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90 Day Fiance

… Justin and Evelyn from Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance …

I just received another email from Sharp Entertainment, the creators of “90 Day Fiance” and many other interesting shows. Casting Director Nicole Warsaw sent me this email:

Hey Scott! 

My name is Nicole Warsaw and I was referred to you by Juliette Marais. I’m the Casting Director of Development here at Sharp and I’m currently casting for a new show that is similar to the concept of 90 day fiance but with a twist. 
The show will follow American men who have started a relationship with a woman from another country and want to meet them for the first time overseas (almost like 90-day but reversed). The show would accommodate all travel arrangements and document their journey to meet their soulmate. 
I’d love to see if you can help me with the casting for this. Whether it be posting a flyer or reaching out to people you know. Anything along those lines would be amazing!
Hope to hear from you soon! 
Nicole Warsaw
Casting Director of Development Department
Sharp Entertainmentw. 212.784.7753

Wow, that’s pretty cool. If any of you are currently chatting with a Woman from Eastern Europe and you’re interested in going to meet her – ALL EXPENSES PAID – you might want to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Nicole also sent me the casting flyer:

Have you found your soul mate overseas? Does your love go beyond borders?

A major television network is now casting for an exciting documentary series that will chronicle the journeys of bachelors who have found love overseas and have yet to meet in person.

What we’re looking for:
-American men or currently in a long distance international relationship.
-Dating or engaged couples that plan want to reunite in the foreign country for the first time.
-Male age 20-mid 40s, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations encouraged to apply.

If you or someone you know has an international love story, email your story and photos to to be considered for the show!

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What was chubby 40 years ago
You have way too much time on your hands

7 thoughts on “Free trip to Eastern Europe

    • Interesting article and very very very true. Russians rarely smile on the street and almost never talk to strangers. They are amazed at how open we are. Then again, no American was ever taken off to the gulag in Siberia for chatting with a stranger.

  1. Although, this is not entirely related to this thread, this is too damn funny to not share with you all. This was sent to me by a close friend from Ukraine. In fact, last year near this time, we witnessed the Lenin statue do a face plant in our city, which was shocking. You don’t even need to understand Russian to get the incredible political humor behind this clip. And yet, it gives you a door into how the Ukrainians are currently thinking. My wife and I just saw this and laughed at how true it is, enjoy!!

  2. Hey guys. I wanted to post something of a humorous nature based on my living experiences in Ukraine. These folks have been around a whole lot longer than the USA obviously, and during these centuries, have developed and passed on a litany of superstitions, that we as Americans may find surprising, shocking and even funny to an extent (though its not nice to laugh directly at the superstition). My first encounter, was when we were living together, and I started whistling in our apartment, while listening to a song. My then girlfriend, rushed into my room and told me to stop that immediately, or we would lose money!! You can whistle outdoors, but don’t do it indoors. Just warning you now.

    I believe due to their historical past of negative issues, they have found ways to turn these into positives. For example, if a bird poops on you (vs the States where people go bat crazy mad), a Ukrainian would tell you with a chuckle, that you’re about to receive some money or good luck. Brides that have rain on their wedding day, aren’t crushed – it just means that the couple will have a happy marriage.

    In addition, Ukrainian girls don’t like to elaborate on negative news or negative things. They like to say, “everything will be fine, or fsyo horosho.” This means guys, since we have been brainwashed by the Jerry Springer era, and our minds were whipped by the feminists, that US guys like to tell their sad stories of an ex, and how she wrecked his life, blah, blah, blah. In the US, guys are supposed to be sensitive and even cry when telling their story. If you tell a Ukr your whole story, you will depress her and she probably won’t date you again. When you talk about an ex, make it short, pertinent and don’t ever bring it up again, or say something positive afterwards. Don’t drag it out. What’s also pretty cool, is that they won’t pester you like a US chick, to tell her “everything,” and you do, then the bitch uses that info later as ammo against you. My wife has probably asked me once or twice about my ex’s, and that’s it. She’s scarcely talked of her past, and that’s refreshing. Why do I need to know? The past is the past, move on.

    The last one has happened recently since we’ve moved to Germany. A couple of times, on my way out the door, I have forgotten something and had to come back for it. When I have, my wife says, look in the mirror. I thought that my tie was on wrong, or I had some sauce on my face, or whatever. Anyway, they have a superstition, that when you come back into your home (if you’ve forgotten something), you have to look in the mirror. Don’t know why, I just do it! I just trust her and respect her culture, and that whatever it is, I just go with it. Its always interesting to learn something new from a different culture anyway.

    Scott, does your wife have some superstitions that you’ve picked up on?

    • Yes, I’m not allowed to whistle in the house; we will lose all our money!

      Can’t point a knife at anyone or leave it on the table pointed at anyone. I’ve seen this also in Mongolia and I’m sure that the Mongols brought this tradition and left it with the Russians during their long occupation.

      Also, you can’t leave a mirror facing the bed while sleeping. Someone might come out of the mirror while you sleep and snatch your soul – or something crazy like that.

      Yes, they have a lot of superstitions.

  3. Americans are superstitious…they believe their women and their wants are the center of the universe.

    Marry an Ukrainian girl on a rainy day and have the reception in an area with a lot of well fed birds,

    • haha – so true, American women are superstitious: they think that they’re fat because of hormones, never because they over-eat and never move.

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