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… Kelly has many children, something unusual for a feminist…

I have come to the conclusion that feminism has permeated every facet of Western Society. It has spread like a virus and has touched and infected everything. It is in our schools, the media and even our government. I’m going to write a series of stories on this subject. I plan to discuss what feminism is, how far it has reached and the effects it has had on our society.

The more and more I look at feminism, the more and more I realize that every society that embraces feminism will vanish withing a few generations. The sum of it is:

Feminism = societal extinction

I talk a lot about this a lot with friends and colleauges and they’re (at first) shocked at the idea. Then, as they examine it, they shake their head in agreement and usually say something like, “How didn’t I see this before?” Feminism is now so institutionalized in America that we take it for granted; we don’t even see it. We don’t see it for the same reason workers at the fish market don’t smell the fish – they’re surrounded by it long enough until they have sensory adaptation. We have sensory adaptation to feminism. Only after you go overseas (leave the fish market and come back) do you smell the stink of it.

Crying for chicken

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Maybe I’m getting too old. But as I look around and I see the young women (and Men) of our country and what they’re pursuing as “important,” I see that it has nothing to do with what was important 50 or 100 years ago. Today, crying over cooked chickens is just the tip of the iceberg. In the video below, people are actually mourning the murder of trees. No, you I didn’t mistype that, they’re crying about the murder of trees.

Have a watch and then ask yourself, “Do maybe these people have too much time on their hands?”

I say each unto their own. If you want to cry about chickens and trees, that’s your prerogative. But feminists aren’t content with their own lot. They want to liberate every girl in Ameirca. In fact, they want to feminize even the burkah clad women of Afghanistan.

Work is good for the soul. Work breeds hapiness.

My Wife comments to me all the time, “These women have too much time on their hands.” I look at those on welfare. I see no hapiness. I see those on long term disability. I see no happiness. I look around the world at Women in Asia, in the Middle East, in developing countries. They lead happy and contented lives. American women have the highest rates of mental disease and depression in the world. They have too much time on their hands.

Well, not all of them. I look around America and it seems that the married Women with families are happy; happier than the women crying over chickens and trees.

Watch the two videos above. You’ll never see anything so silly in Singapore or in Dubai. People are busy raising failies and doing meaningful things.

And so, I plan to write about some of the crazy things I see our society. I hope that you’ll look at them and really think about them. By the way, I’m looking for a title for this category of posts. I was thinking something like “The Virus of Feminism,” but that does sound a bit harsh. If anyone can think of a catchy title, please leave it in the comments.

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34 thoughts on “You have way too much time on your hands

  1. Breeding Stupidity

    Does that sound like a good title?

    I see this sh#t every damn f@cking day! It drives me up the wall.

    People actually give more of a damn about animals than humans, trees before families. What really irritates me is the men who constantly put up with this sh#t! My fellow men can do their best and just refuse to comply (in their own way) with this feminist BS. We are the producers, the protectors, the providers, and soldiers. Look at most of the people who have died (or have been injured) protecting their families (and friends), and I can guarantee that the vast majority (over 99 percent) have been men!

    Yet post modern society in the west screams that men aren’t worth a damn. Well then go fight your own damn wars, protect and provide for your own broken families without fathers and the (welfare) tax dollars provided by the male workers, and the male risk takers that create businesses and start companies.

  2. “Waiter, can I get a double helping of snow with some BBQ sauce?”
    What does this woman think animals are for? does she not eat meat? No she don’t, so does she eat vegies only? maybe, oh wait they are living things too, so she is killing them to eat so why should we not eat animals? Unless she just lives on air alone (yes it is a new fad that I hope catches on, be a quick end to the madness) she is passing on the violence for her life.
    This woman never learned much in school, she did not learn that we as humans need to eat a variety of things to stay healthy, and that it is just basic nature that animals eat one another as we are food to some of the larger animals. Killing to eat is part of nature and you can no more change nature then you can the color of your own skin.

