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The dream of every guy is to meet and marry the perfect woman. Dasha, in the photo above, is a Ukrainian Woman who (at least in the looks department) fits the bill as the “perfect woman.” I’ve written extensively about the differences between Eastern European Women and Western women. If you’re new to this site, check out some of the past posts and you’ll see what I’m talking about. In many many ways, the Eastern European Woman much closer fits the bill for what most men envision as their “perfect woman.”

The biggest obstacle that I faced when looking for my dream woman was trying to make first contact. I’ll bet that a vast majority of the Men reading this site can (and will) do just fine talking to a woman over dinner, over a drink or at a cocktail party or out for a walk at the park. Meeting a woman from your town is easy. Meeting a woman from a far away country, especially from a country with another language than yours, can be a daunting endeavor. The first step is meeting a woman. After you meet, the rest is up to you.

In my first few years searching in Ukraine and Russia before I met Alana, I tried a few different agencies and even a tour. I found most be lacking (or outright dishonest) and it was quite frustrating. I have found a few gems out there and Mike brought Cupid Media to my attention. I’ve since been to the website and tried it out and I’m impressed with all that I’ve seen.

I have two buddies that are looking to the East for a wife and both have signed up at Cupid and both have met women on line. One is chatting exclusively with one woman and another is having many “Skype dates.” I’ve received about a half dozen emails from readers that have also used Cupid and I’ve received good reports from all.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

I browsed through the ladies profiles for a few hours and I believe that the profiles I saw were legitimate. The profiles that I saw were on par with other sites that I’ve reviewed and I didn’t see any glaringly obvious “bogus” profiles.

Negotiating through the website I see that Cupid passes my first and most important test: they allow direct contact with the women on the website. The worst type of dating agency is one that requires communication between you and the women you contact to be funneled through the agency. Most websites that limit your contact with the women that you are talking to do so because their ladies profiles are fake or they want to “lead you on” in order to get more sales from you. Bottom line: only select an agency that allows you to take your communication(s) offline.

Cupid gets a pass in the cost category. You can sign up for free, post a profile and photo and see if any of the women on the site have an interest in you. This really is huge and I’m surprised that more men don’t take the opportunity to sign up for a free account. If you sign up and a woman that really catches your eye emails you, why not switch to a paid membership and give her a chat?

If you do decide to switch to a paid membership, the membership fee is in my opinion quite reasonable. A one month membership is $30. If you prepay for 3 months ($60), it is only $20 per month. Considering that a regular “date” with a fat feminist in your own city will set you back at least $80, this price sounds quite reasonable.


Once you decide to pursue a Woman from Eastern Europe you can go to Eastern Europe and find her yourself, go on a tour, meet her through other means (Facebook, etc) or pony up for a dating agency membership. If you decide to use an agency you should consider Russian Cupid.

Good luck in your search and I’m looking forward to your feedback.


WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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A dashboard in the eyes of a Woman
Who drives better, women or Men?

103 thoughts on “Russian Cupid review

  1. Hi Scott ,

    Well , I may have not spend hours , on Cupid date , to check it out.But I did notice , that there are many profiles , on there , of women , who had a last login of 3, 5 6 or more months.

    There are also many , many profiles of women , with a last login , of more than 1 year.I`m not sure , what I should make of this.
    It is not my intention , to start a correspondence or communication , with some ladies , on there.

    Because , I am already , in a sort of serious relation , at the moment.
    But , it raises the question , why someone , would let these old profiles , still be visible on the site.

    I am aware , of some sites , which would delete a profile , if it has not been checked for some months.Let alone a year.

    Maybe you have some information , on this have gotten some good feedback , from several men , so things are probably oke.
    It is just , that to me , the majority of the profiles are very old.And that they are still on there.


    • I’m absolutely not seeing what you’re looking at.

      I just logged in and “currently” (as in right this minute), there are 1,363 members online.

      I just put in a search for women that meet my criteria and over 250 have logged in in the last hour.
      680 have logged in during the last 12 hours.
      I reached the 1,000 mark that had logged in during the last 19 hours.

      I’m sure I could go to or Yahoo personals and find a lot of old profiles, if I was looking for them…

      I put in 5′ 2″ to 6′
      From any weight, to not more than 130
      Not married
      No kids
      Doesn’t smoke

      returned over 1,000 hits

      Another thing that I just remembered that I like about this site is that I can view all of the ladies photos using a free account. Most other sites only allow you to view photos if you have a paid membership.

      • Well , I see that I have mixed the names , of the 2 sites.I meant the site , which is called

        I believe that in another post , it was said to be a link from the Cupid Date host site.

        Sorry for the incorrect naming.
        But maybe you can take a look there.


        • I just checked the UkraineDate website and I went page by page and was up to 420 ladies who had logged in within the last 30 days.

          (my search criteria waasn’t “any” woman, I put in:
          5′ 2″ – 5′ 11″ , 157-180 cm
          100 – 130 pounds, 45 – 59 kg
          Non smoker
          No kids)

          Surely, Russia is a bigger country and there will be more women on the Russiancupid website. I looked on the Russiancupid website and see that they also have quite a number of women from Ukraine. If I was looking, I would probably sign up for Russiancupid over Ukrainedate.

          • If both those sites won’t satisfy your intentions to meet eastern European woman with enlisted parameters,maybe it helps Its where I have met my sweetheart.

          • Thanks for your (bogus) comment “Galard.”

            Folks, the whole Eastern European dating induustry is just full off scams. If Anastasiadate can pull US $100,000,000 per year, I can only imagine how many scammers are salivating to get a piece of your wallet.

            Case in point is the above comment from “Galard.” I can say with about 99% certainty that mymagicbrides agency IS A COMPLETE SHAM!

            I just went there and adding it all up, there are a number off problems.

            Clearly the site is written by a non-native English speaker, as is the comment. “Galard’s” comment comes from Lviv, Ukraine, and his email address is a .ru (Russian server) so we know that he is NOT a Western Man as he claims to be.

            I looked at some of the profiles on the site – every last one is professionally shot by a professional photographer. This says a lot, it means that some scammer set up this site and stocked it full of models from fashion shoots. They say that they can “prove” that the women are legit by offering to let you chat with them (one credit per minute). No direct contact with the women is allowed (you can’t get their Skype, email or phone #) – again a bad sign.

            Regardless of which agency you use to meet Eastern European (or Thai, Colombian, or even American) NEVER NEVER NEVER go with an agency that won’t let you take your conversation to private email and away from the agency. The ONLY reason an agency wants to keep your chats “in house” is BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT REALLY TALKING TO THE WOMAN, YOU’RE TALKING TO A SECRETARY OR A FAT BORIS IN RUSSIA OR URKRAINE!!!

            Anyhows, thanks Galard, one more thing on my “to do list: write up a review of your ridiculous website”

  2. Well , it certainly is a bit confusing.I used your search criteria , and I get the same results , more or less , that you got.

    But when I use my search criteria , I get a different result.This is what I have used , until now.
    Advanced search , country Ukraine – no city or region.
    I am a male , and I seek a female.Age 36 ~ 53.Only show profiles with a photo.Searching for marriage , romance/dating.
    Don`t smoke – ocassionally drink.She is single , about 145 ~ 168 cm.
    Weight is about 45 ~ 69 kg.She has no children.

    And then I push the submit button.You will get a total of about 850 women.After you have seen some 345 profiles , you will get the last login of about 6 months.Go further , and soon you will see the 1 year last login.

