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Lauren Gray, a somewhat “regular” reader of this site posted a comment on the post “Spot the Fat Girl” wherein she agreed with some of what I wrote, but considers some of what I wrote “outrageous.” And I’ll admit, maybe a little bit of what I write here is somewhat outrageous. This may be a result of the fact that much of what I write here has never been considered by the majority of Americans or it could just be that I try to only write here after I’ve had 4 or more drinks. I’ll let each of you decide for yourselves.

The main thing that I took from Lauren’s comment was that there are some plus sized women in America who are still sexy and many men like women with “a little meat on their bones.” I agree. While I like the tall and thin type, there are many men who prefer a “curvy” woman. But, here is where I think the idea goes astray in America. The average American isn’t “curvy,” shes overweight, obese or else morbidly obese. When you are surrounded by so many large women your whole life, you begin to think that it is natural. And then you go to a foreign country that hasn’t been overrun by McDonalds, the people still move and eat in moderation and you’re (pleasantly) surprised at how GOOD looking all of the women look.

Case in point. I have yet to see in Russia a fat person driving a motorized scooter in the grocery store while pretending to be disabled. But when I go to Walmart in the US, I see that they’re recharging 50+ electric scooters because the customers¬†are so fat that they can’t even walk the length of the store¬†without dropping of a heart attack or stroke. It is – and I’m not afraid to say it – the seriously pathetic the shape of the people in America.

And if you want a “fit” woman, you’re chasing a shrinking minority of women here. And the more they are chased, the bigger their attitudes grow. Feminism is amplified when there are 5 men chasing each hot woman. In Russia and Ukraine, the opposite is true: there are more Women than Men and as a result, the Men have a better selection, the women to choose from are in better shape and they have better attitudes.

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Take for example this mother and daughter I saw in the Midwest. I’d guestimate that the Mom is about 65 years old and the daughter about 45 or so. Now, let me ask you, if you were a single man and you learned that the daughter in this photo was a single woman, would you want to ask her out on a date? Do you find her sexually attractive?

Mom and Daughter on electric scooters

Now, compare to a Russian Woman of about 45 years old and her Mother of 65:


Realize now that the three children belong to the Mother in the light blue top on the right. She’s had three children and she is still thin and in good shape.

Looking at the Women in the first photo. Is this a family you want to marry into? Even if this family has “good genes” in the looks category, it isn’t going to matter when the whole family is living a lethargic and unhealthy lifestyle. Even if your girlfriend is hot, if her mother and grandmother are obese and eat burgers every night, eventually, your woman will be the same. And take it a step further, how will she raise your children? It is more than likely that the grandchildren of the women in the top photo will be little fat kids also. If you hire a baseball coach, don’t be surprised when your kids don’t play football well. The same is true with a wife. What you want is a Woman who is dedicated to making YOU happy and dedicated to raising YOUR children.

Repeat that last line to any American woman and watch her stare at you in shock and disbelief.

Political correctness has grown to such a level that mediocrity is celebrated and excellence is frowned upon. While there are many people who are beautiful on the inside, I prefer a woman who is beautiful on the inside and the outside. Shallow of me? Perhaps. But you only live life once.

Your call. Good luck in your search.

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A dashboard in the eyes of a Woman

18 thoughts on “Lauren Gray on shapely women

  1. First of all – AMEN

    Secondly it is generally the woman who sets the familys direction of Diet and therefore Health. One of course will consider how they were raised and how they want their children raised. If you desire the Pizza and Playstation lifestyle – well. Some have different standards. Most women [family and friends] on my Facebook Feed post nothing but gooey recipes then talk [annoy] everyone about the diet they’re starting ”next week”.

    I would much rather spend my time assisting my wife [the ONE woman I find desirable AND wake up with daily] refine her English skills than live a life of Sticky Buns, fad diets – knee replacement surgery … and tattoos.

  2. Only women will accuse a man of being shallow for wanting a healthy ht/wt prop woman. Ive never heard a man say that to me, just women. The next time a woman says that politically correct BS to you , just turn the tables on them and ask if they would seriously date or marry a man noticeably shorter than them. Most women get stumped and go silent when you ask that because they know to answer yes would be a lie. If a woman tries to say yes to that question, just point out the scientific fact that studies show that women WILL NOT date a shorter man!! A men’s height is the same as a woman’s weight, both are physical traits.

    Studies that show women will not date a man who is shorter than her, hence proving that any woman who tells you she would date a man shorter than her is complete liar and is lying in order to be politically correct.

    “Only seven percent would accept someone who was their height, and just four percent would allow for a shorter guy.”

    “Women do not have a exact height preference, but rather seem to be open to a variety of heights, so long as the man is taller than her.”

    “Women will take just about any shortcoming in a man, except in the height department”
    Source ABC news 20/20 –

    • LOL! What about handicapped parking and parking permits?

      That’s the one of the things that pisses me off in this country, an obese person claiming they are handicapped. When I was in high school one of my friends was missing the lower half of his leg from a childhood accident. Yet my friend at times could not get a handicapped parking spot because some obese fucker with a handicapped parking permit just didn’t want to waddle a few extra steps to get in the store!

      This article and the first pic above is one of my favorites.

      #1 Curvy = thin woman with T & A shaped like a coke bottle.
      #2 Fat = over weight with rolls of fat shaped like the blob.

      What do you usually see on most American beaches?

  3. I’m a big believer in that last line: You only live life once. That was why I refused to settle for the crap selection in South Africa and remained single for so long. There are seriously beautiful women in SA but feminism is a big factor so once I figured out that it was feminism that was screwing things up for me, and not me being an unappealing choice, I headed to Ukraine and I’ve been with my girl for over a year now. Even if things didn’t work out, I’d be right back on a plane to Eastern Europe.

