Saturday Satire: When I was too skinny

Gentlemen, start your engines!
Fat Shaming

As we have lived for a little over 6 months in the US and it has been the longest stretch for my Wife in the States, she is daily amazed at the size of some of our people. “How can they be so big?” Especially in the Midwest states, she is shocked when she sees a 300 pounder driving a 3 wheeled wheelchair and parking in the handicap spots, “Shouldn’t those be for para and quadrapalegics? It doesn’t seem fair that the fat people are treated like disabled.” I sigh, and then agree with her and then tell her that if I had it my way, there would be special “fat-only” parking at the far end of the parking lot. After all, they need the exercise more than anyone…

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She saw this photo and said to me triumphantly over coffee this morning, “This is a perfect photo for your blog.”


Yes, I think she’s right.

Can you believe it – this is considered a “full-figured” woman back in the day. In other words, she had to gain weight to look this size. Today, this woman would be considered skinny.

My, how far we’ve come..

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Gentlemen, start your engines!
Fat Shaming

8 thoughts on “Saturday Satire: When I was too skinny

    • LOL!
      Actually most feminist would think why is she concerned about the way she looks? Men should accept her for who she is, plus she should cut her hair and put on some sweats.

      • So true; because feminism teaches that Men should ONLY look at women based on everything except their appearance then there is no reason to look good at all. I see this played out over and over – women who are a little chunky or not too pretty going to extremes – black lipstick, excessive piercings and clothing that is just downright disgusting.

        • Yet a man better have a 6 pack and be at least 6 feet tall to get her attention; and then make at least 6 figures to keep her from looking for greener pastures. Western women are evil.

        • Well, most women feminists that I have met in person are really the really unattractive ones. No offense, simple truth.

          • Just imagine how ugly they are on the inside, especially when they really let themselves go…

          • After they were dumped by their 14’th “bad boy” and developed a hate for Men, then they became ugly on the inside.

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