Seth Update: Visa Paperwork Submitted

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In between a new boss and a new girl, it’s been a time-intensive last few months.  I’ll see if I can summarize quickly.

I'm waiting for it to get lost...

Yes, it’s an engagement ring.

Since my last report I’ve been to Ukraine 3 more times.  It certainly doesn’t suck to be me.  After the second trip, however, the office I work for had a change in management, from an old hand that would let things slide in the interest of things running smoothly and efficiently, to a greenhorn that wanted to follow all policy to the letter.  This had created…problems…that I’ve been having to deal with.

Those two trips involved a young lady I met on the first trip, who was playing on my generosity.  I was still up in the air and waiting until my return to decide if I really liked her or not, when she revealed to me that she was seeing another guy before me and liked him better (a week before I was to back in her country).  I felt bad that morning, but then I had lunch and everything was better.  Her handler at the agency, however, was not satisfied, and insisted that she return the money I had given her for various expenses (English lessons, etc).  That was nice.  I spent the second trip enjoying myself in Odessa, making the most of enjoying two weeks out of the loop and dating a girl or two that would never turn into anything.

At the insistence of my network of interested parties, I created accounts on a few reputable dating websites, and checked the inbox daily.  With as much experience as I’ve had it was easy for me to dismiss the girls looking for entertainment.  This included my fiancee.

I'm such a teaseMarried and divorced very young (she’s still under 20), a friend came over and created an account for her to “get a new boyfriend in less than 10 minutes”.  This friend is the kind of girl who gets glamor shots and chats to guys online for the monetary/entertainment value.  Looking back, after a short conversation the friend sent me three questions in separate messages that I did not respond to; I could tell from the messages that this was not the kind of girl I wanted.

About a month later, my fiancee logged in to “see what’s out there”, and noticed that there were mostly “old people” (read: men over 30, hah!) but one guy had an animal in their photo, and “a person who likes animals can’t be all bad.”  In a refreshing change of pace, she asked ME for MY contact information (Skype, etc) and was soon dominating my time off and even my time at work.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid
There's only about 100 pages of it in the photo, and it doesn't count the VK, FB, and Skype

+300 Pages of Text Messages

After a month of communication, it was apparent that we were enjoying the time we spent together and needed to move to a more serious relationship, so I made plans to visit her.  We met in Kiev on our 3-month anniversary, then traveled by train together a few hours to her city (largish, over 250,000 people) and spent a week together, visiting her family practically every day, getting to know her parents/grandparents, taking lots of photos and spending every second we could together.  It was obvious to me that we were operating as a family unit already, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all asking for her hand in marriage after being there for only a few days.  It also let us work out the gravity of the situation of what we needed to do for her to get over here.

Don't ask, Mom is not single

Mother helping with paperwork

Fortunately, her mother is a lawyer there, and 80% of the documents we needed were already acquired or procured before I made it back to the USA.  The final documents were acquired (yesterday) and sent to me via e-mail, whereupon I did a mass-printing and mailed the documents via next-day-air to the lawyer.  From here, we will wait for the completed forms to receive our signatures.  An ETA of my “mail order” bride will be from June to December, depending on the speed the government operates at.

Now she wants me to teach her how to do this

Fiancee requested that the paperwork “look pretty” and “have a blossom”.  The lawyer is going to be confused and/or amused tomorrow.

Sometimes I like to reflect what makes this girl different from the types of women I would meet locally.  Here are some things she’s said or done that I would be shocked to hear from a domestic girl.

*After retrieving tea* “I know you can get your own tea, but I need you to realize how much pleasure it brings me to do a simple thing like this for you.”

“You’re going to help me with the dishes?  Let me get my camera so I can boast to my friends later.”

“I may not be the smartest, or the most beautiful, but I can promise you that nobody will ever love you as much as I do.”

*After suggesting we can grow fat and happy together*  “You are allowed to get fat, I cannot, because I am your girl and I want to always be beautiful for you.”

“My deepest wish is for you to be happy, and for this I need your help.  You must always tell me what you want.  There is no thing which I cannot do for you.  So you can ask everything.  Really.”

“If you ended our relationship, I would not survive.”  Where-after my response is shortly followed by, “I am NOT acting like a TEENAGER.”

Freshly extracted from atop the papers, my cat on the right

The “Mail Order” component of this Bride

Questions?  Ask away!

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12 thoughts on “Seth Update: Visa Paperwork Submitted

  1. Seth ,

    I am very happy to hear , that you got it made.And you have found your life partner.
    Some things , that you mentioned , sound very familiar.

    And , yes , it is these issues , which will make that big difference , compared to Western women.
    So , are you planning , to get fat ???

    Much luck and happiness , to the both of you


  2. You are assuming way too much, and too quickly.
    Any girl who would agree to marry after having only been together a few days, has other motives

    • I knew that I wanted to marry my Wife on our third date. That means, after I knew her for 3 days, I began making plans to ask for her hand.

