Fat Shaming

Saturday Satire: When I was too skinny
Celebrating low class values

Another post idea from my Wife Alana; she pulled these photos and emailed them to me as she was a bit shocked at the whole controversy:


Meet Maria Kang. She’s had 3 kids in the last 3 1/2 years and is smoking hot. in Russia, this is quite normal. In America, it started a firestorm of debate. “Who is she to tell me I’m fat?” Uh, well, you are fat. “Who is she to make me feel bad that I’m out of shape and lazy?” She didn’t make you feel bad for that, you feel bad because you compare yourself to her.


What amused me the most were some of the comments that I read wherein so many American woman tried to justify being fat because they work or they have kids:


You are so right. I had the exact same internal dialogue as a reaction to the photos she posted. Like, what does she want, a cookie and a medal of honor for having unprotected sex and not getting obese? Like, just because she has kids and a job that makes everyone else’s life comparatively easy? Screw her! 
Also, this whole criticizing people who like to eat ice cream and watch TV is ridiculous. You best believe that when I am on the go all day long, sprinting 3 blocks and up metal stairs to catch a train, then power-walking 2 miles daily as part of my commute in any kind of horrible weather (like 6 months of eternal winter in the Midwest), carrying heavy grocery bags, then spending hours cooking meals from scratch, cleaning the kitchen- that when I’m *finally* done and able to relax, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of eating a pint of Hagan Daaz Dulce De Leche and watching trashy reality TV. It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m home alone!

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I read this comment to Alana and she said, “I agree with part of it. I also like to have an ice cream after working and cooking you dinner. The difference is, I’ll eat 50 grams, not 500!”

Have a look at Maria’s Facebook Page. Is she saying, “You suck because your fat?”

What has happened to our society when you can’t even post an inspirational photo without it being viewed as criticism?


Why is Linda offended? Maria didn’t come to her house and criticize her; if you don’t like Maria’s message, don’t visit her Facebook page!

And while I applaud Kristi’s effort to teach her kid to read, the idea that she is entitled to be a fat body just because she has a vagina is commonplace in the Western World.


I had a good laugh when I read Depth Tested’s reply.

Fat shaming

Put Lisa is not put off; she is upset that Maria is “shaming” fat people. I can’t speak to this as I am not fat. I can say that looking at Maria’s photos makes me want to go to the gym RIGHT NOW! I think that her photos are inspirational and should be applauded. The problem is – with Feminist women – it is a herd mentality; the weak and the fat try to pull everyone down to their level.

This is the reason why Men who go overseas for a Wife are “losers” and why Women who work out “make fat people feel worthless.”

I think that life is short. Enjoy it while it lasts; take the advantages that God has given you. If you have the means to go to Eastern Europe, then you should do it!

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Saturday Satire: When I was too skinny
Celebrating low class values

46 thoughts on “Fat Shaming

  1. The women that have kids and let themselves go should be ashamed of themselves.
    If these chicks are so happy with the way they look then why do they even bother posting comments about the woman. Just shut up, sit in front of the TV, and stuff your face.
    I like the comments about abnormal standards of beauty. The woman is average and any women under 40 is capable of looking something like her. There is no excuse. People choose to be fat.

    • Thanks John,

      by the way, if each time you comment, you use your email address, it will remember you and your future comments won’t be held for moderation.

  2. Another quality post.

    I remember seeing this lady a while back and my first thought was “Good on you” for taking the time and effort to improve herself. Not only for herself, but her family. Obviously the husband (I think she’s married?) will be more motivated to keep his end of the bargain in the relationship, while being fit means she’s more likely to have the energy required in being a good mother. Not that being thin means automatically makes her a good mother and wife, just saying that it’s more likely this will be the case than for an undisciplined slob being a good mother and wife.

    Much to my surprise, this positive message from Maria Kang is offensive to many women. Amazing. Let’s face it, the only women offended by this could only be fat lazy slobs. They must feel that their easy lives with no accountability for their actions are being threatened. Can’t be any other reason but insecurity.

    Without de-railing this discussion, I do wonder if her being of Asian ancestry only adds to the anger. Nothing gets Anglosphere women more riled up than when Western men choose Asian women. )) According to some women this is pedophilia (yes, I’ve actually heard this from more than one woman).

