Saturday Satire – Take your pick

Seth Update: Visa Paperwork Submitted
Simple video debunks gender pay gap

Take your pick… all satire, exaggeration and comedy has some kernel of truth in it …

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Seth Update: Visa Paperwork Submitted
Simple video debunks gender pay gap

31 thoughts on “Saturday Satire – Take your pick

  1. I’d say several kernels…that photo is pretty much 99 percent true! The other 1 percent in the west are already married with a happy family or too damn old for me because they were born before WWII.

  2. My “social media” is generally twitter. I keep up with less-biased news that way. Your satirical clip above describes liberal American feminists to a ‘T’. They’re always rude, on the attack, and as ruthless as an Islamic terrorist. And as long as they look and act like Rosie O’Donnell, I wont touch them with a ten foot cattle prod. As sad as it is, your satire is more truth than America can live with.

    • It is a sad state of affairs. We are so use to it, we don’t even see it. It is when it is pointed out to us (like on this site) that we realize that we’re not the problem, its the femi-nazis.

      • I remember the first time I went to SA for a few weeks and then came back. As soon I started walking through the American airport I was like damn look how f*cking FAT these chicks are and they can’t dress plus they are a bunch of rude and entitled bitches. What is considered an 8 or 9 in the America would be considered a 4 or 5 in many places down south. The only joy I received was talking to a very pretty university student in her early 20’s from Vietnam (not born or raised in the US) as we waited for our connecting flights, proof enough that once you got a taste of non-western honey you can’t go back.

  3. ( in my best Foghorn Leghorn voice)

    Beings I’m from the rural south (1.5′ beard and all) we’s don’t have as much of a problem as other parts of the country, outside them there large southern cities.
    It was not until I went to college that I was exposed to the “outside” world, now in school (pronounced, Skoul) there where a few “odd” women, but they where just what I later found out where what are now called white trash. But I never remember women being as I see them act now, I do not remember when I was a teen that kids acted the way they do now, I do not remember when I was in my early 20’s that women act they way they do now. But now that I am 40, I look at the American people and see a bunch of nit jobs. I do not remember in high school many people over weight, there was a few but they were so nice and friendly you over looked there weight. Most of the places I go in the rural south ( I work all over the country, “stand back, I am a scientist!”) the people are as I remember them from my younger days. But every time I work with someone from “up north” or I am “up north” working it seems that people there are more bat crap crazy, but I have started to notice in teh last few years taht the younger kids in the rural areas are starting to be nut jobs.

    I think where it all started to go wrong ( outside the hippies and the whole later part of the 1960’s) is when paddling was taking out of public schools, I could argue that it was also talking out the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer, but I will keep religion and politics out of it. But I think it was the start of the fall of out nation, kids did not get any real punishment at school and it is now illegal to punish your kids at home, so there is nothing to keep them from doing bad or behaving like an animal. So these kids grew up to teach ( well if you can call it that) there own kids the same principles, or lack there of. Now these kids are having kids, so this is gen. 3 of just crazed nut jobs. What is the country going to be like in 30 years? I hope by then I am either dead or living on top of a mountain with a nice kill zone the whole way round.

    I am so amazed that the public finds this behavior as acceptable, but not only does the public accept it, they incur age it. It is totally unacceptable and should be treated the same way you treat an unacceptable behavior of an animal, with a switch or a whip. Oh wait you can not do that anymore either…

    • I agree, we have a LOT of nit-wits in this country. Unfortunately, Men are just as feminist as women – and its worse as you get closer to either coast.

      My Wife, being from Russia, she points out this and that and she notices things that seemed “normal” to me. Just a for example, it seems that a large percentage of women in America don’t breast feed their babies. ALL Women in Russia breast feed unless a medical problem. I suppose that if a woman is too busy or too selfish to breast feed, this is a symptom of our broken society.

      What it comes down to, is that if you’re a young (or old) Man, and you’re looking for a wife, you’ll have MUCH better luck and a lot better life if you marry a Woman from Eastern Europe. Marriage to an American woman is a life sentence to misery. Interestingly, I have a lot of friends, colleagues and relatives that are married and I can easily say, NONE of them has it better than me in the Wife department – and they all tell me so. I’ve yet to meet any Man, who after they’ve met Alana, that hasn’t said, “If I could do it again, I wouldn’t marry American.”

    • You know Capt Crunch, I am not a social scientist, but just an observing human being, but I cannot put my finger yet, on how or why so many of our young Americans have lost respect and values for things we were raised to do likewise. I remember leaving Active Duty Army back in 1994 and started teaching in Southern California. One day, all high school classes had to report in the auditorium to watch a required film. Classes sat in a long row with the teachers on the aisle seats. The National Anthem began playing and everyone rose, as expected. A group of 3 black girls continued sitting. I felt my blood beginning to boil and after about 10 seconds, I asked them kindly to stand up. They all three turned around and shouted at me, “oh, you’re just saying that because we’re black.” I said, no, its because your grandfathers probably fought and died under that flag, so STAND UP! Needless to say, they refused and sat throughout our National Anthem.

