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Anastasiadate spam

Only a week ago today I posted a review of the scam site I hadn’t checked my emails this week and when I logged in today I was quite surprised to see that my mailbox was full of letters supposedly from Russian and Ukrainian women at Anastasiadate (photo above).

Remember now that I put down in my profile that I’m 73 years old, I’m in a wheelchair, I have AIDS and I am just out of prison on a 30 year sentence for killing my first wife. And yet, all of these supposed beautiful 20-something Russian Women want to cook my dinner and raise my children.

Something stinks in the kitchen!

Just in this email, I had 9 offers to meet:

Anastasiadate 9 new messages

Out of (morbid) curiosity, I clicked on one of the links in the email. I was taken to an website and I was prompted to immediately purchase “credits” in order to look at the woman’s emails. It seems that it costs US .80 cents per letter and per photo just to read my incoming email. .40 cents if I buy 1,000 CREDITS!

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

What a scam.

Credits to view photos

I see that the kind folks at were kind enough to pass my email address around; I had numerous emails from

Amo Latina Date

A quick Wikipedia search reveals that is owned by Well, thanks for making that known, we’ll be sure to add  to the list of scam websites!

Amo Date ownership

And in their final F-you, I see that my email was also passed to Clearly, another Anastasia scam affiliate:

Aisan Date

Getting screwed by a scam website is bad enough. Do they have to spam me too?

Do yourself a favor, stay away from these scam websites!


WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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Trip Report Kiev
Taking Sand to the Beach

177 thoughts on “ scam update

  1. Privet Scott,

    I am Ukrainian born Moldova girl and I want to say I agree with you. This website is partially a scam. I want to tell you they offer girls who join AnastasiaDate money. The girls who work for the website can work from home or office and have to adhere to at least six hour online time a day. They offer a free photo session. Some of these girls are already in a relationship and others are married at present.
    Referring to all the emails, I think it is automated or they have translators who write them. I know a girl personally who is using this website and she is in a happy long term relationship with a Ukrainian man although she has claimed to many she is looking for her other half and would like to live abroad in the future.

    I want to say here to the men reading this, I do not believe it is quality dating website and keep in mind to be wary if you will communicate with a woman using this service. There are women whose want to marry a foreigner but it seems in general AnastasiaDates proposal they offer to men and women is a ploy to make money and sadly not all is as it seems. I am very sorry for those of you who were deceived.

    Positively there are other websites to meet a nice sincere Ukrainian or Russian girl whose priority is only to receive love, and give love. :)

    I wish you good luck and wish for your life to consist of much happiness!

        • Well that does not always mean the site (you are trying to visit) is unsafe but proceed with caution or at your own risk. The fact that some many men on the internet are complaining about AnastasiaDate.cxm and RussianBrides.cxm, with personal stories of getting hustled she be warning enough. It’s like an entrepreneur using a tax attorney that continually gets bad reviews. Well if you get audited and burned, whose fault is that?

          • Should be…so many men on the internet…and …should be warning enough…but you get the point.

          • Going to have to disagree on this one – it doesn’t matter if only 1% of the guys complain on Anastasia. The site is straight fraud. There are no two ways about it.

          • I would never use it but I’m naturally skeptical of dating sites in general even when they get great reviews.

          • Greg,
            Nice videos about the dating site scams! I’m even more skeptical now than I was before.

          • Re: Fake ‘Profile and Lies’ Video.
            OK guys, here is a technique from the video.
            I registered on RussianBrides on 25th Dec 2015 and Irina initiated contact with me in a letter on Dec 26th 2015 NZ time ariving in my private email inbox (which was the only email from them in my private inbox) thanking me for my interest in her. I replied on 29th NZ time. I am 10 hours ahead of RussianBrides. I was unaware it was her birthday as it was 29th here. Here is Irina’s last letter to me going off that I believe it is all a lie.
            By right clicking the mouse on the pic and saving the image to My Downs I could then examine the pic info without RussianBrides website tracking me. The pic was not photo shopped. She looks much older with wrinkles. The info tells me it the source of the pic was a Casio EX-Z8 digital camera (these were released on the market in 2007. The info says the pic was taken on Tuesday 28th Dec (Irina’s birthday) but the year is “2010” 5 years ago. The info is in English which tells me the camera was owned by a western man who took the photo on her birthday. Irina is holding flowers on stairs posing for the camera over the hand rail as though she is making a presentation entering the room. Irina states in her profile her level of English is advanced So I assume she was a Russian bride when the photo was taken. I am skeptical about the digital pic info may be planted as after I had sent her a photo from my screen of a 22 year old on live chat using the introdutory words “U like putting it in other hole?” where Irina defended the Chat telling me that if it make people happy and not feeling as lonely afterwards then they should go for it. I had told her that my Russian friends here in NZ warned me it’s all a Scam and told me most of those on Live keyboard Chat are gay men being paid to pretend they are women offering cyber sex to lonely men.
            Age: 55
            Krasnodar, Russian Federation
            Divorced lady with blue eyes and blond hair.

            Hello Greg!

            Thank you for your so long and detailed letter.
            Yes, it is rather cold in Russia now. And even in my place we have -6C degrees which is very unusual for our soft climate. But here in Orel we have a lot of snow now. But it is ok if you have warm clothes. Maybe for you it would be nice to get this new experience and explore snow)))
            Well, interesting to know that you are a marriage guidance counsellor. Never married but councellor)))) As Russians say: shoemaker without shoes!!!! And what kind of advises do you give your clients, I wonder?
            Regarding retirement: here in Russia women are retired at 55 years old and men are retired at 60 yo. But sometimes people can be retired even earlier) It is one of advantages left from soviet times. But on the other hand, it is very small money for living. Many people must continue to work to survive in this crazy world)
            I am really impressed with your wild political points of view. I am not so much into politics. I prefer to enjoy life, traveling, healthy life style, share happy moments with nice person. We do not know all the truth and that’s why can not influence. I am more down to the Earth in this case and try to make my small world happier. I am pretty romantic person and looking for the same in man.
            Have no idea why you still continue writing me if people convince you to know it is all lie on internet. Why do you still continue to spend money on it? There are thousands Russian people living in NZ and you easily can find a woman to live with in your local town. No need to spend money and time on senseless expensive mailing.
            Thank you for your birthday greetings! I really appreciate it! The same to you in return in case I might forget about it till April( I wish you health, wealth, happiness and success in work and private life! May all your dreams become true!

            Sincerely yours,

            PS. I send you my picture from my birthday.
            Translated by Agency ID: 1003431
            You can view the first photo for free.
            10 credits will be deducted from your account for view each additional photo.

            me (free) [Irina’s photo on her birthday]

          • It seems you are spending a lot of time posting comments from a woman who never wrote you. You are emailing with a fat guy in Kazakhstan.

          • Thanks Scott, I know very well it is a FAKE profile and that is why I am here. I just showed your readers to use a very basic techique using tools readily available in their PC, from the Video above, that proves the photo I have just received from the SCAM, was taken 5 years ago and not on 28th Dec 2015. Russian Brides initiated the letter to me using an OLD profile that is 15 years old. As you read in posts elsewhere Scott, I am a hacker and found the profile pics being stored in the file “Gorgious Girls Only: Irina of Krasnodar”. They do not know I am a hacker and since accusing RussianBrides my private email box is being email bombed with over 100 emails a day.

          • Seeker,
            You should try typing into Facebook the domain or and it will not post and a warning in RED will tell you the domain is blocked.

          • Sorry for late approval on this post, it went to the spam box for some reason – glad I checked it before deleting all the spam.

          • Hi Greg ,

            Well , it is certainly a good idea , to check the info , of a picture.
            Every now and then , it will give good and additional information.

            However , I would not put , too much believe , in the date .
            Because it is possible , that it was not set correctly.

            Secondly , it may not be possible , to put it on the correct day.

            Just a matter , of my own experiences.About 2 years ago , I did sent a flower bouquet to my girlfriend.
            And , I did ask , for a photo , at the time of the delivery.

            Sure enough , I got that picture.And I could see , that she was the person , who was holding , the flowers in her hands.

            Well , more like in her arms , because , it was a big bouquet.And , as a bonus , they added a smaller bouquet , in a different colour.

            Only the date was off.The picture was showing , the year 2010.

            While it obviously , was not correct , because , at that time , I did not even know her.

            Let alone , that I would send her flowers.Would not have her mobile Phone number and email.

            I also , saw , on pictures , that were made by her older sister , that the date and the year was wrong !!!

            So , it seems to me , that this sort of thing , is a more or less , common issue.

            But , it is a way , to buy a camera , very cheap.When it has a little mal function.

            Just my experiences though


          • Hi Paul,
            Re: photo info.
            You sound like a nice guy. Which agency are you dealing with?
            Firstly I am dealing with RussianBrides/AnanstasiaDate. I first had dealing with them in 1999-2000. They were different back then and supplied the ladies contact where you emailed their private email address and phoned them at their home. Wasted 6 months on a scammer who could tried the airline ticket scam. The profile I am dealing with looks similar to my own mother who I saw back in 2000. The Profile pics are the same. If you saw a profile who looked like you mother did you would check it out. The Bot wasted no time sending me a letter. Today most pics are taken on phones and the time is ‘real time stamp’ set by the network which gets the time from a nuclear clock. Why would a Russian use a Dinosor with the language set to English? You can download the book from ElenasModels called ‘Stop Wasting Money On Dating’. The book was first written in the 90s and covers the different scams such as agencies flower scams where they provide pics with the rented flowers before they are returned. Many victims are saying all the photos sent to them via the agencies email are Circa 2010 with the camera language set to English. Maybe you have the answer for that????. I have Russian friends here in new Zealand who keep warning me about the scams and their pics on facebook and VK show photo info from their friends in Russia set to Russian.

          • Greg ,

            I am sure , that you dig into this , with the true spirit , and the aim , to prove , how clever , and sinister , some agencies work , to scam you.

            But , I only had some experience , with a Russian agency.I was using it , for maybe 6 months.
            It`s not the agency , that I used , to get in contact , with my girlfriend.

            I was already in Ukraine , when I arranged , to meet her.No previous correspondence , or Phone contact , or video chat.
            No nothing.

            The flower site , that I use , is an internationally operating gift and flower site.With offices , in Ukraine , and other countries.

            This site , has no connection , to , or with dating agencies.I place my flower orders , as a private person.
            Although , it is also possible , that businesses , or other entrepeneurs , use them , to send gifts or bouquets , to relatives , and friends.

            When ordering flowers , you have the possibility , to ask for a photo , at the time of the delivery.
            Of course , this will only be possible , when the recipient , will allow this!!

            If for some reason , the gifts or bouquets , will be collected , by the mother or another relative , this person , may not give permission , to take a picture.

            But , you can Always , ask your girlfriend , if she received the flowers.And if she can send you , a picture , with them.
            That she has made , with her own camera or Phone.

            I have never used , Anastasia , or other Russian dating agencies.I only started , to check out , the EE dating sites , in 2008/2009 .
            So , I cannot comment , on the years , before that.

            I was first using a EE dating site , in 2010 , I believe.It was then , more like looking at the profiles.
            I did register with one , in early 2012.