    As for the tree crying fools, do they not understand that a tree only has a certain life span and they get to old and die anyway, then fall taking other trees with them? Do they not understand that taking down the older large trees for lumber or what ever is good for the forest? now I do not like the way the clear cutting is since they leave all the tree tops laying every where and it makes it hard for anything other then brambles to grow, but this happens more in areas for development then in the forests, from my experience. But taking down the old trees for lumber and giving room for the new trees to grow is a good thing for the forest, not a bad thing.
    Also burning off the forest is a great thing as it does may good things to the woods and does not hurt the big trees at all, unless they are dead. When you burn off the forest you get rid of all the dead fall, tree tops, branches etc. you get rid of all the leave litter that smothers out new growth, you kill out all the ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes and other bad things that feed on mammals. The burnt ash puts nutrients into the ground that helps feed the vegetation and helps it grow stronger and a healthier forest. Oh, also if you burn off the forests every so often, it helps keep down on the pests that kill the trees as there is not as much dead fall for them to breed in and the half dead trees they are eating will burn up at least enough to kill off the pests.

    So burning the woods/forest is a good thing and is very beneficial to nature and us. Oh also if you burn them off every so many years, there are not anymore wild fires that burn up thousands of acres as there is no fuel for the fire to get so out of hand it becomes wild. Also, do them tree crying fools not live in a building that is made of or in part wood? do they not have furniture that is made from wood? I hate these people and people like them, they are so so, grrrrrr….

    I work with a woman in her late 20’s, she hugs the trees, tells them she loves them and all sorts of non since, what ever. But what I hate is that she is so against corporate America, but refuses to live anywhere else, thinks socialism is the best, but refuses to move to a country like North Korea. She wants to work, but hates big business, she hates factory farms but eats at chain restaurants, she hates killing animals but will eat meat. I just want to smack her with a shovel most of the time, oh and on top of that she is very liberal when it comes to relationships and brags that her DR thinks she is a hooker since she has had so many sex partners, like it is a good thing. I have told her more then once that I feel as if I need pore bleach into my ears after listening to her, and we as a crew talk about some really bad things for fun..

    I too have had it with the mass of the people in the USA, but at least I live in the eastern part of KY where we are all just a bunch of backwards hicks, and I would not have it any other way. But with the way society here in the US is going and the way people are starting to care more about a dang chicken or tree and not about there fellow human, I think it is about time for some huge disaster or something that will just kill off these morons.

    By the way, I love your site and your posts, so very true. I myself have given up on women in the USA and I had decided to just move to a small cabin on top of a mountain and shoot anyone that comes up the drive, well not to that extreme yet. But after reading your website along with others last year, I decided to look outside the US for a wife, I have had nothing but problems with US women, just as we all have and my last engagement failing (#3), then my last girlfriend being a compete demon psycho, I wanted nothing to do with women ever again.
    Which brings me back to this site and others like it, directing me to women on the other side of the world. Now don’t get me wrong, I like American woman, as long as they are not over weight, have many kids, are not a bitch or a liberal, or a feminists, are not controlling, lying, using, cheating or whoreish atheist type. But that leaves only the few good ones that are already married, or they are in there 60-70’s as they where raised right.
    So I did check out the couple good websites for women from the Former USSR, but I was not as excited about these women as I was with the women from South East Asia, I prefer Asian women anyway, even though I have seen many, many beautiful women from the Ukraine and other soviet countries. I just had more experience with scams from these countries then say China or the Philippines, but I have had a lot from the Philippines as well, but not as large a percent compared to the sincere ladies there.

    But long story short, I will be marrying a Filipina woman as soon as her work contract is up next year, this was my choice so she does not leave her employer high and dry. She is a domestic helper/ house maid and has been working for the same family for 13 years, so I did not want her to just up and leave them as they have been very good to her. We have yet to meet in person as my vacation time is not till later in the year, but I have never been happier and she is madly in love with me. She is not a scam as she got mad when I sent her a little gift for valentines day due to the cost of shipping, she said I should had just sent a card or something via internet and saved the money for my travel to see her. What American woman would get upset for spending money to send them a gift for a woman’s holiday?

    Why oh why do American men put up with the crazy American women when there are so many lovely women out there in the world?
    Because they do not know any better, that is why… I for one will be telling everyone I know they need to look for a wife in another country if they want a good loving wife….

    Well, I have to go cut some trees down to cook my chicken and fry some eggs…..

