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Saturday Satire: I just wanted some cream!
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Recently, my Wife and I were on a road trip and we pulled over at a park near the interstate for a walk to stretch our legs. We saw a group of Moms and their kids feeding ducks near a duck pond. My Wife was in shock at the size and shape of these American Moms. “Wow, I can’t believe how these women let themselves go.” I commented that this is typical of women in the Midwest. I snapped a photo of them for your viewing pleasure:


A few days later, my Wife sent me these other photos with an email title “To all Russian Moms.” She said that she just saw these photos on her Facebook over the past week. When I look at these Russian Moms I can clearly see the difference!

Russian Mom 2

For those of you that have never dated an Eastern European (EE) Woman, do realize that they WALK a lot! I never walked much before I met my Wife but now, we walk at least 90 minutes a day, sometimes two hours a day! I have to say that I’m in great shape – no doubt thanks in large part to my Wife. And everyone I meet, they always comment on how beautiful and shapely my Wife is.

Well, have a look at these photos. These are all Russian Moms, and they are smoking hot!

I see a lot of American Moms with hacked off short hair because long hair is “too much work.” Yuck! I see so many American woman who look like Men. At the grocery store, I see women who look like they just rolled out of bed. My Wife wouldn’t ever dream of leaving the house looking like she just rolled out of bed.

Russian Mom 3

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Oh, and another thing, as you can see in the photos above and below, Russian Women are STYLISH! No baggy sweat pants, no dread locks, no mumu dresses and no tie-dye hippie t-shirts. Russian Women look like they’re visiting the White House in 1962! I am always proud to take my Wife anywhere because she is always the prettiest and always the best dressed Woman anywhere we go!

Russian Mom 4

One of the biggest differences between Russian Women and American women is their perception of themselves as Mothers. Russian Women look at themselves as Women who are Mothers who might also happen to be workers (employed). American women look at themselves as Working women who happen to have children. When you’re around Russian Women with children, the difference is striking. I often hear American women I know who are also mothers comment about their husbands as if they did their husband some great service by bearing his children. Somehow they are entitled to special treatment because they did him this “favor.” Russian Women see bearing and raising children as their DUTY to the family and expect their husband to treat them good because he loves them and loves their children. An American woman keeps score, a Russian Woman sacrifices for her family and tries to make them happy.

I posted this video on Facebook after my Wife shared it with me. All of my Russian/Ukrainian friends and family made comments about what a great Mom she is, how much she loves her kids and how we can all see what a hard worker she is. The Americans (especially the women) made comments like, “I’d like to see a Man do that!’ or comments like, “She works so hard, she deserves a break. Her husband should take the kids!” Really, the differences between the Russian and American audiences was shocking.

Much of these differences never stood out until I was aware of them and started looking. Have a look at the women around you. Then go to Facebook and type in Irina Sharipova, or Katya Karatova, or make up any Russian sounding name. Invariably, you’ll end up on the Facebook page of some random Russian Woman. Have a look at her friends list. Click on their friends. Then go and look at your friends and friends of friends. You’ll be shocked at what you find!

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Saturday Satire: I just wanted some cream!
Gentlemen, start your engines!

67 thoughts on “To all Russian Moms

  1. There certainly are striking differences. I just returned from a business trip to Minsk. Was challenging to get on the plane and fly back to the states.

    • I am 42 SWM in athletic shape, I look about 30 yearsold and retired. I still get looks from college girls here in the states, but they all have extreme feminist traits.

      If you were me would you live in Minsk or Russia for a couple of years until you found a good wife.
      I guess i would spend my time learning the Russia in classes while their, so even if i didn’t meet some one it would still be worth while to go.

      Is it worth it to go?

      • Frankly if you were wise you would make sure that you avoid marriage or long term relationship with any woman. If you feel you must be married then yes don’t live in a western country.
        Marriage to a non western woman and bringing her to the west is only for men like me that feel complelled to be in a long term relationship and have little left to loose. In our case we can at least choose a non western woman to A. Have a fighting chance of happiness and B. Have a vastly superior woman.

        • I have a lot to lose and I don’t feel like I lost anything bringing my Russian Wife to the US. She’s less feminist than I am, I’m sure she won’t go to the dark side in either of our lifetimes.

          • One of my friends has super negative opinions about this and always claims “she could change on you at anytime!” Most of the older guys that I know that are happily married (15 plus years) are married to non-western women.

          • He is a feminist.

            Feminist women feel that it is their preroggative to “trade up” at the first sign of trouble. He’s seen this in America and assumes that Eastern European Women are the same.

            A buddy of mine just announced last month that he’s divorcing his wife. My Wife asked “why” and I said, “He told me he’s not happy anymore.”

            I asked Alana to explain and she said, “It is a feminist notion to believe that you should be happy in marriage. If you’re happy in marriage, that’s great, but if you aren’t, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.”

          • You are correct. He is a feminist but what’s even scarier is that he used to be married to a (a traditional born and raised from outside the US) Latina before we became pals! I’m just wondering did his feminist vibe cause his former wife to not respect him therefore as a result she did not treat him like a man? He told me that he is the one that initiated the divorce, she wanted to work things out.
            I agree with you and Alana. What happened to, for better or worse, richer or poorer? It’s like people in the west can’t keep their word or honor any more. I find this lack of morals very frustrating. I have never made a commitment to something and not followed through and I expect the same from others.

      • I met a pair of young men from Sri Lanka in Minsk once. They came to the bank with me and acted as interpreters; their Russian was pretty good. They were electrical engineer students at the university in Minsk. Their first semester (6 months) was immersion Russian – they were speaking it in a 1/2 year. I think tuition is only $100 a month.

