Celebrating low class values

Fat Shaming
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I have noticed a lot of these types of “funny” saterical “cards” on Facebook, usually posted by some feminist, overweight woman who’s mad at Men or some young woman who think’s its cool to act like she’s on a daytime TV reality program. Since when did being a trash-mouth woman of such uncouth low class become popular? I mean really, this joke is quite disgusting and some young lady is looking up to other women for guidance.

I saw this posted on FB, posted by a female cousin or someone I know (knew) from work. I wonder, how many 9 year old, 13 year old, 19 year old ladies see this and think that it is a “normal” way for a woman to act. I mean really, your day was so busy that you need to violently erupt someone’s face with a fork? Feminism teaches women that if they make a sandwich for their husband, he should buy them a diamond bracelet in exchange. Imagine now, what malady could have befallen this woman that she must curse in such a crass way?

This cartoon also advances the idea that American women “have it so bad.” Their life is “so tough” that Men can’t even imagine how hard it is for them. To merely make it to Friday necessitates murder with a dinner utensil.

I started typing this and I went back to FB to find the photo I saw this morning. While scrolling through my dreaded news feed, I came across several other (equally disturbing) photos. Really, start to have a look around and see how feminism really has pervaded every facet of our society. It is teaching little girls to be loud, to be pushy and to act like boys. And at the same time, there is a parallel push to revile Men. Have a watch on TV, look at your Facebook, some advertising in a magazine. Ugly feminism has spread its tentacles into everything.

trash talking grandma

My Wife is daily surprised at the poor examples that women in their 30’s & 40’s teach their daughters. They don’t teach them grace and dignity and to respect Men. No, they are taught that Men are the enemy, that they are competition and that there is a war between the sexes. It is no wonder that the young women of our country get so angry at Men, for no apparent reason, that they have to “stab someone in the eye with a fork.” So many women of the “hippy” generation are now mothers and their daughters are 20, 30, even 40. The hippy moms taught their daughters feminism and independence and at the same time neglected to teach them the skills of good grace. The second generation taught their daughters to compete with Men and learned (in the workplace and in divorce court) to think of Men as adversaries – and again failed to teach them the good graces that a 19th Century Woman learned. And now we are in our 3rd generation of feminist women who think that it is cool to joke about murdering people because they’ve had a bad week.

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Just scrolling through today’s news feed I found 4 (four) of these cute little cartoons posted by female friends and relatives. I wonder, what are they teaching their daughters? And then they wonder why no one wants to marry their little princess. In Universities around the country, young women are taught that there are no differences between Men and women save for the “plumbing.” And I begin to notice more and more asexual people each day (especially on the East and West Coast).

training little girls to be asexual

Yes, that’s what I want, a Wife who “is one of the boys.”

I’ll take Russian, hold the sauce.

And there is a lot of feminism lately that highlights the popularity with being a total slut. Hey, great for guys who just want to bang chicks. But really, do you want to marry one of these skanks? Remember, she will hate you because of all the greasy-haired base guitar players who spluged one her and left her after a weekend of partying. She’s been passed as much as an A1 Steak Sauce bottle at the local Denny’s and she will secretly despise you for it.

part slut grows out of sleeping around

Think about it for a minute. I’m not sure how many of you have children, or how many are planning families, but are these the kinds of examples that you want your daughter to see? I try to limit my FB circle but if you have a large family (I do) and have a lot of work contacts (I do), they start to add up. I have maybe 200 or so FB “friends.” And so, if an average 16 year old American girl has 200 FB friends, she’s going to see 4 or so of these feminist propaganda cartoons EACH AND EVER DAY. And that’s not including all the propaganda she’ll see on TV, on the net and in magazines.

My Wife and I found out that we are having a daughter and the prospect of her being bombarded with so much of this propaganda is frightening. We’re thinking of how we will limit television, social contacts and be sure to have her spend summers with her Russian Grandparents. They will teach her how to act like a proper lady. Not some washed out, foul mouthed cum dumpster.


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Fat Shaming
Saturday Satire: Hot Russian Women

9 thoughts on “Celebrating low class values

  1. Keep it coming. This rebuke is needed if there is to be any hope for the hand that should be rocking the cradle in this country. Also listen to PAUL WASHER teaching on the subject. PAUL says that today men are encouraged to be feminine and women are encouraged to be anti-feminine.

  2. Have you noticed the increasing rate of female violence and aggression in the Anglosphere lately? Women behave like they are total bad asses in the west. As you can see this will only work in the west with a system, structure, and gov that will promote this type of behavior. You don’t see this kind of crap flourishing in a place like Iran, Cambodia, Peru, or the Dominican Republic. No, because her family, friends, or her BF wouldn’t put up with it and tell these chicks like it is…or show these so called princesses the door. You never see these strong independent types from the west running their mouths and violently getting in a man’s face in a place like Nigeria or Lebanon…I wonder why?

  3. This is very simplistic and simple-minded slapstick humor. Someone would have to be lacking in intelligence in order to think this was funny. It is also crude. I’ve noticed myself that unlike American women, Eastern European women think the same way that I do. I think they wouldn’t think this was funny for the same reason that I don’t. They are intelligent and well educated.

    • And to add to this , someone , had to think or come up , with all these “e-cards” .
      Was it a male or female?Someone old or young , very old , someone in his/her middle ages?

      A person , in a midlife crisis ??A person , who has lost , track of mind , or never has known , of how life was 40 , 30 years ago ?

      We all (sorry , not all – that is to say , when you are old enough) know , about the hippy time.
      Make LOVE – NOT WAR .Was the word.

      It was a revolution , in a more or less , still conservative society.I remember , that many elderly people (in those days) , shook their head , and were really upset , and surprised , of all the changes , that were taking place.

      It was a bit , like the same reaction , when rock `n roll , was getting very popular , and Elvis Presley , only made it , more vulgair.
      I guess , you know , what I mean.

      So , the people , behind these e-cards , are they really thinking , that the cards , are really funny??
      Or do they only see , the profit ?

      Is it , what they believe , that the (young) people of today , really need ?

      I don`t use FB , for privacy reasons , and my circle of friends , is not big.So , many of these images , I don`t see , or get a notion of.

      For this , and many more reasons , I prefer an EE woman , over a Western one.
      But , I believe , that in my country , feminism , may not be , that bad , as it can/may be in the US.

      And luckily , in my country , there are not , too many fat women.
      But my ideal woman , is in E Europe.


  4. I love this one.
    And there is a lot of feminism lately that highlights the popularity with being a total slut. Hey, great for guys who just want to bang chicks. But really, do you want to marry one of these skanks? Remember, she will hate you because of all the greasy-haired base guitar players who spluged one her and left her after a weekend of partying. She’s been passed as much as an A1 Steak Sauce bottle at the local Denny’s and she will secretly despise you for it.
    I just see this rotten attitude just beaming off the 30 some-things in our office. Slut partied in their teens and 20s just before hitting wall in their mid to late 20s. Moldy leftover meatloaf has more value but these chicks have the nerve to still think they would make a great wife and mother in the burbs.

  5. LOL And they wonder why most men don’t want to get married.

    Who’d want to marry an arrogant stuck-up bitch? No one. They deserve to die alone with their cats.

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