      Interestingly enough, now I live in Germany with my lovely and wonderful Ukrainian wife and newborn daughter. I am happy that she will be going to a German school. Why? Only from observation, I see respectful kids all around. I see no crime whatsoever. My American friends, whom we lived with for a couple of months, own a home that they built, but for contracting reasons, the garage was never finished. Inside this garage, with no door, lies tires, bicycles (not cheap), large BBQ and anything else that normal people keep in their garage. There is no peep hole in their front door and so they never look to who is ringing the bell. Now, would somebody please tell me, other than perhaps where you are from Capt Crunch, where in America does that happen?

      I don’t see German mothers yelling at their kids in grocery stores, “to shut up or I am going to slap your face.” I am watching my own wife for the past 2 months, with the patience of a Saint, take care of our daughter. She has never asked me to get up in the night and assist her. I have not been asked to change a poopie diaper, since she gave birth. (She had a C-section and I had to because she couldn’t get out of bed in the first two days). I know from American friends, that their wives expect them to do a lot, to share the ol’ 50/50 rule. No, my friends, my Ukrainian wife allows me to get my sleep because she knows I have a 1 hr 15 min commute, a 9 hour day and return commute. We have our roles but interestingly enough, we never discussed them. As I had written in a previous post, Ukrainian ladies have values sewn into their hearts. They don’t need a fricking manual, Cosmopolitan magazine, baby/mother magazines, birthing/breathing classes, La Maze or whatever BS American culture invents that only continues to cloud/create more confusion/dissention into the Western Women Suck mindset. Ukrainian girls aren’t going to the Dr’s to get meds for depression, can’t cope syndromes and whatever else Opra or Dr Phil conjures on daily TV. Its all about the family guys, that’s it, bottom line. They get it. Western Women Suck will never find it.

      All my best to those mates who are still looking. Don’t give up, but make sure you look in the right places. Cheers!

      • Hey Rodney,
        Glad to hear you and your family are doing well. I can’t thank you enough for your advice in the past and this bit of info. Yeah man, in the US it is just one big powder keg, with a bunch of issues and feminism is definitely one of the main ingredients in the mix. The Anglo-sphere is the homeland of feminism, and that’s why I want out. I have already checked out mentally, about 5 years ago, and trying to find a way to check out physically. I already believe that in the US/UK/Canada there is no place to hide from femi-nazism, even the Church. That’s why I have already made up my mind that I will only date and eventually marry a woman from South America or Eastern Europe. Even though I’m in my 30s, I am tired of it all in the west with this I’m A Strong Independent Woman BS but when push comes to shove they write checks they can’t cash and they expect you, the MAN to bail them out. I refuse to mop up their mess! I played by the rules and have my sh#t together with little or no baggage why don’t they? What are they bringing to the table? Nothing but loads of baggage and misery.

        I want a young quality wife that is FAMILY oriented and I will not accept anything less. I don’t care if I have to spend thousands (and thousands) of dollars traveling over 3,000 miles by air over the next 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years to get one. If I don’t, I’d rather die alone without a biological heir and leave what I have left to some charitable cause or the Church than marry one of these horrible femi-nazi beasts.

        • It’s interesting that you mention you want a FAMILY oriented woman. Although the image of that bitch above is obviously an extreme, even if a woman doesn’t identify as a feminist, she’s still indoctrinated with feminist thought to various degrees, often without even realising. So it’s incredibly difficult to find a woman in the Anglosphere who is both family oriented and realistic about her sexual market value.

          I recently discovered this at my work place much to my chagrin, when a new staff member joined us. Much to my discomfort, I’ve noticed she has a thing for me. At a recent office party after a few drinks, she tried to get me back to her place, much to my disgust. Without wanting to sound arrogant, she’s at least 3-4 points below me on the looks attraction scale (although not obese she’s certainly overweight, while I’m an athletic build). While she’s about 5 years younger she looks 10 years older than me which says everything) but is still deluded enough to believe she has a chance with me. If we somehow were a couple, we’d look like a complete mismatch both physically and personality-wise.

          I find this quite disturbing when I know that women in more normal sexual/dating marketplaces are far more realistic in their choice of potential partners. I’m not sure about the US, but there’s definitely a recent trend in the UK and Australia (not mentioned in mainstream sources of course) of fit, good-looking men (no homo) dating fat, ‘age-appropriate’ women. It astonishes me that men allow this to happen, and I most certainly did NOT let that happen the other day with my co-worker. I know I can date much younger women, and these men who are better looking than me should NEVER lower themselves to the gutter like this. It’s causing untold damage to the sexual marketplace, where men are shamed for dating a woman more than 5 years younger and it’s almost taboo now to reject a woman if you’re not interested.