        I was planning to do this but then I got married.

        Now my Wife teaches me Russian ;0

        • Sounds like a good idea but I remember you mentioned something about private language tutors being reasonably priced as well.

          • Not any more; private tutors are used to schooling German businessmen and want insane funds.

          • I guess the best private tutor is a Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend. If I end up with a Ukrainian I might get a 2 for 1 deal for language lessons.

  2. I have’en reading about Russian &Ukrainian Women infact their testimonies is so outstanding and i desired to marry from either of the Countries. I have visited so many dating site about them but never scale through i rather wait hopefully i will find. Pls i need a good connection if anyone could be of a help. Thnks. (SPRINGSTEEN N.) from Nigeria.

    • Have you tried all the recommended agencies from the recommended agencies section at the top of the page? Even if the sites do not work out and you are still really interested you should go to EE anyways, just take note of scams section of the website.

  3. I have a South American wife and I have similar experiences. It’s not just the appearance that is different. My wife gets pleasure from taking care of me. A western woman expects to be taken care of whilst often giving little in return.

    • My envy of you only inspires me, since I will most likely (I should start saying I WILL ONLY) marry a woman from the FSU or South America. I have been to Central and South America but never the FSU so I can’t say the word only yet. Did you meet in her country or the west?

  4. Haha, I had a feeling what was coming after reading the title.

    This idea among Western mothers that motherhood is an excuse to let themselves go is a topic that I’ve felt passionate about even before becoming unashamedly anti-feminist. Even before this, I still remembered how women from previous generations who’d raised multiple children still looked relatively thin, or at the very least, weren’t obese. It’s basically self-indulgence, along with the women who chop their hair off once they have a marriage certificate. This is a huge middle finger to the husband.

    This reminds me of my first ‘taste’ of the fat warpig mother I encountered from my early adulthood. A good friend of my brother, and all round nice guy, had a steady girlfriend in his early to mid 20s. I thought she was cute enough (having no experience of Eastern and Asian women back then I didn’t know that Western women who avoid being fat are considered cute these days, but there you go. I may have been wearing beer goggles too).

    She seemed to have a thing for me and would flirt, giving the eye, want to dance etc. but I kept her at arm’s length out of respect for my brother’s buddy. About 2 years after their marriage, I saw them at a BBQ with their first kid and I was quite surprised to see that he’d dumped his long-time gf/1st wife. The mother of his child was built like a rugby front-rower.

    I learned within a few minutes it was actually the same woman! (I really did dodge a bullet by not making any moves). I was utterly shocked at how much she’d let herself go within 2 years, literally twice her previous size AND with short hair.

    I then started to notice more women from my childhood and early adult years following the same path to Leviathan proportions. Not all of them, but the ones who retained their pre-pregnancy shape were a definite minority. This was about 10 years ago, and even then I knew something was wrong, because these women’s mothers and grandmothers were nowhere near this size.

    I’ve heard some of these women in groups feeding (ha!) each other crap about ‘eating for two’ (more like seven) and even shaming another young (thin) pregnant woman out of earshot because she was apparently being selfish if she isn’t eating like a pig while pregnant.

    If Asian and Russian women don’t need the diet of a sumo wrestler to raise healthy children, then why are Western women so special? Even if a Western woman doesn’t identify herself as feminist, she’s still eating (ha! again) their blatant, twisted, evil lies. It’s nothing but pure self-indulgence and it always happens once the ring is on her finger, and her husband has given her a fairytale wedding to attention-whore for months, bought her a house and a new car.

    What a great deal modern Western marriage is for men…

    • I read your reply to Alana and we are still laughing. Right now she’s chuckling, “Feeding club, ha ha.”

      She’s in utter shock how Women here gain so much weight when they’re pregnant. I’ve told her there there is a shaming of thin pregnant women and she didn’t believe me but I’ve heard it too: fat pregnant women chastising fit pregnant Women for “shortchanging” their babies by not making them fat.

      1 in 3 births in America is now by c-section. Reason? The baby is too fat to fit through the vagina. The baby grows, the mom grows but the vagina just can’t keep up.

      Now I hear my Wife laughing again, “Feed them like a Sumo… ha ha…”

      • “1 in 3 births in America is now by c-section. Reason? The baby is too fat to fit through the vagina. The baby grows, the mom grows but the vagina just can’t keep up.”

        That’s hard to believe! Especially since most have had more than several partners (even at the same time) before conning some guy into marrying them. I just think they are too lazy to push the kid out! Due to sexual history of most American women, you would think the baby would just fly out with little effort no matter how fat they are!?

        • Alana agrees with you; she says that America is the only country in the world where c-sections can be requested. All other countries, there must be a medical reason. From what I understand, giving birth is extremely difficult. And I’m not even talking about the pain, I mean that it is physically tough – like squat lifting a Volkswagen. A woman in good shape will fare OK but for some of these Sumo-women, who can’t even get to the refrigerator without help, it could be a problem.

          • …and another reason I’m only going South American or Eastern European for a wife.

  5. “Then go to Facebook and type in Irina…”


    I have a facebook account to keep up with friends that that live out of town and overseas. I have noticed that too. Most American moms/wives have let themselves go in one way or another but the South American women that are married with kids have bodies that could compete with many American strippers, swimsuit, and lingerie models. The comparison seems bit vulgar and harsh but there is no other way to put it. Many Western women (especially moms) think they are the shit just because they stay thin, hit the gym, walk a lot, dress stylish, get their hair/nails done, and eat healthy, while non-Western women just think it’s a normal part of being a REAL woman, especially if they want to keep their man happy, satisfied, and around :)

  6. Well done, Scott and well said, Seeker. The video reminded me of my wife. She has the patience of a Saint, and therefore our daughter, although only 2 months +, already has a quiet disposition. We talked again about the American woman goes back by the 6th week, and she just couldn’t imagine doing that. My wife said that maybe this is the reason there is so much violence in America, because the kids weren’t properly loved as babies. I’ve talked about my theories on this in previous posts. BTW, I still haven’t had to change a diaper since my daughter’s first week of birth! Notice, I am saying, “haven’t had to.” I still have some of that whupped Western mindset. And I get a nice home cooked meal each evening I come home. Slavic mom’s are simply the best.

