Russia or Ukraine. Why? Because I am a late bloomer. You can’t go traveling without being in the right career to finance your way there. Florida might be easier to get to. The Key Largo has some good scuba diving in the coral reefs.

    You may be right in saying that Russian/Ukrainian women are better than marrying American women, but vastly? I’m still wondering about this. As the economy of both Ukraine and Russia increase, the exposure to feminism for the women increases with it. I’m wondering if it will be too late by the time I can make it over there.

    • I’ve been thinking about a new blog post for the last two weeks entitled something to the effect of “I’m happy.” The whole point of this “expedition” was to find a wife (hence the tag line on the frong page of this blog.” I have found a wife and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I never knew that a relationship with a woman could be so rewarding and satisfying. I’ve never had ANYTHING close with a Western Woman.

      “You may be right in saying that Russian/Ukrainian women are better than marrying American women, but vastly?”

      Vastly is an understatement.

      Let me put it this way, I challenge you to find an American Man who’s married an Eastern European (or Thai or Columbian) Woman who then went back to American Women. Doesn’t happen.

      I read the comments of a lot of guys on that thread; many seem to be in “party mode” chasing whores and/or looking for the next overnight. A QUALITY Russian Woman isn’t interested in a 3-6 year engagement. She interested in Marriage and committment from a Mature man. The feeling of “mature, committed man” didn’t seem to jump out of that forum string.

      I’ve met many Men in America who say that they can’t afford to go to Ukraine/Russia. Believe me, it is A LOT cheaper than losing 1/2 your stuff in American “ass rape” divorce court. Compare a $900 ticket to Kiev + $40 a night for a hotel and then compare costs to two weeks of scuba diving in Florida. Once you’ve paid for hotel, food, beer & entertainment, you’ll spend less in Ukraine.

      • I’ve met many Men in America who say that they can’t afford to go to Ukraine/Russia. Believe me, it is A LOT cheaper than losing 1/2 your stuff in American “ass rape” divorce court. Compare a $900 ticket to Kiev + $40 a night for a hotel and then compare costs to two weeks of scuba diving in Florida. Once you’ve paid for hotel, food, beer & entertainment, you’ll spend less in Ukraine.
        I know many idiots that have blown more money at bars and clubs in one week but have cried about how they couldn’t afford a plane ticket to South East Asia, FSU, or South America. Yet somehow they have plenty of money to visit Las Vegas, New York City, or Miami…yawn!!!

        • My Wife was at the gym and in the shower she overhead one overweight Mid-Western woman telling another that she is thinking about liposuction on her stomach, and her husband will “only be out of pocket $15,000.” While were at the Women’s clothing store, Alana told me this story and then asked me, “What does it mean ‘out of pocket?'” I explained that meant the portion that you had to pay that wasn’t covered by insurance. She smiled at me, and selected a nice outfit, pulled out the credit card I gave her, threw the outfit over her arm, and as she continued to shop she then stated, “See Dear, I am a most economical Wife.”

  4. Hey Joel,

    I wanted to chime in on this since I’ve been away for a while from the site, traveling for work.

    To start with.. The link you sent about the guys not recommending former FSU girls, isn’t the same things we are talking about on this forum. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. I don’t get the impression that the guy who wrote that was pursuing a relationship based on higher principles. I don’t know many 18-24 year old girls in any culture I would want to marry. In general, they just aren’t mature enough. We are talking about meeting with women who are ready to have a serious relationship, not bar hoppers looking for someone to pay for their habits. Also, the divorce rates in Ukraine and Russia are very high, but that is not between eastern girls and western men. If you take the time to talk to the girls, they are very clear about why they don’t want a man from their country.

