Seth's Trip #2 Report
Lauren Gray on shapely women


It seems like it was just a few months ago that this site hit 100,000 views and just today it just blew past 300,000. As I’ve written in the past, this site was designed as a “go to” guide for friends and colleauges and it seems to have just grown. I guess that this is good evidence that I’ve struck a “raw nerve” with so many Western Men as word seems to spread and the number of views goes up every month.

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I pulled a shot of the monthly new visitors on and total hits on June 1st and as you can see in the graphic below, this site is growing in popularity almost exponentially:

Site Growth

I’d just like to say “thanks for droping by!” I hope that you’ve found something here that is useful to you.

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Seth's Trip #2 Report
Lauren Gray on shapely women

20 thoughts on “300,000

  1. Wow Scott! That’s great man! You may start getting some serious attention from feminazi groups or make it on the NAACP ‘watch list of supposed “hate sites” like roosh v has. Lol. I think your site’s name is pretty direct and helps garner attention so men can learn the real truths about what is going on with women in America today.

    Anyways, in my opinion, your site isn’t about hating on western women as feminists will claim. As many of us guys with views like yours have often said, there are indeed some great western/American women out there. But there are general trends occurring among western/American women that simply can’t be denied. As you already know, I’ve actually put scientific truth and fact to all your claims at my site global dating solution by quoting and sourcing expert articles (mostly from social psychologists and by linking scientific reports , statistics and expert articles and studies on American women).

    Anyone who claims your points are just only biased opinions only need to refer to my site where every point you make is backed up by scientific proof.

    Keep up the good work in helping American men discover how easy it is for them to find love abroad.

    Single men in America don’t have to be lonely, there is no excuse for it when there are millions of women abroad who would die to find a good man to marry. American men need to see the proof of the success they can have abroad and see proof that the negative stereotypes about “they just want your money or green card” are just that, stereotypes that for the most part, simply arnt true .

    • About a month ago, I was reading through your “Thesis” and I got about 1/2 way through and I’d been meaning to return to it and finish it and then write up a review. It is quite thorough and should be a refrenced “go to” for when Men are first exposed to the idea that its feminism, not them that’s the problem.

  2. Hi
    Be very helpful if you could post my prior email so all these overwhelming viewers could create a win for all us men scammed by the sites I write of

    John Ebbs

  3. Morning.
    I see you guys are promoting Elena’s Models quite often.
    Maybe you can help or answer me.
    For the past couple of weeks I could not log in to Elena’s models. Every time a try they say I have no permission????
    I have send them mails with my query but the don’t reply.

    The best of all is that yesterday they have put trough another payment on my credit card for my membership with out my permission.

    So basically the take my money with out my permission and I have no axis to their site. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why do you promote them??????????????????????

    • Elena’s recently changed their website platform & style and it seems that in the meantime they have “mixed” the account information from the old site to the new site. I have a buddy who is using their services and he is telling me that he had a problem getting into the website for a week or so – he said that he emailed the customer service and they (eventually) fixed the issue.

      If you were double billed or are having access issues, please email them and let them know. And PLEASE, comment back here in a week or two and let us know if they sorted it out or not.

      If Elena’s is “dropping the ball,” as someone who has endorsed them, I would certainly like to know about it.

      Thanks for the report.

      • Morning.

        At last I have received a mail form Elenas’,most probable thanks to you.

        I think they have big problems with tere new site.They did agree to repay me.

        According to them my account was on a recurring payment system,which is defiantly not the case.I will never do that.

        Secondly their explanation why I can not log in is because my profile states that I am living in Mauritius,which is again defiantly not the case.


        • Hi Pieter ,

          Well , it may have slipped your attention.But the fact is , that , when you pay for a 3 months , or longer time , you are automatically agreeing , that Elena , will recur this payment.

          I also took a 3month try , and payed with PayPal.And just like you , I assumed , that , that was it!