            And for sure , I was scammed.Luckily , I only , was a paying member , for just 6 months.
            But , it is enough , to spend a small fortune.
            So , you live and learn , right ??


          • Hi Paul, you are a very lucky man meeting a good girl. I can tell you what it is like to be taken by a Russian transgender who was my dance partner and girl friend of 18 months. I thought her pussy was different because she was Russian. Russian women have been a challenge for me.

            I use Yandex, the Russian version of google when checking on Russians.
            I also check out their kind and beautiful words and find they are not theirs but have been stolen online, most likely the translator has a suckers list of beautiful words to keep her clients. Here is an example I received from the elderly lady who looks like my mother telling me about Valentines day (a nice tactic to separate the victim and his money in PPL scam) whose profile I saw back in 2000 and is still there today (Irina 1094541).
            “”Hello Greg!

            Thank you for so long and detailed letter.
            It is nice to know about NZ holidays. Have no idea if you also celebrate Snt Valentine’s Day. But just wanted to say:
            Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

            With special thoughts
            of you on Valentine’s Day
            with warmest wishes
            for all the happiness
            you deserve
            today and always.

            I am going to Moscow for 3 days in May, 2016. It will be Day if Museums and I am interested to visit some in the capital of our country. It would be nice to meet you there and explore the city together. If you are serious and really wish. So, now you have time to apply for visa and welcome to Russia.
            If not – please do not spend your and my time in wane for senseless mailing.

            Regarding other things in your letter… Well, I think you have great imagination and can write nice detective stories… But sorry, it is not for me…

            Have a very nice weekend,

            Entering that poetry into Yandex inside “……….” quotation marks will trace the words back to the on-line source where the scammer (translator) got them from.
            Here is the search result –

          • Hey Paul and Greg,
            How much time did you guys devote to background checks of the women that you were interested in?
            “I can tell you what it is like to be taken by a Russian transgender who was my dance partner and girl friend of 18 months. I thought her pussy was different because she was Russian.”
            Yikes man! I’m angry reading this.
            Even though I’m not a big fan of their food; the cold approach at a McDonalds in Russia or Ukraine is sounding better and better the more I hear about these scams.

    • Yes the girls are being paid, what do you think can anyone put in that many hours online and have a dayjob at same time. And yes there are scammers… but I had wonderful times in Odessa and in Kiev! Im now married to an Ukrainian. So its a two part story!


  2. I also was scamed I correspond with a girl but she suddenly delete her profile and say good bye to me and I saw her on Facebook , I remember because of the pics she post and the pics on Facebook and send a friend request she accepted after a month and ask her if she is the girl from Anastasia she replied she is not Russian but a Kazakhstani and she denied she ever listed there and says she is the one on the pics but someone just uses it there without her knowledge I even sent her the pics she attached in the letters which she admited its her but she denied she ever been listed there , I send her all the letters I correspond with her including her letters an d convert it into PDF so all will be compiled she denies she wrote it or sent or corresponded with me and say that they are an afarist which she says is a liars so I charged it as a simple better Luck next time life you are gambling but am re not a gambler it good thing is just a small amount charge it to my experiences that we are being blinded by love and are being conned so I hope I advice’s all who want to correspond there to think twice

  3. i was also scammed by a girl here, even when i had my suspicions about our online chats, not remembering previous chats and not knowing things i told her online i still went to odessa to see her, i did not mind this as it was a holiday for me and i had no expectations, she was polite , showed me the city and i treated her and her friend/translator to two nights on the town plus the translator fees 20 dollars per hour, a teacher earns 100 dollars a month there, nice work if you can get it i thought, still i finally woke up to the scam and saw a lovely city also, 99% do not care how they use and hurt guys, by the way her name was tatyana, id 1612305, has anyone else met her?

    • Hi John ,
      Can you tell us , at what month you were overthere?And , how do you know , that it is a teacher`s salary?

      Yes , the scam girls , most of them , anayway , will be polite , and treat you , with respect.

      Maybe , they will not get their money , when you have complaints , about them.

      And 20 dollar p/hr , for the translator , is about a normal price.I was lucky , with the second girl , and the translator was asking 15 dollars.

      No , I had not registered , on Anastasia.And , I hope , that you didn`t lose , too much money , on the site.
      Well , I guess , some of us , will be Lucky , in finding , this site , before paying , too much , on the scams.

      Others , like myself , will pay the price , and then later , eventually , will find out , that you were conned.
      Anyway , for me , it did let me , make the trip , to Odessa.

      And , as a coincidence , let me meet , my now , fiance.
      And , really , I was thinking , the same as you.Well , if it will not work out , at least , I had a new experience , and some sort of holiday.

      And , I would have seen the city , and the lives , of these people.

      Now , I was there , already 3 times.And , we have 1 last step , to make.If you know , what I mean.

      So , are you going to look ,for another E E woman?Or , will you look elsewhere ??

      Good search


      • Hi Paul, thanks for the reply i appreciate it. I was in Odessa the last week of august and Tatyana the girl i met (1612305) anastasiadate told me the wage for a teacher, she is in her last year of collage training to be a teacher, at least that is what she told me, i guess she had no reason to lie about that. As for going back it is a beautiful place and i enjoyed seeing it, however i still think of that girl every day and i would probably contact her again if i was, fool that i am, i really cared for her and still do so i am better to stay away for now, i asked her to talk through skype after a year on adate but she refused, classic scamming tactic i guess although she did email, as for an EE woman who knows? with an honest site i think i would try again but once bitten for me at the moment, i am still licking my wounds, it is wrong what they do to decent people.

        • John ,

          Partly , I am sorry , to hear , about the way you feel now.And , I read , that you (really) like her.

          I did take a brief look , at her picture , on Anastasia (no I didn`t made an account).Just typed in her ID , and you will see her photo.
          So , I guess , that you are in your early 20s or 30s.

          If I may , give my personal , vieuw on this.For one , I believe , that a 1 week visit , is not going , to get you through , a basic , start-to-know -each-other , first meet.

          Second – I mentioned , in another post , that preparation , is key!
          When I read , the posts , of other men , I most of the time , get the idea , that they didn`t took the time , to really prepare for this.

          The first , and foremost question , that you need to ask yourself is , do I really want this ??
          Do I really , really , want a woman from EE ,as my future wife.

          If you have come to a positive conclusion , then your next question , should be : “what am I willing , to sacrifice ; how much energy , do I want myself , to put in it ;how high , is my own , determination;how do I see , my future , with her ;and if , or when there are children , what is my position , in this;am I willing , to take it , till the end!!!

          You need to be very clear , on all these subjects , before even , thinking , about , to go over , and find someone for life.

          What more , is needed , to be well-prepared??
          I will tell you , what I did , before , I finally decided , to buy , a plane ticket , to Odessa.

          I started , to read , everything , I could find , on the internet , about Ukraine.I read , about , what other men , wrote , about their visits , the people , the way they live etc.

          I read , other blogs , with revieuws , of Russian and Ukrainian dating sites.I watched , all videos , that I could find , about this topic.

          Then , after some months , I stumbled , onto , this blog.And , my reading , did continue , for 9 months , in succession.I read , about their tradition and culture.

          What you can say , and cannot say.How you should treat , an EE woman.How you will approach , them.

          What , they think , in general , about their family life , and the family bonds.What is important for them.
          What type of man , are they searching for.

          All in all , I did spent , about 1 1/2 year , with this reading.Then , I believed , that I had the right insight and vieuw , on how , they would see me , as a foreigner.

          And , it was for me , to find out , what my chances , were.

          This is very important.Only you will know , if , and what success , you will have , with an EE girl/woman.

          Now , I come to the other part.I see, that you were writing , for about 1 year.And , all this time , it was , through Anastasia ??

          That would have cost a lot.In my vieuw , you should not spend more than 4 month , on a site.Then , tell the lady , that you want to come over , and meet her.

          Her reaction , will give you , some cluess.But , it is just something , which you shouldn`t take , too seriously.

          You asked her , to get on Skype , with you.The other thing , which is important , in your preparation , is to ask , the right questions , at the right moment.

          But tell me , how do you know , that you are asking , the correct question , when you don`t know , about her way of life ?
          When you are not aware , of , what is really important , to her ??

          When , you don`t have a clue , of how , the daily life , of all these Ukrainians , is about ??
          When you don`t know , how tough , life is on them , at this moment ??

          Ukrianians , are proud people , and they will not tell , a stranger , about their personal problems.
          Or , what struggle , they must fight , to make ends meet.

          It is , for this reason , that many girls/women , do sign up , for these sites , so ,they may earn , a bit more money.

          And , in part , I say , can you blame them ??

          That I was a victim , of such behaviour , well , so be it.But , I did move on.
          I did not let it , stand between , my goal , and my search , for my future wife.

          The other issue , for your preparation , is confidence.Do you really , believe in yourself , that you , will finish , this search ??
          And start a happy life ??

          So , she told you , that she can , or may earn , as much , as 100 $ , a month.But , now she is still , a student , yes ?

          Do you think , that , with the money , she now earns , she is able , to pay , for an internet connection , and then on top of that , take a Skype prescription ??

          Let`s not forget , she will also need a computer , with a camera , a headset , and also a Skype phone.
          And , all this , just in case , there may be a guy , from abroad , who wants to Skype with me.

          But , I don`t even know , if he is really serious , with me.

          There may be another reason , why she cannot Skype , with you.She could be still , live with her parents.Depending , on how good , their salary is , there may or may not be , an internet connection.

          So , I don`t know , how your dates , went with her.And how many dates in total ,you had with her.

          How did she responded , to your questions.Was she in a good mood , on every date ??Did she wanted , to hold your hand , after the 3rd or 4th date ?

          Did , you asked the right questions ?Just to find out , if she , was seeing something , in a relation , with you ??

          These people , are very closed.They don`t speak , about their problems , or their thoughts , very openly.
          It is , only , when they , really , really trust you , that they will open up , to you.

          So , before , you will even know , how she feels about you , or what she thinks about you , you have visited , your barber , many times.

          In my case , she wanted , to hold hands with me , on the 4th date.I must tell you , that 7 days before this date , we were complete strangers.
          We had no , communication , or correspondence , no Phone calls , or whatever mail , before this.

          So , as to make a guess , about my chances , with her , I asked her : When I am back , in my country , will you miss me ??
          She could understand some English.

          Now , you know , that there are 2 types of communication.Verbal and non-verbal communication.

          Don`t make no mistake , both of them , are equally important.We would go , to the Opera.And , although , I don`t speak , and don`t understand , one word , of Russian , I really , wanted , to visit this magnificent building , with her.

          And also , to see ,how it is , on the inside.Another thing , that you should know , about these people , is that they are very patriottic.
          So , taking her , to the Opera , as a stranger , will surely , increase , your chances.

          We , already , had the tickets , and we were having some coffee , at a neraby restaurant , when I asked her this question.
          It was a quiet and dry , end of summer evening.

          She , smiled and then said :maybe.Now , you can say , this in different ways.
          In a resolute way , or in a way , which will show , that you are not really sure , at this stage.

