Seth’s Trip #2 Report

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Having a dinner of varenyky and lasagna with the tour host himself, Mark Davis, at Tavernetta Italian restaurant in Odessa, Ukraine.

I was hoping by this time (about 2 weeks after the tour has ended) that I would have a level of certainty as to my personal results from the tour.   I can’t say that I am close to connecting with just one woman, but I am talking to two in a more serious manner, and over 5 in a more friendly manner at this time, spanning an age range of 12 years and a few hundred miles of distance.  Confounding this issue is a newly-emerged wildcard, that I’m going to have to deal with carefully…

One girl who spoke excellent English I took to the zoo.  She was was funny to watch her cursing childishly at the animals.

One girl who spoke excellent English I took to the zoo. She was excited…it was funny to watch her cursing childishly at the animals.

Compared to January, it was exponentially better, if for no other reason than the better weather.  I got to see the city for the first time, try out a greater variety of the local cuisine, and bond with the other men in a more outdoorsy way.  Rumor even has it that I went to both of the major nightclubs in Nikolaev, and that I can cut a rug pretty well!

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid
My date had just gone on her first carnival ride in her life, and was a bit woozy.  I took the opportunity to snap a photograph.

My date had just gone on her first carnival ride in her life, and was a bit woozy. I took the opportunity to snap a photograph.

I went on first dates with 11 different girls, second dates with 2 more, and a third date with one (and decided there was no chemistry between us).  I about died from exasperation because everybody was accusing my translator, who is single, and I of being in love with each other and encouraging us to date.  We are very good friends, even before the tour, but we don’t want each other that way.

This one began pursuing me right after the trip ended.  We chat every day.

This one began pursuing me right after the trip ended. We chat every day.

For the future, I am going back outside of the structured Tour in July.  I have outgrown it, and will be mostly following up on connections I made with women in May.  I will be present for an overlapping period of time while Dream Connections does their tour in Nikolaev, but for the most part I will be there afterwards.  If my leads come up negative, I have no problem with attending a Dream Connections event in the future, although I (and my wallet) fervently hope I do not need a third time.

This is a small park in Odessa, containing the most famous trees in Ukraine:  One of the big agencies takes girls to parks here to take profile pictures of them with these trees, and Photoshop's a woodland background behind them.

This is a small park in Odessa, containing the most famous trees in Ukraine: One of the big agencies takes girls to parks here to take profile pictures of them with these trees, and Photoshop’s a woodland background behind them.

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First post from George

14 thoughts on “Seth’s Trip #2 Report

  1. Hi Seth ,

    Well at least you had the good weather , to go out.And , yes , I can understand , that it is sometimes difficult , to get the lady of your dreams , on these occasions.

    Even though , you may get a preview , of the ladies , who are invited , to come to the meetings , there is also this chance of a gamble.

    Some of them may not attend.Others will come , but may have had , previous experiences , with other meetings.And depending on their experiences , they may be more reserved or not.

    It is a good move , to go on your own , and make individual connections.I am sure , that there are many women , you will get to meet on the street.
    That is , making eye contact with you.

    Personally , I did not walk up to a lady , to start a conversation.Although there have been , some occasions , that I was really close to do it.

    It was just my lack of speaking some Russian , and it was on my first ever visit over there.The other reason , was , that I already had 2 meetings , with my favourite lady.

    And I didn`t want to put that on the line.If you know what I mean.But man , that lady , that was looking at me , for about 5 seconds , was she hot!!!
    Almost looking the same , as my girlfriend.

    In October last year , I was in Odessa , for the second time.And our relation , did progress to another level.Yes , it was after 1 year , that I went back.
    Have those 12 months been easy , certainly not.

    It takes a lot of confidence , efforts and energy , to keep everything going.And it also depends , on her personal situation.
    When she has a steady job and she makes good money , she will be a bit more relaxed.And I am sure , that you will notice it.

    But when she is working for a contractor (basis) , and she also , must take care of her parents , then things are not so easy for her.
    It means , she cannot be sure of the job , and paying the bills , will become an uncertainty.

    The other thing , that they must think about , is the medical care.Nothing is organized or structured.When you get ill , or must go to the hospital , you have to pay a bribe.That is , if you want to have a reasonable good treatment , and you don`t want to end up , on the waiting list.

    So , these girls are very cautious , and most of them , don`t want to get into a situation , where they can risk something , to their health.
    It is for this reason , that they will call for a registered taxi , when it is 23.00 or later.

    Until 21.00 or 21.30 , they may stop a car , to take them home.This is much cheaper , than calling for a registered cab.

    My girl , I don`t want to let her go , with some car , at late hours.Better pay a little more , and know , that she will get home safe.

    Next time , try to stay in Odessa.It is a great city and there are many girls to see.And other things , of course.

    Anyway , good luck in your search.And I wait to hear , when you have found the right one.


    • That’s great to hear about your lady, Paul!

      In a way, it is a numbers game. I can’t say I felt a connection at the social event like I did with two girls last time. Doing my own thing will give me time to consolidate the women I am talking to now, and let the DCT people acquire new girls in case I have to come back (and I hope fervently I don’t, hahaha).

  2. That fork in the first picture is huge! Anyways good luck with your dates Seth. Those are some good looking women.

    Actually I have a question now that I think about it. After dating 11 of those girls are you disqualifying them based on not having chemistry or do you sense scammy intentions or what? Is that small sample of 11 better on average than those you dated in your city back home?

    • The fork is a little large, but what you’re probably also noticing is that the portion sizes are smaller in Ukraine. I ordered two dishes, and I’m not a large guy (also had not had breakfast).

