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You have way too much time on your hands
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… “Not saints – not whores – only women.” ¬†Despite the rough poster, the cigarette and dress redeem her femininity, don’t you think? …

I’ve decided to make some changes to the Western Women Suck website. ¬†In the past, a few crazy femi-nazis were causing disruptions with a LOT of unwanted spam comments. I’m not talking discussions or even insulting discussion – I’m talking just an overload of vile venom that didn’t have any place here. Additionally, daily, this site is hit with hundreds (if not thousands) of auto-bot comments – usually from China and other developing countries. These comments usually have a nonsensical paragraph of gibberish and then a hotlink to online Viagra or some other product.

To keep all the spam from cluttering the website, I’ve always moderated comments. But now, as this site has grown, I’ve had difficulty just checking in every day. I would prefer that you could post comments in real time.

I found a few WordPress plugin programs that could fix most of these problems. I installed them last month and the amount of spam has almost ceased completely.

And with great pleasure, I announce that I’ve un-moderated the comments section of this website to those with approved comments. First time commenters will still get filtered but if a legitimate person wants to comment, once they’ve been approved they can comment whenever they want.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

I only ask two things – no commercial advertising and no more than one hot-link web address.

I’m pretty confident that this will work because one of the new programs that I’ve installed is spam-purger and it allows me to just ban any IP address that sends in a spam comment. This person (or persons) will be forever banned from even visiting these pages. This should make my life simpler and fix a lot of problems here.

As for the second item, only one hot link per post – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t post more than one link in a comment. Better if you post a web address, just put down the address without the hotlink or even the www. The new software will purge any comment with two or more hotlinks and will automatically send the IP address of the poster to the spam bin. It will be 90 days before that reader can even come back here at all.

Also, will likely be updated the layout of the site; I’d like to be able to make the reading area larger to fit both sides – right now this software limits the blog to about 1/2 – 2/3rds of the page.

And, I hope to see more of you over at the WWS Forums.

We’ll give this a try and see how it works out.

I’ve always hoped that this site would be a resource to everyone reading. I think that every man deserves to have a Russian or Ukrainian Wife :-)

I welcome your comments!

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You have way too much time on your hands
Seth Update: Visa Paperwork Submitted

7 thoughts on “Website changes

      • Hi Scott ,

        Well , it is in the planning , to let this year , be a decisive one.No , I didn`t run off , as you may have noticed , I put some posts , on the WWS forum , as Paul_Dutch.

        I have been thinking about , a follow up , on my last post (about my experiences from the past and present).

        But other work , took me very busy.Still , did not forget about it.
        But I`m doing fine myself , but as you may know , things are not so good in Ukraine , financially and economically speaking.

        But will post some , very soon


  1. I am going to go off topic a little, but I am just confused about the picture. What is this woman trying to say with her sign?
    Not Saints, Not Whores, Only Women? What does that mean? that all women are neither a saint or whore or that they all are both? Does it mean that only women are neither and men are both? I have no idea what point she is trying to get across.

    Now for her, her facial expression is one of someone that just hates life and everything and everyone in it, or she is constipated. That unlit cigarette looks so charming hanging from her lips and her clothing is that of some homeless lady that actually had a place to live and trust fund money, but is trying to be something she is not.

    I work with some Fem-Nazis and I just do not understand how they think there mindset is good and that they have life and the world figured out. I get so angry just listening to them that I want to stick metal spikes in my ears. I know that they have been around a long time, but when did they get to be so predominate? What went wrong? And how do we fix this problem, well how do we fix it with out just mass homicide? I get so frustrated every time I read or see something Femmy, I expectantly get mad when I hear men going on about the Femmy BS as it is a good thing.
    I know that this is America and we have a right to free speech and thought, but these people are more terrorist then anything else.

    • I believe that she’s complaining about the preordained labels that women have, that they are saints or that they are whores. Scarlet Johannesen, wow, what a stunning beauty, she is wonderful (saint). Oh, how I hate Madonna, she’s such a whore (whores). This woman is saying (in my opinion) that she rejects the stereotypes of women and she’s just saying, “Well, we’re just women.”

      What I find ironic is that while she is rejecting the notion of whore and saint, in the same statement she’s saying “and not feminine either.” Yet, she doesn’t mention that. She cries as being type-cast as a whore or a saint when she should be (more) worried about being type case as masculine.

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