          Remember , that body language , was key here.So , I got some confirmation , that things , were going in positive direction.

          Now , you ask a question , because , you want to find out something.
          But , I wanted , to know more.
          So , what would be , a good next question ??

          I then asked her : do you want me , to come to Odessa , to live with you .

          With this question , I have left out , all parameters , which can , lead , to unclear answers.
          And , moreover , what answer , she may give me , I could still , come up , with another question.

          This time , there was a faint smile , on her face , so , you she understood , the seriousness , of the question.
          And , without any hesitation , she answered : yes !

          Now , it was a resolute and decisive :yes.

          So , in the relation , we were now , at another level.I had only roughly 13 days , to go out with her.

          While it is true , that there are many scammers , on Anastasia , I believe , that some of these girls/women , are really seeking , a foreign man.

          You , mention , that she is mailing you.Is this with her personal mail account ??
          Did she gave you , her full name and Phone number ??

          Were all the dates , only made by the translator ?Was there a date , where the translator , was not present ??
          Did she tell ,how she felt , about going out with you ??

          Now , you say , that you are licking your wounds.Yes , it is not a good feeling , when your ego , got scratched , a little bit.

          You say , you went over there , without any expectations.But , it seems to me , that it is , maybe the contrarary.

          So , what will be your next move ??


  4. I also was scammed by this women by the name of Natalia Kolesnichenko, corresponded for about 6 month, and got me to send her money ($800 in the 6 month period). I realized this women was married all this time while saying that I was her other half. Anyway, right now I recommend anyone involve in internet love search is to use “Face Recognition Technology” I started using it, and I have identified 5 scammers using models pictures. One of my favorite is “” (hit “image”) it’s free! to check any image. Google also has it, but “ is geared towards Russian and Ukrainian images. At one point I uncovered this particular scammer, I chased him/her out of 3 websites, I contacted the website, and they removed the profiles…jajaja… My next step will be to contact “Google” and have his/her email removed (this one is using a Gmail account). That way they will loose months of work, as this scammers work with many victims at once. Good luck guys!

    • Mike, sorry to hear you were scammed. Now that you know the difference between a “good site” and a “bad site,” make the right choice.

      As to “tracking down” scammers, to what end? There are hundreds of thousands of them. You might as well go to the beach and try to put all of the sand back in the ocean.

      If you’re looking for happiness, move on and find a Woman that makes you happy.

      • i set up a fake account here a few weeks ago and did not buy any credits(and never will) last week the site told me that my profile was not on display as i had not spoken to anyone in a long time (i never filled in a profile or uploaded a picture) yet still i get letters every day from stunning young educated ladys looking for a chance to know me and hopefully building a future with me, and here i was thinking that meeting people and getting to know them was the way to go, guess i am out of touch with modern dating, or maybe just anastasia daing.

  5. Hi

    I was deceived several times on amolatina.Actually it´s not hard to detect that is a scam. If you look at your email box letters or even in chat you would find very often that different so called ladies from different partts of the globe use the exact same text, either in the messages or in the chat. Why this happens? most likely because they are not who they claim to be and in many cases they even work in the same place. So why did I tooked some time and lot of money to give up? Maybe because the site furnishes to any man a dream that he does not want to end. An example is this lady ID – 1180372 (see on amolatina). From Dubai, a model, she sended me many spicy messages, we even talked about our famiy backgrounds. The actuall exists, here is her Facebook page: – . However whenI asked her to connect with her in Facebook she told me that her page was managed by her boss and I could only reach her in amolatina site. This alone would suffice to be suspicious (oh, she tried to send me her email address but in the chat I could only see dots, I dont know if it is a security system to keep you connected to amolatina in oder to talk). Later on I asked a radom girl: “this site is a scam, is it not?”, “why you are asking me this?”, “how is it possible that women from different part of the globe type always the exact same message?” – after this message the girl left the conversation immediately. So what can we conclude? Its a fraud! Some of the ladies are real but we do not know if in fact they are in the other side chatting, most cases I belive they are not. I would like very much to meet the scammers behind this. i would gladely thank them with a hugh kick on their butts.

      • Hi Jess, you have raised a good point. share’s profiles and the ID numbers are the same. They keep checking the profile updates very regularly. Within minutes of me adding to my profile that the website had stolen $100 from my credit card account for free chat, I would find it deleted. Mr profile pic of the world’s fattest man would be deleted within minutes. Infact when I would be writing a letter it would dissappear while writing when the updated my profile. I would have to use a text compiler and copy n paste in order to avoid it dissappearing when they updated my profile.

        • After writing the articles for this site, I “unsubscribed” from their emails.

          And they still come.

          I blocked the email address they are sent from.

          They still come.

          I blocked key words Anastasiadate

          and they still come.

          Any site that doesn’t respect your “no thanks” is clearly only after your money.

          Buyer beware.

  6. Seen it before.
    AnastasiaDate is the original RussianBrides mail order brides from 1993 that went online in 1997. I first contacted a Russian lady in St Peterburg in 1999 on after watching a TV documentary by a journalist who contacted several ladies and went to Russia and met them all. Back then RussianBrides advertised the lady’s mailing address and phone number and you phoned them. All seemed genuine fun until we were planning her holiday to New Zealand and she had major concerns with the cost of the airline tickets where she kept reminding me on the phone she could get the tickets cheaper at her end but wouldn’t put it in writing in her emails. I had read online about the airline ticket scam.
    5 years later I had a Russian dance partner who became my 14 months off again on again girl friend. She and her mother were both Russian brides and I discovered my partner had her Russian bride husband committed and while he was in hospital she filed for divorce and stole all his furniture. The mother married an elderly man whose health deteriated very fast. They both scammed him out of his house and life savings and skipped the country after cleaning out his bank account. He died months later heart broken and the Russian Community paid for his funeral.
    I have Russian friends who are good people. I registered on Russian Brides in late December and find it has changed a lot from 1999. The agency has complete control. I am deleting around 100 computer generated letters a day. Here in NZ 10 credits that are needed to read a letter cost $25. And $25 to reply and $25 per photo. The free chat turned out to be a scam where my credit card got charged $25 per free chat. One free chat lasted 5 seconds and was terminated after I typed I believe free chat was a scam, and they stole $25 from my credit card account. A total of $100 NZ was stolen from my credit card by free chat. The first letter I recieved turned up in my native email address, a lady whose profile I checked. Hers was the first only letter to get through to my native email. On opening it after paying $25 it turned out to be a computer gerated email thanking me for writing. Turned out RussianBrides website had sent her an email from me which I never sent. She has since told me the first emails are all computer generated. After exchanging several emails I am not even shure whether she really exists as I find her photos stored in a folder named “Gorgeous Girls Only” . A photo I have taken of free chat appearing on my screen shows a 23 year old asking “U like to put it in other hole?

    • BTW my Russian dance partner and her mother both turned out to trannys taking the elderly and the sick for a ride. I found out after they skipped the country. The mother had 3 men, the elderly man they scammed out of his house and life saving, a multi millionaire farmer who had been having an affair with the mother throughout the marriage, and her dance partner who was in love with her. I found out my partner had skipped the country after dropping her off at her mother from staying the night where she was living with her rich English cancer patient she had nursed to the hospital. I was told they were feeding the old man sleeping pills so they could go out dancing. I never thought I would ever get taken in by one of those. Appearanty the mother used to be the father and had the sex change done back in the days when they couldn’t do a very good job.

      • If a man is going to deal with those types of sites, seems like he should demand a birth certificate, childhood school photos, and DNA tests to specify the (general) age and gender of who they are dealing with. Hell, if I was a multi-millionaire it would be worth every penny to verify that your woman is not a tranny.

        • Why do y’all even need all these dating sites, folks?;) Just come over to Eastern Europe and talk to the girls everywhere!

          • Why do y’all even need all these dating sites, folks?;) Just come over to Eastern Europe and talk to the girls everywhere!
            You don’t need any sites to come over and meet the ladies;) And they are all over the place!

          • Not PC enough!

            Here we go…
            “The person formerly know as Bruce.”

            Let’s try this again…
            “Hell, if I was a multi-millionaire it would be worth every penny to verify that your potential wife was born with a vagina and ovaries instead of a penis and testicles.”


            LOL ;-)

      • Did a job for a Russian couple in who freaked me out when they turned out to know more about me than I know about myself. They are accusing my ex Russian girlfriends mother poisoning her own husband. But they didn’t know they were both trannies. I have had to remove the names to protect a Russian facebook friend.
        XXXXX Charles
        XXXXX Charles
        Hi Anna, I did a job for a Russian couple yesterday. They told me that all the Russians in Wgtn were concerned about Alex Karus health going down hill very quickly. I didn’t know the Russian community were accusing Nadejda was poisoning Alex Karus. I was told by Bill Triplow, Nadejda’s lover, that Nadejda was feeding Alex sleeping pills so she could come out dancing. Nadejda cheated on Alex thoughout her marriage.
        XXXXXX Sledkova
        XXXXXX Sledkova
        It was possible.

        • Did you ever meet her other family members, relatives, and old friends?…or did she ever share childhood, teen, and other photos from her youth?…since most women have tons of photos from every stage in their life. Did she ever take you to a Russian Orthodox Church service, etc?

          • Hi Seeker, you have raised an interesting point as I was always very suspicious as they never showed me any pictures from the past. There were soft toys that looked like they had never really been played with or through the washing machine. At the time I imagined the possibility they could have been Russian spies and sex was the best I had ever had like they had been trained by the KGB (before I found out they were Trannies with a capital T). The daughter (son in disuise) immigrated to NZ as a Russian Bride married to a computer tech who himself had be a former child immigrant from Russia during the 70s. Her mother (father) immigrated 18 months later as per immigration law allows parents and family members. She had been in the country 8 years when we met and was still separated from her (his) first husband. The mother (father) had met a man at dancing and married him. He had immigrated to NZ during the 50s from Russia. Turned out he had a daughter living in Austria he hadn’t told them about. They had the old man sell his 4 bedroom house for a 3 story 2 bedroom town house with the bedrooms on the 3rd floor. My ex partner pretended to be living at that address when we met and pretended to be paying her parents mortgage forcing me to pay our $300 a week competitive dancing lessons, when it turned out they were systematically scamming the old man out of his house and life savings. I was initially lied to that the old man was her father and she and her husband immigrated later and her husband had used her to get into NZ. The old man was retired and her mother was unemployed and pretended to be the old man’s care giver. It was the owner of the dance studio who told me that one day Nadejda the mother showed up late for her private dance lesson and said “sorry I’m late I got married today”.Turned out my ex partner’s husband had paid for her study and she had graduated with a bachelor in nursing and he had sold his house to pay her fees. They were living in a council flat when she had him committed and filed for divorce. He got out to find all his furniture and money in the bank stolen.
            She had moved in with her mother and the old man. She had struck up a relationship with her English cancer patient whom she nursed at hospital. She also worked in mental health and spent several days a week with mental patients and 2 days a week general nursing. She had me dropping her off at what she lied to me was her works night shift supervisors house to baby sit. She wanted me to help her buy an apartment. and open a joint back account with her because she couldn’t get a mortgage on her own which I refused. They again sold the old mans house claiming the old man was having trouble with the stairs. they had me check over old properties and bought the property I specifically told them not to. It was a home and income with a lower flat under the house with the 100 year old with rotten wooden foundations. while helping them shift I found a joint bank statement while dumping their rubbish at the dump. It showed my ex partners name and the cancer patients name living at the old mans address they had just sold and the patient had done a deposit not knowing he was depositing into his own account. I did 6 months work on the property believing it belonged to the old man and her mother and it was while working on the property they lied to the multi-millionaire farmer and myself that her real father was to be a nuclear physicist who died from radiation when she was 8 years old and was working for the KGB. They told his the mother (father) was trained by the KGB to spy in northern Russia but then the daughter was born. After my partner did her disappearing act I found out the house belonged to my ex partner and her mother.
            I knew they were feeding the old man sleeping pills so the mother could come out dancing and cheat on her husband throughout her marriage. The old mans health deteriated very fast. I didn’t know the mother (the father) was poisoning him. The mother ripped the builder off $20,000 and put the house on the market for $700,000 claiming the building company had threatened her life and skipped the country after cleaning out her husband’s bank account. Her husband died months later and neither of them returned for his funeral. The Russian community paid for his funeral.

