Gentlemen, start your engines!

To all Russian Moms
Saturday Satire: When I was too skinny

A few weeks ago, I came home to find that my Wife had cooked a wonderful dinner. She put out the nice dishes and crystal glasses and she even had a bottle of champagne. I suddenly had a sinking feeling, “Did I forget our anniversary or her birthday?” A quick mental scan revealed that I hadn’t broken any social-holiday taboos. “Hmmm… maybe she just wants to show me that she loves me.”

Just as she served dinner, I picked up the champagne bottle to pull the cork and underneath the bottle was a small plastic bag. Inside the bag was a narrow plastic strip with a colored end. I immediately recognized it as a pregnancy test.

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I looked up at her and she was beaming a smile from ear to ear.

We sat on the news for some weeks until we hit the 3 month mark (I guess this is what you do) and then we shared the news with our parents last night.

11 weeks

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To all Russian Moms
Saturday Satire: When I was too skinny

14 thoughts on “Gentlemen, start your engines!

  1. Congratulations, Scott!

    May tour kid grow healthy, that the labor be easy on your wife and that he may give you lots of precious memories!

  2. Congratulations to the proud parents! That is awesome news.

    Yes, we were in Ukraine when we found out and I was told the same thing, don’t say anything for 3 months. One of those superstitions I talked about a few days ago. But, I couldn’t help myself and was telling our friends, but asking them to promise not to say anything, so when we finally told everyone officially, everyone was like “Yes, we’ve known!” I kind of got a dirty look from my wife…oops, I said!!!

    I loved our time during her pregnancy and I am sure you all will be on Cloud 9. God bless you all.

    • Thanks!

      In talking with my Mother and Sister-in-Law, it seems that holding off for 90 days is common in the US as well. Sis-in-Law explained it that: 90% of all problems (miscarriages, etc) occur in the first 90 days. You go and tell everyone you’re pregnant and then if you have a problem, it creates more drama after the problem. If you wait, after 90 days you’re most likely “in the clear.”

  3. Hi Scott

    Seems like I Joined this forum just in time,congrats on the baby.
    I am new to this site and really need some advice.If you get a chance I will appreciate it, please email me. Thanks Bro

    • Kidron,

      I’ve sent you an email.

      For everyone else, there is a contact link in the right column if anyone wants to contact me.


  4. Hi Scott ,

    So , it was a double surprise for you then!Yes , it is the way , that she will make it , an unforgettable moment.
    You know , that after a long time , you both will still remember this evening.

    Because , she took the time and effort , to bring you the news.

    Good luck , with many happy moments , when the baby is there.

    Congrats 2 you 2


  5. Hi All ,hope everything is well.

    I am sure Scott is very busy with other stuff as he is helping his wife prepare for the baby.

    Can any one from around the world assist with telling me where does one start regarding a foreign bride my email is

    I will appreciate any replies I will explain once we start chatting.Thanks Guys

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