    I have met several girls in Ukraine that I would never date, much less marry. There are some girls there that put the gold diggers in the USA to shame in their manipulative skills. There are also girls in the USA that I would consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to date and hopefully marry. This all depends on you, and what qualities you want to find in a girl as a priority. Scott pretty much nailed it with his answer. The media and commercialism has hit Eastern Europe. So yes, there is an element there that will seduce the young, immature girls with stars in their eyes, into wanting a glamorous life outside of a married family life. (Be advised that eastern girls do like to look good, so don’t let that scare you into thinking they are gold diggers. It’s part of the culture to look good for you.). It is exactly the same in Philippines, Colombia, or anyplace where someone can open a fashion magazine, or watch MTV. If you are over the age of 38, and think you can roll into any country and just pick up some hot, young, 18-24 year old, and think she is going to be picture perfect for you.. You should probably re-evaluate your goals and expectations, and give them a reality check.

    What we are saying here is, if you are serious about a relationship with a Eastern/Slavic girl, and are considering marriage to one, they are well worth your effort if you are willing to put the time in, the patience, and the investment. This assumes that you have chosen someone based on deeper traits, beyond her being young and looking good in a skirt and heels. This is not an easy endeavor at all. It is not without hard work and sacrifice, and it is not for everyone. The average American guy who has never traveled outside of the country, will face more challenges than the guy who has lived abroad or traveled more.
    As far as which culture, or girls are better for this.. That is an individual choice as to what fits you best. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Philippines, and would personally not marry into the culture now (before I would have.. but not now, knowing what I know).

    What I will say is this.. The only way to know is to put the time in, meeting the girls online, talk to them on Skype, then make the decision to go over. (The site I used was UkraineDate through Cupid Media. They have dating sites for every culture). It may not be for you.. You are never too late in the game though. Just choose wisely. I am 46, and would never pursue a girl under 30, or one who gives me any indication she is fashionista, with any interests outside of a good family life. (By that, I mean, does she appear to just be looking for a better deal, or is she genuine about love and a family). I am seeing the hottest 35-50 year old women I have ever seen over in the Ukraine. They are smart, and know how to take good care of a man they love and their family, but they are not push overs. If you treat them like a quick easy wife, you will get what you put into it. This deserves a separate post, which I would love to spend more time on another day.

  5. Hey Mike,

    If you come back to this post, can you clarify for me, this quote from your initial Kiev trip report? “For example, I found that they give words of affection easily, but don’t always mean it. So talk is cheap in their culture.”

    I may be misunderstanding your intent, and if I am, forgive me. As I read these lines several times, my understanding is to strongly disagree with these quotes. I lived in Kiev for 3 months in the last quarter of 2012. I dated quite a few ladies and didn’t come across these experiences whatsoever. I admit, the ladies are more Cosmopolitan, and I expect this in a large city. I could have easily married a 45 year old sweetheart, Chief of Engineering in Kiev, because she was an absolute angel. She couldn’t have more children, and that was sadly my deal breaker I wasn’t happy about hurting her when I told her I was looking for a lady who could have a child with me. And the other ladies I dated ranged from 23 – 32, and I found all to be very honest. In fact, the 32 year old was so dead honest, that she kind of broke my heart, as I had developed strong feelings for her. She couldn’t marry me due to our large age difference (I look younger than I look thanks to years of running), but nonetheless, she gave it a try, however, in the end she pulled away because she knew mom and pop would not accept me. This also happened with another gorgeous and sweet 27 year old I met in Nikolaev. She enjoyed my company immensely, but couldn’t get serious with me due to our large age difference. I was introduced to my wife in a smaller city, where family values are on the top of the charts. I fell in love with her and her town, where we lived for 2 years before we fled due to the creeping separatist aggression. I saw nothing but loving and happy families and we were surrounded with family and friends in happy and long term relationships. My point is, your quotes are probably best served for a niche group of Kiev ladies, but overall, I have to disagree with your quotes. I believe in fact, the opposite. I have brought 4 couples together in my own (former) matchmaking service. 3 ladies were from our town and one lady was from Kiev. (Full disclosure, I don’t give the name of our town purposely. I don’t like seeing the streets crawling with foreign men, and I don’t want to give away the secret to a bunch of strangers on any website. That is why I never advertised my agency. I operated on referrals). I feel very protective of the good Ukr ladies and I hate the exploitation of these ladies by strange men from foreign lands. I was never in it for the money, and 4 couples in less than 2 years with no advertising, is all I needed for my own life satisfaction.