          • That is one awesome (not in the good way) story…like a movie or something…if you wrote an e-book you might be able to recoup some of your costs! You dealt with a son and father transsexual con-artist team of murdering thieves…just a big web of lies…they lied about their sex, their past, their intentions, etc. Hopefully this has not killed off your search for a foreign bride.

          • Hi Seeker, Just to clear some things up. Her Russian bride husband sold his house to finance her studies in nursing. She(he) was an A student. She graduated with a masters in both general psychiatric nursing when we were in a relationship. She skipped the country on me to live with her English cancer patient who had been transfered to Australia. She has since graduated with a PhD in nursing and manages a hospital. I do not believe she should be allowed near the sick and the elderly.

          • So he (she) was self medicating/treating to a certain degree!

            ” She graduated with a masters in both general psychiatric nursing…”

            She manages a hospital? Is this how the gov there is going to keep their health care costs down? Hire a suspected murderer to manage a hospital.

  7. Response to Greg’s new video on fake profiles: Plan that trip to EE. After seeing this video, its really unfortunate how bad it is out there. If there are guys out there who are these fake websites for months, then please take my advice. Save your money and your time and make that trip. A physical meeting with a Ukrainian lady has got be much more rewarding than an internet scam.

    As any of you that have been following my blog entries, I have not ever recommended a single agency in Ukraine and for all the reasons that are similar to these websites. Scams are abundant in Ukraine.

    However, there may be one that I could possibly trust if someone put a gun to my head and I had to spit out a name. I visited it myself when I first arrived in Ukraine in 2012, and they’re legit. I went into the office and met the ladies that work there and even asked them on late notice for a lady that would like to go out with me that evening. I paid them the $50 (I believe that was the charge) for their fee in securing the date for me. Unfortunately, because of my late arrival, the lady could not make the date. They refunded my money on the spot. They also have nice apartments that they rent out, which I used, and was satisfied with the quality and location.

    I don’t want to shout out the name, unless Scott you give me the go ahead. I just feel that if guys are really in search of a genuine relationship, then they’ve got to meet people in real life, and get out of the virtual world. I am willing to bet this one agency may help. Remember, if they don’t work out, well, hell, you had a nice vacation, and spent time in the company of a very sweet and attractive lady.

    We need to make some steps here fella’s, and I know many of you are skeptical of who to contact, where to go, etc. Basically, lately in the blog, we’ve been chasing our tail. Only one guy (Paul) has related his recent experience in Ukraine. If there are a million people reading this blog, then certainly there must be a percentage that want to go, but just need to know who to trust.

    I believe I am willing to put my name on this endorsement, although the owner does not know me and there is nothing in this for me, except knowing that sincere guys can meet genuine ladies (I believe, not 100% sure, because I never went out with any ladies from his agency. Like I said, I can attest there is a live office, with sincere matchmakers who are trying to help).


    • Rodney, all the videos above smell DESPERATION!! They cry out loud: I’M DESPERATE FOR SEX!!!! I’m DESPERATE for anything thrown my way! I’m willing to wire busloads of money to some unknown unfit chain smoking female who lives 2000 miles away from me just to keep her interested in corresponding with me! Man oh man…. What happened to modern males? Where’s self respect, dignity, manliness??
      Look at those males on videos: bad personal care and hygiene, unfit, chain smokers!
      For God’s sake, males: man up, grow a pair, get sporty, learn how to take care of yourself, save some money and come over to Eastern Europe in summer!!! I guarantee you that you’ll meet more beautiful, real and stylish females in 1 week than you’ll do on any dating website in 1 year!
      But remember-you want someone stylish, smart and sexy, then possess those qualities YOURSELF!
      An evolving relationship is a two way street, not one way!

      • I hear you FC. Those desperate males have spent a long time on keyboards and therefore don’t take care of themselves. I was thinking out loud, if they forced themselves to go abroad, that they’d be motivated to clean themselves up, get exercise and prepare to meet real, live and feminine ladies. Enough of the online agencies, man!

    • This is video is an oldie when Anastasia ran tours. Watch the behaviour of the guys on tour and you will understand why the women hated them. If Western men came to my country and degraded our women, yes I would set up a website business to take their money without them ever meeting the girls.

      • It appears that 8 out of 44 men on the tour applied for fiance visa for girls that they met.

        That’s a strike rate of 18%. Almost 20%.

        That’s pretty good I would think.

        • Not bad. Now imagine if the MGTOW and marriage strike guys would go to a place in the world like that even if they did not use a tour. That strike would end pretty quick for most of them or at least they would be actively negotiating…AKA dating the local women and enjoying life for a change.

        • NOTE: The above video is an oldie back in the days before the Mafia took over Anastasiadate, back in the days when it was known simply as Anastasia and used the domain Since the Mafia take-over Anastasia/RussianBrides changed their name to Anastasiadate.

  8. OK Guys here is good video on Ukraine and it’s problem sex industry. Must watch 9:00 minutes into the video is the Australian IT contractor, who also appeared on the above Mail Order Bride video, thought he was working for a Russian Bride agency where he discovered it was the sex trade run by the mafia.

    • Read in English the adverts placed by the scam agencies advertising for scammers.
      Copy and paste работа брачное агентство into Google or Yandex. Click on the links to open and then right click the mouse button and select Change To English.

  9. I keep reading this and keep wondering WHY people even need to use any kind of dating websites when all it takes is to buy a plane ticket to Eastern Europe and to explore it yourself.
    WHY all this endless messaging, attempts to find out what profile is real and what is fake, paying MONEY to get addresses and phones numbers of females??

  10. Hey Seeker! “Yikes man! I’m angry reading this.
    Even though I’m not a big fan of their food; the cold approach at a McDonalds in Russia or Ukraine is sounding better and better the more I hear about these scams.”

    That was the suggestion I gave months ago. Its very easy to meet ladies naturally in Ukraine. As I’ve mentioned before. If you go there cold with no leads: join an English club! That’s it. You’ll end up making new friends and new friends always leads to: Do you have a girlfriend? Or wife? When you say no, and you are a stand up guy, you’ll be asked to meet with a young lady who wants a boyfriend/husband. Best way to find love – avoid the agencies!

    • Damn right on: Best way to find love – avoid the agencies!!
      That’s the BEST way to find anything-love, sex , relationship, training partner etc.
      I’m married and always have a ring on my finger and even then I’m often asked when I happen to teach English to some new folks if I’m married or have a girlfriend.

      • Hey Rodney!
        I remember the story about the Aussie. The guy spent thousand$. FormerCanadian and Rodney…I’m starting to understand the reasoning behind both of your militant organic approaches…I think electronic communication favors women and disadvantages men most of the time…chemistry happens in person.
        Well men I definitely enjoy the stories — including the inspirational envy and healthy kicks in the ass — you keep providing from time to time on this website.

        • Hi Seeker ,

          To tell the truth , I didn`t wanted to waste , money and time , on doing a bckground check.Yes , I knew/know , that there are business , that can provide such sort of things.

          Like delivering flowers and make a photo , so you will have prove , that she is a real person.

          Me , I already , had several dates with her.And , you may tell , from her body language , and other things , that she did , if you may be , on a somewhat developing relation.

          Of course , you have Always the risk , that she may be involved , in another acquaintance , with some other foreigner.

          Giving the way , we got to know each other.So , yes , I had that calculated , in this type of relation.

          Sooner or later , I would know , if it was going to work out , or not.

          The only way , to check , if there was a chance , of a positive development , was to keep in contact.

          Like I mentioned , with her , there was no agency involved , in the email.
          And , I had her Phone number , so I could call her and /or send an sms.

          I didn`t pay for the emails or Phone calls.

          Of course , you should know , to pay attention , to the things , which matters.

          Her body language , how is she behaving , when she is with you.
          Is she asking , to go to the mall , or the shops , with you ?

          Will she Always , take you to the most expensive restaurants ?
          Is she relaxed , and feeling good , on the dates , that you have ??

          Is she giving you excuses , that she cannot , meet with you , the next day ??
          How long before she wants to see you again ?

          What is the conversation , about , on the dates ?How is she acting , when asking her , some personal questions ?

          And I don`t mean , pure intimate questions!!
          But more like , how she feels about her job.
          What type of hobbies does she has.

          Is there something , that she would want to do , one day ?
          Like visiting another country , city , well , you know , these sort of questions.

          I also mentioned , that when we were walking , and I was lagging , a bit behind , she immediately turned her head , to check , where I am or what I am doing!!

          So , once you are relatively sure , that it feels good , it is up to you , to keep the spirit , in this relation , when you have returned home.

          And , that is , when it is time , to send her flowers.Do not under estimate this fact.
          Keeping the spirit alive , is what matters.

          And for sure , don`t forget , to send her flowers , on the 8th of March (International Women`s Day).
          And on her birthday !!!

          There are 2 things , that you should consider.
          If she is already , in a somewhat , serious relation , with another foreigner , she may not want to hold your hand.

          Or not so often.She can act differently.
          It is possible , that she may want , to wait and see , how , the “other” relation , will develop.

          I could understand that ( I was the one , who turned up last).

          But , if her relation (if there was any) , with the other man , was strong , she may not have gone , on so many dates , with me.
          To begin with.

          And she may not , be willing , to accept , the flowers.
          Let alone , to agree , to let the delivery guy or girl , take a picture.

          So , once it was delivered , and I got the photo , I was more or less , sure , that it could turn out , to something , more serious.

          Like I said , be attentive , watch how she behaves.
          The way , she interconnects with you.

          Don`t expect , too much , on your first dates.Especially , when you had no previous contact.

          Understanding , their tradition , and daily life , will help you , to take the right actions.

          @Greg ,

          Wow , yes , this transgender thing , is becoming more of an issue now , these days.
          So , now it is more needed , to not skip biology classes. ;-)))

          And to really take a good look , when you first meet her.
          Is she speaking , with a low voice …………….

          AAAAhhhhhh ……………………..

          How could I have missed that …………..