          It was only , when I checked , in my PayPal notifications (details about the ) payments , that I learned , that it was a recurring payment.

          So , naturally , I changed that.I was just trying it , for 3 months.
          When you want to stop the recurring , you should send a message to Elena.

          I believe , that you must do it , somewhere from/in your profile , although I am not really sure.I did it , when they still had the old site.

          But , I could have done it , maybe also , from my PayPal payments , details.
          Anyway , Elena , will send you a confirmation , that you have stopped the recurring billing!

          So , think and be aware about this.
          About the new site , well , yes , in the beginning , it was rather slow.But now , it seems , that the pages load a bit faster.

          Although , I have noticed , that the quality of the ladies pictures , have gone down in quality.
          The speed gain , has to come from some where.

          As I am not a paying member , I have not used the video / and /or chat.


          • If you did not want to keep the subscription and you did not use the services during the second 3 month period, if you email EM they will refund you.

          • Morning Gentlemen

            My biggest concern was that they took the payment,but I am not able to log in.Till today I am not able to log in.

          • Yeah, not cool at all. Go to their front page and send them a contact email and see if you can get it resolved. I’ve received a few more email complaints and I’m pretty bummed out that Elena’s is dropping the ball like this.

        • Hi Pieter ,

          Today , I did check out the terms of use agreement , of the new Elenas Models site.
          It seems to me , that Elena has sold the site , to a (Chinese) company.

          It says that the site is the property of Great Media Ltd in Hong Kong.In the conditions , it states , that all the sales and membership services , of EM , are operated under licence of Australian company EM Online Pty Ltd.

          For personal calls , there are still available the US and Australian telephone numbers.
          I am not really sure , if the old site , was already owned , by a company in Hong Kong.
          And if the sales and services , were already done , under licence of the Australian company.

          It looks , as if EM , wants to bring in more money now (or she has already sold the site)

          See all the new services , that you can buy now , for 1 month!
          Anyway , the format is clear now.

          Good luck


  4. Hi Scott ,

    The question is , what do you or they , consider , to be using their services.I was just a Gold member.For the 3 month fee , you pay $99.00.
    In my case , they added the VAT , that I had to pay (not sure for what reason).

    So , I got 50 credits.For every credit , I could start an unlimited communication , with a lady.If some other lady , would write me ,and I would read that letter , it would cost another credit.

    In my situation , I read 3 letters from other ladies.So , I had 47 credits left.
    And you think , that you could keep them???
    When I said that I wanted to stop the recurring billing , Elena told me , that I would also , loose all my remaining credits.

    The new billing , was to be done , by Elena , at the first day , of a new 3 month period.I am not sure , if it would give me , another 50 credits.
    So then my balance , would have been , 97 credits.

    Tell me , if I would have enough time , to spend them ??Of course , I was getting reminders , that there were only , so many days left , that I could use the remaining credits.

    To me , it just looks like , some kind of pressure , to let you pay , for another 3 months.
    Anyway , I lost the 47 credits , and that is for now , how things will stay!


  5. Just to make it more clear , the $99.00 is only the price , that you pay for the 3 months.On top of this , you must add the VAT.
    So the total for 3 months is about $114 or something.
    I was just checking it out (as I am in a sort of serious communication/relation with a lady)

