Who drives better, women or Men?

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I am sure that I’ll get a lot of hate mail about this post.

Men are better drivers than women.

In fact, Men are better at most tasks that require physical coordination. Meaning that if you take 100 women and 100 Men and send them all to flight school, the Men will be flying solo long before the women are. A lot of propaganda of late has tried to erase this fact and has replaced it with the idea that women are as good as Men as pilots and race car drivers. Danica is a rare exception, not the norm.

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I talked with Alana about this at length and she isn’t shy to say it, “Of course men are moor coordinated drivers, but not better,” and she smiles sarcastically. And she’s right. Men crash more than women but that’s because even though they are more coordinated, they drive faster, take more risks and drive drunk more often. Their natural ability is eclipsed by their aggression.

I’ve had this conversation with dozens of Russians and no one even blinks, “Of course Men are better drivers.” It is refreshing to be in a place where you can speak without the fear of being chastised for the sake of political correctness.

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Russian Cupid review
Question for Alana

5 thoughts on “Who drives better, women or Men?

  1. Great post…one thing to note: Men have accidents more than women simply because we drive more miles and hours on the road than women. When a man and woman get in a car, most of the time that man will be driving. Going across country? Let the man drive. Woman does not know where she is going? Let the man drive. And, lastly, as alpha males, it is our place to drive.

    • More miles + faster speeds and more aggression.

      Since I started driving like a Grandma, I’m the best drive on the freeway ;-)

    • Your statement is as logical as saying “All men are smart, check out Albert Einstein.” There are exceptions to every rule, but in general, men are more coordinated than women. BBC had an interesting documentary out a few years back wherein they took Men and women who had never used a tractor before. They gave them a 5 minute class and all of the men were able to use the controls to have the bulldozer/loader reach down and pick up a drinking glass. The women tried again and again and broke the glass every time.

      Check out the crash statistics for female pilots in the military vs. Men – it is through the roof.

      That women are just as good as Men is a bunch of feminist propaganda and examples like Patty Wagstaff are rare cases that are trumpeted as “normal” when in fact they are a rarity.

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