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Russian Woman video

I had a trackback (when someone posts a link to this blog on another website) from another website and when I went to read where the link was I came across this video in their discussion. I thought that it was a “nice” video and makes me think, “If there wasn’t any other reason to love Russian Women… well…

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Celebrating low class values
The perfect body

67 thoughts on “Saturday Satire: Hot Russian Women

  1. Hot!
    Another example of differences between western and non-western women is in the world of competitive sports. These are generalizations of course but you do notice a pattern in international female athletics.
    -American Tennis Players vs. Russian Tennis Players
    -American Beach Volleyball Players vs. Brazilian Beach Volleyball Players
    -American Rhythmic Gymnasts (guys stopping laughing…most American women are way to big for this sport) vs. Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnasts.
    …and so on you get the point…we could talk about female ballet dancers but why repeat ourselves?
    I also wonder which groups of these strong women are more likely to dress, act, and think like women when not competing in athletics?

  2. “Victoria’s Secret is widely recognized for their Angels, which appear in almost every ad
    campaign. Credited with launching the careers of the world’s most sought after supermodels,
    these ‘bombshells’ help target women ages 15 to 60. After interviewing a former employee of
    Victoria’s Secret, some unanswered questions were revealed. Kish explained that the ideal body
    type of a Victoria’s Secret model is a size 2, with bra size of about a 34C. Working in one of
    their many NYC locations, Kish noted that the Victoria’s Secret store on Lexington attracted
    white women around the age of 35. When asked about their interracial clientele, Kish responded,
    “Although Victoria’s Secret thinks they are interracial, their designs are only made for white
    women. Black women tend to need more support . . . most international customers were Russian
    or Brazilian because they tend to fit the Victoria’s Secret body type, tall with boobs”(Kish).”
    Kish, Jennifer L. Personal interview. 25 July 2010.

    Hey amigos. Was doing some marketing research when I came across this research piece and knew I had to share with you all. I am also going to post a youtube video of a Victoria Secret clip. My observations when watching this:
    1. VS is an American company but notice how high the percentage of foreign models are employed.
    2. Note in the clip that not one model bears the tatoos that have overtaken the arms, backs and legs of US women.
    3. Their two top veteran models, Alessandra and Adriana, have both given birth to two children.

    NOTE: I am not making any weight, dress size comparisons to western women. Why? “Sometimes words can be hopelessly inadequate.”

    • “Although Victoria’s Secret thinks they are interracial, their designs are only made for white
      women. Black women tend to need more support . . . most international customers were Russian
      or Brazilian because they tend to fit the Victoria’s Secret body type, tall with boobs”(Kish).”

      I think weight (obesity) has a lot to do with this. 40%of Brazilians could be considered mixed but obesity is not common. American women that are in the same ethnic/racial demographic group are usually obese. Contrast that group with mixed/black Cubans, Dominican, or Colombians, etc. again obesity is not common. Similar genes but totally different culture and attitude towards men.

      • I saw someone trying to claim that African Americans have a genetically higher propensity for heart disease. Oh really? Why is it that blacks (and whites) from southern states are twice the size as those from the Pacific Northwest? And the matching heart disease to go with it.

        Denial ain’t only the longest river in Africa and many many many Americans are in denial when it comes to weight and body shape.

        • Louisiana vs. France for example; in some parishes, towns, regions — in both countries — most of the people have the same genes but they don’t look the same! One group is supersized and the other is accused of being borderline anorexic.

          • How true is that. By the way, compare an average Southern African American to an African – huge weight difference. Same with a German girl from Oklahoma – much bigger than her counterpart in Berlin… its all about the calories and the lack of movement.

          • Some more nature or nurture examples…
            Pennsylvania or Ukraine
            Illinois or Poland
            New Jersey or Cuba
            Michigan or Finland
            …similar genes but light years apart in appearance and attitude towards men.
            So when women in the US say their grandparents are from blah blah blah it still doesn’t change the fact they were still raised to be feminist in America. The culture a girl was raised in has more of an impact than their genes. I once worked with a young American woman — early 20s of British, Scandinavian, Italian descent — after graduating from college that just seemed kind of odd — no feminist vibe, could dress well, and had a very nice body — compared to other American women the same age. I found out a couple weeks later after initially meeting her that she grew up — 100 percent immersion from toddler to late teens — in South America and went to the same private schools as the natives. American parents but she didn’t act like the typical American girl.