    • Thanks for your input Rodney.
      I would tend to agree with you on this one.
      Every woman has their own quirks and preferences even in traditional and less feminist cultures but in general most women outside of the west are more flexible with the age range. Obviously if western (femi-nazi) women are willing to marry men 5 to 10 years older than them, I sure non-western (feminine) women would be willing to marry men 10 to 25 years their senior if they had their sh#t together.
      I’m swinging for the fence.
      Your last paragraph brought a smile to my face. There are some nice spots in a certain South American country only most locals know about that are great that I was taken to by friends (natives of that country) that I will never tell any westerner about especially on the internet. Why? I don’t want the place to get ruined by a bunch of feminist. I sometimes enjoy the bad reputation some places have on CNN, Hollywood, etc…because it keeps the manginas away.

    • Well , I`m not so sure either , what he means by this.Saying words of affection easily .. etc.
      It is for sure , that I don`t have spent that much time in Ukraine , as you Rodney.

      Like I have written before , I had no previous long term corresponding , with my current girlfriend.But when you know a bit , about their culture and tradition , you may notice certain things , in her behaviour.

      I asked , to meet her in person , through an agency.And I am sure , that my invitation , came out of the blue for her.And when we were sitting , in the restaurant , next to each other , after some initial words , I started to strike her back.

      From her shoulder all the way down , to her bottom.And she never moved an inch , or put on a different face.I`m not sure , if I could have done this , with a Western girl.
      She probably , would have thought of it , as a sexual harassment.

      Even , when the translator arrived , I still was striking her back.The translator noticed it , but didn`t make any gesture or move , of non approval.So , did I made the right start ??I tend to believe , that it was.

      After we asked each other , the important questions , I then told her , that I really liked her , from the first moment , that I saw her profile pictures.
      Which is true.

      She then immediately , picked up her cellphone , and showed me , more of the photos , of that particular photoshoot.She even told me , in what park , the pictures were taken.But , you got to forgive me , for not remembering the name.
      It seems , that many ladies , are going there , to have profile pictures taken.

      Mind you , I didn`t order dinner for them , because , I absolutely had no idea , how the date would turn out.But she did order some desert.And I did offer them coffee , or some other drink.

      After just about 35 minutes in the conversation , we exchanged telephone numbers , email addresses , so we could keep in touch.
      She wanted to meet with me the next day , but I was on an appointment , for a massage.
      No, not the kind , that you may have in mind right now …..

      It had nothing to do with sex.It was given by a young medical male doctor.So , we agreed , to see each other again , the day after.She would meet me , after her work.Just like she did , on the first date.

      After 1 hour , the translator warned me , that 60 minutes had past.But I was really enjoying , the conversation , her feminine company , and little laughs , that we had occasionally.
      So , I asked , do we have more time ??The translator , looked at her and asked her.And she said , yes .

      And , so we kept talking , until we had spent 3 hours.And , I can tell you , it was quite different , than the dates , I had with the other younger girl.My first date , there.

      When we were outside , my girlfriend she said , that it was a very good meeting.And she would tell me , at what time , we would meet , the day after.

      Then she put her cheek out to me , to give her a kiss.Again , completely different , than with my first date.
      And we parted.She left with the translator.

      The translator , had made it clear , that she would not be present , on our second date.So , we could get to know each other better.

      Apart , from these signs , she never said words of affection to me.Obviously , I was not waiting for that , and surely , not on a first date , with someone , who you barely know.