    • I believe it – look at Europe where Moms take off a year or two, the kids are much better adjusted.

      And despite that it is popular to hit (spank) kids in America, I’m against it. I’ve been to Scandinavia where it is completely illegal to hit a kid in any way. They are happy, productive and have no violence hardly at all. Hitting kids just teaches them to hit when they’re mad (in my opinion). I’m sure that there are a lot of folks that will disagree, but when I look at societies that don’t hit, and that have good parenting, their kids are more adjusted, civil and happy.

      • I sort of agree. Violence just leads to violence. I was talking to an older friend that is on the fence with your ideas. He’s a bit older than me. I want your opinion. Do you really think my age, mid 30s is all that old for a man? Or do think this person (my old friend )is grossly infected by western feminism as well? Funny the only chicks in the feminazi west or overseas that chase me are in their early 20s…ha..ha..ha!

        • I married my 33 year old Wife when I was 43.

          Clint Eastwood married a 30 something when he was nearly 70.

          Its all in the relationship and how you feel about yourself.

          • The voice of reason and experience. The person I was referring to has never traveled outside the anglosphere. So I don’t think he’ll ever really get it. Since he’s never been in a nonfeminazi environment.

          • I went to Colombia and married a Colombiana. She couldn’t be more different from a western woman. She like the perfect wife. I’ve never been treated so well by anyone. Not to mention that she is smoking hot.
            Even if I was not married, I wouldn’t touch a western woman with a barge pole.

          • Thx Scott, Rodney, and Vman…I just have to sort out my internal struggle of pursuing the path South or East. It seems like the only bad choice is toughing it out and going domestic. I may have to keep some non like minded people at arms length in the future…since I have already made up my mind of what I don’t want. There’s no going back after biting the fruit of the tree…or taking the pill.

          • Absolutely! You can go East European, East Asian or Latin. All have pros and cons. The important thing is that you literally have millions of vastly superior options than western women.
            If you are a decent human being, healthy, have the money to travel and the intelligence to learn a foreign language and culture, then you are a sought after man by women anywhere in the world. That includes western women. So why would any sought after man like yourself settle for the dregs of the world? You have millions of superior options to choose from. All you really have to do is get on a plane. That will elevate you from theoretically sought after to actually elite In the eyes of all women.
            Your life will never be the same.

  7. Hi Gents

    Please feel free to email me any information from time to time regarding eastern Europe and how does one meet a wife from there. kidron reddy

    Vman you are 1 million percent correct , why settle for less.

    I am from south Africa , the same mentality has poisoned our woman like in the states irrespective of race or culture its all about money cars houses etc. Tell me Gentleman, those that have travelled.
    Are there any woman in EE that are marriage material .That will love you for who you are?? Thanks

    • I live in Australia. There are attractive women here but they are toxic. East asian women are great but personally I don’t find them as sexy as others. I started with the idea of EE women who I find extremely attractive. However there is a certain coldness to their culture which affects everyone to various degrees. So I went to South America. The women there are very warm and sexy. They are very passionate which is good and bad. Mostly it’s good but it also means you have to expect drama. Where ever you go there are many exceptions to these generalisations so you need to find just the right mix for yourself.
      The key is to know yourself very very well and know whay characteristics in a woman are going to matter to you in the long term. I strongly recommend learning about her culture and the basics of her language before you do anything else.
      You also need enough money to travel to her country several times within a 2 year period.
      Join a forum online where other men have already done what you are planning.
      You can find several women online and video call with them for hours, searching for which ones you think are worth visiting. Dont send money.
      Most guys don’t move past that stage. So the very best thing you can do is to get on a plane. The worst that can happen is that you will have an interesting holiday. More likely it will change your life.

    • Hey Kidron… yes, there are many marriage minded EE ladies who will love for WHO you are and not what you OWN. The problem is finding them nowadays. If you’ve been following my contributions, or if not, I married in Ukraine and lived there for 2 years, until we were displaced by the geopolitical situation. My point is, I made a choice to move to Ukraine because I had been there twice before, having met ladies thru HotRussianBrides. I was naive and didn’t realize that the 2 ladies I had met separately, on two different trips, were basically playing me. It wasn’t harsh scamming, but enough for a generous guy like myself, to give up some nice gifts (computers, clothes, money). I learned from the school of hard knocks.

      But, the best decision I have ever made in my life, was moving there. In my previous visits, you run out of time, and you have travel halfway around the world with SD card full of memories and that’s hard. Living in Ukraine allowed me to network, make new friends, and learn the ways and customs. I found the ladies I met naturally were gentle, sweet and truly careful of your money. I remember living in Kiev and had met a young 25 year old lawyer. She accepted my proposal for a date, which was a movie. I asked her if she was hungry and she said she was. I wasn’t familiar with restaurants yet and asked her which would she prefer and you won’t believe what she said! She said, “McDonald’s.” I was a bit taken aback but thought that this was interesting. We ate our meal and then walked to the movie theater for a nice evening together. A few weeks later, she invited me to her birthday party, which was cool, because I met and made more contacts/acquaintances. This type of lifestyle then allowed me to meet a super sweet lady of 45 years, who was the Chief Engineer for all of Kiev. She quickly fell for me (which kind of surprised me, but I enjoyed the attention). However, we faded away when I told her that I wanted kids and she said couldn’t have any more. That was tough on me as I knew this was a bit crushing to her. Believe me, I really liked her and if I had not had the desire to have a baby, she would have been a great, great wife. We never went for than cake and coffee. Never dinner at a restaurant. We went to the Dynamo soccer game against Lugansk at the Olympic Stadium which was cool. Even went to a free movie.