    But I digress…

    • I agree.
      Especially with the last paragraph because it is the frosting on top of the cake, even if she was born and raised in the US. In general — from my observations — Asian women seem to represent the physical-cultural polar opposite of western women from the Anglosphere. Western women = very masculine. Asian women = very feminine.
      I have heard that crap plenty of times before as well — regardless of the woman’s ancestry — that if a man prefers thin women, especially women that are thin and petite, then the guy must secretly be a ped0! Yet if a man dates nothing but 200 plus pound pigs in the west, no one is ever questioning his secret desire hairy men.

      • But why? We asian women love our partners the way western women love theirs… That’s why we bother to take care of ourselves so our partners still find us attractive!

        • I’m sure the Asian women you are referring to respect themselves and love their partners more than most western women…the results speak for themselves…hordes of foreign men are not seeking American women as wives.

    • Alana and i are both nodding our heads in agreement.

      Yes, fat lazy American women are ultimately threatened by anyone who is better than them.

      “You like that thin Woman? You’re so superficial.

      You like that Asian Woman? You’re a pedophile.

      You like that Russian Woman? What’s wrong with you that you can’t compete for an American woman?”

      I take great pride in saying that I can’t compete for an American woman. Not that I don’t have enough muscles, enough money or enough charm, I just can’t hold my nose past the stink to get it on with them.

  3. Have you noticed that most of the women that are giving negative feedback to Kang’s post are constantly using their children as weapons? Instead of saying, I want to get toned (and sexy) to satisfy my husband or lose weight and set a great example for my children. They play the victim and blame everyone else for the way their body looks instead of accepting responsibility.

  4. Maria looks great! People are just far too sensitive and ready to bash others. Women can be so wicked sometimes : /

    • ..and she has 3 kids! Many western women have screaming ovaries and 0 children but they are 4 to 6 times the size of Maria and those are the small ones…some are even bigger!

  5. “The difference is, I’ll eat 50 grams, not 500!”

    OMG!!! That is sooooooo true!!!! My fiance was watching a video about traveling in America and was amazed at the large portions of food North Americans eat. She didn’t understand it and asked why we eat so much.

    AND SHE USED TO BE SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER!!!! That’s the difference between a girl from Nykolaev and a girl from North America. She knows that genetically she could gain and hold onto weight quickly and wants nothing to do with it. There’s not even any discussion about her being beautiful no matter how much she weighs like you would find in North America. The only discussion is her telling me that she gained a kilo and needs to go to the gym and get it off. It’s just amazing the difference in women.

    Like she says, “There is no excuse for eating that much and there is no excuse for not going to the gym.”

    I love my Ukrainian girl.

    • I finally realized that I was back in the US after arriving in LAX — you notice there’s an immediate problem when the women make you look small even though you have broad shoulders, muscles, and are taller than the average male — from the land of sun, bodies, and pretty faces that speak Portuguese.

      I was reminded of the Zara Fashion controversy.


      The rest of the world does not have an issue fitting into Zara’s clothes; and most Americans are descended from those people. Then it can’t be genetics. Hmm????????

      These fat women are making excuses — being fat is a choice! I saw grandmas down there that would put many 20-to-30-some-things up here to shame.

    • Obesity is becoming a problem in America. The corn syrup generation is growing up and having health problems. The demand for fast readily available food has created a serious health problem. Americans work long hours, eat bad food, and have high stress, often from bad work commutes. This is a bad combination.

      As for portion size, I think this originated from the agriculture base shifting to urban base. My grandparents had a farm. They made huge carb heavy meals, but they worked strenuously all day. They needed the carbs and calories for work. This carried over to the mainstream. But people today are not working in fields, they are in cities in offices. So they have these huge carb base meals then don’t work it off. This equals obesity. Luckily there is a health movement slowing growing. Organic food in markets, fast food that is healthy and organic. It is starting on the coasts and cities. It will take time to get to the rest of the country if it doesn’t die. But the sedentary lifestyle needs to go.

      • I have a high demand for huge carb heavy meals because my Russian Wife takes me on 2 mile long walks every day. She and I eat whatever we want and we can’t keep the weight on.

        You’re right about America eating too much, that’s 1/3rd of the equation. The other two thirds are the bad quality of the food (GMOs, corn syrup, sugar in everything, too many preservatives, no fresh food) & the other 1/3rd is lack of movement and exercise.

        In December, I watched my (American Mid-Western) left neighbor and her son, get into her car, drive past my house and park in front of my right neighbor’s house to walk up and talk to him. Think about that. They had to travel the distance of about 80′ (25 meters) and THEY DROVE! I’ve seen many times, the neighbor on the right DRIVE to the 7/11 that is 5 houses + crossing a 4 lane road to get cigarettes and a six pack. The distance (according to my laser range finder) is 122 yards (about 110 meters).

        in Russia, if the walk is more than 20 minutes, people consider driving. But to go to the market, the post office, etc, YOU WALK.