          My co-worker is not only unattractive to me physically, but she’s unmarried with a 13 year old daughter, uncultured, and also a smoker and has bad breath. I even overheard a comment from her in a discussion with other staff members that she hadn’t been dumb enough to get married. Although that was most likely a joke, I cannot believe she actually thinks I’d be interested in a relationship with her. These Anglo women completely lack self-awareness, which is partly the fault of men for pedestalising these mediocre ogres. Only in the Anglosphere eh?

          Rant over.. ;)

          • Whenever I see bad service at a restaurant, I don’t say shame on the restaurant, I say shame on the customers who come back. The market usually sorts itself out. You have bad service, you go out of business. Its that simple. In the case of the IRS, you don’t get a choice of who you pay your taxes to. It is a bit of a monopoly and you just have to deal with it.

            The same is true of Western women: if 99% of them are indoctrinated, you’re pretty much stuck with what you’ve got.

            Really, if most of the women act in one way, and a Man has never traveled, how is he to know any better?

            But unlike the IRS monopoly, Men do have a chance. Go East, you won’t be sorry.

          • That’s why I don’t date women from the Angl0spfere…even for easy sex. I just avoid the path leading to pain and destruction from the beginning and I have decided to not give them my mental energy. I would rather spend my time and resources finding a wife from EE or SA.

  4. Well, getting ready to hit the hay here in German time. I couldn’t get the image of this putrid Americana byatch that Scott posted (not knocking your post, maybe it will convince more guys to get on a plane to EE). She is sickening and I am sure there must be an army of these hoes. So, like in life, lets replace a negative with a positive. Guys, I found a great youtube clip with some beautiful footage of gorgeous, classy and feminine ladies gathering for Miss Ukraine competition. Believe me, it will wash the nasty taste out of your mouth from seeing that photo posted above. Ok, all you Western Women Suck, watch it too. Maybe you’ll learn something, like how to apply make up correctly, or walk in high heels.

    • Rodney,
      Hey man. This site and your video is complete torture. I’m stuck in the US, I am so tempted to say F#ck it and book a flight to the Ukraine instead of visiting my friends in South America this year, who go out of their way to introduce me to local girls including their own relatives and family friends. I’m thinking I should widen my circle of friends to Eastern Europeans and Russians?

      • Hey Seeker,

        You can never have enough friends, especially when they are classy, intelligent and respectful of your masculinity. Onward, young man!

        • Ha ha…thanks. That’s for sure. Never met a native Latin American (inside or outside the US) or Eastern European (inside the US, since I have never been to EE) man or woman that has ever tried to browbeat me for being a MAN and wanting a WOMAN. It wasn’t until 5 years ago, that I refused to be intimidated by the social pressure imposed by the feminist, manginas, and the simps. Once you realize that you don’t have to take it anymore and that you do have options like voting with your feet and standing your ground when necessary, there’s no going back.

    • and hey, I forgot to mention that I had an apartment for several months, like about 80 meters from this concert hall. Watching the video, I could see my apartment bldg, on the far right of the screen. From my balcony window, I could see folks streaming in here for shows and entertainment. The metro stop is Palats-Ukraina. The lovely lass that I dated for several months, and before I met my future wife, would dine at the restaurants directly across the street from here. BTW, I was charmed by her and may have ultimately wanted to marry her, but she was hesitant due to our large age difference. We dated exclusively and I think she was trying to see if it could actually work. She was from Western Ukraine and she said her mom/dad wouldn’t be accepting. My beautiful bride with whom I am blessed to be with, never felt an age issue (my wife is even a few years younger than my Kiev girlfriend). But, my wife’s dad was a bit inflamed, however, mama won him over, especially after daughter was very happy. He didn’t want us leaving Ukraine, but now after the current geopolitical situation, he doesn’t want us to return this Spring as we had hoped. So, I am not going to disclose the identity of my family, but I think after several years now, I can send a photo of my Kiev girlfriend, just so y’all can see a non-agency girl. I met her at a birthday party. She was sitting with a friend and she looked remarkable. I mustered the courage to plop down next to her and introduce myself. I had been in Kiev for about 2 weeks, and I told her right off the bat, “you are the prettiest girl I have seen since coming to Kiev, 2 weeks ago.” She reached over and with both her hands, grabbed my face and kissed me gently, softly on my cheek. That wasn’t my final compliment, nor was it the last cheek kiss, either! I asked for her phone number and with hesitancy, delay or “give me yours and I’ll call you,” crap, she wrote it down and told me what time to call her the next day, during her lunch break at work. As they say, the rest was history, and I really enjoyed the next several months dating her with even an incredibly romantic trip to Yalta, Crimea. Aside from my wife, that was my introduction to the care and warmth of a Ukrainian young lady. This picture I am posting is from the winery there, called Massandra.