      Keep in mind, I was 53 years old at the time. I had no car, some good savings, but my main income is my Veteran’s disability pension. It also helped that I got a job teaching golf in Kiev, because the ladies like to know what you are doing in Ukraine. You have to have a good answer for them because if they smell that you are there to just play around, then you’ve probably lost your chance.

      In the meantime, there was cute and bubbly young lady that worked at the golf club. She was about 23 years old and spoke good English. One day, after we’d been talking during breaks, I asked her if she’d like to out on a date with me sometime. She said sure, and gave me her phone number. That’s when I discovered that Ukr ladies will gladly give you their phone number, if you ask nicely, present yourself as a gentleman. Pretty soon, my phone started to fill up.

      I had the house maid of my apartment, who was from Georgia, tried to set me up. She brought me her friend who was 39 years old, to my apartment, so we could eat some Mexican tacos, since I had brought some shells and taco spice mix with me from the States. That lady was ready to have a relationship.

      Pretty soon Vman, I had so many dates, I literally had to keep a calendar. I quickly forgot about my troubles, the previous scammers, and truly evolved into a confident, purposeful man. The ladies there are so graceful, classy, gentle and complimentary. They compliment you, run their arm through yours while walking, accept flowers like its the first time in their life. You just really feel the masculinity in yourself because they bring it out of you. I usually wore my suit on first dates and always brought flowers or a flower. First impression was everything.

      I have so many other stories, in different cities, Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson. But, they’re basically the same. You meet some people, establish contacts and next thing you know, since you are a good guy, they’re TRYING to match you with a girl. Ukrainians are very romantic and they love for people to fall in love.

      I noticed one com mentor here say that EE ladies are cold vs the Latin ladies. Yes, his observation is a 100% factoid, but its a ruse. What I love about an EE lady, you have to warm up to them, you have to PURSUE them! Not like the States, where you get the one night stand and then they leave you like you were just a boy toy (you were). You have to cull all of your interpersonal skills, manners, gentleman’s behaviors, and bring that game to Ukraine.

      As I settled into my new life with my then fiance, and we built a small marriage agency together, this is where my interviews with ladies allowed me to learn more about their likes/dislikes of agencies. All of them hated to be part of a tour. They didn’t like the idea of not being chosen, or being a number on a guy’s list, or that he’s in town for one day or more; certainly not long enough to fall in love, or even in like!!! Most ladies had no interest whatsoever to even meet a foreign guy. They didn’t want to leave their home and families. My own wife doesn’t even want to live in the US. She’s fine with Germany, but we both miss Ukraine.

      But, Vman, believe me, if you could find a lady like that, through natural means and spend some lengthy time in her town, and even live together and propose marriage. At that point, her family would trust you and she would know you and then she’d have no problem following her husband, because you are her protector, her security.

      So, going back to your original question. I hope all of my answers prove to you that there are many ladies who will love you for you, not what you have. I don’t know of any other method, other than perhaps Elena’s models, but I have no experience, or deciding to take an extended vacation there with your goal to establish a network of friends/acquaintances who knows your goals of finding a lady and making a family. You need someone on the inside that can work for you. The country is in a spiraling, out of control, economic situation, with inflation running sky high. The ladies that have altered thinking will only want to meet a Western man to get things they need to survive. Therefore, agencies are a no-go. Meet them naturally. Go on first dates only to coffee shops. And 2d and 3rds. Go to a movie, take a walk in the park. See a live play or an opera. Watch her behavior. If she is warm to you but not asking you to buy her things, then you probably have a good girl and then you step up your game a bit more.

      The final test to see if your relationship is solid, is to ask her to take a small vacation with you. Maybe a trip to the Carpathians, or the Black Sea, a resort in Bulgaria. If she accepts, and you sleep together, chances are your relationship is solid and will work out. If she insists on separate beds, we may have a problem, HOUSTON. It means she has no romantic interest in you and you’ve blown your cash. So, you get that arrangement taken care of from the onset. You casually bring sleeping arrangements, and you confidently say, that you are reserving only one bed, because, “dear, you’ll be sleeping with me.” That’s it. If she balks, that’s a red flag. If she smiles and says, “of course,” you better stock up on condoms. Once that line is crossed, then you are considered to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Its pretty simple stuff.

      Ok, peeps, its late here in Germany and I gotta hit the hay. I hope I answered all of y’alls questions. Best wishes in finding your 2d half.


      • Rodney, thanks for the insightful and accurate letter. Most everything you’ve written is right on with my experiences.

        Unfortunately, most of the guys aren’t yet retired and won’t be living in Eastern Euroe (EE) any time soon. Most of them are going to have to meet Women on their twice a year vacation. Some guys will visit EE and try to meet up by themselves and I think that 99% will end in failure. As you’ve found, networking and establishing a reputation takes time. By far, the vast majority of guys who only have one or two vacations a year met their wives through agencies.

