TV Show “90 Day Fiance” now casting season 3

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90 Day Fiance Season II

I just received this email from one of the casting directors at 90 Day Fiance:

Hi Scott,

We were in touch last year when I was casting for the second season of 90 Day Fiance. We just started casting for the third season and I wanted to see if you could posted something again on your website. It was very helpful last time!

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This season, we are looking for Americans that have a fiance(e) coming to the US for the first time under a K1 Visa. The format of the show is to follow couples from the day they are reunited at the airport until the end of the 90 Day period, though it is not 90 days of filming. We are also looking for couples who’ve yet to meet in person and would love to capture their first face-to-face meeting on camera.

Please let me know if you any questions!

Thank you so much for your help!

Juliette Marais
Casting Director
Sharp Entertainment

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WWS Forums
Elena: Anatomy of a Scammer

3 thoughts on “TV Show “90 Day Fiance” now casting season 3

  1. I believe in the red pill and I believe in the truth, there’s a reason why am still single. And it is a good reason. Now I see why the majority western women are what they are

    • Carl, for those who don’t have a desire to be married or have a life long relationship with a woman, then of course, better off to be single. But, for a man who wants marriage, I can’t, for the life of me, explain why a Man would take a feminist woman with a bad attitude over a conservative woman with old school values.

      • Watched the marathon episodes of this show in Dec with my family around Christmas time. Pretty funny…all the my female relatives were pretty much speechless while watching the show.

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