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Question for Alana
How is it going?

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Alana and I finally got around to downloading and watching “90 Fiance.” I’ll have to say that we were both entertained by the show and we thought that it was put together well. For anyone considering marrying a woman from outside off the West, this show is a definite MUST WATCH.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, have a watch. What really surprised the family of the Oklahoma groom was his Colombian Fiance’s femininity. I remember the Mom was surprised that she was wearing high heels and asked, “Do you wear those all day?” When the Colombian bombshell replied that she wears high heels every day, the Mother looked in shock.

The show wasn’t without its drawbacks. We agreed that the modeling drama with the cute little Brazilian Bride was probably staged by the show’s producers for extra “drama effect” on TV (not too cool to push such Hollywoodism on a Moromon couple in my opinion). Without giving away too many spoiler alerts, we won’t tell too much details for those of you considering watching the show.

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90 Day Fiance 2

Of the 4 couples, it is obvious that 3 have their heart in it. The Men are thinking with their big heads and their brides seem to be coming over for purely romantic reasons. But for the 4th couple, there is a question as to whether or not the woman is marrying the American Man because she loves him, or because she is an economic immigrant and is trying to make a better life for herself. Or is it both?

I’ll let you watch for yourself and decide if you think she’s in love with him or in love with what America can do for her future? I wonder if they will still be married in 3 years (after she is completely free to keep her green card whether married or not).

Anyone else that has seen the show, I’d love to hear your comments. If you are going to tell about the outcomes of any of the couples or if you’re going to give details that might spoil the show for someone else, be sure to put a “spoiler alert” notation at the top off your comment.

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Question for Alana
How is it going?

19 thoughts on “Review: 90 Day Fiance

  1. Would you say , that there is an additional level , when you talk about , the way , Western men may look at this issue.
    When watching the show??I am not an American (man) citizen , and I have watched almost all the videos , from the AFA site , and from other sources.

    Some 4 weeks ago , I found the videos , from the Dream Connection site.The one , that Seth had joined their tours , twice.
    It is a bit quiet , these days , from his side.He is probably very busy.

    I already have watched , quite some videos , from DC.And I must say , that in essence that , he – Mark – is rather right , on how things are , when it is about , dating and trying to find , a wife , in Ukraine and Russia.

    And about the women`s mindset and culture.What they look for , and what they want to find (in a man).
    What is important for them , and what we Western foreigners , should really take notice of.

    Well , that of course , is , when you want to find your future bride , overthere.
    Men in general , under-estimate , the little things , that they can (should) do , when they prepare , for their trip , to these countries.

    Things , which will let , your lady – the one who is your choice for life – start to think about you , in a positive way.
    She should see you , as a person , who can become a member of her family.

    And then , she should see you , as a possible future husband.I may be wrong on this , but I strongly believe , that this is the order , from where she will go.
    Of course , there can be exceptions , but in general , this is , what you should consider.

    As to the fact , that women wear (very) high heels , all day long.It is known , that at a later age , it could be the cause , for some health issues.
    The question is , is it worth it ??

    Because after all , they don`t do it for themselves , or are they ??
    They do it , to please us men , or is there something more , to it ??


  2. After the completion of the first series, I came to the conclusion that only two couples were serious. One couple, I think, were doomed at the start. Another is what I think is the “green card woman” couple. Doomed.

    The other two couples were using their intellect as much as the feelings for each other in getting to the conclusion. Sorry, I’m not trying to give any spoilers, which is why I’m being rather vague. They both had “settling pains”, a little fight, but both couples came out stronger because of it.

    In three years, there will be two divorces. No doubt about that.

    I’ve seen promos for the next series/couples. I’m not sure I will watch.

    • Good comments; I agree at least on one of the four couples as a divorce – we will have to come back to these comments in the future and see who was right ;-)

    • On second thought, I think you’re right – I was thinking of possible divorces from the Woman’s point of view but there was one groom that was late to the altar, ya?

        • Upon review of the 10 month “where are they now?” show, I still see 2 divorces. One is in trouble, but it can be worked out. The other “sure” divorce is looking better.