        As for the other comment that you also commented on, that EE Women are cold – that is a facade. They present a cold demeanor in public – just as they (and Men) won’t talk to strangers. It is part of the culture. If you go to a Russian party, you’ll find that EVERYONE (Men and Women alike) who’ve been introduced to you will be quite warm and open. In America, if you’re on an elevator, it is not uncommon to chat with a stranger, “My, the weather sure is hot today,” or something like this. In Russia, asking directions to the train station is met with looks of disbelief and suspicion.

        • I first experienced this a long time ago with co-workers originally from Europe (any part) and compared to Americans and Brits many come off as cold as ice but once you become friends or at least close acquaintances. They really warm up to you. I think it’s cultural, if you really think about it, wouldn’t you naturally be suspicious of someone you didn’t know being very friendly with you? I would. Actually there are some parts of Latin America that are kind of like this, mainly the areas with recent immigrants from Europe. Just think of it like good French bread hard and crusty on the outside but warm and soft on the inside.

  8. I stumbled upon this site when I was looking up training methods for my Siberian puppy. Anyhoo…
    I would love to see a picture of you. Frankly, Western men are pigs and lazy. I’m not sure if you are attractive but the majority of men looking for foreign brides are pretty disgusting looking.
    No, I don’t wear high heels and a short dress while walking my kid in the park. No, I don’t pile on layers to make sure I’m grocery store ready. No, I don’t wear booty shorts and wedges to go out. I’m really tired of people generalizing labeling. I’m sure there are fatass European nagging woman also.

    • Oh Heather, where do I begin?

      Sure, let’s swap photos, you first. If you really want my pic, its not hard to find me on Facebook.

      Your email is typical of a feminist-minded Western woman. You speak of something you know nothing about, make accusations (that are unfounded and untrue) and then you pass along some feminist propaganda in the way of insults.

      Western Men are pigs? Really? Western Men are the most chivalrous and gallant Men in the world. Why do you think that so many Colombian, Asian and Eastern European Women want them? And the inverse is true: you won’t find ANY foreign Men who dream of marrying Western women. Sure, they’ll sport lay them for entertainment but no one wants a Western woman if they can choose a Russian Woman instead.

      Western Men are lazy? Most of my (sucker) American husband/fathers/boyfriends work AND do the housework. Their women enjoy a lot of “girls nights out,” and “chat time” at Starbucks. Those that don’t work still have day care. Really, what Mom sends her kid to daycare and then goes off to Starbucks?

      American women are the most lazy in the world – as evidenced by the growing number of Western women who gave up Motherhood in exchange for being “dog-parents” (or the parent of a cat). You can leave a dog at home and take it out when it suits you. And this is how feminists work; they choose what is best to make them comfortable. This IS the definition of lazy.

      If American women are so great, why aren’t there tens of thousands of Men from foreign countries clamoring to marry them?

      But you really trump all ignorance when you say, “I’m sure that there are fatass [sic] European nagging woman [sic] also.”

      You’re sure huh? Did you hear that from your gal-pals over coffee or have you been to Russia? I didn’t think so.

      It is a fact that the average American woman is 30 pounds or more than her counterpart in Russia. She is more likely to want to have (and take care of) children. She is more likely to cook you dinner. She is more likely to clean the house. It is more likely that she has a college degree. It is more likely that she is refined and cultured and speaks well (not like some ghetto-trash, Ricki Lake audience member). A Russian Woman dresses nice every day. When you see your Russian Wife/Girlfriend, you want to grab her hand and LEAD her to the bedroom.

      You know what? When sex is good, its 10% of the relationship. When its bad, its 90% of the relationship. If your Wife/Girlfriend dresses hot and you have a great sex life, you’re more likely to be happy and have a lower divorce rate. American women are notorious for witholding sex to get what they want. This is horribly destructive in the relationship. It is no wonder that there is such a high rate of divorce. And if no sex doesn’t kill it, her extra 80 pounds will!

      You also write, “the majority of men looking for foreign brides are pretty disgusting looking.” And you know this how? You’ve been to Russia to observe these Men? I’d say that the Men who come to Russia and Ukraine are on the whole and whole, in good shape and good looking. Yes, there are some trolls (and I’ve posted about them), but most Men who come East are just sick and tired of spoiled Western women. Let’s face it WESTERN WOMEN SUCK!

      Well, let’s just take your first argument at if it is true: Western Men are lazy.

      Great. Hear that lazy guys? A Russian Woman will put up with your lazy ass but an American woman won’t.

      What else do I need to say to prove the point of this website?

    • By the way, I almost forgot to mention:

      It goes a long way – your first sentence. “I was looking for training methods for my dog.” Isn’t that just typical. But, I bet when you’re 38 you’ll kick into overdrive mode when your ovaries start singing to you and you’ll be shopping on the “sperm donation” websites trying to find some sucker to loan you some seed.

      You know, feminism will take care of itself in the long run…

      • One of my friends said he would never date a woman with a dog. Hint…hint. The dog serve as replacement for a boyfriend, husband, or lover. Western Women are disgusting!

    • Oh chick pull your head out of your ass. I am young, look great, over 6 feet tall, have a good job, went to a real college, speak more than one language, nor am I divorced or have any bastard children, etc. You sound like a lazy union worker that feels threatened by foreign completion. Deal with it because there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

    • Heather, Heather….is that all you can think about are looks? Ha! Ha! Ha! Typical Western Suck woman. You only mention cleaning up dog shit and dreaming about being fashionable. Again, typical Western Suck woman. You say nothing about heart, ambitions, family, or care.