      I can’t say I’ve ever encountered a girl who acted “scammy” yet. I did have a date with a young lady who suggested we go to the best Japanese restaurant in town, redirected from another Asian place. We all had the same dish(es), and a bottle of wine. The total for three people came to a little under $100. Compared to a date in America, that’s pretty cheap, and the girl was dressed to the 9’s, and had obviously put forth the effort. Usually on first dates I would have them give me a tour of the city (I’ve had about 8 of them now) and then we would get a beverage and/or a light meal. Total cost would end up being about $10-20.

      Most of the girls I found out in 10 minutes or so of discussion that we had little in common as far as a level of maturity or chemistry. The crowd I date is generally young, and is still somewhat into wild, loud, noisy, and I’m pretty far past that. There were a few that I picked out as serious, one is now in a relationship with another guy (and wasn’t really a match for me), a second wasn’t putting forth the effort on the second and third dates to communicate with me (no chemistry), and a few I am still talking too. Others have found me on various social media after the event and we are getting to know each other online. I still have a month to figure out which ones I want to meet.

      I did not start dating domestically until I had completed my first trip, but compared to Ukrainian women they are FAR less serious about having a meaningful relationship, in the sense that if they do want one, they have little idea of how it will actually work and haven’t spent since their teens wanting to be a woman for a man (one 18 y/o told me a story about being 13, and running around with a pillow under her shirt whenever she was at home because she dreamt of being pregnant and having children). Furthermore, all the girls in America seem to have some kind of baggage, whether daddy issues, ex-boyfriend abuse, or simply (heh) diagnosed with anxiety/depression/bipolar. They’re a lot more stuck on WHAT you are, instead of WHO you are. Most of the girls I dated I didn’t feel a connection with, but at least I got a sense of who they really were, and that even though we may not be there for each other, that there is someone else that would be out there for them.

  3. I really hate to say it Seth, but the romance tours are a scam. The girls themselves? – who knows? Some girls just want to be wined and dined for a few days, but some are genuinely interested in finding a man overseas. It is hard to tell what in in someone’s heart other than to get them away from the money and see if they are still interested. If they just want to go shopping, most likely they aren’t sincere, but if they keep writing you sincere letters on Facebook or VK, they might be for real. Follow not your heart or mind first, but your gut. It usually knows. Good luck.

    • I’m not going to say that all the girls are there to be serious, but needless to say that with the Facebook, VK and Skype correspondence, July is looking like I’m going to have my hands full.

  4. Gday lads, enjoying the site very much.

    Seth I’m going to take a punt here and guess that you’re in your late twenties or thirties? I say this in that you dated that many women yet feel chemistry with very few of them, I’m guessing it’s because there is a significant age gap between you and them.

    It took me a while and several encounters to work out that the age gap -does- matter, mostly because they and we are at different stages in our lives.
    Think back to your teens and early twenties, it was party time with little thought for the future – thirty was a long, loooooong way away! I see no reason why these girls would be any different if they’re under 24.
    They may tell you, in fact, they’ll swear up and down that yes, despite being young they want nothing more than marriage and family but sadly, it’s been my experience that when it comes to the crunch, or even an hour later, they’re not prepared to make that commitment.

    If you read through the profiles on EM, you may also notice, as I have, there’s far more of the ‘princess’ theme running amongst the younger ones – thanks no doubt to the insidious influence of feminism creeping eastwards.

    TL:DR? Forget the young ones, they don’t really have an idea of what they want, even when they say they do.

    • In reply to Stafford, I just had this conversation with Alana yesterday. In her opinion, Russian Women consider it “normal” to marry a man that is older by at least 5 years. Some women marry men of the same age but 5 years at least is desireable and 10 years is quite normal also. She said that – so long as the man was in good body form – 15 years is also acceptable. In the cases of 20 years difference and a Boris physique, he had better have a fat bank account.

      Now mention, she said marry. A 20 year old Russian Woman will glady “date” a 20 year old Russian Man. But she won’t marry him unless he has a good job and is moving along in life. She will date men her own age and then when she reaches marriage age, she will select an older man of 5 – 10 years.

      • Femi-Nazi HP has admitted this is true even in the west.
        Gena K…somehow couldn’t explain the results with her feminist lenses…about two-thirds of western women prefer men at least 3 to 6 years older…and a about a third prefer men over 7 years older. These results are a smack in the face to femi-nazi ideology.

        So, if this is the real attitude of women — of what is acceptable — in the female dominated west, just imagine what the attitudes are in the male dominated cultures of the East or Latin America.

        I personally have experienced and seen plenty of times this age gap dynamic before in LA. Being more than 10 years older than a woman is not a big deal, actually it seems like some of the women down there prefer it.

        • Thanks Seeker!! Studies show I will live longer because I am with a younger wife!! Yup, and she is gorgeous, so that’s + + ! Awesome, my wife will be happy in knowing that when I tell her. (I am having fun with this, ya know :)))

          • No problem Rodney! You have a gem just like the other men that have chosen well…life is worth living…and mother nature approves. Men prefer younger women, and women prefer older men. I guess common sense and ancient wisdom (red pill) will have the last laugh…just like I well as the others that didn’t swallow the blue one.
            If that makes me a pig…then oink!

  5. Toronto beta males need to look up on this blog to see classy women overseas.

    Honestly, these women would be 9 out of 10 in Toronto, but as soon as the women become brainwashed by the man hating Toronto women, getting even a smile from any woman is very very very very rare.

    Another reason why men AND WOMEN must avoid the sexless Toronto. Gays and Lesbians get more game so to speak.

  6. Hi Seth ,

    Well the portions may be smaller , but the prices for the meals , are not.Almost the same prices , as in my country – Holland.

    At this time , I am wondering , how your last trip , went.
    I hope that things were much better for you , and that there is a beginning , of something serious.

    Anyway , waiting to hear some of your experiences.

    All the best


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