    In any way , it is a bit of strange search.But that is my opinion.And it`s certainly strange , that different search criteria , will give you different results.


    • Have you considered a subscription at Russian Cupid? I looked at the profiles there and there are thousands – including from Ukraine.

  3. No , it is not my intention , to search for a lady , at this moment.I am just checking some sites , just to compare.
    And to verify , how good they are , or what and if the profiles are up to date.

    I mean to say , if someone , regularly cleans up , the data base.At this time , I don`t want to spend money , on a dating site.
    I took a 3 month subscription , on EM ,some time ago, only because , it was rated as very good , and trustworthy by you.

    But then again , not to actively seek a woman.Just to check it out.
    Like I said , I am in a sort of very serious relation , right now.
    So , for me , the search is over.

    If or when , at some point , things will not work out , between me and her , then I can start a new search.
    But right now , I don`t see , that it is likely to happen.

    Anyway , thanks , for the idea.


    • I have been talking with EM management, they have assured me that same ownership and all is well. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from guys saying that things are returning to normal so far as the website and loggin in. Considering putting them back up on the recommended list.

      Congrats with your relationship, hope it works out.

      • Thanks Scott.
        Well , yes , we both hope and wish , that all will go well.
        And more importantly , stays well.
        From my side , I am doing as much as I can , to let it develop , in a positive way.

        That said , it is never easy , to maintain a healthy relation.It takes time , and much hard work.
        Men should not underestimate ,the efforts that THEY , have to put in.

        Especially , when it comes to , these women , with regard to their social , political and economical changes , that they have gone through , in the past decades.

        For some of them , it may have had , a much bigger impact , in their life.
        Than we would think , at a first glance.

        Realizing this , can give you a better start , in your relation.


  4. In my experience, only 2 websites have been worthy: Elenas Models and Russian Cupid (NOT Ukrainian Date, even when it has the same format as RussianCupid)
    As of today, I do not recommend Elenas Models, they still have too many unresolved issues, unresponsive customer support, and I am convinced that even if Elena Petrova is still the owner ( I totally doubt it) the actual management does not care about any of their members, they just do about money, they became much less valuable and without their former charm.
    I will write an extensive review about them in the near future, but it makes me sad.

    But Yes, I met 5 ladies in person and several more in Skype from Elena’s from June 2010 to October 2011.
    3 of then were uneventful, another one was a short relationship and a very special one became my fiance, later things did not work.

    Then I tried Russian Cupid from May 2012 to April 2014, I met 3 ladies, of which 2 were also short term relationships and the third one, as in love that we were with each other, she refused to come to USA because her mother’s sudden health issues. (I took her mother to the hospital for a major surgery while I was in there. The long distance relationship did not work for neither of us).

    Later, at the same time as I was still trying Russian cupid, I joined Elenas Models again for 6 months, the membership expired today and I had NO success at all. And I tried hard. It looks that the ratio between men and woman is very disproportionate. Too many male paying subscribers.

    As per RussianCupid, there are also pitfalls, lots of scammers, and women lying about their weight, age, smoking. I know it by having several conversations in SKype. Yes, there are also many real women with the hopes of finding her soulmate.
    Have a good day

      • I did register with Elenas , at the end of 2012.At first , I was a non paying member , just to check it out , and see , what it would look like , and if there was some sort of interest , from the women.
        In my profile.

        Yes , I had some pictures , and I did put in all the necessary details.Like my preferences and my personal information.
        Such as hobbies , age , work etc.

        With the old site , I could see , how many and who , would check out my profile.
        At that time , I was just starting , the relation , with my girl.

        So , things could go either way.After a while , I took a service , for 49,99 $ , and it would let me communicate , with 15 different ladies.

        I could send EOI , letters to them.In the ” Who viewed” , I could see , if any women , had looked at my profile.
        This was a 1 time payment , and you could use all those 15 credits.There was no time limit.

        It was oke , but I did not really , pursued , to find a partner.After all , I was busy , with my girl.

        Now , with this new site , there was a update , of women , who had looked at my profile.But since 3 months , nothing has changed.

        There are the same women , with a limit , of showing , only the last 10 , of them.In the beginning , of this new site , it was at a limit of 15 women.

        Since , I am not a paying member , it was brought down to 10.And it has remained at 10.
        And no update of , who viewed my profile.

        I regularly , check out some ladies profile.But as it states , that my paying subscription , has expired , no work or effort , is being done for me now.

        In contrast , when EM , was still , in the old setup (site).

        So , yes , it is also my believe , that it just a new owner , with the goal , to make as much money as possible.
        Therefore , you should be a paying member.

        Lastly , I want to point to the fact , that when I stopped the recurring billing – of the 3 month subscription – EM told me , that I could only use the remaining credits (there were 47 left) , to the date , that this 3month service would end.

        And after this date , they would be lost.While there was also , no mentioning of this , on the site.

        I guess , that you all will know the name , of this type of doing business.

        According to Ukrainian Date , I still think , that it is kind of fuzzy , that there are so many 1 year last login profiles , over there.
        To me personally , it doesn`t give me a good feeling.

        In the past 11 months , I also briefly , registered with Anastasia.No special details , about myself , and about the lady , that I want to find.
        And certainly , no picture in my profile.

        The reactions ,and fake mails and chat requests , didn`t give me a good feeling either.


    • Well , just very recently , I created an account on Russian Cupid , to check it out.
      I may have mentioned , but maybe also not , in another poat , that I get the same results , which I got on Cupid Date.
      When it comes to search for women.

      Not so many , and their last login is sometimes , many months ago.

      Anyway , now I put some details in the respective sections.Like what type of woman , my hobbies etc.
      And I even put up a picture.

      I also said , that I would like to receive notifications , in my email inbox.
      After finishing my profile , I almost immediately , got a letter of interest , from a woman.

      But ……….. , I cannot read it.
      To read it , I must upgrade , and take a 1 month or a 3 months subscription.

      And they have already made it clear , in their usage of the site , and their services , that these are recurring billings!!

      You should tell them , in time , that you want to end the subscription.
      I believe it is 1 month , before the last day , of your 3 months period.
      Not sure , how many days , it is for a 1month period.

      Anyways , I now get notifications in my email inbox , that I have got letters of interest from women.

      Just today , I saw , that I received , 4 , 5 , 6 and even 9 notifications.
      From 1 woman , they sent me 4 alerts.From another woman 6 alerts.
      Russian Cupid did go the extra mile , to send me 9 (!!!!) alerts , from 1 woman.

      Talking about flooding my inbox.

      Probably it is only , to make me take a subscription , for 1 or 3 months.

      Well , I am not sure , what all you guys , think about this site.
      Those ,who use it , seem to be content with it.

      But , I`m not too sure , at this moment.


  5. I’ve been a long time reader here. After Mike made a few posts I tried Russian Cupid. I didn’t see much difference from Elena’s who I had tried before. I did get some emails from young 22 year old women who included their email address in their contact email – a sure sign of a bogus account. I just clicked “report this user” and they were abandoned from the system in 24 hours.

    I emailed 9 women initially and maybe a dozen emailed me. I talked on Skype and email with 4 or 5 women and have narrowed it down to one and I’m going to see her in October.

    When I tried Elena last year I had no intention to go to Russia I only had some idea I might go. I had little response from the women but no I told each of the women I talked to that I was coming in a few months. It was like light and day. The woman I am talking to now says she has talked with 9 western men over the last 3 years and none came despite long correspondence. I really think that women can smell you a mile away if you are “dabbling” while entertaining another woman or if you’re in for 100%

    • Good points Barry, that is one thing that Alana has told me time and again – how impressed that she was that I flew out into a Moscow Winter to meet her in her home town (brownie points for securing my own apartment, airline tickets and transfers).

