90 Day Fiance – Casting for season 2

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I didn’t even know ths show existed. Anyone else seen it?


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I received the following email, if anyone is interested, her contact info is in the message:

Hi Scott,

My name is Juliette and I am a Producer on 90 Day Fiance on TLC.

We are currently casting for our second season and are looking for Americans that have a fiancee coming to the US for the first time under a K1 Visa.  The format of the show is to follow couples from the day they are reunited at the airport until the end of the 90 Day period, though it is not 90 days of filming.

I read a few articles on your website and wanted to see if you knew anyone who was in that situation and might be interest in participating in the show.

Here is a link to some additional info about the show: http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/90-day-fiance/about.htm

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.

Thank you so much for your help!


Juliette Marais

Coordinating Producer
Sharp Entertainment

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Taking Sand to the Beach
First post from George

12 thoughts on “90 Day Fiance – Casting for season 2

  1. I’d heard of it and watched a review of it. They do a pretty fair job of showing international marriage in a proper light, but they do play up drama like every other “reality” TV show is wont to do.

    One thing I didn’t understand was how some of the couples came over BEFORE becoming engaged for marriage. You only get so many K1 Visas, IIRC, so I would think you’d have to be pretty sure. Even if you could trial as many women as you wanted, I’d still think you’d want to put a ring on it before you put down the time and money, but hey, to each his own.

    All the couples successfully got married.

    • Russia and US signed a new agreement in the fall of 2012 that allows for 3 year multi-entry visas. So long as you have “roots” in Russia, $ in your bank account, a round trip airline ticket and a hotel voucher, you’re good to go to visit the US as a tourist.

      Roots usually consists of assets in Russia, a business, a house or a kid. I’m sure the show “vouched” for the applicants and guaranteed their return.

      • Again, I haven’t seen the show, but the name, 90-Day Fiance, implies that they are there under the K1 visa process, which allows 90 days for the couple to get married.

        Also, I think most of the couples were from countries other than Russia (Columbia, Philippines, etc).

          • I just watched all 6 episodes after reading this post the other day. Pretty interesting. All 6 are on DailyMotion.

            As a side, is Seth going to give us an update on his trip and if he found a girl??

          • Yeah Seth, you gonna give us an update?

            Anon, if you have time, write up a short review and post it here.

            I’m going to download it this weekend.

  2. I responded to their casting call in June 2014 and again in November 2014 since my fiancé arrives December 2014. For whatever reason we were not chosen. I honestly suspect we were not chosen because we don’t look like a drama type couple. I mean if you just look at the season 2 couples especially you can see these couples are chosen based on their potential for lots of drama. The producers can look at the photos (for example, does the couple look mismatched in any way, or does she dress very revealing like a bar girl ? Etc) My fiancé is a teacher and we are constantly told she and I look very evenly matched. There is no drama in a healthy successful couple. Getting back to season 2, you see a very bitchy , materialistic and rude filipina who questioned whether her engagement ring was a real diamond or not (that’s so outlandish, one has to wonder if the producers put her up to it?) and she also didn’t like her flowers he bought for her upon her arrival at the airport. Then you have a 27 year old GQ looking stud of a man from Tunisia who is marrying a land whale who is 43 years old with kids and who is always constantly whining how scared she is he will leave her. Now tell me whether or not the show is looking for train wrecks or healthily even matched couples??? Lol

    I suspect that the show tells these couples to do certain outlandish things for ratings. Besides the examples I already gave, how likely is it that the middle Eastern guy was really approached by those two American women ?? And how likely is it that the one American woman was sincerely propositioning him knowing the cameras were rolling and knowing he is engaged?? I think the show is 75% real events and 25% made up events. It’s the 25% that makes the show get most of it’s ratings. Dr Phil did the same exact thing. My friend was interviewed to appear on dr Phil on his segment for mail order brides (though his wife was not found via an agency, he met her online on his own). He said they admitted to him that they were looking for drama and he and his wife were not good candidates due to how successful their marriage was going. Same thing happened with mark Davis of dream connections. They invited him to the taping of the show but they never interviewed him. The only couples that received airtime on dr Phils show were the train wrecks.

    So ya see, the only thing Americans see shown on TV on shows like this are the train wrecks, so therefore there is a stereotype that marriages between American men and foreign women are risky and likely to fail when in fact, statistics show they are actually far more successful with only a 20% divorce rate vs the domestic American marriage divorce rate of 50-60%.

    I’m tempted to say that Americans are too stupid and dumb to realize that shows are purposely sensationalized to only show failed couples for ratings purposes. But then I think maybe any culture of people would fall prey to the same thing if their country’s citizens were constantly exposed to the same type of shows that portrayed only failed marriages with foreign women.

    Lastly, let’s not forget that the vast majority of the audience of dr Phils shows are American females, hence , he has to portray these men who bypass American women in order to marry foreign women as leading to failure. He has to appease his American female audience. Think about it, what would happen to dr Phils ratings if his show portrayed these marriages as mostly happy and succesful, even more successful than marriages to American women??? Lol. Talk about crash and burn ratings. The female audience would drastically dissipate if this was allowed on many of his shows.

    Scientific studies clearly show that human beings avoid watching anything that goes against their beliefs or that would hurt their self esteem. Human beings will tune out anything that makes them feel bad about themselves or doesn’t align with their world view. The producers know this as I’m sure does dr Phil. This is the same exact reason why any posts (even of moderate nature) that are critical of American/western women get deleted at many of the Internet forum dating sites like plenty of fish. Even if the tone of the post is neutral and supporting evidence links are provided to prove the point, truth doesn’t matter . All the forum owners care about is ratings (or shall I say visitor count) , and maintaining visitor flow to their site is critical to their survivability. Who could blame them though, that’s where their money comes from. It’s amazing how most people don’t realize how things like this work. It always goes back to money folks. Money rules the world and drives EVERYTHING! As they say, follow the money.

  3. I don’t expect to hear ftom you but you need to show. That the American marryibg the ithet person. Will sign a I 864 that says they will support them fir 10 years. Tell the whole truth. Even ig you divorce you are still stuck. Peopke need to understand that thru your show. Help people. To realize.what they are really. Doing. Do a show on people. That married a foriegor. And got tsken to the cleaners. You would help people and believe me the pynkuc would be really. Interested. In hearing. The truth

    • Wow, Sarah, first off, try the spell check. The computer is very useful for illiterate people.

      Your comments make about as much sense as complaining about a car show by saying, “Many people were ripped off when they bought their car. You shouldn’t just show the Audi racing around the track and talk about its features, but you should also tell about those who paid too much.”

      You can get hosed with a woman from any country, especially if she’s a gold digger and doesn’t love you.

      You need to find a woman that loves you. Period.

      And, you need to find a woman who’s not a raging feminist. Period.

      And so, you must look outside of the US and you must think with the big head, not the little one.

      I’m sure I’ve said this before…?

      • I don’t even think she was drunk when she typed this. I’ve met people that can barely speak English that have made less mistakes than Sarah. Another reason to go foreign…do you want an example of the above to be the mother of your future children?

      • How could someone be so desperate for a relationship that their children were put on hold.I can’t believe you people are so stupid to think a very good looking foreigner would want to date you scam free.If this happened to one of my loved ones I would kick the living dog shit out of them,.God does not protect fools,fools.

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