          So the score is 1 “sure”, one “sure” is now 0.5 and one “no” is now a 0.5 “sure” for a total of 2.

  3. The episodes i saw were a joke, so i stopped watching.
    Half the guys on there have no clue about how to read weather a women want you or not(her body language).
    I cringed watching the guy following around his Russian wife who took over his house on the second day.
    On top of not wanting him to touch. Oh my God get a clue dude, are you that desperate. Move on find another girl.

    4 of the five guys did not have clue, i swung between cringing for the guy and laughing my ass of at how much a simp the guy was being.

    The girls watching this T.V. show must think all American men a beta losers.

    • Hear that American guys? you’re a bunch of feminists LOL. Seriously though, most of the readers here should go to Russia and watch how the Men act with their Women.

      It reminds me of a male puppy dog who squats, goes to the park, sees other dogs lifting their leg and he catches right on…

  4. For anyone who does not know the new 2016 season has just started on TLC and I’m LMAO. One Russian girl has already sucked $70,000 from her fiance, but there is a sweet Ukrainian girl who seems sincere. The others are too laughable to talk about. Some are carryovers from last season. Apparently the “drama” sells to their feminist viewer base. I hope the Ukrainian’s boyfriend finds his balls and makes a good husband for her. And I hope the Russian chick cleans out her boyfriend since he is douche enough to deserve it. …….What the hell is wrong with the men in this country? “Needy” would be a kind word.

    • And you still believe all that crap show on TV?:)

      The problem with an overwhelming majority of American males is the fact that they think they can BUY love and sex thus they throw unlimited amounts of money, luxury gifts, cars, travels, condos, houses etc to their women just to get that ever elusive access to the female pussy!!
      And this leads back to all those TV programs which in someway promote this kind of a behavior!

  5. FC,

    Well NO. I just found it amusing. And AGREE with you that western males will go to any lengths to “score”. I do think the Ukrainian girl is sincere, but the Russian girl is just sucking the money out of her guy. Any fool could see it. It is very entertaining to watch. More so the fat cow females who think they have scored an oversea boyfriend, while being a SIF ( secret internet fatty).

    I, my ex, and my kids have all done TV, so yes I agree it is all make believe and not real. Editing does wonders. But regardless, the show is funny. At least to me.

    Hope you and the family are well and doing good. Always a pleasure to read your posts. I wish Scott, Rodney , Paul or Seeker would join in.


      • I do understand THAT;)) But still would NOT watch it even if they paid me to watch;)
        If I’m bored I better go for a hard workout and go all out;)
        Trust me-it helps;)

        • FC,

          Agreed, but I’m stuck here watching over a 95 year old with dementia. And I have 2 acres in the country with over 120 trees to take care of. So I get my workout in, if I want to or not. I have gone from up 1″ in the waist since high school (I’m 59),but I think that gravity has gone up, like global warming ha, ha. …….Yeah I agree TV is Sh*t, but I enjoy that show in between news(propaganda) and science/history shows.

    • Naaaah, I’m still not a TV person:)

      Thanks for some good words about me;)

      You know, I’m one big mothafucker who ain’t politically correct and who always tells what he thinks without any kind of disguise or sugarcoating.

  6. FC,

    You should find it on the internet and watch. I guarantee you will laugh and be amazed. Glad I’m a Texan and not part of North America. Ha, Ha. Right now I’m more concerned with making sure my son is seeing things as they are, but he is still focused on cars and racing.

    I “took one for the team” and did an experiment last week. I tried to post it on another thread, but it has not appeared, so I will recap below.


  7. I signed up for a “free” account on several “Cupid” dating sites and here are the results. Keep in mind that the ladies initiated all contact. ::::

    Columbian ………..19
    Russia ………………..5
    Ukraine ……………….5
    Thailand ……………..84
    Vietnam ……………..53
    Filipino ………………368

    I had a profile on Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date about a year ago and received 100+ on each site. So I can tell something has changed. And Paul, I think I know why you got those “interests”, only to find the profile taken down. I had 20 or 30 of those also.

    Best wishes to All,

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