    • It is a good thing , to not have these very long communications.Unless the lady is pretty sure , that you will come over , to meet with her.

      But then again , words are only words.Also keep in mind , that some of them , have had not so good experience , with foreign men.Like she said , none of them came , to see her , after a long correspondence (and maybe sessions on Skype).

      They will judge you , by your word , your attitude towards them , and by the promises that you (will) keep.
      If she has had , bad experience in the past , it will be much harder for you , to convince her , of your honest intentions.

      I am sure , everyone , in their right mind , will understand this!And it may be good , to not put your hopes , all too high.Having talked with her on Skype , is no guarantee , that a personal meeting , will be good for both.

      But that is what you want to find out , with this , right??I assume , that there will be a translator present , on your date(s)?
      If the translator will arrange all the dates for you , and she is present , at all of them ,then I would start to think real hard.

      It is not necessary , that she will be present , all the time.You can go a long way , with Google translate.

      Have you thought about , what answer , that you will give , when they ask you , why you want to (have) find , a EE or Russian wife ?

      Have you thought about , what your response will be , when she asks you , if you want to come and live in Russia ?
      If you want to have children , or start a family??

      What will you say ??
      Remember , these questions are very important for them.You should give , a good and resolute answer.She (they) must see from your body language , or your face expression ,that you mean what you see.
      And that you feel confident about it.

      What about your hobbies??She wants to get to have some image , about you as a person , as an individual.So , how do you spend your free time??
      What interests you ??

      Are you maybe a bit creative?Do you like to dance , or practice it.Is photography your hobby too??
      How do you think about your family?Do you like to spend time with them?

      Do you also have a somewhat sentimental side?Are you a person , who only wants to be seen , as a macho ?As a tough guy?
      Of these , there are already , many of them , in her country.
      So , think about it.

      Do you write poems?Can you write one , especially for her ?
      And read it out , for her ??Better have the translator present , so she can say , to her , the real meaning of the words.

      Don`t forget , these women , they know about their literature.About the great writers of their country.
      So , when you can dedicate , a very emotional poem to her , her esteem for you , will grow big.

      You know , that you will have , only 1 chance , to make a good impression.So , the first date , is important.
      If you want to bring flowers and a small present , well it is up to you.
      You will know her best.

      Me , I didn`t bring flowers and presents , on my first date , because , I was not really sure , if she would show up.It was , when I was already there , that I asked , to meet her.
      And I didn`t dress formal either.Well , I was in casual , but very neat.
      And she was dressed , rather neat.But we spend the whole first date , in a restaurant (but without having dinner).
      Just some coffee , or some fruit drinks.

      And as a final note , when she will ask you , if you are going to meet , other ladies ……….
      Well , I leave it to you , what your answer will be


        • Hi Scott ,

          Sorry for a delay in my reply , to my post.
          Well , yes , I was there and I`ve done it.Now must meet with the head of the family , well you know , why that would be.

          There are certain things , that may give you a clue , if or how much , the lady is interested in you.
          I remember , Mark from Dream Connections ,says that you should ask , the key questions.

          While this is surely a good thing , to do , don`t let it show , that you , are in a hurry , and don`t let her get the idea , that you only ask her these questions , because , you have other dates planned , with more ladies.

          For some (or most) of these ladies , this can be a break point.And later , if for whatever reason , things don`t work out , with the others , and you go back to her , she may get the idea , that she is , the best of the rest.

          Well , you know what I mean.
          And , in my opinion , this is never a good basis , to get a relation started.

          Yes , on my first date , she and I , we had our key questions.Well , let me clarify.
          Before our meeting , there was no extensive correspondence , between the two of us.

          I was already , in Odessa , when I asked , to meet her.She didn`t know , and I did not tell her , that I would come over.

          In fact , as I wrote , in my previous posts , to Seth , I went over , to meet with another lady.
          With whom , I had a 3 month correspondence.Yes , it costed me some money.

          And , I had not found your site yet , at that time.Or , I was just beginning , to read the articles.So , anyway , before you reach the conclusion , if some sites are bogus , you will be some months further , in to reading the experiences and posts , of other men.

          Anyway , the lady was not the one , from the profile pictures.So , you may say , that in fact it was a scam.

          As I had read much about this , on other forums and revieuws , I had calculated this , in my expectations.
          And , my back up plan was , that if it was a scam , I should stop with meeting her at once.

          Then , let the situation decide , if I wanted to meet with another woman.This was my first visit , to Ukraine , so there were other things , that I could fill my days with.

          Although , I was there in October , and the tourist season , had already finished.But the weather , was still very good.

          It was in these circumstances , that I had my first meeting , with my girl.
          Well , she accepted my invitation , and I made very sure , that I did send her , a very good close up picture , from my face.

          She would recognize me , anyway , because I have black hair , and an Asian/Hispanic look.Some people , may say , that I look like Spanish.

          I am not the youngest , but still look very good.Where have I read this , before ???
          This is a much used phrase , on dating sites.
          I guess , we all , want to present ourselves , to the best scores , that we have in mind.

          It`s only human , I guess.

          So , as I came down the road , to my appointment , I reached the area , where she would wait for me.So , I started to look around.

          Then I widened , my vieuw , to see , if maybe she was standing , a bit further away.
          From 20 meters distance , I could not see her.

          So , I turned my head again , and narrowed down , the radius.
          And there she was , standing at the side of the pavement , about 3 meters away.

          I didn`t see her there , the first time , when I looked.
          She was waiting there , patiently , UNTIL I , noticed (spotted) her!!!
          No , she didn`t walk over to me.Like a Western woman should have done , on a (first) date.

          When I saw her waiting there , it really gave me good feeling inside.
          Because , it told me , something about her , and her traditions.
          At the same time , it gave me a warning.

          A warning , that I should have ALL MY ANSWERS , to her , right!!!
          And in the right context , and as sincere , as could be.
          Lying , would be no option here.

          To explain , this ,I must tell you a bit more , about my past .
          As , also said , in a post to Seth , I had a long time relation , with a Polish woman.

          It started , way back , when the Cold War , was at it`s peak , and the Iron Curtain , was still in place.
          In these circumstances , I visited Poland , many times , but always with the car.

          Coming from the Netherlands , you had to cross Western- and Eastern Germany.
          I will not get into detail , about all the checks , that you had to go through , at the different borders.

          But , it was then , when I learned about the life , the struggle , the hardship , that these people had to go through.
          I learned about , what communism was , in real life.

          About their fears , their outlook on their future.The hopes , that they had.
          The division , in the society , between the pro – and the anti – communists.
          I experienced , how the system worked.I saw the examples.

          I was in the homes , of really , really poor , and very , very rich people.
          It is only , if you had the opportunity , to live among the average people , that you could see , how the daily life was.

          It is also , only in these situations , that they would tell you , about their wishes.
          What future they would like to have , and their expectations.

          People who have had , a relation or a connection , with relatives , in the former Sovjet Union , will know , what I`m talking about.
          And it is just as evident , that they would have sent , much money and goods , to their relatives , over there.

          For me , it was just like that.I cannot begin to tell , how much boxes with all kinds of goods , we have send to there.
          And how many , families , we have helped financially.