      • Glad to hear aging like a good bottle of whiskey or cigar in a humidor isn’t held against you in EE! The flavor is actually appreciated.

  5. Just look at her! She’s fu#king hideous! Imagine having to go to bed with that every night…and then wake up to it every morning! She looks like a fat man wearing a wig!

  6. I’ve had the misfortune to be involved in ‘discussions’ with feminists, if one can even call it a discussion. Discussions are rational and logical; feminists are anything but.

    They shamed me for relying on my man to perform the difficult tasks, for cooking our meals and taking care of his health and, also, for choosing to remain slim to keep him happy. Words like ‘incapable’, ‘dumb’ and ‘inept’ dripped from their spiteful lips.

    There’s nothing wrong with providing our partners with a safe haven to return to after a hard day’s work. If we want them to take care of us, we should reciprocate. It’s only right and natural.

    Outside of a relationship, many women – in Asia at least – cooperate with men. The men fight the wars; we support them and they reward us accordingly. It’s a very winning formula. Why compete when you can cooperate?

    The feminists complain about misogyny but I’ve met very polite men and enjoyed pleasant interactions with them, both western and asian alike.

    It’s strange that, whilst feminists are screaming vitriol at men in the comments sections of articles, these very same ‘misogynists’ are really polite towards me. Some will tease and play like the natural, affectionate boys they always were. Can’t they see that if they want respect and courtesy, they have to first give it?

    It’s the reason I refuse to ever be a feminist. Who wants to end up bitter, vicious and spiteful? Moreover, living in a state of perpetual misery and anger only adds wrinkles to the face. Why uglify ourselves as women?

      • Thank you : ) And thank you for this blog. It does serve as a reminder to keep my man happy. Wishing you happiness as well : )

    • “Outside of a relationship, many women – in Asia at least – cooperate with men. The men fight the wars; we support them and they reward us accordingly. It’s a very winning formula. Why compete when you can cooperate?

      The feminists complain about misogyny but I’ve met very polite men and enjoyed pleasant interactions with them, both western and asian alike.”

      That’s a great point, and highlights that femininity does NOT equate to weakness. Feminist doctrine dictates that femininity is a negative, but I’d love to be a fly on the wall if a Western woman tried shaming a Russian woman for being weak and submissive. We’d see who’s the real weakling in that situation… ;)

      Feminine women from normal cultures expect their men to be real men, so it’s not as if a Russian or Ukrainian woman is being oppressed. She expects her man to look after her and her family, so it’s a co-operative institution. This is something Westerners in general no longer understand.

      • You’re right. Gentility seems to be missing amongst western women. I don’t know how to interact with the ‘strong and independent’ women. Men are better when it comes to dealing with them.

        • “Gentility seems to be missing amongst western women.”
          Your right Aquarius Moon. I have noticed this and it’s only getting worse…and I’m in my 30’s…I only wonder what it’s like for the guys in their 60’s or older…as they notice the stark contrast between the women they remembered from their childhoods and the 20 something’s of today!
          Twice the size…twice as loud…twice as rude.

          • It’s a sad situation because guys essentially remain the same. They may seem angry when dealing with feminists, but when given the same basic respect given to any human being, they respond very sweetly. They’re VERY obliging and always willing to help!

            Instead of expecting help and demanding it, very little effort is required to be humble enough to ask nicely, then smile and say thank you for the assistance.

            Feminists are really just making their lives more difficult. Men are equally as charming as women in their own way. They just need basic respect and courtesy. That isn’t too much to ask.

  7. Thank you Aquarius for sharing. Its so nice to read the comments of a real lady, who values her husband and her family. If every American woman would just read your words and apply this to their own life, then perhaps they’d find true happiness…but that’s just a far fetched dream in Disneyland….back to reality. Go East young men!!

    • That’s really sweet, thank you : )

      It seems that feminists don’t seem to like us very much. In fact, they’re downright rude and vicious to those who disagree with their opinions. It makes one question – after interacting with them – where the inner beauty went…

  8. Guys,
    I think this is another issue that should be addressed on this site.
    —- —- —-
    How to Have Good Hygiene (Girls)
    —- —- —-
    I was just reminded of this a few days ago. The young Latina I spent some time with was impeccably groomed and smelled like a florist shop. I have noticed this before with other non-western women too.
    So to the very first picture above…choose wisely.
    Typical American Female: Bad Hygiene
    Typical Non-American Female: Good Hygiene
    Any questions?

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