      But I can tell you , that it gave me a good feeling.But , the way that the date went , did I needed any words of affection ??
      Well , I`ll let you be the judge.

      When communication is a challenge , and you are not familiar , with the cultural behavior and traditions , at some point , you may interpret things a bit different.

      But , it is possible , that girls in large cities , may behave differently , than those from smaller places.


        • Your welcome.And I hope , that some day , we will hear your stories too.
          I still believe , that EE is the place to go.

          And I think , that you will go there ……

      • Hi Paul! I read your trip report thoroughly and I’d say that you had a positive experience. No big red flags, but of course, its all in the early stages. At the minimum, I’d say you had a great time and shared your company with a lovely lady or two.

        Interesting comments about how you looked at the ladies from top to bottom. I know that ladies from my smaller (non Kiev) town, in my English class that I was teaching, didn’t know the word sexual harrassment. However, coming from a military background and a Southern US background, I am not inclined to look over ladies like that, with my eyes wandering upon their bodies.

        I know they welcome compliments and I know they appreciate a gentleman, but I don’t know enough psychologically how they feel about a man checking them out in a blunt manner.

        I do know that once you are a couple (which can happen rather quickly after 4 or 5 dates), that this gives you permission to be more direct and blunt with sexual expressions. Compliments about her beautiful ass are welcome, for example. In close and intimate relations, the man simply says to the woman, “I want you,” and this is implied as “I want to have sex with you.” Again, this is a compliment to your lady and is not turned down.

        This advice I am giving you is not given without experience. I have counseled all of my clients with the same feedback and I’ve had only one couple who physically met, and not become a couple.

        In fact, here is a skype comment from my most recent matchmade couple (from exactly 1 year ago). They’ve never met in person, until yesterday.

        Just wanted you to know she finally made it here, I will keep you posted
        [15.04.2015 20:25:09] she is absolutely beautiful.

        Mind you, she traveled to the US after 1 complete year of daily skype contact. As I told him in the beginning: this is a step by step way of dating (EE ladies). Go slow, go sure, and take each day as they come. Don’t rush things, but be manly and take the lead. Let them fall in love with your heart and the rest will take care of itself. Its not a complicated formula, compared to Western Women, who are constantly confused and therefore – confuse us. Not an EE lady. She wants a husband, a family, a home. You get that, and you get her.

        • Hi Rodney ,

          It may be , that you misread ,part of my post.No , I didn`t observe her , with my eyes , from top to bottom.

          I meant to say , that when I was sitting next to her , I stroke her shoulder , back and butt , with my hand.
          When I think of it again , it just happened.It wasn`t a plan , or some sort of strategy.

          I just stroke her back , as if I wanted , to let her feel easy , and comfortable.
          Like I said , my invitation , was all of a sudden , and completely , unexpected for her.

          It is , compared to this , that I made the remark , that would it have been , with a Western girl/young woman , she may have considered it , as sexual harassment.

          In the West , and in my country , this is not done , even with your colleagues at work.No matter how close or good you know each other.

          I told her , that from the first moment , that I saw her pictures , which are in her profile , on the internet dating site , I really liked her.
          At that time , I still had to make the decision , to go to Ukraine , or not.

          But , it was not only her appearance.What she mentioned , in her profile , it gave me , a positive feeling , about her.

          As you know , I did go , but , to meet , with someone else, first!

          No , I would never , check out a woman , so bluntly , with my eyes.

          So , I hope , that I have cleared the “fog” , a little bit.

          I am well aware , of how to be and behave with ladies.But , I can admire , their good looks and charmes.

          Speaking of this.There are ways , to see , if the lady , is (really) , interested in you.
          First , there is , the issue , of holding your hand.Does she wants it , or not.

          Secondly , see , how long it will take , before she will call you by your name!!In my situation , she called me by my name , on our 5th date.Not bad , when you consider , that we were , complete strangers , 8 days ago.