          If you are a man , and you seek a wife , in Eastern Europe , prepare yourself , for this!!!
          You will have to support , your family-in-law.
          This is how it is!!!

          I don`t want this post , to become too long.
          So , I will continue , with another post.

          In the mean time , stay good


  6. I’m so sorry for that, I don’t want to deceive you, they just pay me 2$ for one commentary, they call this link building or something like this. I’m from Ukraine its true. For 2$ I can buy 5 bottles of bear or something else, so for me its worth to publish those fake comments.

    • While I appreciate your candid answer Galard – it pretty much sums up my opinion of that agency.

      Men, beware: sign up for ANY agency that doesn’t let you communicate with the woman directly and you might as well just burn your cash and save yourself the heartache.

  7. As my Grandma always said, the proof is in the pudding.

    I met my fiance on Elena’s. Enough said. I’ve read here and on other sites a lot of guys met their wives on Elenas.

    What more do you need?

    • Good point. In total, I think I’ve heard from 8 or 10 guys (maybe 12) that they met their wife or fiance at Elena’s. I can think of 7 or 8 off of the top of my head, and four more but can’t remember if I read their comment “and” email or if separate events. Either way, since I’ve reviewed EM, at least that many guys met their significant other there – and that’s just who’s posted comments or sent me an email. I’m sure there are more. As for Cupid, I’ve only recently reviewed them and I’ve already received a few notes that guys have met women and are going to meet them soon.

  8. Afternoon all,
    I’m currently on Russian and find its a mixed bag; plenty of what seem to be legitimate ladies but I feel some opportunistic scammers also lurk here looking for targets who’ll start private communications, but then start talking of Internet cafe/translation and general issues all relating to finance related problems, to then receive mails from afore mentioned cafe owners with a break down of costs (all seemingly high to my mind).
    Personally I find this side of things a bit suspicious and have reluctantly broke off communications.
    I am going to look on Elena’s models, as you’ve said positive things in previous posts. Any advice you could throw my way to help the process along.
    Many thanks

    • Unfortunately, there are scammers everywhere – even on sites like Match and eHarmony. I talked to my fair share.

      Just hang in there, its a numbers game; it will pay off in time.

  9. I love the fact that a site like this exists cause I have never met a woman in the U.S. that knows how to have a honest relationship and am currently talking to a beautiful Russian woman

      • As much was we bash Western women, FC is right, it takes two to play catch. American women act this way because they were raised this way and they are spoiled, AND because Western Men put up with it.

        You can’t change them. All you can do is seek a Woman who is outside of the paradigm.

        • Correct, Scott! It takes TWO to build a strong and evolving relationship or family.
          North American women have never faced a rejection or a negative answer in their entire lives thus they simply can’t stand when a male dares too have an own opinion, to differ from the mainstream, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example.
          North American/Western society fully caters to females need, demands and requirements while totally ignoring and abandoning the needs of a male who’s supposed to be another 50% of a working and evolving relationship.
          I wish North American men had balls to say what they want and stop catering to all possible and impossible female demands and wishes.
          Imagine if all the males one day could say NO to some out of this world wishes of their girlfriend or wife.
          Western men nowadays put up with anything and everything just to get that ever elusive access to that ever elusive female pussy.
          Males ARE the problem, and NOT women. Males are supposed to be the leaders, and not followers! But now they obediently follow what women and mainstream is telling them.

          • Totally agree.

            “Imagine if all the males one day could say NO to some out of this world wishes of their girlfriend or wife.”

            Even if all the males did this…3 to 4 generations of women would become unacceptable…then over 90 percent of males from the US/West would have to find a non-western wife or leave for good and never look back. Could the host countries handle the population shift and boom?

          • The world can easily handle the flight of males from North America;)
            Russia is huge, and so are Ukraine, China, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland etc.
            What’s the number of able bodied males of the right age in USA and Canada? Around 100 millions? Trust me-they’ll be perfectly fine even if they all decide to move to just Russia! There is enough space and ladies in Russia to accommodate them ALL!!

          • Sounds perfect. They would finally get the no man’s land they fantasize so much about. I keep forgetting about Siberia and the Russian Far East…plus plenty of room in the smaller cities, towns, and rural areas of Latin America, Former Eastern Bloc, and SE Asia. The gringo trail and other infamous mass (and individual) migrations from North America has occurred in the past…they will never teach that type of history it in the public schools. Happy Easter!

  10. Russian Cupid is stupid ……….

    Since about 1 month or so , I keep getting mails , which tells me that a woman has some interest in me.

    Yet when I click the ” vieuw profile” button , I get the window that says – ” the profile is switched off ”

    This has happened now for 3 times and all the 3 ladies had interest in me.

    I already did mention my doubts about this site in the past !
    Now this seems to prove my point.

    Has some of you guys had the same experience ?


    • How about you get off Russian Cupid and try Aeroflot?;)
      Your chances to find that Cupid will be a lot higher on Russian soil then on a computer screen 1000s of miles away from the girl;)

      • Russian Cupid has too many spammers, but in my search of Russian woman, I have found that website full of genuine ladies. Yes it is true that I have to contact 10 to get 2 real ones, and 1 of those two is lying about her age, weight, kids or smoking habits.

        But maybe I am picky, and since 2010 I have met 6 different ladies (2 relationships) in person from RussianCupid and maybe another 25 in the Skype. out of almost 200 contacts. (Try that against Anastasia date, the most crooked of them all).

        It does not compare to the Elenas Models of about 3 years ago before they screwed their website and became almost worthless since them, but yes, I do support RussianCupid over any other existing website.
        And about Aeroflot, I love that airline. The most beautiful flight attendants ever.

      • FC ,

        I don`t understand your reply.I believe that you didn`t read my other posts , concerning Russian Cupid.

        Nor did you read or still remember all my other different posts ??

        I`m not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

        Just for the record , I have been to Ukraine.So I have seen what is going on.
        No I don`t live there yet , but I plan to do that in 2 or 3 years.

        But please do read my posts on the R Cupid revieuw blog


        • In 2-3 years Ukraine will look, act and think exactly like North America does.
          In fact Ukrainian women 37 and younger do not differ from any Canadian or American female.
          All normal people are now leaving Ukraine;)
          And so will I and my family in a matter of months, may be even weeks.

          • Yes , I understand that times are changing.And it will have an effect on (some) people and women.

            But I still want to spend some time there , maybe 3 ~ 6 months at first.
            And see how different it has all turned out.

            Anyway , before relocating permanently , I will need to get the good feeling.

            If you know what I mean.And I do want to know more about the country and other interesting places.

            So , yes , I think I have done some preparation already.

            Ok so in a good month you are gone from there ?

            Any new destination in your plans ?


          • Yes, Paul, 3 to 6 months long stay in Ukraine may be reasonable but again this country and its people are changing rapidly and I’m afraid that in 2-3 years Ukraine will look like yet another feminism infected western country.

            Yes, my family and I are planning to get out of Ukraine within a month or two.
            I’ll let you know about our new destination when we get there;)

          • I have lost interest in Ukrainian woman since the Crimea event.
            They have become more hostile, bad tempered, and some would fly the country as soon as they find any man even if they are not attracted to him (specially Donetsk, Dnip, Zaporozhye, Odessa), and I don’t blame them. It is a very bad situation in there and I totally justify their behavior.
            But the main reason is that as an American (yes even if I speak with a broken English language I am from USA)I am afraid that being in Ukraine another important event happens and I have to leave the country immediately (if I still can)
            So still there is Russia and Belarus, and I prefer the Biggest country to live if I am able to. The ladies are so feminine, dress sexy, and as I have always been told, there are more woman than men, so I can chose the very best being in there.

