Simple video debunks gender pay gap

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Saturday Satire: I just wanted some cream!

I usually see a bunch of feminist crap on Facebook about the victimization of women in the West. I recently saw a posting from a cousin of mine that claimed that we lived in a “rape culture,” and that Men in America applauded and supported rape jokes, they ignored rape as a problem and all but celebrated the raping of women. It is as ridiculous as saying that all Men believe in murder because some criminals (who happen to be men) have committed murder.

One old military buddy posted this on his Facebook and I was quite pleased after I watched it. It really just nails down the BS surrounding the “gender pay gap.” It is an excellent video.

I encourage you to watch this video and to share it widely.

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Saturday Satire - Take your pick
Saturday Satire: I just wanted some cream!

10 thoughts on “Simple video debunks gender pay gap

  1. Hello amigos. Watching this video triggered a couple of thoughts I wanted to share.
    I went to an interview yesterday and had a private chat after the interview with the hiring manager. We got on the subject of kids and I was mentioning that in the US (he’s from England), there is a law that mothers/fathers can take 6 weeks off, without threat of losing their job (maybe without pay). Then we compared that to the German system, where mothers are allowed 2 YEARS! off, with pay. We agreed that was great for mother/child bonding (and maybe that may explain my question from my prior post as to why children seemed to more well behaved here), but he said, its expensive to a firm, to have to pay a salary for two years and protect the position. I had not thought of that economic point. Which brings me to the demographic fact that Germany is suffering from a negative birth rate. The government pays parents 184 euros a month until the child is 22 years of age, to help offset costs and basically provide an incentive to have a baby. My wife and I are waiting for our stipend to start incidentally. And let me address what Ukraine does or did (their economic situation has caused delays in payments). Parents receive a bulk stipend (it was 10k hryvna when we left because my brother-in-law was received their share for their newborn) after their baby is born and mom gets to stay home for 3 years with a small monthly stipend (about $100), but stops at 3 years. The point is, if you compare both of these countries vs the US/6 week FMLA (Med Leave) and contrast that against the decaying values in the US, its certainly something to think about. German and Ukrainian families are extremely close and kids are very close to their parents. Many of you who have dated a Slavic lady will attest to that, I am positive. I am sure that this lengthy period of not economically forcing the mom to return to work, has a major connection.
    A linking point here that I want to make. Germany is the 4th largest economy in the world. Not bad for a smaller nation with the cool autobahns, castles, Oktoberfest and best made automobiles. So how does a nation do so well, when every single business except gas stations are closed, by law, on Sundays? Or half days on Saturdays and many half days on Wednesdays? Sure, there’s a bump up in taxes, but at least you can see what you are paying for with the nice roads, free education from K-1 to University, low medical costs, etc. And to include a loss in the work force due to mom’s utilizing their right to take 2 years off with their baby and with pay! What’s the cost/benefit? Highly educated citizens (engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers) and a program that starts in High School that allows those students not going the white collar route, but to start being groomed for a blue collar route. After all, every nation needs plumbers and carpenters, too. Unemployment is very low here, homelessness is virtually non-existent, and therefore, I have observed, a more content and happier population.
    I am stating all of these facts, because I am trying to analyze my own questions here as to why there is such a low crime rate here, better behaved children, and respect of citizen’s property. It starts with the parenting and the fact that the government here encourages mom’s to stay home with their babies. Ditto for Ukraine.

    • Yes. Me and my friends have said this before. It’s a better alternative than 2 parents slaving away to consume useless crap they don’t need, it should be about nurturing the family unit.
      Another question we ask ourselves: how is it that virtually any man in the US could work a sh&t full-time job and still be able to support a wife and 3 kids with a mortgage before the 1980s but not today?

  2. Great video.

    You guys should check out the other videos associated with the video posted above.

    The associated video that focused on one of the ten commandments; not committing adultery gets to the root of this ancient law and custom. It is about the protection of the family unit, which is a major building block of high civilization. It is not about attacking the male sex drive! In our feminist culture and society (if you live in the west, you are under a feminist culture), women are the ones that are doing the cheating, initiating divorces, murdering their husbands and children, ruining their husbands health (by stressing them out, committing acts of verbal/mental abuse, disrespecting fathers in front of their children, not cooking them quality homemade meals, etc.), while running up debts and destroying (future savings and investments) any type of legacy that could be passed on to future generations. Many western women that are wives/mothers, claim it is all about family but are not sacrificing for the family unit but ironically expect their husbands to destroy themselves to satisfy their child-like material wants. Also, if it was all about the family then they would know that the MAN is the head of the family, in a REAL family there is no such thing as 50/50 or Queen Bee BS.

    As for the video above. 100 percent true. Also consider, who is controlling/consuming this money pre-tax and post-tax? Is it going towards the wants and needs of men? Another good resource to consider is a book by Warren Farrell called Why Men Earn more.

  3. If I still had Facebook I would post this video to irritate all the people that believe the propaganda. But since I deleted my account permanently due to all the hateful and childish comments I got from my co-workers, I can not post this… So everyone post it 2x for me..

    Also, I wonder how many death threats this lady has gotten from Fem-Nazies and the like?

  4. Who are we? WOMEN…that don’t need men but bitch when they go South or East!
    What do we want? WE DON’T KNOW…but let’s set on our fat asses and stuff our faces with food until we figure that out!
    When do we want it? NOW…since we do not have any self-control!

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