      Let me tell you a story about my Ukrainian wife, who is not only 25 years younger than me, but more gorgeous than you could imagine, and a lawyer by trade. She also gave birth to our beautiful daughter 3 months ago. I am going to tell you something that a selfish woman like yourself would never ever do for her husband (notice, I didn’t say partner, life partner, life mate or significant other). A few days it was my birthday. My wife is with our baby 24/7, and gets little rest. Unbeknownst to me, she woke up at 0300. At 0630, she woke me up with this gorgeous cake and candles blazing, singing “Happy Birthday,” to me. She asked me to blow all the candles out and smothered me in kisses. She not only had me breakfast, but for lunch, she surprised me with Enchiladas, which she has never cooked before. She got the recipe off of the Russian internet. So, she was completely fatigued and was up for 3 hours (before our daughter woke up), to cook this homemade cake, breakfast and enchiladas. Sorry, Heather, ladies like you are history for me. I don’t look in the rear view mirror anymore at ladies like you. I have the whole windshield to view with my wife who doesn’t have an ounce of feminism in her and thus, we have an incredibly, happy and super satisfying marriage.

      Happy Easter to all the good peeps here!

      P.S. Heather… I am not going to send you a photo of my lovely wife, daughter or myself. I’ll let you suffer in your imagination, because once again, you are all about looks and not the core, which is heart and commitment. You’ll just have to take my word that we are a gorgeous couple with an equally beautiful daughter.

      • I haven’t heard that attempt to shame men who reject western women for some time. It’s an attempt by a western woman to try and bury her head in the sand.
        The reality is that the mem who are most desirable by all women are more likely to be the ones with the wealth intelligence ambition and self esteem to travel to another country and search for a high quality wife.
        I don’t imagine that anyone has done a survey on these men to see how physically attractive they. However I fairly certain that such men are the types that have the motivation and sekf discipline to keep themselves in reasonable shape.

        • Happy Easter Vman and Scott!
          I believe your point about ambition and focus is true, which only adds to little princess heather’s (and other so called wannabe queens) frustration.
          These lazy and entitled princesses are so used to getting what they want…it just scares the hell out of them that they might have to work for something they want…a real man.
          Instead of acting like real women and improving themselves and their attitudes they would rather throw tantrums like small kindergartners. Wow so attractive.
          I want a real woman that’s why I don’t want a western woman.

      • Rodney, what you describe is right in line with my Wife. Her #1 goal in life is to make me happy.

        As it should be.

        Other than posting Heather’s diatribe here for the benefit of the other guys, yes, she’s in my rear view mirror and I don’t look back.

      • Wow!
        You have real wealth.
        Happy Belated Birthday!
        She got up before dawn to make you a birthday breakfast while taking care of a small baby! A birthday cake! Then to top it off she went out of her way to prepare food she has no experience making nor from her own culture just to please her (non-eastern/non-local) husband! A true sign of love and respect, which is something that cannot be bought from the store with money.
        I don’t see many young western women doing that for their husbands.
        If I’m correct, you’ll get to enjoy two Easter weekends?
        Happy Easter Rodney and Family!

        • Thank you Seeker. I’ve followed all of your contributions Seeker, and for such a young guy, you certainly have a good head on your shoulders. With your patience and perspective, you will have absolutely no trouble in finding your dream second half. It took me over 50 years to find mine, but you will be way before me and have more years to enjoy your family. And believe me, I am blessed to have nearly 3 years with my Ira, and it doesn’t matter that it took me a half century to find her. She’d be worth one minute. Yes, we will enjoy two Easters, like we’ve enjoyed two Christmas’s. We’re on our way to Holland for Easter. My wife’s dream has been to see the tulips in Keukenhof, so we’re on our way to check that off her bucket list. She noted tonight that its our daughter’s first time to not sleep in our home. I told her this our dry run for our vacation to Spain in May. Its working because we forgot a couple of things for this excursion. We’ll have it air tight for that trip to fun in the sun. Many Easter blessings to you Seeker, Scott and family, and our other contributor writers.

          • Hi Rodney ,

            A real traditional E European woman , is a real treasure.The thing is , that you have to find her.As I see, you now are living , in paradise.

            Yes , I hope , that you will have many years , to enjoy , life , with this great wife.

            It has been said , by many others , that a good Russian or Ukrainian partner , will want to make you happy.

            I want to share , this little story , of , what happened , on my first visit , to Ukraine.

            I`m not sure , if you have read all my posts (more as comments) , in the past 2 years.
            In short , I went over to Odessa , to meet with a lady.But it turned out , that she was not , the person , form the photos in the profile (but she had a very good resemblance).

            After some 3 meetings , it was obvious , that she was someone else , and I stopped , to see her.

            Through another site , I then could make an appointment , with another lady.And from the first date , it looked , as all was nice and developing , in a positive way.

            After some 13 days , I had to come back.So , on the second day , before my departure , we had dinner , at a restaurant , where we had not been before.

            No , it was not a very expensive one.I must say , in al honesty , that it wasn`t her plan , to get money out of my pocket.
            The meals were not overly expensive , and , she nor the translator , ordered (very) expensive bottles of wine , or the like.

            In the past 12 days , that I had dates , with her.

            So , I told them , or was it her , that I should order something , typical Ukrainian.And thus , after a little debating , with the translator , she ordered , a sort of soup.

            While they had other dishes , my soup , was served , with 2 slices of bread.And a little round ball of some (pig?) fat.

            Now , I was ready , to pour the soup , in my bowl.And I was making , the motion , to do just that.

            Then she told the translator , that SHE , wanted to do that for ME.So , very carefully , she poured the soup , in the bowl , with the soup spoon.

            So , I started with the soup , and then she took , 1 slice of bread , and she smeared 1/2 of the fat/grease ball on it.

            Then , she put the slice bread , in my hand.No , she didn`t put it on a plate , she didn`t put it next to the plate.
            SHE PUT IT IN MY HAND ……

            So , I didn`t had to worry , about what to do.You know , take a little soup , then put some fat a slice of bread.