          • I did check your video, Rodney, thanks.
            I still kinda failed to find anything inspiring or uplifting in it.
            It’s more like any other picturesque ad video for any other city in the world…
            Street musicians? They are all over any western city.
            Subway? Too noisy and dirty in fact. I’d take Toronto subway over Kiev subway at any given day.
            Advertising some kind of a “chemical” energy drink? *uck that shit.
            A beach in Kiev’s Gidropark? Noo way, Jose;) Especially aft

          • I did check the video you’ve posted, Rodney, thanks.
            I still kinda failed to find anything inspiring or uplifting in it.
            It’s more like any other picturesque promotional video for any other city in the world…
            Let’s analyze it episode by episode.
            Street musicians? They are all over any western city.
            Subway? Too noisy and dirty in fact. I’d take Toronto subway over Kiev subway any given day.
            Advertising some kind of a “chemical” energy drink? Fuck that shit.
            A beach in Kiev’s Gidropark? No way, Jose;) Especially after having worked many years in the Caribbean;) I’d NEVER get into THAT water in Kiev.

            Street dancing? I’ve seen a lot better performances on Yonge/Dundas square downtown Toronto.

            The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra IS nice indeed, no argument here, but one absolutely has to know places to go there!
            He went underground in Lavra, NIIICE!!! Good choice!

            Discos? I ain’t no fan of discos. I’m too old mentally for that shit;) I better go and have another swimming workout with local Masters Swim Team and do my routine, or at least coach some folks, than pay 100s of grivnas just for the entry for myself and my wife;)
            I didn’t see a big crowd in that club by the way, so it must be some kind of an upscale VIP shit with Go Go Girls and very rich males who go there to find a girl for the one night stand. I can feel that by the ambience inside the club.

            “Men in high heels”? Oh, fuck that shit again.

            Oh fuck again, he stayed up until 6:30 am? Must be nice to be on vacation;) Though I hate staying up later than 1 am.
            But 6:30 am with THAT kind of music? I must be getting too old apparently..

            And again, the chap who’s making the video is looking for EXCUSES for Ukraine. He sounds like yet another Ukrainian who’s scared to death to admit his OWN faults but loves to blame others for his OWN DAMN FAULTS!
            And THIS is one of the two main problems of Ukraine. This country will NEVER change until people will have enough guts to admit OWN damn faults!
            The second problem is the fact that the education is non existent here now! This chap who made the video can claim what he wants. The thing is that he’s never had an extended interaction with locals and all his chats were limited to an exchange of some pleasantries, whereas I have those “interactions” for hours daily.

            I know that I do sound again like a Devil’s Advocate but the truth is the truth for me and I’ll never sugarcoat lies just to sound “right” and politically correct while following the mainstream thoughts and visions.
            The guy who made the video is waaaay too mainstream for me. He even looks like yet another one of those “sweet European boys” with gelled hair and sexy white T-shirt,who come to Ukraine looking for easy sex and are willing to pay big money to get it.
            All that crap with selfie sticks etc… I’ve done a lot of underwater photos and videos, I’ve captured cenotes, reefs, Jeep Safari Extreme Tours, all kinds of sharks, manta rays etc etc etc, but I’d never even think about walking around with a selfie stick worrying about how I look in the video…. And that’s exactly the impression I got having watched his blabbing at the very end of the video.

    • Are you someone who just likes to log in to random sites and post inane comments?

      If you don’t know what the point is, then you clearly haven’t read many articles here.

      The point is this:

      The VAST MAJORITY of Western women suck.

      The VAST MAJORITY of Russian Women are fit and act like WOMEN. American women want to compete with Men – not all, but most.

      Out of a 100 Russian Women, at least 50 would make a good Wife.

      Maybe 1 out of 100 American women would be a good Wife.

      So, the point is this, when you want a diamond, dig in a diamond mine, not a coal mine.

  11. Profile switched off means that it was a spammer that was caught by the website.
    Those people are mainly from Ghana and they will ask for your email in their first contact. Beware

    • Charles ,

      I did register some x years ago , only to check the site out.I made a fake profile without a photo.
      And minimal fake information.

      I did not use Russian Cupid to get into contact with women.And I didn`t write any letters.

      Now some weeks ago , all of a sudden , I keep getting mails that a woman has send me a message/letter.

      And if you want to see/read it , well …. yes , you should become a paying member (upgrade).

      The tekst in the window , when I get a mail that a woman has shown interest in me says : you have received this message because you are a registered member of Russian Cupid.

      Well they do send me the notification , with a picture and a part of the woman`s profile tekst.

      But once you try to vieuw the profile , it is switched off.
      Then how can they send me the picture/part of the profile text ?

      When they have found out that it is a scam ???
      Unless they themselves are part of this scam ???


  12. Paul,

    I did the same thing about one year ago, except I used my actual info on Russian Cupid, Ukraine Date (Cupid) and Elena’s. I also did not contact any women, but received 30 to 50 contacts on each site. A few were obvious scammers, some gold diggers, but most I would say were legitimate. I canceled the profiles after 3 months. I believe it is as Charles said above or perhaps the profile you put up is so old you have been blocked. Like you, at the time I had a girlfriend ( mine in Belarus) which I have since ended. I looked at several of these ladies on VK and have no doubt about them. I am not advocating for any of these sites, just giving my experience. I did communicate with one lady in far Eastern Siberia, but she dumped me when she found out I had retired at 51. “That was unmanly” according to her (she was a TV anchor). C’est la vie. If you are really curious, try opening new account. Just hope your girlfriend does not see it.For now, I am talking with a Russian lady in Perm who speaks English and I get along well with. I have no doubts that in spite of everything, Russian and Ukrainian women are much better than western women. And if some men are foolish enough to get scammed, whose fault is that? If a man shows any weakness or stupidity they will be eaten alive. ……..Glad to see our “fearless leader” back in the comments. His insight is always valuable. ……Just finished reading all the posts and comments from the first one to present ….for the second time. I highly recommend doing so for everybody.



    • Thanks Robert for the recognition as your “fearless leader” LOL. And thanks for the compliments. Sometimes even I go back and read the old articles and find something I forgot about.

      Yes, been super super busy. Trying to write a new article now.

    • Robert ,

      It`s not what you think.I registered with Russian Cupid , just to check it out.
      That`s why I used fake info and put no picture.I kept everything to the minimum.

      No , I don`t believe that my profile is blocked.But it could be.
      I was never a paying member.Like I said , I just wanted to check what sort of actions would come from their part.

      Since 1 month or so , I keep getting weekly updates about possible ladies matches.
      You may think , that there has been a management change on this site.

      Now you also have to become a paying member to read the admiration letters from the ladies.
      Of course , you will get a notification when a woman has sent you such a letter.

      It is strange that after several months of silence , all of a sudden , Russian Cupid has renewed their interest in me!

      Wow , you have been reading ALL the posts from the beginning till today ……….. for a 2nd time ??

      Well good preparation is half of the job..


      • Paul,
        Yes, I did know that your interest was only curiosity. Mine was the same. It IS very strange that the contacts have renewed. I closed all my profiles and have not received any notifications since. What is happening to you is very strange. I am sure that you are more concerned with your next visit to your girl in Ukraine. My best wishes to you and her.

        • Robert34651 ,

          Perhaps I should clarify that I`ve never deleted my profile with Russian Cupid.
          It`s just that I didn`t check out the site for quite some time.