  4. The second photo with the electric scooters.
    I just came from the grocery store and saw two obese whales pretending to be disabled. One of these fat hogs almost ran into me while I was shopping!
    If you noticed my earlier comment above. I’m not a fan of these people.

    • Hi Seeker,
      Reading this thread it reminded me of one of my first trips in Russia. I was at the train station and went to use the restroom. I think this was the first time I had the experience with the old style porcelain pit…lol…anyway, while squatting there doing my thing I was thinking to myself…”what do fat or old people do when they are squatting here and there are no handicap bars to help them pull them-self up”. I even asked my then future wife about this…she had not really ever thought about it and we both laughed. But continuing our my walk and looking at most of the people I realized that this must not be an issue often. Most of the people are pretty tough regardless of age. I just had to laugh at myself because I was so used to being in a country full of fat people I could not even think otherwise.I am not sure if this has anything to do with this thread but it popped into my head and thought I would share…haha

      Of course I will not say that Russia is the most convenient place to live for genuinely handicapped people.

    • Check out Elena’s or Cupid (there are links on this website) and do an advanced search. Put in how many kilos you want; I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  5. American women lead the world in abortion,obesity,single motherhood and divorce…Are infected with std’s and probably lead the world in personal debts having massive credit card and college debts….I cant date this always flat broke but,” independant ” woman of America,who also claims to be strong but is not fit….

    Marrying or being in a relationship with this juvenile minded,not strong and independant,spoiled,entitled,narcissistic child like western woman is straight up adopting a woman,taking the torch from her mother or father and being her emotional tampon,personal security guard and atm machine.

    Without writing a book,I am not even attracted to American women anymore,who are also most often mentally ill,playing no traditional roles,often looking horribly dumpy,owning way too many animals,wearing mens crew cuts,celebrating fat acceptance while little kids in the world die of starvation…

    Almost every man I know who was married is divorced and paying child support…What the hell happened??? I think American women are insane.

    If anyone wants to be a millionairre in this nation,produce batteries for power chairs,become a psycho-therapist,manufacture cat nip,invent a new anti-depressant,produce tierr’as,straight jackets,cat sweaters,litter box’s and cat slicker brush’s,menopause mustache combs,become a divorce lawyer or be a personal trainer.This is no longer our America.It is gone.

    I have amassed so many stories of mentally ill entitled women,it scares me to the bone.Most notably an ex-girlfriend who locked me out of the house,sat behind a locked sliding glass door while proceeding to overdose….washing down pill after pill with liquer,pausing intermittingly to smile and waive at me.In phoning her mother immediatley to tell her of the situation,I knew I was in trouble as her mother sighed on the phone proclaiming,”not again.”

    Looking back,having few sh#ts to give anymore about these western women as a western man….I would have just walked away.,I wouldnt have phoned her mother,and would have simply immediately ran for my vehicle and never talked to her again,and if she tried to contact me again get a restraining order on her…..There are so many loony toon western women,that boobies no longer can reel a man in anymore,which is proof of how far the western woman has fallen….MGTOW…..

    With men walking away from American women now,its no secret that women are horribly trying to grab our attention through the oversexualization of themselves…..Our women have become undateable losers.

    Women never thought we would walk away,ever.That we would always as men be chained to our sexual desires,and as women could treat us any way they saw fit,and thought we would put up with it….The dating game has changed and women have no idea.The good men,the real men…are in hiding,protecting the 50 cents we have in the bank,from the emotional,financial and spiritual vampire western woman/succubus.

    Sadly,recently a woman (named fart noise) left her husband immediately after he inherited a home,which he sold for over 100,000 grand.He has 3 kids with this woman,and is spiralling into a deep depression,one bottle of liquer at a time,because he knows his life is over…with it being obvious this woman in her cat like,deceptive,chameleon like nature,was a fical kitty kitty hiding in the closet,waiting to pounce after sale of the home.

    Hey ladies,we finally took notes….American men quit.I refuse to have sex ever again and play the child support lottery,the aids lottery or the no fault divorce lottery….

    • Hey Jawn, I echo Seeker’s welcome! What a great letter and expression of experiences and feelings. You seem to hit the nail on the head in every way for me. Starting my 5th loving year with my Ukrainian wife, 25 years younger than me, and celebrating the births of our 2 year old daughter and 2 month old son. I am not even close to being rich and closer to poor.

      I was awakened by my wife this morning at 0530. She greeted me with a kiss and a cup of my favorite coffee. I am off to work, but I love my life. And that’s because I have a wife who has my back, I can trust with all that I have and with who I am, and who puts me and our children 1st in her life (she’s a lawyer).

      If you are ready for love, Jawn, Go East, my friend. Read our blogs and soak up the comments. Reach out to me for more in depth info, if needed.

      Mark Twain has said, “to get ahead, you have to get started.” You have taken that first step and congratulations. Life is so much better on this side of the fence.

      • Did I mention my wife is hot? Sorry, I sometimes overlook that because I am so in love with her, that her attractiveness is just part of her. A western women will say I am judging my wife, based on looks. Yup, she’s right, but this western woman isn’t living in my shoes. I wake up to beauty and go to sleep with beauty. Its my life, my choice, my happiness. Cry me a river, western women.

        • Hey Rodney,
          Great post.
          You brought up another point that I’m noticing. Many westernized women in the 24 to 39 age range are prioritizing their careers, consumption, and money over family. I know a few married couples pulling in some solid incomes (or they have accumulated enough assets) to comfortably raise 1 or 2 kids of their own but the wives refused to stop working and have a kid…even though the husbands really wanted children.

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