        And the result is obvious when you go to Russia or Ukraine for the first time. Women’s legs and asses as God intended: firm and muscular. Geez, for the Men who have never been to Russia and/or Ukraine, you can’t imagine the never ending skirt show that is every corner, every mall and every park.

        Russian Women are so hot.

        • Scott,I think everyone missed an important comment here also. Americans…(both men and women) have lost the traditional ability to actually cook something wholesome also. The west has bought into the high paced, high stress lifestyle and have sacrificed the knowledge of how to use a knife, stove and cutting board. The priority to chase money justifies eating out of a box or a drive through. And I do not exclude myself from this. I was raised with these skills and have had to re-prioritize my life and realize that quality of life means something and is not about spending ones life chasing crap.

  6. Maria Kang looks great! What the women who attack her don’t realise is that being healthy automatically makes one more confident about themselves.

    Their flimsy excuses about conditions hold no water. I have a spine injury from a previous car crash. While I don’t have an extremely fit body like Maria’s, it’s as healthy as I can get it and at 5′ 4″, I weigh less than 120 lbs.

    It can be done.

    • I tempted to say the vast majority of them — including the very young ones — are beyond the point of no return; the damage has already been done.

      — —- —
      Why are today’s young women so unashamed about being fat?
      — — —

      Plus the western legal system and bad attitudes…

      The silver lining, they are some other man’s problem not mine. I thank the heavens every morning I never took the bait and married one of those western princesses.

      • It’s easy to throw up their hands in resignation, harder to push themselves because they can do better.

        It’s not more expensive to eat fresh food. It doesn’t take hours to cook a proper meal. It doesn’t take punishing routines at the gym for normal people to remain active. Their excuses are amazing………ly moronic.

        • Folks, you ain’t gonna change nothing now. Western society is doomed. Females are taught from their early ages to accept themselves as they are no matter how fat, ugly and obnoxious they may become with time. It all starts in kindergarten and then worsens and accentuates in primary school, high school and university.
          The system of values tells girls that they are always right and males always wrong even if truth is exactly the opposite.
          Y’all want western women to work out, to eat healthy food, to get better as a personality. But WHY should they? They have a system of core values which backs them up in everything and anything, they have all those politically correct magazines telling them to give a mid finger to all males around, they have affirmative action and quota hiring laws helping the utmost land whales to land a dream job without even a minimal effort, they have all those fast food chains offering daily discounts on various fast foods, cokes and smoothies, as well as pizza deliveries with pizzas brought right up to the door!! WHY in hell should they make an effort to change THIS??? Stop dreaming and being delusional, folks!!!
          ANY female, I repeat-ANY female, even the ugliest fat and morbidly obese land whale in the west will have a line up of sex hungry and desperate males willing to go 100 extra miles to please her in a vain hope to finally get access to that ever elusive female pussy!! A damn line up!!!!
          Western males, YOU are the reason for all the above mentioned things happening!!
          Stop being pussies, man up and dare to differ and lead by example! You ain’t gonna gain nothing by being in the horde of sheeple. Better yet, pack your bags and leave North America behind for good! You’ll never regret this best decision of your life!

          • That’s sad. Well, I’ve been writing to expose the lies of the body positive activists and to show that a normal body CAN be healthy. Hopefully the more sensible ones in that community can be convinced enough to try.

            If a normal woman with a normal job and a spine injury as opposed to an imaginary condition can get toned, maintain a BMI of below 20 and a WHR of about 0.7, they should find it even easier to do so.

          • Hey Aquarius Moon, FormerCanadian, and Paul!
            Yes, the western system is broken — pretty sad indeed — and we can only help those that are wiling to help themselves.
            Funny video Paul! The bed didn’t collapse nor did the dancers have a heat attack…so I can assume the couple jumping on the bed are not from the Anglosphere.
            I have to agree with FC’s last post. Every western male that wants better should just wash their hands and hunt in greener pastures.

          • The lies the body positive activists spread are mind-boggling! Slim women starve and survive on lettuce leaves???!!! Slim women are obsessed with exercise and spend hours at the gym???!!! Don’t get me started on normal weight being equated with ‘anorexic’. It’s so ridiculous, I can’t even.

            Their negativity leads to a defeatist attitude amongst the members of the community before they even try.