          And yes , it`s strange that after all this time , I do get notification of women , who are interested in me.

          And letters and weekly women matching emails.

          Thank you for your best wishes.

    • Robert…

      “I did communicate with one lady in far Eastern Siberia, but she dumped me when she found out I had retired at 51. “That was unmanly” according to her (she was a TV anchor). C’est la vie. ”

      …more like she’s fearful of a man with too many options. I would congratulate any man that escaped the rat race early. Unless she misunderstood and thought you were a criminal or just flat out thought you just didn’t have any assets…maybe it would have been better to present yourself as a small time entrepreneur since you retired early.

      • Seeker,
        All true, but I was not really interested since I already had a girl. I only contacted her because I “won” a free contact by making a post on Elena’s blog. Otherwise my free account precluded contacting them. This was all over a year ago. I have since broken off with the girl I had, but talk some with a lady in Perm. I am taking care of my 95 year old father so I do not want to get serious with a woman until I can travel. Also being 59 and having two grown children, I am starting to question if I want to get remarried, have a steady girlfriend or be a “player”. And I have thought seriously of selling out and moving to Ukraine, but damnnnn, I hate the cold. And I use to speak fair Spanish, but prefer the Eastern European women. Thanks again for the input.

        • I am having the same dilemma as you. To go East or South? I think when the time comes I might visit both and see what happens. Warm weather, language and my blond hair/ blue eyes tell me South, but I prefer the Slavic look. I’m still in really good shape and trim, so I still have several years. I try to limit the age difference to 20 years. The women I’ve talked to in EE have all been divorced or widowed with grown children so I am looking at a different group than you guys looking to start a family and have kids.

          • Sounds like a good problem to have. In general I have a preference for women with more of a Mediterranean or Slavic look. I like both looks more or less equally. I have never been east but I have been south. Weather is a big plus for the south…at least for me…since that is one of the reasons I moved to the west coast…nice mild temperate weather can seriously effect your mood for the better…BUT I could put up with cold weather if the local environment (people/culture) made up for the chilly weather. Cold people with cold hearts and cold weather aren’t winners in my book…NYC or Toronto anyone? Never been married before, no kids, no baggage…and I’m expecting the same from the young women I’m seeking.

          • Seeker, I’m gonna tell you something now: I’m afraid there are more sexy dressed women in Toronto now than in Ukraine. What I’m seeing here in the Northern Ukraine is a nightmare.
            Yes, Canadian females are indoctrinated but at least they have thoughts! Women in the Ukrainian North have empty heads, they ain’t got nothing inside, virgin emptiness!
            I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve seen more minis and heels on the streets of Toronto than I’m seeing now in Ukraine!

  13. His words at 17:55? FC, did you listen to his comments from this point on? You’ve been to South America. I am Hispanic and lived in Mexico for 2 years from 2008 – 2010. This debate cannot win the rationality that South America is safer than Kiev. We both know how dangerous large cities of South America are extremely unsafe vs Kiev.

    I stand with Harold in the sense that the city of Kiev and Ukraine has gone through the utmost of shit that you could throw at it and yet, it still thrives. You see all the guys on this site that still chat away about the wonderful time they have had.

    I totally respect you and your opinion because you live there. Just allow me to bring some contrast into your conversation. As of late, we all here can sense that you’re not happy there. It gives the picture that Ukraine is becoming or no longer the harbor that we have all dreamed it to be. I believe it still is, without trying to wear rose-colored glasses.

    Peace to you man.

    • I LOOVE Mexico, man;)) That’s where I feel that I BELONG!!
      I did carefully watch the whole video and sure noticed his remarks about South America.
      I’ve been all over Mexico, Belize, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Cuba and felt extremely safe there! Even in Belize!! Those countries ain’t exactly South America, but not much different.
      The video maker stayed downtown Kiev, he’s never gone to Troeschina, Vinogradar, Svjatoshino, Osokorki etc;)
      It’s kinda hard to encounter any crime when staying inside the nightclub until 6:30 am or when wandering around some empty places nearby monuments where most people go only once a year (Golodmor monument).

      I can’t say that Kiev thriving. Showing off-yes, absolutely. Thriving-no way.

      I totally respect your thoughts and opinions, Rodney! Totally.

      True, I ain’t happy here. Earlier today I was helping a friend of mine, a Ukrainian national, who’s applying to obtain a Polish National Working visa, thus we both went to a Polish Visa Center. The line up there was so damn long that people had to wait outside! And the office ain’t small by no means!! And apparently that’s what’s happening there EVERY DAY, 5 days a week!!!!! 1000s of people are getting outta here!!
      I can bet you any money that ALL those folks in that visa center would laugh at the video;) Just like Moscow ain’t no Russia, so Kiev ain’t no Ukraine;)
      Please take your time to read my comments to the video;) It’s a lot more info and thoughts there.

      • FC ,

        You`re too old to go to the disco ??
        Not too long ago , I read in 1 of your posts that you and your wife are fitness instructors…

        So , somehow I can`t make the link that you are too old for disco.
        If fitness is good for you , than disco should be a piece of cake .

        Or do you really feel it`s outside your grip ?


        • Good one, Paul;)
          Yes, me and my wife are professional spot/fitness instructors and coaches, I’m still competing with Masters Swim, but I’m too old for the disco mentally;)
          I just do not feel like paying money to go dancing to the club filled with men looking for sex (see the club on the video above) and girls who come there to sell themselves to the highest bidder, and staying up until 6:30 in the morning.
          I ain’t got nothing to gain from my club visit and better spend my money on my family and our kids while staying well rested and refreshed in the morning after a good night sleep;)
          That’s h

        • Good one, Paul;) Yes, me and wife are professional fitness and sports instructors and coaches, I still compete with Masters Swim, but I’m too old for the disco mentally.

          I simply do not feel like paying money to go dancing to the club filled with males looking for sex, and girls who are looking to sell themselves to the highest male bidder (see the video above) , as well as I definitely do not want to stay up and 6:30 in the morning while listening to some deafening music.

          I better spend my money on my family and my kids and wake up well rested and re-energized after a good night sleep;)

          • I agree. If I was married with kids…I could not see the point of going clubbing on a regular basis. A bar or pub to hang out at for a couple drinks to chill…that makes more sense for any man at that stage in his life…unless he owns or manages the club.

    • Good points Rodney.
      One man’s paradise can be another man’s hell on earth.
      I guess it just depends on what a man wants and what will he put up with.
      Long Slavic hair vs long Latina hair…now that’s an argument worth hearing!

  14. Rodney,

    Thanks for sharing the video. I enjoyed the part with the guys jumping off the bridge. If you did that in the USA, the local swat team would be waiting on the riverbank for you. Personal freedom still seems to exist there even as it declines here.


  15. I agree with you on that.When you have a family , there are things to consider and good decisions there to make.

    Well , if you`re not up to it mentally , then it`s not your cup of tea.
    But it`s Always a good thing to try and keep fit.

    I must tell you , I don`t mind going to dance.Not to look for women , if you know what I mean.
    Although I have no urge to go dance on my own , as is the practice these days.

    Then you can better swim alone …

    • Good points, Paul.

      Having a family means having a lot of responsibilities. And that’s a good thing.
      I’ve never been a big fan of a disco/nightclub etc. Never felt like staying up until 6am inside an enclosed facility. I can easily stay up until the sunrise in the Caribbean and just watch the sun slowly coming up from the sea surrounded by sandy dunes, palm trees, quiet iguanas and beautiful birds singing some nice songs for me. That’s MY cup of tea;)
      My fitness is my swim;) That’s where I belong.

