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George emailed me a few months back after he had read some of Seth’s posts and he expressed some interest in being a guest writer. I told him that I had considered “opening the floor” to anyone who wanted to write an article – and I suppose that now is a good time to throw out that offer:

If anyone else would like to write an article, please email it to me and (assuming it fits into this site’s parameters) I’ll post it. Be sure to include some pics if you have any.

George wrote:

Sorry Scott, this post is long overdue! Life has been going pretty good these last couple of months, they’ve been going so good to be honest, that I almost couldn’t be bothered to write my first post. But I remembered how much it benefited me to know there are others out there in a similar situation, and that compelled me to get off my backside (metaphorically speaking) and get this first post done. Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll be writing a lot more.
My First Post!

Well this post is long overdue. I wrote to Scott sometime in late March whilst I was in Almaty, Kazakhstan, asking if I can write for this blog. At the time I was elated because I was in Almaty to meet a girl I communicated with on Elena’s Model for some time, and I’m happy to say, I’m now an engaged man.

The reason why I didn’t come around to writing this sooner, was because I just didn’t know what to write about in my first post, and that was the excuse I used to procrastinate for nearly 3 months. After reading some of Mike’s posts, that was the impetus I needed to get started.

I decided for the first post, some background information about me was warranted, so that people reading this can get an idea about where I am coming from, and why my ideas evolved the way they did (which you’ll find out in subsequent posts.)

I am from Sydney, Australia, but was born and raised in a rural city about 2 hours down south of Sydney called Nowra. Up bringing wise, everything was boringly average. I wasn’t the smartest kid, most popular or anything like that. I was more or less the guy who liked to fly under the radar, didn’t like to draw attention to myself, and did what I needed to get by. This same personality trait has followed me into adulthood, and I never really could enjoy the whole pub, clubbing and drinking scene. I noticed the people who tended to gravitate towards these things were pretty self-absorbed, superficial and just seemed to lack insight about their life situation.

Growing up, I can say women were never a problem per se, because there never were any in my life! I went through the whole university thing, did well in my studies and got myself a decent paying job. Life pretty much went according to plan, and I followed the same routine for a few years. Despite it sounding quite “Ground Hog Day-ish,” I was actually quite happy with the way things were going. The one thing that always sort of niggled at me though, was the fact I didn’t seem to have any luck in finding a girlfriend.

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Every time I’d go out I’d see couples holding hands, and my sense of loneliness would get exacerbated. Like most men in my situation, I eventually discovered the whole pick-up artist subculture, and got heavily involved in cold-approaching women for two years. I guess you can say I got some benefits from going out and talking to women during those two years, but I also wasted a lot of time and got exposed to a lot of misinformation. Overall, the negatives outweighed the benefits.

What was beneficial about the community and approaching girls en masses, was it exposed me to the cold, hard, brutal truth about Western women, and that’s that they are generally over-entitled, arrogant and not feminine when compared to the women of the rest of the world. After a while I started to notice general patterns; most of the times when i’d approach a local Australian girl, her behaviour would be stand-offish, confrontational, and just down-right negative, but every time I approached a girl from overseas–especially European women–they’d be friendly, sociable and even when they rejected my advances, they do it in a polite way. This was something that was kind of strange, because despite the stereotypes that exist out there about Australian women, having beautiful tanned beach skin, with fit bodies and blonde hair, nothing could be further from truth. Most Australian women pale in comparison to the European tourists that visit Australia. When I first got into pick-up, I initially had problems approaching girls from Europe, because they were so much more attractive than local Australian girls, but soon afterwards I realised it was the other way around, that I should be scared of approaching Australian girls.

Experiencing the horrors of trying to date Western women got me questioning things: Such as why was modern dating dynamics so complicated? How come a generation ago, it was so much simpler for my parents and my friends parents to meet someone? You didn’t need online dating, match-making services, nor was there a market for learning cold-approach pick-up. What happened within the last 30-40 years that made finding a partner so God dammed difficult?

Questions like these and seeing such behaviour from women, enabled me to discover just how bad Western men have it in the romance scene. This is perhaps the point I want to stress the most, just how bad dating is for men in the West. If you’re a guy who is in shape, well-educated, has a steady job, you would not be appreciated in any Western country unless you are a Bradd Pitt or Liam Hemsworth lookalike. I realised a while ago that I as a man, owe it to myself to make the most of my sexual market value, and instead of embracing the materialistic, ticking the box approach to romance most Western women have, I’d be the smarter to go to somewhere where the women aren’t spoilt, over-entitled, and to be honest, are a lot more physically attractive. You got to be stupid to sell yourself short.

That’s what I did, and it was the best choice I’ve ever made.

Now that my first post is done, in my next post I can actually start talking about why Western women suck, and some of my thoughts and experiences about finding a partner overseas.

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  1. By the way George, I forgot to say it, Congratulations on the engagement! We look forward to hearing more from you in the coming weeks/months.

  2. I think it is very useful to see many different opinions – I pick up something from Seth, George & everyone else. Hope this site continues to grow.

  3. The gay scene in Toronto is HUGE. The horror of living in Toronto is the fact that feminist women hate masculinity with a vengeance. I’ve known of many cases where Grade 1 boys were medicated with ADD, ABC whatever you call it, suppressing drugs….even the workplace is hostile to male behaviour, and that feminist who made an issue about a joke made between two men is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Wonder why so many female teachers are getting banged by the psychopaths and mentally challenged students? All about controlling men? That is unnatural. Men are supposed to lead, but feminists and the nanny state views masculinity as a threat to peace.

    • I have noticed that the feminist movement has really gone after masuclinity – to the point where being a “Man” is akin to being a rapist. I’ve noticed a lot of feminists calling Western Society a “rapist culture.” Not sure where that’s coming from.

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