          What was I thinking …………………….

          Yes , think with the big head



          • Hi Paul, you need to know that there are a lot of wealthy Russian women in Russia. Russians have their sex change operations undertaken in Europe. In my Anastasia/RussianBrides profile I take the piss “If you have become an outcast in you village for selling your mother’s cow to buy grease to put on your face to attract western men….then only I can save you”

            What you guys in USA and the west see on your TV of Russians is not true. They see documentaries on their TV of you guys living in cardboard boxes out on the streets.
            The west always comment on the ugly concrete apartments in Russia but what your Govt. don’t want you knowing is that Russia won WW2 while the allies sat back and did virtually nothing. England and France were to have invaded Russia with Germany but absented and Hitler went alone and the UK and France declared a phony war on Germany. USA financed Germany and financed the concentration camps making obscene profits from the slave labour. USA supported the Nazis and initially Germany’s military hardware was American.

            After WW2 Russia had millions of homeless people and Russia put roofs over everyone of their heads. You may be surprized to know that when some construction companies tried the western fascism trick and rip off the system and cut corners, they got lined up in front of the apartments and machine gunned and another company got the job of pulling it back down and rebuilding it to Govt. specs. That is why those ugly apartments are still standing today. The western Govts didn’t build apartments for their homeless after WW2.

            The surgeons these days can do such a good job that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. You are probably wondering how I found out both she and her mother were transgenders scamming the elderly and the sick out of their houses and life savings? I tracked down her rich English cancer patient whom she had nursed at Wellington hospital and skipped the country to marry who I never knew existed. I informed him she was a man and destroyed the marriage. Most people would have reported her to the medical council and had her struck off. Doctor, Surgeons, Nurses, even Dentists are forbidden to have relationships with their patients. I was the boyfriend her work colleagues was. My information proves they entered NZ under false pretenses giving false information. Her father was to have been a nuclear physicist who died from radiation when she was 8 years old. My information shows her mother was in-fact her father and used to be an elektromonta working for an elevator company in Moscow.
            This is for you guys who are not hackers.

      • Damn right about agencies. Check the different agencies advertising for scammers and their affiliates.
        Copy and paste into Google or Yandex click on the links to open and right mouse click and select ‘Change to English’
        работа брачное агентство

        • 99.9% of the agencies are bogus. So far, the only two that I know of that are legitimate are Elena’s and Cupid.

          If anyone comes across any other “candidates” for “legitimate agency,” please post here or email me.

        • Greg ,

          You are right.These days , it is possible , to do a genitical sex change , which is almost perfect.

          Medical and plastic surgery , have become , more of an art , now.
          I was never in Russia , so , I can`t say , what , wealthy Russian women do.

          It is true , that the people , had more money , in the past decade.So , the standard for living , went up.

          I am not a resident , from America , and so , what people see , on tv , in USA , I don`t know.

          From , what I have sen on tv , or in the paper and the internet , transgenders , can look , if they Always , have been a woman.

          It is a bit scary.And it shows , that men , must check really good , if they meet , with a real woman , or not!

          Sorry to hear , that you got scammed.And , things , did not go , the way , you wanted , them to develop.

          But don`t let it , keep you obsessed.
          Think positive


          • Thanks Paul, I only ever got scammed out of 6 months labour and a few building materials and so did the multi-millionaire farmer working on the Russians big house which they bought for $500,000 and sold a year later for $700,000 after they skipped the country. I felt sorry for the elderly Russian man who had lived in NZ since WW2 whom the mother (who turned out to have been the father) married and whose health deteriated very quickly and thought the house was his and died 2 months after she skipped the country with his bank account cleaned out and no money to pay for his funeral. They didn’t return for his funeral and the scammer has herself listed in Australia as a widow. The Wellington Russian community paid for his funeral.

          • OK here is the final letter fake letter from the sick ‘Work Bride’ scammer using an elderly lady’s 15 year old profile. After putting the RussianBrides scammer on the spot about the 70 year old’s profile that looks like my mother which I first saw in 1999 – 2000. And telling her my Russian friends here in NZ warn me and to tell her copy and paste работа брачное агентство into Google search and for her to read her own Anastasiadate job description, advertising for job vacancies for local translators to work as ‘Work Brides’ scamming lonely foreigners. And advertising payment and ongoing commission to local models for a photo shoot to create clean profiles to be used by the work brides to scam lonely westerners.
            I also included the video of ‘how the scam works’
            and the Australian IT contractor who was shot by an AnastasiaDate agency

            I receive the final letter with many of my questions still unanswered. For example why does it always read ‘translated by agency’ when the profile says advanced English where the profile holder could just write me in English like the girls on EM. Also I was invited to Russia (to meet the so-called 55 year old (that looks like my mother) who is really 70 years old that I have seen advertised as 54 & 55 years since the year 2000).
            I also included several AnasstasiaDate job descriptions in the different cities including Ukraine and Anastasia club

            Here is the final response. No explanation from sick bitch for using an elderly ladies old profile who may very well be deceased:
            (ID: 1094541)
            Email Me
            Add to Contacts
            Age: 55
            Krasnodar, Russian Federation
            Divorced lady with blue eyes and blond hair.

            Hello, Jeff!
            I have got your letter. Well…
            First of all I must say you didn’t surprise me with your “valentines day surprize on Anastasia”. It was, let say, strange behaviour of a strange man. Nothing more. I am not suspicious, but you are, as I can see. And all the rest of your letter just confirms that you are a very strange and a very suspicious personality.
            I hav told you many times that I am serious and not interested in aspects of Anastasia rules and so on…
            I am also curious why you having been stalking the ladies profiles since 2000 and have seen my profile there since 2000 only. You should find it since 1980, if not from 1960, at least!))))
            The point that you “changed your RussianBrides profile to scare off the young girls” just tells me a lot. Everyone gets what he is worthy or looking for. With this kind of intention and profile you can not meet a serious person. I am sure, girls feel it and play with you like you play with them. Equal situation, nothing else. Don’t you think so?
            If a strange man spends years and money since 2000 for senseless things it is man’s choice. But sorry, not mine and not for me! Your letter is more addressed to management or administration of dating website. So, please, contact them and disccuss it there.
            I am tired of it and wouldn’t like to continue.
            Wish you all the best,
            Translated by Agency ID: 100343

  11. I Got feedback from Anastasia on My online ID ‘Cyber Tranny’ is in honour of my former Russian girlfriend.

    For starters “Cyber Tranny” is not a client. There are no references to AnastasiaDate hiring anybody. If anything, the jobs are for most likely interpreters that work for agencies. Cyber Tranny is most likely a competitor or paid troll. These are easy to spot as they reference not once case of themselves or ID of any member that is in question. When in doubt do not send money to anyone you have never met online. The above post has been reported as fake.

    Gregory Vasquez
    CSD Director

    • WHY do you care so much about complaining, reporting etc, instead of just forgetting all the internet dating altogether and visiting Eastern Europe yourself in person this coming summer???

      • Because Irina from Krasnodor ID 1094541 looks like my mother and enjoyed seeing her face over the years.
        She is in her 70s and most likely a victim of Anastasiadate/RussianBrides. And may even well be deceased.
        Here is an example from Global Dating Insites:

        Here is a comment of one Ukrainian girl:
        “I found out about this type of work just last month when I had applied to a couple of such agencies. After they explained me the essence of the work I felt disgusted and, of course, refused. But there are some girls who do such job with pleasure because they receive money, even not much, and some gifts.”
        Another lady wrote a longer account of her encounter with the PPL scheme:

        “And the situation is even more disgusting. I can tell about my own experience of being cheated as a woman. Some two years ago or so when it just came to my mind to try internet dating, and I knew nothing about the business, I addressed one Ukrainian dating agency which promised to place and verify my data on the two well-known international dating sites. I agreed, and I gave them my photos and information about myself including even passport data (so serious they pretended to be in their attempts “to save foreign men from indecent women”). And they placed my profiles on those sites indeed. But then strange things started. As for one site, I could not even write letters by myself from the very beginning (“What’s the problem? Tell us who you want to write and what about, and we shall send him a letter”). On the other site, it was possible to read and write letters freely, but the very first days I was greatly surprised when one day having opened my page I discovered that I somehow “managed” to “write” one hundred men just in one night! The letter “I” sent them started with “My dear sweetheart…” or something like this, and I was so shocked! Since that time, I tried to change my password several times, I contacted my “agent” and urged her not to send any correspondence on my behalf, I replaced all the information from my profile several times… Nothing helps, they still continue to use these two-year-old photos and my data to cheat men. From the internet forums, I have learned that even if you close your profile on those sites, it’s no help because they still continue to use your information and photos, but then without even your knowing it. And I don’t know what can be done in this situation. But there is another thing I want to mention. No matter how stupid those letters they send are, there are always at least several men who react on them. I have never been so popular by myself, with my real letters than with those fake ones written on my behalf. Dear men! Do you really believe that a normal woman will call you her sweetheart and will tell you she loves you in the very first letter???”

      • Hi FormerCannadian, there is something wrong with the functionality of this site and my comment disappeared.

        Because Irina from Krasnodar ID 1094541 looks like my mother and I have enjoyed seeing her over the years. She is in her 70s and may be a VICTIM of AnastasiaDate/RussianBrides scam and may be deceased.

        Here is an example on Global Dating Insites of Eastern woman being victims to the scam.
        Here is a comment of one Ukrainian girl:

        “I found out about this type of work just last month when I had applied to a couple of such agencies. After they explained me the essence of the work I felt disgusted and, of course, refused. But there are some girls who do such job with pleasure because they receive money, even not much, and some gifts.”
        Another lady wrote a longer account of her encounter with the PPL scheme:

        “And the situation is even more disgusting. I can tell about my own experience of being cheated as a woman. Some two years ago or so when it just came to my mind to try internet dating, and I knew nothing about the business, I addressed one Ukrainian dating agency which promised to place and verify my data on the two well-known international dating sites. I agreed, and I gave them my photos and information about myself including even passport data (so serious they pretended to be in their attempts “to save foreign men from indecent women”). And they placed my profiles on those sites indeed. But then strange things started. As for one site, I could not even write letters by myself from the very beginning (“What’s the problem? Tell us who you want to write and what about, and we shall send him a letter”). On the other site, it was possible to read and write letters freely, but the very first days I was greatly surprised when one day having opened my page I discovered that I somehow “managed” to “write” one hundred men just in one night! The letter “I” sent them started with “My dear sweetheart…” or something like this, and I was so shocked! Since that time, I tried to change my password several times, I contacted my “agent” and urged her not to send any correspondence on my behalf, I replaced all the information from my profile several times… Nothing helps, they still continue to use these two-year-old photos and my data to cheat men. From the internet forums, I have learned that even if you close your profile on those sites, it’s no help because they still continue to use your information and photos, but then without even your knowing it. And I don’t know what can be done in this situation. But there is another thing I want to mention. No matter how stupid those letters they send are, there are always at least several men who react on them. I have never been so popular by myself, with my real letters than with those fake ones written on my behalf. Dear men! Do you really believe that a normal woman will call you her sweetheart and will tell you she loves you in the very first letter???”