      But if YOU feel like dancing sometimes then I do not see anything bad in it! I respect your choice and your favorite hobbies! WHY NOT? Let’s enjoy them while we can!!

  16. Ok, FC, my friend. We gave it a good go and I yield to you because you live there. Speaking of Poland, I am in Warsaw right now, spending the night awaiting my transit flight to Odessa tomorrow. Going to get the family!!!

    By the way guys, Polish babes are hot. I’d say they’re the sisters of Ukraine. Met a young guy on the plane next to me who’s German and is living and working in Warsaw. I made him spit out why he’s lived in Poland for the past three years. You know what he said? “The girls, low prices and the girls.” EU country fellas, well educated and very feminine and pretty with slender figures. I’d put that on my list if I was a single guy.

    I am so happy to heading back and getting my Ukraine time in again. I call it the land of Milk and Honey. Maybe our areas are different, or maybe I am just wearing rose colored glasses, but I just love our southern part of the country. Its like the states, southerners are known for their hospitality while the north is more bustling and less patient.

    • Naaaah, Rodney;)) It’s because I love to play Devil’s Advocate and looking for negatives is always easier than a search for some positives;) And yes, I may be jaded in my thoughts and visions…
      Poland is way better than Ukraine in all aspects. No argument here.

      Again, it ain’t about rosy colored glasses, pal;) You were in saying that “you love that southern part of the country which remotely resembles US southern states”!!!!
      People in the south of Ukraine are still different with a different ambience.

    • Hi Rodney ,

      So you finally got to live that experience in Poland !
      Yes I absolutely know what you mean.I can say that Poland is also a good place to look for a beautiful wife.
      Don`t know about the women`s state of mind or their level of interest for foreigners today.

      As they now can move freely in many countries.That said , I had some conversations , with some Polish young people , who work and live in Holland.

      Most of the time , they responded that they probably will not go back to Poland.
      Because here everything is much better organized and the paying for the job is better.

      That is to their current standards.For us Dutch natives , the salary may be too little to consider to take the job.
      But that is the attitude when you are spoiled.

      Polish people like it here.But , I do believe , when you live and work in Poland as a Westerner , your life can be very good.
      Depending in what region or city you live.

      By the way , couldn`t you get a flight with just a few hours overlay in Warsaw ?So , you will be in Ukraine the same day ?

      Or did you wanted to see a little bit of Warsaw ?
      Anyway enjoy your holidays …..


      • I’d go even further and say that males should now target Poland instead of Ukraine.
        Polish girls are a lot more educated, civilized and have a lot more interests in life.

        • Well I can`t comment if Polish women are more civilized or more educated.
          And if/or may have more interests in life.

          I want to point out , that you are speaking about 2 countries , with opposite economical and social structures and the influence of this all , on the people`s daily life.

          Today in Ukraine , almost everything is a bit of a chaos.Those in command , are or do try , to get things in better shape.

          I understand that it will take time to achieve this.It is my understanding , that people in Ukraine , do have certain interests and wishes in life.

          The question is , are the infra structure and economic changes , a real benefit to these people at this moment.

          I dare to say no.There is a lot of obstruction and unrest , in the political establishment.
          This is never a good way to build and bring trust to essential reforms.

          And thus to give people hope for the future and an outlook to fulfill their dreams.

          I believe that Ukrainians also want to have a better life and prosperity.
          With better prospects , their education and interest will go to a higher level.

          Let`s hope , that changes will be for the better of this country.
          Not in the least because I want to go live there..


          • I’ve been a lot to Poland and dare to compare Poland with Ukraine.
            But 1 question remains to be answered-WHO is to blame for all the negatives in the Ukrainian society?
            Ukraine will never change and will continue going down the drain as long as people are scared to death to admit OWN FAULTS and setbacks!
            Why is it chaos here? Cause people like it this way! They thrive in chaos, it’s easy to cheat in chaos and lawlessness.
            “Those in command” do not give a flying fuck about improving anything.
            Their only concern is how to make the most money while having power and then run away with millions!
            You want an example? Just see a former Prime Minister Yatsenyuk.
            I’ve been hearing all this talk about “future prosperity” during my 8+ years in Ukraine, but it’s only getting worse and worse with every passing day.
            You wanna go live here? Wrong choice. It’s time for you to reconsider this, and I mean it.

      • Hey Paul,

        I had to spend the night only because I had to re-book my flight from Frankfurt and the connection was not on the same day. Soldier experience enabled for a good snooze on the floor. And for any other travelers that get stuck in Warsaw, a shower is free and available.

        Last night was my mother-in-law’s birthday and we had a shin dig at a fairly new restaurant with the entire family. The food was incredible, the service was outstanding and the vodka was flowing. The restaurant was full, lots of pretty ladies in dresses. No talks at our table regarding politics, just laughing and toast speeches.

        The big plus was being reunited with my wife and daughter. So nice to have an immediate family and extended as well in this country.

        Yesterday, before the party, I took my daughter for a stroll and to play indoors. I saw so many kids with their moms and ladies with their baby strollers. This town has always been a family town and it has not changed, if not grown with more families.

        Only from my personal perspective, from the outside, everything seems as normal as ever. Still no doubt in my mind, ladies from this southern area, are still some of the most beautiful in the world and most feminine. Lots of dresses, long hair, and cosmetics. A nice reprieve from Germany (copying the US). Heck, even that German young man that I talked with on the plane, admitted Polish women were much more attractive than his own native Germans!!!

        Western women might say, good riddance of a loser. Ha ha! Not hardly. 6 foot 2 man. Good looking with a super job at age 21. Graduated from University a year ahead of his peers. Its western women’s attitude, lifestyle and lack of femininity that makes it so easy for any man (not just > 50 year old divorcees) to look East.

        WWS – 0. EE + 1 more.

        • Rodney ,

          Good to hear you enjoy your time there.Yes , from what I`ve seen last time , life goes on.
          And there is not too much , which reminds you of the fighting in E Ukraine.

          And it`s Always a good idea , to not let politics and social problems , get in the conversation with the whole family.

          My experience is that newly opened or restaurants with a new staff , do try to give you a good service.

          I must say that my girlfriend , some times takes me to a newly opened or a restaurant , with a good atmosphere.

          But we can go to a modest place to have a quick bite.And I don`t mean a Big Mac.

          Seeing all the mothers with children , you can ask yourself , if all the local men are bad.
          Surely the kids and families prove otherwise.

          Yes , I know it`s a good thing to be able to sleep in such places.Although I can find it hard to do this sometimes.

          That said , I did do my military duty (drafted) and I know what you mean.

          Anyway keep your eyes open for the nice summer dresses …… )))


        • Hi Rodney;) Hope you are enjoying you day;)
          Just a little add on to our phone conversation: Admit, that while in Ukraine, you still remain in some kind of an “enclosed” space meaning your family and close relatives, whereas I deal with all circles of people and do it daily thus I tend to get a lot broader picture of what’s going on;)
          And remember that I teach people English and have “access” to their brains so to say. I know how and what they are thinking at this or that particular moment.
          But again, it doesn’t make YOUR words less trustworthy and I stand by your phrase of today that “Ukrainian south somewhat resembles the US southern states in terms of friendliness, hospitality and open mind”.
          The only difference is that the ladies in Ukraine are still a lot more stylish ;)

  17. Rodney,
    As a native Texan (59), I completely understand what you mean about the “South”. The attitudes up North are completely different. Sorry FC, you have no idea of the difference. It is like two different countries.

