What was chubby 40 years ago

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I came across a bunch of these photos on a feminist site that were re-published to highlight what a horrible society we had in the 1960’s. You remember, when Men were Men, Women were Women and people didn’t wear 2″ black saucer earrings in their earlobes?

What was chubby 40 years ago

Can you believe that this was an actual Sears ad? Toady, this girl would be considered skinny and a lot of adults would question if her parents are abusing her, “Does she get enough to eat?”

I was just watching on TV as the new Sports Illustrated Swimwear edition came out. A Plus Size company is running an ad of a size 14 woman wearing a bathing suit and this TV tabloid (no doubt trying to create controversy that didn’t exist beforehand) was asking if it was appropriate for SI to have a Plus Sized ad in their magazine. The lady on the show commented, “Why are we even asking this question. Size 14 is the average size for American Women. How can this woman be ‘plus sized’ if she’s the normal weight? Not every¬†woman in America is plus sized.”

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I chuckled and thought, “Why not?”

I suppose that in trash neighborhoods, people think that having an abandoned car on your lawn and trash 2′ deep is “normal.” If you’re surrounded by something for enough time, it seems “normal.” And in America, the women have become so fat that fat is the new normal. It takes a time capsule of a photo to remind us of what was normal only a generation ago.

If anyone is interested in a time machine, Delta Airlines has one. Its called a ticket to Russia. Buy one, have a flight over and see what Women used to look like in the 1960’s. When was the last time you saw an American woman wearing a dress?

Russia 2013

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Elena: Anatomy of a Scammer
Free trip to Eastern Europe

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  1. Yeah SI is just a symptom of the feminist garbage that has been shoved down the West’s throat for the last 40 plus years…enjoy the hogs guys! As for me I looking East or South for a wife. This site is 100 percent true…period.

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