            No , I could continue , to enjoy the soup , and not to worry.

            When my bowl , was empty , she filled it again , a second time , and also smeared the second slice of bread.
            And put this one , in my hand also.

            After the first time , I thought , wow , she really wants , to make me feel good.
            And then , the comparison , with a Western woman , entered my mind.

            I said to myself , a Western woman , probably , would not have done this for me.In such circumstances.
            Remember , I had only been , on 7 dates , with her.

            A Western woman , may have smeared the bread for me , but two times ???
            And , would she have put it in my hand , also ??

            Would she have done it , completely , out of herself ??What would have been her reply , if I had asked her , to smear the bread for me ??

            I know one thing , that she may have answered me.”You have 2 hands , why don`t you do it , yourself?”

            So , this was another prove , that she was really seeing something in me.

            So , yes , all Western guys , you know , where to look , for your second half.


          • My Wife does the same.

            Women in America did this in 1950.

            Then came feminism.

            Now, Women expect that you’ll cook dinner for them.

            The only solution is to marry a foreigner.

          • Whoa!
            Rodney, Paul, Scott, Vman, and others…just whoa!
            I can’t thank you guys enough or ever repay you guys for your words of encouragement and for sharing your experiences.
            I initially started my journey or path by observation. I just noticed in HS, University, and Grad School that there is something terribly wrong in America!
            I did all the right things, played by the rules, competed in HS and college athletics…even with all that going for me…I just noticed the no win situation in dealing with western women. Sooner or later the men that played that game (no matter their socio-economic background, morals, or ethics) always ended up losing. While those that dealt with traditional foreign women just seemed happy most of the time!
            I found nom@rriage, h@ppierabroad, and gl@baldatingrevolution…and decided to start my travels to Latin America. Well I was shocked to find out I have been flat out lied to, brainwashed, and abused just like the rest of western men. There really is a war against males, especially little boys, husbands, and fathers in the west! I have little to no sympathy for western women with 20 cats, 10 bastard children, multiple divorces, or 30 plus year old screaming ovaries especially when the whole system is rigged in their favor.
            Give me an Eastern European or South American woman or death!

  9. Hi Seeker ,

    It is good to hear , that you are determined , to search for your second half , in E Europe.Personally , I believe , that you cannot make a better choice.But , like I said , it can be a challenge , to find the right woman , for you.

    As you have been adviced , yes , it may be helpful , to meet the ladies , naturally.That is , if you can speak some Russian.When , I went over there , the first time , my knowledge , of Russian , was lower than basic.
    In fact , I couldn`t speak no word.

    The only person , I knew , who could help me with a conversation , was the translator.But , like I mentined , after 3 dates , I said , that I would not want to meet with the lady again.
    I personally , had no grudge , against her.For sure , I could understand , that she only took part , in this , just to make some extra money.

    We are talking , October 2012.But I did took an apartment , where the owner did speak English.So , in case , things really , would go out of hand , at least , I had some back up.
    Other than this , I had no contact person , over there.

    So , was I lucky , that I could meet this second lady??And , in fact , didn`t loose too much days??
    I should mention , that prior to my visit , she (?) did send me , an admiration letter.Yes , I did register , with such a site.

    That was , because , just like you now , I really had no clue , of what was going on , and how or where , some scam sites were.
    Today , I know better.Well , I guess , you have to pay something , and learn your lessons , the hard way.
    So , don`t make the same mistakes , as some of us , has gone through.

    While the lady , wrote me this admiration letter , I didn`t reply to it.Because , I was in communication , with the lady , that later , I would go to meet.

    So , then I was there all alone , and started thinking , about , what I should do.No , I had no back up plan.I thought , before I went over there , well , if everything will fail , I will just enjoy it , as a vacation.
    See , how or what may come of it.So , then , when this finally became true , I said , oke , you can go , and spend the next 15 days all by yourself.

    Or , you can see , if you still can meet , with another lady.In my apartment , I had a computer , so , it was no problem , to go on the internet.No , I didn`t bring a smart phone with me.Because , I had no idea , of what possibilities I could expect , in terms of , internet access with a mobile phone.

    What type of local sim card , you would need , etc.I could call home , with my phone , and that was all , that was important for me.
    After thinking about my possibilities , to try , to meet with a lady , I decided , to send a reply , to the one , who had sent me , the admiration letter.

    But at the same time , I was also , checking out , other agencies , which had the opportunity , to let you meet with local women.And , imagine my surprise , when I found the ladies profile , on that site also.
    So , I put the whole thing in motion , and after 3 days , I got the word , that she wanted to meet with me.

    In those days , I did answer her other letters , which she sent me , in reply , to my other letter(s).And , I did made very sure , that I attached , a very detailed picture , of my face , on the 2 letters.

    In addition , I also send , the same photo , to the agency , who was going to set up , the meeting with her.
    I truly must admit , that when she sent me , the admiration letter , I did check out her profile.And , there is no denying.

    From the first moment , when I saw her pictures , I really liked her.Also , the things , that she said , in her profile , I could go with that.
    So , then , why , did I not answered her admiration letter , right away??
    I really did not want , to make things , more complicated , than necessary.

    And , secondly , you have to be very careful , if you go over there , communicating , with more than one woman , in the same city.You may , have different dates , with different ladies.
    But , if for some reason , one of them , may spot you , with the other woman, well , it may be ,that she will see you , as a player.

    And , she may think , that you are not really serious (with her).In cities , where many foreigners visit , the women , don`t have really good experiences , with them.You know about the romance tours , of the other dating sites.Then , they also get many info , from a friendly translator , or friends , who may have visited these tours.