  3. I read an articular written by a woman that her profile says this
    ” Anne Gus
    I’m a feminist. I’m a woman. I’m strong. I’m in my twenties. I’m beautiful. I deserve love. Give me it.”
    She writes for Though Catalog, the articular is about White men dating Asian women.
    You can read the articular here

    Basically she is just bashing white men for dating Asian women and not her, she is bluntly racist against Asians and does not know anything about history or the history and culture of Asian people and just hates them.
    This woman needs to be bound up and dropped off in some remote area of China and see how long she lasts. Just one more woman that makes me want to move out of my own country, Western Women do suck and not in the good way… Why can we not just beat some sense into these people?

    • Found another by her that is aginst black men dating white women, WOW this woman is crazy, she is all aginst a black man and white women having a long term relationship together, but is completely fine with random sex as she admits to having short term sexual relationships with black men. So what a total hypocrite!

      Oh, you will like this from her posting:
      “The most notorious Slave Master who got up to this kind of voyeurism was a man named Atticus Finch, or ‘Finchy’ as he was referred to by the locals. He was infamous for forcing black men to fornicate with white Harpy women while he watched and then accusing the black men of having used voodoo magic upon them to seduce them. He was a lawyer, so he went on to mockingly sentence them to death without any Leeway.”

      Atticus Finch is a fictional character from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the dumb Fem-nut does not even know her classic literature.
      If you want to read the posting, you can find it on links in the link I posted.
      I have just read 2 from this Fem-nut and I am sure that she needs to be put down, she is a very sick animal and is in deep pain, best to put her out of her misery.

      • My Wife often comments to me that many of the women she sees in America are without a classic education and without any knowledge of how to act feminine. She is right, today American women dress and act like Men. If I want a buddy, I’ll go to the bar with my guy friends. If you’re looking for a Wife in America, you’re more likely to find a she-male “partner.”

        • Glad someone else brought up this feminist BS. Called it out for what it really is. It is an elitist-sexist-racist power struggle to prop up white women from the US and the rest of the west (primarily the English speaking world) as the head of society at the expense of others. It’s actually sad that many women that do not fit into that category buy into it to promote their own downfall. There are many women in the west that think and act exactly like her but, which makes them lower than pig vomit. Another reason I will not have anything to do with them.

        • And the sad thing is that these women think that it is OK to act like one of the guys and that being feminine and a real women makes them less of a person.
          Now I do not agree with how most men act either, men need to act like a gentleman and females need to act like a woman. But both genders act like a bunch of animals and the women I think are most of the time worse then the men, at least that is how I see it when I hear these women talk about there exploits.

          I am telling you, it should not be a crime to smack someone across the jaw when they act like little 3year old brat. Make bitch smacking legal for 3 weeks and there would not be another crazy women on the streets. They would either straiten there act up, or stay at home and hopefully slit there wrists in a bath tub, anywhere else just makes it hard to clean up.

      • Yes, there are many white women in the US, Canada, and the rest of western Europe that think like this. They will use non-whites to gratify their sexual pleasure but will not date or marry them. Somehow they believe that this makes them less racist or bigoted but in fact this makes them even more bigoted and racist; this line of thinking is no different than a pre-1900s colonist or plantation owner. Post Modern Female Hypocrites!

        • They are not racist, any more then the Japanese women who marry only Japanese men.

          Whites only make up 9% of the planet, they used to b 35% just 70 years ago.
          U.N. predicts 2% by 2070.
          Whites are having their native countries(Europe) flooded with non-European immigrations.
          The media promotes mixed couples.
          Add this all up and we as a people can see we are slated for genocide.

          So any white female that cares about her people, will not marry out side her ethnic group.

          Anyone here who thinks it’s ok to genocide whites can go fuck themselves.

          Feminism is a totally different issue and it effects all people regardless of ethnic back ground. Japan believe it of not has been hit hardest. 1/3 of all Japanese men refuse to marry because the women are so messed up.

          Lastly I don’t even date out side my ethnic group because i want my children to look like me and feel that kin ship with the family.
          Lastly mixed children have a problem with organ donors because mixed genetics.
          Think before you push a unborn child.

          • Were is feminism coming from?
            White Europeans are not going to go instinct anymore than sub-Saharan Africans or Asians.
            I already have mixed genetics, hopefully I don’t need an organ donation.
            People are free to do as the please as long as they don’t infringe on the rights of others.