          There is another way , to check , if she is really going for you.When we were walking , through the city , every time , when I would lag behind her , she immediately , would turn her head , to see , where I am , or what I am doing!!

          This was not occasionally.Ever since the moment (the day) , that she had made , a certain conclusion , she started to do this.

          Sometimes , I just would lag behind her , on purpose , just to check , if my assumption was right.
          It wouldn`t matter , if I was alone , with her , or with the translator.
          She was keeping an eye on me!!

          Now , for those guys , who don`t seek a relation , this is probably not important.

          And , yes , I knew , that she was watching me , from the corner of her eyes , whenever a (pretty) lady , would come up to us , or would pass me by.

          And , just for her own sake , I didn`t turn my head , to track this lady.And , of course , to put her mind at ease.

          Remember , that I was there , to find a partner.I wasn `t woman shopping.

          Interestingly , on our first date , after some 25 minutes , of conversation , she and the translator , told me , that many foreigners come here (to her city).
          But they are no good!!

          I wonder , why that is.Well , I can make a pretty good guess , I suppose.
          Let me be clear , I have no doubt , whatsoever , that she didn`t go on dates , with other foreigners.

          And , I surely can understand why.She is just smoking hot – as Scott would say.I didn`t go , into details , on this.But , I am pretty sure , what message , they wanted to give me.

          I just want to tell you , how our second date started.On the day , I got her text message , and she gave me the time.She said , that she would be , at the same location , as on the first date.

          Even though , it seemed atha all was going well , I still was on my guard.Having been misled , with the first lady , I was making sure , that , if in case , this would also fail , it would not have cost me , too much.
          Both , mentally , spiritually and financially.

          So , I was there on time , waiting.Then I got a telephone call from her , and she said : “I at house”.

          I thought , so , you see , she is also a scammer.For a moment , I was thinking , what I could do next.Yes , I could have dinner alone , no problem.

          Then I decided , to call the translator.She had said , that if there was an issue , I could always call her.
          So , I called the translator , and told her , that I had just got a phone call , and she will not come.

          The translator said , ” no , no , she will be there”.I said , but she told me , that she is at home.
          She said then , wait , I will call her , and then will call you back.

          So , after 3 minutes , she phoned , and she said , no . she is waiting for you.I said , now I don`t understand.Because she told me , that she is at home.

          The translator then said , no , she is waiting for you , at the steak house !!!

          Well , bly mee …………. I never did hear the word steak.So , finally , the date could begin.

          On this date , she asked me , if I like the colour of her hair.Because , she is dying it.
          And then she showed me another picture , from when she was 15 years younger , with her original hair.

          I said , yes , I like it.And I surely do.So , on this part , I could set her mind , at ease too.

          So , it is very easy , to mis-interpret , something , when you or your partner , don`t speak the language very well.

          But , if you believe , that you have something good , on your hand (and I mean this literally) , don`t let it set you back.


    • I took it to mean that anyone can promise the world on a video chat date, but Eastern European Women take it as cheap talk; they will only respect a man who comes to visit.

  6. No , they were very specific , on this.They mentioned this , after I had answered their question , why I did come to Ukraine !!
    They also asked me , how long (how many days) , I had been in the city , and when I would leave again.

    I sensed , that whatever I would tell , would be of great importance.But , like I already mentioned (in my other post) , that when I met her outside , they way she behaved , and her waiting for me , to give her the signal of recognition , that she was a traditional woman.
    And lying would not be an option – if it ever is one !!

    Having been dealing with foreigners , many years , they know how it works.

    It was on my second visit , and on a date , the conversation , suddenly came to American men.
    The translator , she said , that she had to make arrangements , for a man , who would come over for 14 days.

    She said , that he wanted to meet with 9 women.I could hear the undertone , in her voice , when she spoke about this.
    She said , how or what can you do , in 2 weeks , on dating 9 women.Let alone , how long , would he reserve for a date ??