    • Robert, and what makes you think that I have no idea?;)
      Having lived and worked in Miami (well, not really US South, more like Latino kind of a South), Mobile AL, Phoenix AZ, and having several amazing friends in Oklahoma City I have to have an idea, don’t you think?;)
      And then Toronto is just like Buffalo and a New York wannabe which makes understanding and comparisons even easier;)
      Say HELLO to Texas from me!

    • Hey Robert,

      I haven’t had a chance to say welcome aboard. I like your attitude and character. You seem to be the right kind of guy that will find his other half in the EE.

      It’s really amazing to see everyday, just walking meters from home, and seeing dozens and dozens of women that would put most western countries to shame. I was thinking if a good guy couldn’t come here and live for sometime and not find anyone, then he didn’t have a pulse. There’s just so many of them!!

      I did another guest speaker at the English club that I had taught at a couple of years before. It was a lot fun with great interaction with the 18 or so students. What was really cool was when about 6 students wanted to take a picture with me. And 3 of them were ladies that would knock your socks off. Two of them asked me for one on one classes which I said I’d be glad to help with in the few days we have left here. As I was saying they’re both knockouts and as I have always said before, come here and look around to ask if you can lead an English Club. Native speakers are always welcome and what a great way to make new friends which leads to a nice relationship (and is learning English or knows English).

      Take my advice mates and get off those damn tours and online agencies. You’ll spend less money staying on your own and meeting someone special in the natural way. Your chances of finding a genuine and sincere lady go up and you will have the time to really know each other so she can see your heart. If your heart is good, then believe me, the love of your life she will become. The chances of finding the love of your life in 8 days is near ZERO!! Real Ukrainian girls don’t fall in love that fast and if they do at a tour, they’re not REAL!!! And you’ve just spent about $8k to show off pics to your buddies at home, because you had some dates with a hottie.

      BTW, I’ve asked my wife to come to the initial lesson to see the student (she already did because her and the baby always come to my lessons), but I don’t want my wife to think of any ulterior motives. Yes, Ukrainian wives are still jealous after 4 years of marriage. Wouldn’t you if the competition was so incredibly high? These ladies could easily be covergirls for any top magazine. Hair perfect, body hugging dresses and stylish shoes – for English Club!!

      Happy hunting Robert.

      • That’s DeviI’s Advocate in me again: I guess Ukrainian South and North are like 2 different universes;)
        I do teach English too, but if I take ANY female from MY classes and put her onto the streets of Toronto she’ll fit in perfectly in all aspects!
        NO heels, skirts etc! Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m teaching some Canadians from Regina or Thunder Bay who somehow forgot English and now need to get back on track!!
        They all look like scared rats afraid of any male even a married one like me thus reminding me about Canadian women who tend to see a rapist in every male passerby!

      • Hey Rodney,
        Thanks for the welcome, but I have actually been a follower for about 3 years. I just never had time to post because I was always online with my girl in Belarus. Since I ended that I have time to post some. And things were getting pretty quiet, so I decided to jump in.

      • Thanks for sharing the video Rodney. I checked out some of his other videos. I don’t know how long he stayed in each Eastern European and Russian city though…Latina or Slavic…the best girls?…that might be asking the wrong question. FC thanks for the comment…but I just know I would secretly hate myself and die a bitter old man if I married and created a family with an American or Canadian woman. Since I’ve seen several comments about Northern and Southern Ukraine…have you considered cities and towns in the south?

  18. FC,
    Ukraine may have become spoilt, but that only means that we single guys will have to go further afield. There is still Russia, Belarus, Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.. Probably the more remote, the better. But I still want to visit Kiev, Odessa and Lviv at the least. Just for the experience, even if I am 20 years too late.

    • I’d honestly recommend Russia and cities like Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk.
      Don’t even think about Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan.
      Poland and Belarus are definitely worth a try!

      • FC,
        Thanks a bunch for the tips. I knew to avoid Moscow and St. Petersburg, but the list of towns is a great help.
        Thanks again.

  19. I joined Russian Cupid last year and met a wonderful Russian woman. We e-mailed and Skyped and I was quite surprised when we first skyped she looked exactly like her photos….So 2 stories.
    1. I received lots and I mean lots of e-mails from 20 to 30 year old women who just happened to have my e-mail….OK I am now 68…and these women were all fashion catalogue quality…and they all loved me after a couple of letters…now I am not naïve, but it was flattering because the women put quite an effort into their letters…..But no one asked for money or anything, it was puzzling….I really did not know what they wanted….and they usually disappeared after about 6 letters or a couple of weeks…It started again when I joined |Russian Cupid again in October. Lots of young women with my e-mail address.
    Now back to my original story…the woman I met was 50 and she was beautiful, a real fashionista…after 4 months of skyping I invited her to Cuba. I knew that Russians could visit Cuba without a problem and Canadians go there all the time. Yes, I paid for everything!!!, but it was great…then I invited her to Canada…big problem, she could not get a visa. I tried everything, except going to Moscow to get her. She became so angry at the visa being declined and she ranted at me for 2 weeks as if I caused it…( I paid for the visa application too)…we parted company and I am back with RC a little wiser. (and so is she)..
    I recommend RC, but buyer beware…

    • A few articles back we talked about screening your email when you sign up to ANY website. I had recommended one site and a comment recommended Blur – now I live by it. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, goes through Blur now to include the electric company and Bank of America. I get any spam, I just dump that email address and start anew.

  20. Thanks for this awesome Blog Scott! I’m a 26-year-old man and I live in Sydney Australia. I’m tired of trying to date women in my country and from a “Western Cultural” upbringing. Obviously, I don’t need to list the reasons, as it is very apparent to anyone reading your website why I feel this way.

    I’ve decided to educate myself more from your website and later on in the year I will start pursuing Russian woman for Dating and to hopefully find my “sweetheart”.

    Is the common language there called “Russian” Or is there a more specified word I should put into google when searching for online courses to learn the local tongue of Russia.

  21. met a fantastic girl on Russian Cupid from Romania. She’s rather young but seems quite nice. She’s certified as real on RC. Any comments on Romanian girls…

    Fun fact, I run every woman’s e-mail address through Google search and the Scammer sites pick up quite a few of them

      • verify for sure….met a Russian girl named Lucy, no Russian girl is named Lucy, but I played along….she was from Ghana, so you know the story. But she was good, even her videos on Skype looked lie the real thing. She used photos and video from a Canadian porn star…and all she wanted was a new phone. Go figure….ps, she was on RC.

  22. I met several women on RC. Seemed a few wanted to only know about our culture. They were nice people but no connection. And no we don’t all have cattle ranches and oil wells! HAH!

    A few others were… HEY, here is my name, rank, serial number… I wish to creation of family, here is my email and photos, we marry NOW!…. hmmm uhhh all I said was Hi!!! *buzzer sound* buh bye!

    BUT… then I met one who has blown me away since day one. I am no longer on RC but I have met her in St. Pete. Had an incredible time. I met her daughters, aunt, mother, father. and I will be going back at Christmas (is what I’m shooting for).

    We got engaged and I am in the process of a petition for K1.

    Thank you RC, its been amazing!

    ps. David in Australia…. start with the Russian alphabet and then memorize words. It gets easier, I still suck at it but Ive come a long way in just a few months.

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