    And , when you are finally , on your first date , remember , that she , will ask you , 3 questions.Things , which are , really important to her.
    1 : Why did you come to Ukraine
    2 : What do you think , that you will find there (here) (this question , may or may not be asked , depending , on your answer , to the first question)
    3 : Do you want to live , in Ukraine (this is also depending , on how you answered , the first question)

    Remember , that she and the translator , will really hang on your lips , and they will watch , what you answer , and how you will answer.
    Are you self-assured , do you speak with confidence ,are you trying , to tell a lie ???
    If you believe , that she is the right woman , telling lies on a first date , is just deadly.

    Just be yourself , show and speak with confidence.Be polite , and don`t hesitate to answer.If you take too much time , to give a reply , it may look , as you are not completely honest.

    Don`t want to make it , too long , so will end for now


  10. If you want to find women who are beautiful, intelligent, and feminine, go for the Eastern European women. They haven’t been tainted by the entitled attitude that most Western women have. Typically, they are pretty, dress well, don’t have tattoos, are slim and fit and healthy, know how to cook, are well-read, intelligent, and enjoy being feminine.

    I have dated American women and I have dated Eastern European women. I prefer Eastern European women.

    • I’ll have to check the place out next year. I have only met a few here in the US, most were classy, well dressed, and naturally beautiful.
      Most of my great foreign women experiences have been with Latinas from South America. One of my friends said to me about 10 years ago that I seemed like someone that would have stronger preference for Eastern European or Russian women. I shrugged off what he said as nonsense but he stated that he noticed the type of Latinas I had the highest preference for and said to me I still think you might choose Slavic over Latina.
      Oh well. I just know I will not marry a western woman.

  11. Just the title of this article sends up a red flag that this should be an interesting read:

    Now my post-read comments:

    Whatever job we do, whether we love it or hate it, whether we may making bank, in the trenches, or a CEO – just remember, we’re all Expendable!! Our job and position can easily be filled, if we should leave. But….. to our sons, daughters and our loyal and gorgeous EE wives, we are everything to them.

    Conversely, and most certainly to a Western Women and their insidiously high divorce rates or the revolving door Western Women, who shamelessly hook up and move on to their next fling – then yes, we are once again – Expendable!!

    Think about this before you decide to give your all to a Western Woman. I know I don’t want no stinkin’ wife who “is forced to decide between her child and her dream career!” What a true Western Woman heroine! She gave it all up to be home with her daughter!! So much courage!! Get the fk outta here!

  12. Good point Rodney!
    She deserves a trophy.
    Only a modern western woman would ask this question. My newborn or my career? The woman is referring to both choices as they were toys; a child is not a toy, hobby, or a pet.
    What is even more shocking, it was not even a financial issue! Plus, I have to agree with other replies on this blog about careers/finances being a crutch for most western women opting out of marriage or being stay at home mothers; it’s either about keeping up with Jones’s, not having (nor capable of acquiring) any wife/mother skills, or they are hardcore femi-nazis that despise men/families.
    This type is no different than the modern spoiled hausfrau that let’s their nanny (maybe they should get the child support payments after the divorce) take care of their children all day while they spend their husbands money but I guess shopping, volunteering, working with their personal trainer, etc. is real work.

    • What most Americans (westerners) don’t realize is that there is a systematic culture of propaganda directed towards feminine Women. It is subtle but insidious. Only when you are looking for it do you notice it.

      On holiday in Spain, the other couple we’re travling with have a 6 month old baby and everywhere we go, the Women stop and look at the baby, oogle over her and make nice comments. On the metro a few nights ago, two Australian women of about 22 years boarded the train. My Mother-in-law was shocked at how MANLY they acted. The walk like Men, carry themselves like Men, they were loud and crass. She was shocked at how non-feminine they were.

      One of them looked into the stroller and saw our friend’s baby and commented that it looked cute. Then the other Aussie woman said, “Oh, look how they put that flower in its hair, do you think she had a choice? Of course not, she’s too young. How sad that they force this on her.”

      Say what?

      It is hard to tell the sex of a 6 month old baby. Parents usually dress boys in blue, girls in pink and put a flower headband on a little girl. Or so I thought they did. Now, apparently, this is some form of child abuse as you’re “forcing” your girl to be a girl. In this gender neutral western society even dressing girls in dresses is frowned upon.

      Just backwards…

      • These are probably the same Aussie women that are fuming mad when they see their guys going on holiday to Thailand or married to a Filipina. I guess women in SEA like flowers and dresses.

      • That was awfully pathetic and crass for those females to say out loud. I’d have to say their brains and culture, in this instance, are “down under (their ass).”

  13. I keep harping about how US women are so hung up on having to work, having a career, while dropping off their kids at day cares or baby sitters. Basically leaving their flesh and blood in the hands of strangers, who in some cases, don’t give a flying fig about your kid(s). Fkg scary, people!! Here’s more proof:
    Ukrainian ladies are paid by the govt to stay home for 3 years so they can raise their babies.

    • The US is just eating it’s young. The best babysitter in the world could not replace the supervision and care of a good mother…with a strong father to protect, lead, and provide for the family. That’s the problem in the US people define or identify themselves by their careers and possessions. The traditional family unit does not even make the top 5 of concerns or daily focus…except maybe during the weekend. I mean if we asked people to define themselves without talking about their jobs, degrees, money, cars, etc. What would they say?

  14. génial!! oui j’ai pensé à toi! c’était la full moon hier soir! c’est vrai, j’ai oublié de parler de la baignade du matin! c’est magique! bon, allez, dors bien et reprends des forces après tout ça!! bises

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