        • OK, I do understand your point of view. What I’m trying to say is: If a male, ANY MALE, is stupid enough to fall for THAT kind of bullshit, then that particular or any other male for this matter DESERVES to be taken for a ride by such an agency! Somehow desperation and sex hunger prevail in western males these days and they simply refuse to think with their HEAD instead of a dick head when they see a photo of an attractive and sexy female online.

          • I hear you Former Canadian. But the whole idea of this site is to put out the truth and close down those scam sites. Is it not, or am I at the wrong place here ????. Stupid Western men with their perverted ‘Cinderella fantasies’ are NOT the only victims. Honest Eastern women who once used the services when the services were Legit now have their identities stolen and being used for scam.
            The elderly female here is in her 70s and is a victim of IDENTITY THEFT.
            I am hoping she is deceased so I can expose Anastasiadate and RussianBrides. Do you have the balls to do that???.

          • Oh, the whole idea of this site is to CLOSE DOWN those scam dating sites?? That’s news to me!
            I thought that the main idea of this site was and still is to help western males to find a happy relationship and partner in life and not to chase some ghosts and phantoms in form of a couple of scam dating sites!
            Again, western males who still pay loads of money just to have a chance to TALK ONLINE to some PHOTO of an Eastern European female DESERVE what they get.
            And I honestly doubt that “those eastern European women whose identities were supposedly stolen” care much about that “theft”;)
            What am I supposed to have the balls for? ;)) To fight some phantoms and ghosts like those webpages?
            I honestly do not give a flying fuck about it. If males are stupid, sex hungry and desperate enough to pay loads of money to chat with a photo on a webpage then they deserve that!
            I’ve never given a penny to a dating site.
            I had balls to get the hell out of North America for good and never looked back! I guess it counts more than a so called fight against a dating website;)

          • Of course not. But I have my rights to have my OWN opinion and to express it ;)
            Looks like you ain’t got NO arguments thus you’ve decided to turn to a personal attack against me, eh ;)

          • FormerCanadian, There is no point in you fighting with me with that arrogant attitude. I can clean out your entire bank account if I wanted to!!. Never abuse with a hacker.

          • Scott, no worries;) Let him back up his words with real deeds and clean my entire bank account (if he ever manages to find it) ;))
            I wanna have a good laugh;)

          • Listen, Greg. I’ve never backed down from what’ I’ve said.
            I’m too old and too big of a mothafucker to care about some empty words from yet another behind the screen hero.
            You can clean my entire bank account?;) Fine, go ahead and do it;) I’m gonna have a damn good laugh looking at your attempts;)

          • FormerCanadian, Lol, I think you are doing a runner from Ukraine?????????. Am I right??? Tell us the truth!!!!!

          • FC ,

            Well , in reading from the first post , that Scott wrote , some years ago , it was the intention , to share HIS experiences , while finding a wife , in EE.

            That said , it is inevitable , to not come across , some bad or fraudilous agencies.

            With all these encounters , in mind , it is not a bad idea , to warn , other males , about the different ways , in which these agancies did operate , and still today , try , to get you pay , lots of money , to them.

            To me , it is clear , that it is good , to share , bad experiences , with other men.So , as to let them , not make this mistake.

            In this , it`s apparent , that you should realise , which agencies , can be trusted or not.Men , who don`t have the chance , or the possibility , to go over to Russia or Ukraine , to live there , and start a new life , can certainly benefit , from this info.

            Is it the BEST METHOD , to find a wife in EE or Russia , when staying at home , and sitting behind a computer ??
            No , it is NOT.

            But , understand , that there are many men , who don`t have the opportunity , and maybe the money , to do , what you did.
            So , you certainly are , one hell of a Lucky guy.

            That said , I believe , that every Western male , should decide for hisself , what he can or may afford , to find a good wife and happiness , in EE.

            But , I would recommend , that they at least , go over there and see , how life is , today.
            And meet the women , in real.


          • Closing dating sites in Eastern Europe is like shutting down email scams from Nigeria. It is a waste of time.

            All you can do is focus your energy on finding a good Woman for you.

            The best we can do together is to expose Anastasia for the fraud that it is and offer an alternative. You won’t EVER shut down all the scam sites.

          • Well Scott, I know some out there who are trying to expose the scam sites and Elena’s Models today posted feedback on my friend’s review that they are investigating deeper into the scam industry and will be hoping the American media take up the cause:-
            Elena's Models
            Elena’s Models16 hours ago
            +David Brunner
            Thanks David,
            we are investigating more deeper with people in Ukraine doing filming , interviews and obtaining evidence to keep handing to media and government agencies as the issue is getting worse and we currently estimate 90% of all Ukraine dating sites run the same false structure accounting for over USD150 million from men in the USA alone annually.
            We are patient as in time a major media TV network will pick up the story with our help and then finally you will see government agencies react .

            Good news is some of the largest companies doing this have USA or UK registered companies and employees therefore can and will be liable in those locations.

            Here is a fact- if it is a real dating site with members only doing their own communication our data over the last 7 years shows only 2 out of 10 new mails or contacts sent by a man get any response from a real women in the first sending and after 7 days the retention is 50 % in communication.

            also when a man gets true responses over 80% share and swap personal contact details and start offsite communication in the fist 3 weeks from the initial contact.

            This means if you are getting much higher response rates and cant get personal contact details it is 99% likely false communication and likely either a BOT or a paid worker typing to you.
            Show less

  12. I just wanted to say thanks for this posting. I found it about a year ago. I clicked on Asiandate and looked and saw what you meant. Within a day with no pictures or information but a name and age had 17 letters. I took the time to sift through profiles I liked and learned how to read them as the would apply to what I was looking for. I then set up over 1,000 accounts over a week period and used the 20 free chat minutes on each profile to actually get to know 3 ladies. Next month I will become a married man who makes 80k American a year to a shared worth of over 700 million American. I could not have found her without your help.

    • Hey Joe, are you the guy who collects cards or has some SCUM STOLEN your pic?
      I interested in the fine details as to how exactly you worked your 20 minutes of Free Chat on AsianDate. AsianDate is a scam website and owned by Anastasiadate an infamous scam website. How did you get 20 minutes of free chat????? Anastasia/RussianBride stole $25 from my credit card account for just 6 seconds of so-called Free Chat. For AnastasiaDate and their sister company RussianBrides copy and past работа брачное агентство into google search and read Anastasiadate advertising job vacancies in both Russia and the Ukraine for local ‘Work Bride’ scammers to scam lonely foreigners. And advertising payment to local models for a preofessional photo shoot to create clean profiles for the work brides to scam lonely foreigners. You should check Asian social media for Asiandate’s advertising for scammers. Let us know how you got on with the Asian scammers. I guy told me she promised to marry him after he first bought her parents a house.

  13. Hello Greg,

    That is not cool, making idle threats like you have just made. You wouldn’t like anyone cleaning out your accounts for any reasons. That sort of talk is not for this forum or any forum. And definitely, that kind of thinking is not for any sweet, gorgeous, and wonderful Ukrainian lady. This is not the behavior I would not accept as a gentleman for my own daughter. So, please grow up or leave the forum.

    • Hello Rodney,
      In response to your defense of your arrogant buddy who hides behind the name FormerCanadian and suggesting that I leave the forum.
      I suggest you do some of your own research. Firstly Rodney, how many times since WW2 has north America threatened Russian citizens with nuclear extermination??? And how many of these sweet, gorgeous and wonderful brides you refer to in your attack on me have gone missing in North America without trace and other found brutally murdered by sick arrogant and violent Americans??? It has been news here in NZ. When you do your research you will appreciate how the marriage agencies changed to scam and why their Work Bride Scammers hate westerners and feel they are doing nothing wrong by scamming you and keeping their girls out of harms way.
      When I read the posting on this site I see FormerCanadian using the F word and MothaFucker word and you seem ok with that?.
      Here are just a few copy and pastes from your buddy:
      “I’ve never backed down from what’ I’ve said.
      I’m too old and too big of a mothafucker to care about some empty words from yet another behind the screen hero”
      “Again, western males who still pay loads of money just to have a chance to TALK ONLINE to some PHOTO of an Eastern European female DESERVE what they get.
      And I honestly doubt that “those eastern European women whose identities were supposedly stolen” care much about that “theft”;)
      What am I supposed to have the balls for? ;)) To fight some phantoms and ghosts like those webpages?
      I honestly do not give a flying fuck about it. If males are stupid, sex hungry and desperate enough to pay loads of money to chat with a photo on a webpage then they deserve that!
      I’ve never given a penny to a dating site.
      I had balls to get the hell out of North America for good and never looked back! I guess it counts more than a so called fight against a dating website;)”
      “Of course not. But I have my rights to have my OWN opinion and to express it ;)
      Looks like you ain’t got NO arguments thus you’ve decided to turn to a personal attack against me, eh ;)”

      The quotes I have outlined above which you Rodney seem happy with, I would consider to be from someone who does not reach in a normal and social manner.

      • Oh oh oh, cry me a river;)) How old are you? 12?
        Cause you sound like a feminized school boy who’s running to the Principal and complaining:” Look, look, someone’s swearing over there”.
        You ain’t a male, Greg, you are a pussy hiding behind your computer screen.!
        Looks like your only goal in life is to fight phantoms and ghosts in form of “Scum marriage agencies”;)
        Get a life, man;)
        Yes, I was, I am and I will be using the F-word.
        I always say what I mean , I ain’t politically correct pussy and have a lot of my own arguments to back my F-word with.
        You may collect my quotes all you want, but I’ll always say what I mean!
        Oh, and 1 question if you don’t mind;)) I hope that you have enough balls and honesty to give me a prompt reply.
        How does YOUR threat to “clean” all my bank accounts correlate with “normal and social manner”?;))) And you were the first with THIS THREAT;) I’ve never said anything bad about you personally until you came up with that;)
        I hope you are man enough to reply;)

        • FormerCanadian, here is my reply. You think you are tough hiding behind that fake name. I bet you don’t show this side of yourself to your wife’s family. Anyone reading your posts would see your relationships doomed. You haven’t once said a positive word on this site. You degrade women and call them “land whales” and other names. You wage you were so angry with feminists in your own country that abandoned Canada. I’d say you have been trouble with the law and have taken advantage of a poor girl in a poorer country???. On this site you have not proven to your readers to be a fit and proper person to have a wife and have children in your custody. Do you know what I am going to do? I have saved all your posts from this site. I am going to track down your wife’s family and send to them your words so they see the real person you are degrading women while hiding behind a fake name from you wife’s family. Lastly, you tell your readers not to use internet dating websites, but you betrayed yourself on the internet. The internet is not written in pencil, it is written in ink as you are about to find out.