      You can have 100 relationships, have a month, a year or ten years; she’s either the right one, or she’s not.

      And when she’s the right one, you’ll know. And she’ll know.

      • By the way, for women that have other motives, it is obvious if you watch for the signs. You can’t spend hours a day on Skype for months, then all day every day for weeks and not show tells. Women in Eastern Europe take marriage very seriously. No doubt, her parents and grandparents are already asking her, “How long after the wedding before we can expect grandchildren?” No way they’re going to stand by and watch it “not work out.” This is huge. When your Grandma encourages you to be faithful to your husband, encourages you to make him happy, encourages you to bare his children, that is a huge factor. Consider now, a bunch of fat bitches at the average American woman’s workplace sitting around back biting all day, complaining to your American woman, putting bad thoughts in her ear.

        You really can’t compare.

    • I just read this – and my replies – to Alana and she had this to say:

      I have a colleague who works at a consulting firm (he’s Russian). He was in Kiev on business 3 years ago and he saw a pretty woman on the street. He approached her, talked a bit and asked her out to dinner. This was in July. By August, they were engaged and in September they had a church wedding in Kiev, Ukraine. 10 months later they had their first child. 3 years later, they are happily married and planning for their second child.

  3. Congratulations! I couldn’t be more happy for you!

    Yes, some of the items that you post that she’s said, I’ve heard much the same from Alana. Just yesterday, she asked me, “If we were really wealthy, would you still want me to cook for you?” I was at once nervous, “Is this a trick question?”

    It was a trick question, her answer was, “I always want to cook for you so that you know I love you.”

    And whenever I do the dishes after she’s cooked, she says, “Thanks for helping.” Not, thanks for doing the dishes as though it is a family chore, but thanks for helping her. It is quite a difference compared to MOST ALL American women.

  4. Wow! I was wondering if, with all your trips there, you were going to find someone. Congrats. Yea, about the things that foreign women say that American women never say, here below is an email I once received from my Filipina GF:

    – I m inspired because of u. Thank u so much. Hope to see u soon.

    – If we get married, i would rather prefer to be called as ur bestfriend ..

    – I will always be with u no matter what. Never leave u and will accept and love u unconditionally

    – I wanna see myself being with u with a happy marriage and happy family

    – As long as i can fix something, i will do just to save everything for the sake of love.

    – Yes. Of course, i do accept everything to someone because that is part of my love. Nobody is perfect and i really believe that u have to accept whatever or whoever he is including his weaknesses, and insecurities

    – I know myself when it comes to love. I am head over heels in loving someone. So if i say “i love u” to one person, i really mean it and i am willing to do everything just to prove it.

    – I won’t let u feel any insecurities about anything especially involving u and us.

    – i am grateful to meet someone like u. What i see about u are all good things.

    – We are both lucky to have each other. I think i am more lucky than you.

  5. I’m only 22 and I feel very much the same way as both you Seth and Scott. The prospects of finding a quality woman here is very low, due to the very high competition, the terrible morals instilled in most of society, and the technology enabling such non-committal relationships. For example, there are hook up apps such as Tinder, which allow people (primarily women, due to the gender imbalance on the app) to hook up with anyone just as easy as ordering a pizza. It’s hard to dedicate time and effort into dating someone who could easily be talking to dozens of other guys simultaneously and still have the mindset of “prove you’re worthy of me”. There are still good girls in western society, but they have become a very rare instance. I’m young, pretty well off financially, and probably a little better looking than average, but any western girl that looks like the ones that I have seen on Elena’s models or on this site is guaranteed to be either in a relationship (or having around 10+ guys pursuing her) or is not a high quality person (promiscuous, unintelligent, or just bitchy). So I had been feeling kinda depressed that I was going to end up with someone that I was not truly interested in or that I’d have to just “settle”.

    Anyways, I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences because it has given me hope that there dating EE women is not always a scam as people make it seem here. After a year or two I plan on looking seriously and begin making plans to travel overseas. Especially if I can get my job to relocate me to Russia.


    • It’s my pleasure. If you haven’t read it yet, check out the post “The one eye’d Man.”

      In the land of the blind, the one eye’d Man is King. In America, a good looking guy with a paycheck is just “any other guy.” In Russia, you’re the one eye’d Man.

      American women: I don’t even look at them any more. Most don’t look good. And those that do, as soon as they open their snout, they lose all appeal.

    • Hey Andrew. If you get relocated to Russia, you’ve got it made in the shade. I wish you luck in getting a job there because when you are on the ground, meeting ladies naturally, you’ll find yourself in a great, happy relationship and family.

  6. I’m very very happy for you!

    Makes me smile and have all kinds of nice feelings when I see that someone is has finally found the love of their live.

    I hope you can have an amazing life together with your wife and that you can both get old and happy together, forever.

    Good luck with the paperwork and have a wonderful life!

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