    • Oh dear. Why so much hatred towards us? We’re nice people. In Singapore, many of us have great interactions with men, both local and foreign. It’s simple logic. Just be nice and, more often than not, people are nice back!

      • …another reason why western women suck! Instead of logically following the examples of those that are successful with men they would rather let their emotions get in the way and blame others. Foreign women compared to western women not only look great but are pleasant to be around…on a lighter note I heard the curry in Singapore is great!

  4. The more I talk to women outside the US, the more I hate it here. Now I do love my country, but dang do I hate it’s people, now if I can just get all them to move to somewhere else… I can not understand how I put up with American women for as long as I did, I guess I just was blinded by some evil spell, or stupidity. I vote stupid
    Women need to learn how to be a woman and men need to learn how to be a man. The gender roles are flipping, or at the very least they are just twisted and confused. I am a man, I act, look and talk like a man and I get chastised, looked at like I am a criminal and treated like crap because I act like a man and not some little pansy that takes more time to get ready then it does for me to mow the lawn, does not kill a living thing and lives off the sunshine and air and goes and hugs trees.
    Nope, not this Hillbilly, no sir and if it where not for going to jail for assault and battery, I would bitch slap every woman that I happen to meet that acted in any way other then a proper women, or at least resembles a proper women.

      • I think I’ll get married to one and then update you on my divorce and child custody battle 5 to 10 years from now. Really, I want to marry a more traditional woman but I don’t want to turn my back on my country and therefore I must suffer. Oh, I just woke and that was a horrible dream better book a flight to Eastern Europe or South America, one many steps to get over this case of Stockholm Syndrome.
        Yes, every western male is suffering from this type of Syndrome but it’s their job to fight back and stop being a victim. The best option is to vote with your money and feet, eventually the mind will follow.

  5. back to the video of the tree bangers..

    Today while surveying in one of the National forest in Arkansas, for timber harvest no less, I was thinking about this video and these jack asses crying over the trees. If these fools where to follow me for a few days in the woods while I am doing my work, they would see the error in there ways or i’d leave them out in the forest to die of exposure.
    Heck, they would be crying just due to me making them carry my equipment through the brambles and mass of green briers and me yelling at them to go faster up that snow covered steep slope covered in leaves, slick rocks and dead fall all while it is 33 degree and raining because we are behind and need to get more acres done.

    You hippies want something to cry about? I’ll give you something to cry about… Get back to work!
    Oh yeah…

    Tell you a short story about someone I worked with once on a pipeline job. tree hugging hippy that hated oil, but yet owned a vehicle and was working on a pipeline survey.
    He hated oil/petroleum, oil and pipeline companies, corporate America and capitalism ( I am pretty sure at one point he said he hated puppies and kittens too), but said he needed the work to pay his bills, but was complaining about how bad he felt and that he was doing wrong and hurting mother earth, bla, bla, bla.. I had enough of his bull and said ” I do not care if they are pumping grounded up baby sea lions through the pipe as long as my paycheck clears”
    he never spoke another word to me again…
    Yeah, I’m that guy….

    • Oh! I love these types…

      “Tell you a short story about someone I worked with once on a pipeline job. tree hugging hippy that hated oil, but yet owned a vehicle and was working on a pipeline survey.”

      …BS hypocritical assh0les that are against all types of economic and technological progress if there’s a small chance a that few crickets will be killed but as soon as it starts to screw with their bottom line; they will have none of that. They’ll murder you and your whole family for a small fortune but please let’s save these trees. How do I know this because I grew up with some these middle/upper middle class jerks in the burbs…that’s why. They are the most schizophrenic group in America and you should not be surprised that’s were feminism reigns.

    • Sounds like a great section title.
      If the feminist and the manginas want to destroy their legacy and commit societal suicide let them.
      As for me I’m opting out of that game, the vast majority of western women are unworthy of bearing my future offspring. Great genetics are a terrible thing to waste.

    • That guy is a total pussy!
      Did she castrate him or did he decide to do it himself?
      Well as one person on this blog said…you can lead a horse to water…
      A western woman is what I don’t want and Tim is the perfect example of what I don’t want to be…I could never respect a man like him.

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