            I’m just showing them that being a healthy weight isn’t torment at all. There’re many benefits of being active and normal weight.

          • It can be done even with the junk food that everyone loves to eat. They just lack self-control and discipline.

            — — — —
            A Science Teacher Lost 60 Pounds Eating Nothing But McDonald’s

            — — — —

            I know some men and women over 40 that go to places like McDonald’s every other day…they walk everyday and workout or play recreational sports a couple times a week…and they are lean with normal blood work.

            These people are BIG because they just recklessly piled food on their plates at several points in their life and are unwilling to sacrifice for a few weeks/couple months to pay the piper.

  7. @Seeker ,

    Yes , the video was more or less intended , to be a bit of a satire.To loose some calories.
    You shouldn`t take it really seriously.Although , this method , can be used.

    I can`t say , where the video was made.But probably , in some Eastern country.

    But , yes , when men wants to find a woman , to their heart and desire (in the positive spirit and meaning of the word) , they should go East.

    And , then , be prepared , to work on a relation for quite some time.And , also , understand , that you will need to invest , time (a lot of) and hard work!!!

    Nothing will come easy (but there are exceptions to the rule).
    If you have the opportunity and the means , just do it.

    You will not regret it.


    • ANY relationship is a life long work in progress requiring a JOINT effort from BOTH male and female.
      The problem in the west is the fact that every western female absolutely EXPECTS western male to give her everything on a silver platter!!! Male is supposed to give his 110% effort but female doesn’t have to do shit and has to be loved and accepted the way she is.
      Western women have no idea how a strong and evolving family should work and how it functions.
      Males, please, just man up and leave North America behind for good!! You’ll never regret this best decision of your life!

      • Hey FC!

        “Males, please, just man up and leave North America behind for good!! You’ll never regret this best decision of your life! ”
        — —

        Did you initially plan your escape from Canada or were you already working overseas and just decided not to return?

        Are you closer to eudemonia on the other side of the pond?

        Do you consider yourself a PT?

        • Yes, I did thoroughly planned my escape from Canada!
          Remember: get sporty and educated, learn a trade and a foreign language, save some money and THEN leave;)
          Eudemonia…. Well, you know, happiness ALWAYS comes from within. It ain’t about the place nor about the marriage itself.
          I can’t say I was totally unhappy in Canada. Canada has its own advantages and benefits and I ain’t gonna deny that. But Canada is a country of loners and I never wanted to be one of them.

          It’s definitely easier to pursue happiness when accompanied by a supportive wife and a couple of own kids by my side, no argument here;))

          “PT” has way too many definitions. Which one do you refer to? Please specify and thanks!

          • Thanks for sharing.
            PT = perpetual traveler, permanent tourist, or prior taxpayer
            The Wikipedia definition focuses a lot on (legal) tax avoidance but most of the guys that live this type of life seem to be driven by something else…like maximizing their freedom and options in an unfree world…or greener pastures.

        • Oh, thanks for letting me know YOUR definition of PT;)
          For me PT would be more of a “Personal Trainer”;)
          No, I am not a Permanent Traveler, though I’ve been around the world a lot and worked in different countries and places.
          Life and relationships are a lot more simple than most people think it is or make it look like.
          Again, happiness , just like freedom, comes from within and every male is his own boss who has all the power to control his own destiny!

          • Amen to that FC…I am in the process of making those plans myself.But mine will take a little longer as I do not want to leave my kids until they are grown.

  8. Maria is fantastic with her 3 children, and haters will hate! Keep going, Maria, many men like you and your ambitions like you are, and hate all these ugly jealous women who criticize you although you have never criticize them (but only encourage them to make exercises, eat better, and have a better way of life for a better shape and a better health), who feels guilty and who don’t want to make any efforts. Shame on them.
    As many Russian and Ukrainian women have kept a good shape after their children’s birth, keep their good shape, always doing exercises, with taking care of their children (many of them are single or divorced mothers), are very educated and intelligent, and work a lot.
    Men, reject all these femi-nazis and all these jealous and fat scums who consider men as accessories, and go visit Russia, Ukraine or South America. And go find your woman in these countries.

    • You think Ukrainian or Russian modern women are much better?
      They are much worse in many aspects than their western/American/Canadian counterparts.
      I’d think not even twice but 5 times before getting seriously involved in a relationship with a female from Ukraine or Russia.
      Eastern European females ain’t what they used to be even 5 years ago.
      I can easily elaborate if so required.

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