          • Fuuuuuck, Greg, you are a psycho;)
            You think you can intimidate me with empty threats? NO WAY;)
            My relationship is doomed? ;)) Then how come we’ve been together for 8 years, have kids and are still going strong?;)
            I did say positive words on this site;) The problem is that the world is full of negatives which I ain’t afraid to talk about;)
            I’ll call women and men ANY name I WANT, and so they can also call me any name THEY want. I’ll also keep saying what I mean without the impact of political correctness.
            I was NOT angry with feminists in Canada, I simply saw NO future for me and my future family/kids and that country.
            Do you have ANY proof that “I’ve been in trouble with the law and took advantage of a poor girl in a poorer country”? NO. Then shut the fuck up! NOW you mothafucker sound exactly like yet another feminazi with your rhetoric about “troubles with the law, taking advantage of poor ladies in poor countries etc” regarding any male who dares to be different and to live the life the way HE WANTS!
            You are a fucking liar, Greg. Nothing but a fucking liar!
            Do I have to prove anything to a mothafucker like YOU? NO.
            When Bryan comes to Ukraine in early April I’ll get in touch with him and we’ll meet in person! I’ll also help him with anything he might require and I ain’t gonna take a penny for that!
            But for mothafuckers like YOU, Greg, I’ll always be the picture of evil cause I hate liars and people who have not double but triple standards!
            You are free to do whatever YOU want, you can save all my quotes, you can try and track my wife’s family and even try and send them my words (though they know exactly all my thoughts, I have NO secrets in my family!)
            You are a psycho, Greg. Get a life and stop fighting phantoms and ghosts.

          • Man, Greg. Does someone come around every morning and piss in your Cheerios? When I ran my own marriage agency in Ukraine, I terminated two men for being jerks. I would not tolerate any guy, no matter how much money he had, with such a mind and behavior as yours. And the girls that were in contact with these men, agreed with my assessment and terminated their contact as well.

            Why can’t you and John J come on this site and bring to the table some helpful info for guys to use in their search for an EE bride? Why do you all have to attack those that are trying to help? I agree, FC can be raw, but he’s true and he’s not making personal attacks. In fact, FC offered way back before you showed us your dark side, to help Bryan. That’s a hell of an offer. To help a stranger that he’s never met. Did you consider this while casting your judgments? Greg, I must also say, you are very creepy. Stalking websites, hacking, jacking off, threatening or whatever the hell it is you do. In my opinion, for iteration, you should drop out of this forum. We don’t need this crap on the pages. Its supposed to be educational, functional and free! You typically have to pay for such coaching that Scott has given out.

            Lastly, you are way off base on your political accusations and attacks. Do me a favor and don’t be using the internet for your research. Without a doubt and my own real world, first hand experience, this so called research, reports, and news wires, is 50% hog wash. Its folks like you that believes 1/2 of the trash. You’re just making some journalist richer by clicking on his info.

          • Rodney, I’m willing to help anyone who’s willing to make a move and settle in Eastern Europe. And I mean it.
            I want men to be able to escape North American hell.
            Regarding Greg: he often sounds like a feminazi. Those folks LOVE to blackmail and threaten people who dare to be different and to go against the mainstream.
            He’s BOTH a psycho and a feminazi.
            Yes, I do say a lot of harsh words but I’d never ever even think for one second about collecting someone’s quotes, emptying someone’s bank accounts or looking for someone’s relatives and wives!
            Moreover, my wife KNOWS my thoughts about western women and she thinks the same about land whales and Ice Queens with Princess syndrome.
            I can bet you any money that Greg has never been to Eastern Europe and is still living in some kind of an imaginary propaganda world;)

          • Rodney, you say you ran a marriage agency in the Ukraine also know as a ‘meat market’ in the west.
            How many of your beautiful, sweet and wonder Ukrainian girls, as you refered to them above, ended up being murdered by westerners who used your services, making up the large number reported missing????

          • Greg you are joking right?

            FC and Rodney have been offering very useful info and cultural insights for free…when they started commenting on this forum.

  14. Greg
    on March 10, 2016 at 4:30 pm said: “How many of your beautiful, sweet and wonder Ukrainian girls, as you refered to them above, ended up being murdered by westerners who used your services, making up the large number reported missing????”

    Seriously, you belong in a mental institution. I wish you’d get the fuck out of this forum.

    • No Rodney, I asked you these words:-
      “Rodney, you say you ran a ‘marriage agency’ in the Ukraine also known as a ‘Meat Market’ in the west.
      How many of your beautiful, sweet and wonderful Ukrainian girls, as you refered to them above, ended up being murdered by westerners who used your services, making up the large number reported missing????”

      Did you or did you not run a marriage agency in the Ukraine refered to by westerners as a Ukrainian ‘Meat Market’ ????

      • Greg,

        The only time I have heard this reference is the moment you said it. That’s quite sad from your part of the world, if that’s how it’s defined.

        In one year (+) of work, there are 4 happier couples in the world right now. As I said, money was not my objective. I literally protected my lady clients from the infrequent obnoxious jerks that litter the western cultured part of the planet. I never advertised on the internet because I didn’t believe in exploiting any lady to screen peepers.

        Perhaps now you might realize why I take GREAT offense to your comments. These ladies became a part of my family as they would come to our home to skype with our translator and their prospective husband. I was not the typical “agency,” and never would be.

        So, unless you want a conflict with a US Army Combat Vet (who takes no shit), I would advise you to calm down and avoid using dark language towards EE women, their culture, or way of life. Without having lived there, like I have, you have no right to make any derogatory assessments or conclusions.

        • Rodney, I have many Russian and Ukrainian friends here and they are always talking about the current situation In Russia and the Ukraine. They are pissing themselves following this nonsense on this site you guys write. They even tell me what to say and to the ‘scammer whore’ on RussianBrides. Shame there is no provisions here for pics as I would put up a pic of women laughing. The Irony of the name ‘Western Women Suck’. I’m surprised the womens groups haven’t taken this site down. If you guys were in NZ the women here would castrate you guys through the courts and you being an army vet would be a bonus to them. Our woman prime minister attacked George W Bush on international media over the Iraq war and she got promoted to head of the UN. We all know ISIS are the CIA and have been stealing Iraqi oil since 2003 and taking it over the border into Turkey. We all know communications between US, Israel and Saudi Arabia were intercepted and given to Julian Assange in 2006 of plotting the overthrow of peaceful Syria where more that 10% of the population are Christian for the sake of the US stealing oil. The women here spat on our returning Vietnam vets. Our internet is not restricted as yours is in the US and we can view former CIA agent Lee Harvey Osweld’s CIA files showing he was trained to spy on Russia but was sent to spy on China. Osweld did not kill JFK, he was framed. We can view the files and finger prints that prove Lyndon Johnston, George Bush senior and the CIA were directly responsible. We here always knew the Vietnam war was a rich boys war against the poor tenant farmers who couldn’t pay their rent. We made the Napalm, Agent orange and baseball grenades for America to used against on poor in violation of the Geneva convention. When our country sees the napalm girl on TV we all know we made the stuff for your country to use on the poor. My friends are watching.

          • Greg,

            You’re a disgrace and shame to your nation. Your vile and hateful anti-American propaganda is typical of ignorant and uneducated members of your generation. Over 120,000 US servicemembers are buried in Europe alone. And more than 100k died in the Pacific, helping to protect your region of the world. Your piss-ant ignorance forgets that fact. Blame the US for problems of the world. Makes it easy to get along your day, doesn’t it?

            Notice in this forum, the only inciteful threats have come from you! Your accusations of Americans being responsible for something you have no control over is ironic. Whereby its you, the NZ citizen making the threats. Threats that can and will be passed on to Interpol if you say one more threat.

            Lastly, piss off to you and your “EE” friends for being suspicious of FC and myself? Once again, your disturbed thoughts are scattered across the spectrum for absolutely no reason.

            I am asking and now voting for you to leave this forum because you provide no value.

          • Rodney, I understood this section of the site is to do with Anastasiadate scam where I was posting. But you and your friend FC have been using this section to convince readers not to use dating websites but to travel to the Ukraine where you and you mate FC live. Sounds like a conflict of interest wouldn’t you say. Do you pay this site to advertise you services???.

          • If Rodney or FC want to help out a fellow or two – a guy who has time to go to UA and visit for a few weeks – I don’t have a problem with it. For guys who only have 2 weeks a year, their only other viable option is to use a service like Elenas or Cupid.

            Do I get a commission if someone signs up to Elena’s or Cupid? Yes. Is it a lot? No. If I added up any refferal fees and divided by my time managing this website, it is probably .50 cents an hour or less.

            And so, if one brother can help another, I’m all for it. IF Rodney or FC gets to where they’re making a serious business out of it, I’ll contact them for advertising services.

            hell, I might even contact them about opening out own agency LOL. At least we would know that it is on the up and up.

          • Rodney, I’ve just asked Greg’s female friends who are supposedly reading this discussion , to write a FULL reply in Russian or Ukrainian;)
            Let’s see if he really has them or if he’ll use Google Translate ;)

          • Former Canadian, The owner of this site Scott Anderson only needs to check his sites traffic to see the NZ ISP addresses. Russians like NZ and unlike Canada, US and the Europian Union we don’t have a trade embargo against Russia.

          • FC here is a local Wellington face book page called NZ Vladimir Putin Fan Club. You will see many New Zealanders dislike America.

            Here is a news item from Russia that shows America stealing Iraqi and syrian oil.

            And here is a link to the Wikileaks cables of USA plotting the overthrow of Syria back in 2006.

            *** deleted ***

          • Sorry, Greg, but IP addresses do NOT count. All I’ve asked you about was a reply written by a Russian or Ukrainian native speaker, full reply, not just a couple of words. Don’t they read this site after all?;)
            And you’ve totally avoided this question;)
            *** deleted ***

        • Rodney, don’t you still get it? Greg IS a feminazi disguised as a defender of male interests! Just read his answer below! Do you any more proof of WHO he really is?
          Greg loves to collect quotes, then how about THIS Greg’s quote: ” The Irony of the name ‘Western Women Suck’. I’m surprised the women’s groups haven’t taken this site down. If you guys were in NZ the women here would castrate you guys through the courts and you being an army vet would be a bonus to them.” END QUOTE.
          Do you still have ANY doubts of who he really is?;)

  15. Not sure how a bunch of brothers got into such a pissing contest, but I think we’ve had enough.

    From now on, anything less than courteous is going to get deleted.

    If you disagree, say you respectfully disagree and say why. No need for personal insults.

    • Just read this Scott. I could not agree more…bad enough we (us living in the west) have to deal with militant feminism, we don’t need this here. Western women suck and we are searching for…or we are very happy with our foreign brides. Any other arguments, I could care less about. I am very grateful for the useful information provided on this website by all the contributors….Paul, Rodney, FormerCanadian, John, M’k’n’zy, Gustav, etc. Hell, I still vividly remember all of Rodney’s stories especially the one about his birthday!

    • Well , I have not read ALL THE DIFFERENT COMMENTS , which were posted here , in the past 2 weeks.

      Just had a quick glance over them , but I di get the idea.As I`ve said , there is no need , to get too obsessive , about certain things from the past.
      How sadly or bad , it has been.
      You can`t turn back the clock.

      Better , to put your energy , in more positive things.And make sure , that you will not make the same mistakes again.

      And , it is never a good idea , to get really personal , on this blog , or on any other blog.
      Let alone , to make treaths , to persons , who are just using , their freedom of speech.

      As long , as it is apropriate , decent and respectful.
      When we all , will stick to this , things will be so much more better .

