How is it going?

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A two-headed eagle, the national symbol of Russia, is seen in front of the supermoon as it rises over the towers of Historical Museum in Moscow

I logged in to check my WWS email inbox and I see quite a few letters in there. I tried to respond to those that needed responding and had some side chats with a few guys (and one girl) who had some questions for me.

The question that folks seem to ask me most these days is, “How is it going?” Is my marriage with Alana going well? Are we happy? Well, yes and yes on both counts. Actually, my inattention to this blog should be a good indication of how well it is going. I have noticed on Facebook and other email circles that those who are active and happy in life have little time to post the latest “what happens next will make your spine tingle” Facebook shares of some 13 year old singing the national anthem. Yes, everything is going swimmingly well. I have to say that I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been in my life.

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I recently had a birthday and Alana presented me with a very (very) lavish birthday gift. It was quite expensive (think equal to your monthly salary). She saved up the money from her own job and just wanted me to know how much I meant to her. Yeah, marrying for the Green Card. Not.

When we are in America, we have occasion to run into other Russian expats and there is a population of Russian Women who seemed to have no intention of staying married to their first sponsor. Note to all Men: think with the big head, not the little one. You’ll know she loves you if there is real romance. A platonic relationship with occasional sex that is colder than a Kiev prostitute should speak volumes. If you know what I’m talking about, good. If you don’t, I suggest you log in to and find a Woman who’s looking for a sucker.

Well, as we are getting settled in to married life I’ve made a promise to myself to (try at least) write at least one article a week. We’ll see how successful I will be.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a Woman in Eastern Europe, don’t give up. Your perfect match is out there somewhere.

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Review: 90 Day Fiance
5 ways Women wreck marriages

4 thoughts on “How is it going?

  1. Scott,
    I am so happy that you are writing again and that you and Alana are happy! Your post also gives me the chance to say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You lead me to Elena’s Site where I started emailing a Ukrainian woman named Inna. We emailed every day, then we started on Google + video chatting. Then we met for two weeks in Odessa with a 3-day side trip by train to Lviv (an unknown gem in Ukraine!). We had the most wonderful time and I asked her to marry me. She said, “Yes!”
    She has her visa interview this coming Wednesday and we have plans to be married here in the Spring. She is completely wonderful, sweet, loving, happy, sexy, caring, understanding and I could go on and on. She was trained as an auditor and is now a very accomplished painter. I was trained as an art historian and now do cost analysis and price estimating. We get along perfectly and love museums and galleries together. She is 48, a widow and has two grown children. I am 60, divorced 5 years and have three grown children. She has said her most important job is going to be to keep me healthy and happy so I can live to be 95 and stay with her a long, long time.
    Just one story will tell you that she is special. When we went home in the airport I gave her the remaining hryvnia that I had (about $120). About a week later she emailed me saying she had picked out some clothes and a wedding dress and left me a link. I couldn’t get the link and when we finally videoed she said the things she had picked out were sold out. She had waited because she wanted my “permission” to use $18 (eighteen dollars!) of the visa money for the clothes. She is a treasure and we would never have met if I had not stumbled on your website and your blog.
    Thanks again, Doug

    • Doug,

      Thanks for your email and update. It always warms my heart to hear success stories here and it really fuel me to keep at it. Many many times I’ve considered ditching this site as it really just takes more time than I have and my life is so busy otherwise. But every time I log in and read my site email I see many stories just like yours. I am very very happy for you and wish you the best.

    • After Alana woke this morning, I read your comment to her and she was visibly pleased and then, in her typical cheeky style said, “Oh, you’re my cupid.” Her “cupid” sounded like “cupeed” as it is common for Russians to pronounce the “i” like “E.”

  2. “my inattention to this blog should be a good indication of how well it is going”

    This plainly explains Seth being MIA as well. Good for both of you.

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