    This was with the old Elena site – not the new one


  6. Hi,

    I’ve read some of your posts and can’t help but having the need to reply.
    About me: I’m a Belgian guy who quit his job and has been trying to start an IT business in the Ukraine for the last year, yes the year 2013-14, yes it’s hard with the current situation.
    But this blog is about Ukrainian women and as I have dated a few and have had and lost a 6 month relationship I am probably in the right place to share my opinion.
    First of all.
    Sorry; this is a must; if you don’t you will be very much limited to the happy few who speak english and who are not in the squeezing money out of your foreign pockets business.
    If you go to Ukraine and have to rely on a translator you get screwed over at least 11 times on 11 dates, sorry but this is the reality.
    Yes, Ukrainian women are not like Western women, but the differences are not that spectacular.
    They will be far more possesive and jealous, that is guaranteed.
    They will take better care of their bodies; yes, 90% of the time.
    They are family oriented, yes; because carreer option for women inside Ukraine are very limited and again for the happy few.
    They will be reliant on you, this is Ukraine, women make about 300$ per month. Rent is about this amount, that’s why when they are not married, they usually have a female roommate, or two. You walk in, things work out between you, within weeks you are paying rent for her. This is not a scam, this is Ukraine.
    Within a 10-week period they will test you, they will probably try to break up with you over something stupid, don’t worry, it’s just a test of your willingness to stay together.
    Sorry to say, this testing turns into habit.
    Jealousy is huge; don’t mention ex-girlfriends, DO NOT meet other women as friends, men and women can not be friends in Ukraine.
    Don’t get me wrong, men and women can be friends, but not when one of them is in a serious relationship, it will be considered disrespectful towads the female partner.
    Be a gentleman…. ALWAYS … open the door of the car, hold her hand when stepping of a bus, or walking up stairs (Urkainian women always wear high heels when out on a date … few exceptions)
    Be considerate …
    Listen to her; spend time together.
    etc etc …
    Dating a Ukrainian women is not easy. But can be very rewarding, as their love truly is real and the right girls will never cheat on you, ever.

    About finding the right girl … see point 1 … LEARN RUSSIAN
    Don’t look for her in a club, not that you can’t find her there, but chances are somewhat slimmer.
    The best girls are working all day and rarely go out.
    Girls who are always clubbing are professionals, 90% of the time.
    Which means they get some sort of financial benefit from going to the club. This can be free food/drinks but usually they have sex for money.
    Which brings me to ALWAYS PAY FOR EVERYTHING.
    If you can’t afford to pay everything on a date, forget about ever going to be able to support her in life. And this is what you will have to do.
    If you are NOT looking to HAVE A FAMILY, then don’t start with a UA girl, 99% of them want children, I met one girl who didn’t want them and she had to face daily abuse from both her mother and mother-in-law over this.

    Wedding agencies are tourist traps; yes they are. The girls chatting with you and writing letters are 90% of the time your translators, I know, my gf moonlighted as such, heck I even helped write some letters.

    So, yes, UA girls are nice, but you have to be willing to change, you are just as western as the women you dislike so much, so take this into account. Learn Russian, you don’t have to fluent, but you must be able to understand a conversation. Yes, Russian is a hard language, after one year I speak russian badly, I still miss up to 30% of the words in a conversation and my vocabulary is that of a 6-year old. But I do speak it. It’s mindblowingly important.

    To all of you, good luck.

    • Good points all around – I agree with (almost) everything you said.

      Yes, you need to speak Russian if you want to live there and date many local women.

      For the men who are considering meeting a woman internationally and have her immigrate to his country, so long as she speaks English (or his language) and she’s found on a reliable site, I think that this is the exception.

      As for salaries, she doesn’t really make $300 per month. Her “salary” is $300 but she gets another $500 -$800 “cash” under the table. To avoid taxes ALL companies in UA and Russia pay their employees 1/4 to 1/3 of their salary and deduct taxes from it. Then on payday, each employee gets a paystub and an envelope full of cash. I often see this idea that Russians and Ukrainians live only on $300-$500. In reality, the average salary is more like $700-$1,500 per month for non-professional workers. Professional workers more like $1,200 – $2,500 per month.

      I even dated a Woman in Minsk and she “earned” “only” $500 yet always had money. I asked how she made it work and she changed the subject. It wasn’t until I lived in Russia and friends began to trust me that I was told about “the system.” And yes, ALL companies (except for Multi-national and Western companies) pay about 2/3rds in cash. What is crazy is that the government knows about it and looks the other way. I guess, in this way, if someone causes “trouble,” they can just enforce existing tax laws and shut them down.

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