      And it will be good , to read about the stories from other persons.Whether sad or happy.

      As for the human trafficking issue.On my last visit to Odessa.
      When we had the meeting , with the parents , my girlfriend , she told the story , about an abduction , which happened , at the Arcadia area.

      It happened not too long ago.But I `can`t say , at what exact day.I also don`t know the real circumstances , in which it happened.

      As you may know , the Arcadia strip , is just for pedestrians , and it has some bars , bistros and restaurants.Also there are coffee corners.

      It is all suited , for the tourists , who will visit there.
      She said , that there are speculations , that this young woman / girl , is in Turkey.
      And the police is/was investigating the matter.

      So , was this young woman there , all alone ??At what time , did it happen ??Was she on a date ??

      I cant answer these questions.The bottom line is , that these women/girls , almost never will go alone , to these places.
      Which is a good thing.It is also adviced , to Always have someone , to keep an eye on the drinks , while the other(s) , go to dance or to the ladies rooms.

      We , here in the West , may not hear , about these abductions.But , it is Obvious , that , these women , should be careful , because , they are or can be , a possible victim , because of their beauty.

      Let`s think about this , for a while …….


      • Hi Paul,

        Hopefully things are going well for you and your future Mrs…and may the wind be at your back.

        Yes, abductions, rapes, kidnappings, and coerced human trafficking are horrible and does occur but in the west these occurrences are many times exploited by the media for ratings, by politicians for votes and a distraction from real domestic problems, by non-profits for cash, and by feminist groups as a control and shaming tactic of men and critics. I believe over 99 percent of the groups above do not give a damn about human trafficking or violently FORCED prostitution.
        If they did they would fund the fight against it with their own money and risk their own lives to fight it… but they want my money and my blood to fight it, which makes them hypocrites with ulterior motives.

        Most foreign non-western women have common sense…they don’t walk around alone at night in dark alleys drunk and half-naked. Just like if I were to walk around drunk in a dark alley with a wad of cash in my hand while wearing a solid gold watch in a slum. Do they have the right to attack and rob me?
        Would I be stupid for doing it and asking for it?

        So, when people bring up the issue above they are usually not sincere.

          • Ok, Greg. So you made your point with a page from the FBI Human Trafficking site. Is that supposed to have a cause and effect on good men finding a wife from the EE? I don’t see where you are going with this, and for the educated, we are quite aware of this horrific crime.

            Now, on the positive side of life, there are about 5 men on this forum that celebrate each and everyday their love and happiness with their wives. That’s not even including the 4 couples that I helped to unite as husband and wife.

            I guarandamntee you none of these couples spend our free time reading your FBI fact page. We’re all concentrating on raising our families and enjoying our time together. I’d advise you to try the same.

          • Hey Rodney!
            I couldn’t agree more. I’d rather spend my time and energy on things I can influence and control. The vast majority of western men/non-western women couples I know are very peaceful, happy, content…and if young enough fruitful. Unless they work for the FBI, media, or a non-profit they are too busy working/providing for, caring, and protecting their traditional family unit.

        • Hi Seeker ,

          Thank you , for your good wishes.Until now , things are good between my girl and me.

          And about the abduction.I didn`t ask , if it it was a Ukrainian or foreign woman.
          I`m not sure , if she knows.

          And , yes ,human trafficking should have , more attention , from the politicians and the governments.

          In my country , they are doing more , to fight it.Many official red light places , have been closed , or at least have been , reduced in available rooms.

          And the police and the city counsils , can pay better attention , to it.
          In some places , there is also the use , of surveillance cameras.


        • I must accidentally pasted the domain of your website by mistake onto one of the University online pages that I was working on. There were complaints to the admin.

          • No surprise here. Western world can not stand the truth! Modern society want people to turn into sheeple, speechless slaves, robots and androids who’ll obey anything they are told and never object anything.
            Anyone who dares to tell the truth, to differ form the mainstream, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example is immediately labeled a loser and the enemy of state.

          • New Zealand prides itself in history for being the first country in the world to have giving women the right to vote and equality.

          • It could just as eaisly read:

            New Zealand prides itself in history for being the first country in the world to have giving [sic] women the right to vote and that we changed the color of the sky to bright purple.

            You didn’t give women equality. This is the biggest lie told in the 21st century, that you’re making an apple an orange by making people buy oranges when they really wanted an apple.

          • Greg, nobody is against equality.
            But equality does NOT mean political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring and similar bullshit.
            Since when having the “right” gender and skin color is more important than education, experience, knowledge, skills, dignity and integrity and simply willingness to work??
            Quota hiring ain’t NO equality!! Hiring based on gender and “needed” skin color ain’t no equality!!

          • Oh, for a second I thought you were writing to me from the US. I see now, you’re in Iran or North Korea.

            Do they not allow dissenting opinions in Uni any more?

            Wow, when I went to Uni, the first thing they taught us was to question everything, to challenge and debate to learn the truth. I guess that only counts if you’re seeking political correctness?

            I guess it makes sense why so many college grads are illiterate today.

          • Scott, women are a snatch. The man came from the snatch (unless you were a test tube baby) and ever since he has been trying to get back up the snatch. Remember the IT guy who was too embarrassed to go into a lingerie store to buy his wife some sexy lingerie? So he started up Victoria’s Secret online store to avoid the embarrasment. He sold Victoria’s Secret and soon after it resold for a fortune and the poor guy ends up jumping off a bridge when all he wanted to do was buy his wife some sexy lingerie?

          • I just put “sex” into the search engine and see a 2010 memo wherein they (Hillary’s folks) are pushing the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement in Argentina in 2010.

            yes, that’s what we need to do, spread what works so well in American to the rest of the world.

            How arrogant.

          • Maybe I should just move out of the US for good a few years from now. What good is PC, when everyone is stupid or brain dead? The typical college grad is brain dead and castrated.

          • What is so tragic is that the whites having abortions why the blacks are thriving on welfare. I have met an awesome lady on VK who thinks I am a good man fighting Anastasia over the 70 year old lady. She is Russian living in the United Emmerates

          • Most middle and upper-middle class westerners are just not producing any children even though they can afford it. Pretty much every foreign born non-western male (over 30) that I know with a halfway decent job whether he’s Angolan, Egyptian, Colombian, Lithuanian. etc. is married with 2 kids.

          • “I just put “sex” into the search engine and see a 2010 memo wherein they (Hillary’s folks) are pushing the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement in Argentina in 2010”

            I’m surprised only one memo showed up! I guess the only way for them to feel like their right is to force their agenda and idea of normal on everyone else in the world.

            Like women for example, they are probably thinking:

            “Well our women look and act like men and we can’t return to the pre 1960s standard of beauty in the US. Since that would mean we were wrong. So we are going to have to make sure the Argentine women get (mental and physical) sex changes just like us. We can’t be the ugly women in the world! All the other women in the world have to be ugly too”

          • They have taken command of the air waves. “Roger” – used for acknowledgment. “Over” – now it’s your turn to talk.
            “Over and out” Not longer allowed because female listeners find it highly offensive.

  16. This confirms what Russian and Ukrainian women think of Western men who fall victim to Anastasia date. From chat on Elena’s Models –
    Yana: ok. But i am 54 and i look my age
    Me: Anastasia started in America in 1993 and went online in 1997. In 1997 was when everyone was checking out the female Russian scientists and engineers at my work.
    Yana: I dont care for such sites and dont feel sorry about men, looking for thier “daughter , or better, ganddaughter” as wives. They just come to website to “buy” a girl, but not for having really normal relations
    Yana: I see you have a big experience on datings

    • Continued from above –
      Yana: You know that this website [Anastasiadate] is only used by dating agencies here in Russia and Ukraine and is not available for other women.
      Yana: ok, they just use pictures to attract foreigner and make money on their letters
      Yana: so they keep the best and keep them posted on the site
      Me: When you see a woman who looks just like your own mother you remember
      Yana: oh! yes. its awful, really
      Me: I have put reviews on other review sites and have been fighting with the manager of Anastasia
      Yana: there is no sense to fight – people are crazy about money so they dont have any “holy” thing inside
      Yana: sorry, if its not your secret, what is your job?
      Me: I live in a free country
      Me: KGB
      Me: I work for myself
      Yana: ????
      Yana: oh!
      Yana: but your have a profession?
      Me: do you work for the KGB?
      Yana: or you dig the ground?
      Me: you ask am I a peasant?
      Yana: No i just asked because you wrote that were very tired
      Me: I am a fighter for the underdog
      Me: I believe in equality
      Yana: underdog? i dont know what is this.
      Me: a peasant
      Yana: i am sorry my friends have just come. WE will chat another time. Excuse me.
      Me: Anastasia used to be good. They were taken over by the Russian Mafia. They are using profiles of former women who once advertised on their services before Anastasia became corrupt. I do not like the Russian Mafia abusing the elderly. I have told the manager of Anastasia Gregory Vasquez that I am going to cost his criminal organization millions in lost of fraudulant profit because he is abusing an elderly lady who looks like my mother.
      Yana: ok, I understood now what was the case.I know that this kind of business is very popular in Ukraine, because they earn money on foreigners. And you are absolutely right that they place pictures of”dead souls”just to attract people. I can tell you more. I used to teach spanish at university and a lot of my students (girls) were members of different datings, because they got paid for letters they made up pretending to be from real women.

      • So Scott was right. Most locals in EE and the FSU feel that easy prey that get scammed by dating websites or professional daters and their interpreters get what they deserve.

        “They just come to website to “buy” a girl, but not for having really normal relations”

        This is a point I brought up a few weeks ago. Most Americans and many people from the English speaking world just think they can throw money at anything without putting in some effort…to resolve an issue or problem.
        Her squawk before the quoted sentence about age differences just sounded like complaint (and a projection) about local men not foreigners…doubtful enough westerners go east for that even to be an issue. I think western men would be more likely to date or even marry older women (even with kids that are not his) than the local men. Local men are usually not sex starved like the foreigners visiting the east.

        • Interesting point….
          “Yana: I dont care for such sites and dont feel sorry about men, looking for thier “daughter , or better, ganddaughter” as wives.”
          The primal and biological urge in all men (all age groups) cannot be ignored especially if they are hunting. I heard this somewhere but I’m unsure where…”A man that is seeking a potential wife, even if he doesn’t want children, still wants the option to produce children and create a family.” Besides the peak beauty factor I believe this is behind the urge to go after younger women.

  17. Totally agree with the above
    the webdite and the entire system and network is a SCAM AND FRAUDOLENT ACTIVITY , EHICH BENEFITS ONLY anastasiadate.con BANK ACCOUNT.

  18. If you ever watch a YouTube video from Mark Davis of Dream Connections website (which is the total opposite of and its affiliates), he would tell you how his dating business is different from the rest.

    Dream Connections website has no email or chat communication at all. Mark requires all American/Western men to get on an airplane and fly to Ukraine, Thailand, or Colombia and meet the women at any of those 3 foreign countries. That is indeed the true meaning of international dating.

    If a website like only has online communication like emailing and chatting, then expect it to be a scam. If the website does not provide romance tours or 1-on-1 introductions, then it is worse.

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