Taking Sand to the Beach

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I’m not one for introductions so I thought I’d just start out by writing a post. Scott’s been buggin me for some time and I finally had an idea. We met in Moscow or in Chicago. Can’t remember, but he was on his way to Russia to meet a woman and my wife and I were returning from visiting family in Floriday. We chatted for a while and I thought he was pretty cool. I’ve been reading this site for a long time now. I finally got beaten into submission to share some of my thoughts, culturally that is.

For years I have emailed my brother photos of hot women from Russia. You see, I’ve lived here for about 4 years now. When he came to visit, my wife set him up with some of her friends but he didn’t find anyone he liked. He met his wife through an agency, not sure which. I know he’s used Cupid before but not sure if it was them or not. He says they were legit so one more to chalk for them.

My wife and I met at work and we took an apartment in her home town. We both work in the cruise lines and we spend about 4-6 months per year in Russia. And so, I usually send a couple of pics a week to friends and brother before he was married, especially the single guys but also my married guys just to drive them crazy. Because really, living in Russia is like taking sand to the beach.

My wife is very beautiful but let me say, there are more beautiful women in Russia per square mile than anywhere on earth. You can’t go 100 yards without seeing beautiful women.

To prove the point, today, when I walked to work, it is about a 1/2 mile, I thought, I’ll shoot a few pics of some “average” Russian women. Talk a walk in your town, do your women look like this?

First woman, I’d estimate she’s in her mid-20’s. Notice, no earring in the lip, no tennis shoes, no black lipstick. She looks like a woman:


One thing that surprises most men who come to visit here is that all the women wear heels. Why not? It is what women should wear!


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One thing that is common in Russia and Ukraine, the women have TIGHT bodies – it is from so much walking and no McDonald’s. I walk everywhere even though we have a car. Keeps me in shape too.


Maybe another 100 yards away I saw this woman. She looked to me to be about 40. Look around at your job and around your neighborhood. What does the average 40 year old woman look like? In Florida, they look like Manatees!


After I walked past her, I looked back. I mean, her backside looks like the average 19 year old in Florida, better than some actually!


I went no more than 100 yards and I saw this woman, clearly over the age of 40, I think about 40-42 or so. Again, body as tight as a brick house.


I guess what I’m trying to say in this article is that the “average” woman in Russia (or Ukraine) has a body as God intended. Every time I go home to the US and see so many fat-bodied women I can’t help but count my lucky stars that I live in Russia.

Russia isn’t “easy” living. More on that later. But, the hardest thing about being married here is that every day it is a never ending show of model-looking hot women. For those who have been here, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’ll try to add some new articles as time allows because I have the unique perspective of life here because I live here.

That’s all for now.



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Anastasiadate.com scam update
90 Day Fiance - Casting for season 2

7 thoughts on “Taking Sand to the Beach

  1. I’m glad this post was made as well as the mom check section. This was kind of a serious concern I had about EE women for a while. So, In general they keep themselves up. While in Brazil, I was shocked not only how well put together the mothers that just had kids were but the grandmas as well. Seriously if I was happily married to a feminine (not a feminist) woman and got to enjoy her youth (late teens to mid 20s) and she looked like these women did 20 or 30 plus years later you would not hear any complaints from me!

  2. Let’s be fair….what about the men in u.s. they could sure lose some weight and get fit.

    BTW ask the women wearing those high heels what their feet feel like in 10 years. I bet they have feet issues.

    • CJ, is that short for Carrie Jane?

      If you’re a Man, you need to look between your legs and identify if you still have a penis.

      Manly she-men wearing sweat pants make comments like “If you wear heels, you’re feet will have issues…” Tell that to a group of women in Russia and watch them laugh you out of the room.

      I dare suggest to Alana – before we go on a 4 mile walk – that she should “dress more comfortably” (meaning she should dress like an American woman going to the park, not like an American woman who’s going out to a club on Friday night) and she laughs, “You do remember that you married a Russian Woman?”

      Your first statement, if you are a man, is what’s wrong with most American Men. You wrote, “Let’s be fair?”
      What does “being fair” get you?
      A Fat girl?
      A feminist?
      A user?

      Fuck being fair. Do what’s best for you. Be selfish, be greedy, be stubborn, aggressive and resolute. Get what you want because NO American woman is going to do “what’s fair” for you.

      A Russian Woman on the other hand, is much much more likely to do what is fair for you.

      You sound like a woman. If you’re a Man, get over to Ukraine, then log in and tell me how right I am.

      • Deep down inside no man (no matter how good looking and athletic he is) wants to be the pretty one in the relationship because it goes against the natural order of things…

        “Fuck being fair. Do what’s best for you. Be selfish, be greedy, be stubborn, aggressive and resolute. Get what you want because NO American woman is going to do “what’s fair” for you.”

        …which stupid femi-nazis and girly simps just don’t get! I admit it openly the women I desire: are younger than me, prettier than me, dressed and made up better than me, have better social skills than me, is better at interacting with babies and small children than me, and cleans and cooks better than me! If I did not want that as a man, then I would not be interested in women.

        I as well as the real men searching this site like women not she-men! I am the MAN and she is the WOMAN. We are not same!

  3. Thanks Chris, just the type of motivation that I needed….

    By the way guys, today was my first class (Russian). Very interactive! I had lots of fun.

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