    And she mentioned his name , and showed me and my girlfriend his photo.
    Then she continued , and said , they come over for 2 weeks , and want to meet so many women.
    And then they leave with nothing!!

    Well , sometimes , it may work , for some guy.But , I personally , don`t believe that speed dating , is going to work , over there.
    Unless , you do speak the Russian language.

    I don`t know , how it went , and ended , because , I have not spoken to her , for some time.
    And besides , this was , more than 1 year ago now.

    For her , and my girlfriend , this is not , what they believe , is a serious search , for a life long partner.
    It could be , because she had been dealing , with this also , in the past !

    So , I just take her word on this.
    And , probably , I did it right , in her eyes !!So , do I feel lucky ??

    I wonder from what movie , this one liner is !


    • Good point. My first go at this was 15 dates in 7 days in Ukraine. What a disaster.

      No woman wants to hear that she’s #8 out of 14. While that may work on the Bachelor TV show, doesn’t really fly in real life.

      For the guy that has only 2 weeks, I recommend video dating a lot of women. When you find the woman that you are on Skype with for 4 hours a day, you’ll know you have a good chance. Go and meet her. If it translates over in the flesh, you’re on to something!

      • I have to agree with you here…big time. 2 weeks is barely enough time to see if you have chemistry with one person. 5 to 15 people over a 2 week period! How could any woman take a man seriously? Plus no one feels special being number 7 out of 10 other dates. Personally, I would need a solid 60 to 90 days with one woman to see if it was serious or at least several 2 week visits throughout the year. I could not do that to someone with a clear conscious.

  7. Hey me out. I was thinking of doing a quest tour to the Ukraine with dream connection but I also want to tour eastern europe and live there for 3 to 6 months and wing it .which would be better for finding a life partner and how cheaply can I live in the ukraine also.

  8. Hey Steve, I’ll throw in my 2 cents for you. I personally have experience with Dream Connections, having observed them several years ago, in consideration of helping them to expand. Basically, I found that they recruit their ladies from the local agencies. Therefore, they didn’t know the ladies that well. I happened to meet a lady from that tour, but she had just come along to join her friend, who was recruited. My friend, Katya, and I became close friends as we are to this day. Her impressions from that speed dating night was she had no interest in western men. Her girlfriend, too, wasn’t delighted with any man that evening. Her girlfriend now has a Ukrainian boyfriend and they live together. I’ve asked Katya often, that her and I became serious, would she have gone back to the USA with me and she said no. She couldn’t leave her mom. It was a good thing I didn’t leave Ukraine, because I started my own agency and I was able to hire her for my own translations needed for couples on skype. Unless Mark has changed things, my guess is that they really don’t the ladies all that well, and are just hoping there’s some kind of magic. But, the common theme I received from these in talking to other ladies, is that they are not feeling all that serious in meeting a man from the west. They are just curious, want a nice evening out with dinner, but after he leaves, they just let it die its natural death by not attending to the relationship. From the different guys that I had met and was keeping in touch with them, all of them were somewhat heartbroken. They had bought their ladies new phones, ipads, or anything that their lady had suggested so they could maintain better communication while they were apart. The young lady would receive the nice gift but the conversations would start to drift away and the long distance relationship would fade away. Par for the course.

    The benefits of attending a Dream Connection event is that it will psychologically boost you into a different man. You will feel more confident about your yourself and perhaps lose some shyness. Ukr girls like confident man, so that tour could help you in that regard.

    You’ll go on nice dates with a translator and you’ll learn more about her culture, which is important. They want to feel that you care about them because all guys have a car, a home, hobbies, but they want to hear how will the home be for them.

    And if you are choosing to spend your time in Ukraine, I can help you here more, since I lived in Ukraine for 2 years. If you want to know more, drop me a line. I am pooped out now and getting ready to join my beautiful Ukr wife in bed. I can’t sleep unless she’s next to me. Yeah, I am spoiled like that… Paca paca

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