          • 184 pounds vs. 124 pounds
            How true is that. By the way, compare an average Southern African American to an African – huge weight difference. Same with a German girl from Oklahoma – much bigger than her counterpart in Berlin… its all about the calories and the lack of movement.
            “The average weight of (the black) women in the Chicago group was 184 pounds and women in the Nigeria group weighed 124 pounds on average.”
            “The Nigerian women typically followed a diet rich in fiber and carbohydrates; the Chicago (black) women, however, had diets that were high in fat and processed foods, ”


  3. Happy Easter Scott & Rodney!
    Hopefully all is well in both of your houses!
    VS body types are my ideal…as you noticed my comment above about rhythmic gymnasts and ballerinas. It’s hilarious how people –feminist men and women– in the west expect you to apologize for wanting this type…somehow there is something wrong with you for desiring young healthy Russian, Brazilian, Ukrainian, or Argentine women that are fertile?
    I don’t feel guilty for having this desire and never will.

  4. Thank you Seeker!! Appreciate your always wise comments and good wishes. We had a picture perfect Easter day last week, in the tulips of Holland. And tomorrow, since the weather is improving here, my wife wants us to take a stroll through the woods and have an Easter picnic. Happy Easter to you Scott, Alana and baby.

    • Thanks. It is amazing to me how at 3 months my Wife didn’t look pregnant at all. Russian standard for pregnancy is to gain NO MORE THAN 22 pounds. Most American women are already 22 pounds overweight.

      • I fear that number has probably jumped to 35 pounds for most American women on the coasts. The deep south and Midwest is probably 100 pounds.
        Oh but she’s tall and lifts weights…Oh really? There’s no reason for a woman to weigh over 160 pounds.

    • Yes! Unfortunately, I get a LOT of emails and while I try to answer them all, I don’t always have enough time. I recommend that questions be posted to the Forum – in this way, everyone can read the replies and benefit from them.

  5. Hi Scott,

    No problem.

    I was only mostly asking because you said that you would respond to my first series about my questions for my class trip in an upcoming post in the next few days.


    William Cavers

  6. Hi Scott did you see my post on Best time to visit in the Western Women Suck Forums?

    Get back to me when you have a chance


    William Cavers

  7. Hi Scott,

    I have met two foreign women who were from Columbia and from Russia. They were both very friendly. I also have had a Russian woman as teacher and she was cute for a woman in her 40’s. I have noticed that two Russian women that I have met were very reserved, but once I got to know them they were very sweet and friendly and had great sense of humour. The Columbian girl I met was much more outgoing and warm right from the start. I guess this has to do with cultural differences.

    I am going on a trip to Russia with classmates for a class trip to St. Petersburg in two years and I was wondering what the nightclubs were like. I here that unlike the guys in South America, the Russian/ Eastern European guys do not like or really know how to dance and me and my buddies do. How will the girls in Russia treat me and the other guys?

    Also I heard on single travel dude (a website linked to this one that there are alot of milfs and cougars in Russia). Is this true?

    I have heard that even thought this is a male-dominated workplace and the women can take a compliament, there are some female bosses. My question is are they hot?

    Finally is there any beaches near St. Petersburg to meet girls?

    Any questions or comments from Scott or anyone else would be much thanked



    • Nightclubs in Russia/Ukraine are on par with the best in LA, Vegas and New York. It is more like a Victoria’s Secret show than a night club. Its not cheap though.

    • Alana says, “There are nice girls at night clubs in Russia, but they aren’t there to meet Men. They are there to dance and have a fun time.” She recommends that the best place to meet girls “spontaneously,” you should go to “Nevsky Prospect.” It is the walking street in St. Pete’s. She says in the evening you’ll see many beautiful Women there that you can talk to, chat up a conversation and maybe have a cup of coffee.

      • Alana says, “There are nice girls at night clubs in Russia, but they aren’t there to meet Men. They are there to dance and have a fun time.”

        Maybe I got the wrong impression, but I always thought that a nightclub was place where you can dance with girls and have a fun time. Does this mean that the girls at clubs just want to dance and have a fun time there by themselves? I thought there were nice girls. This sounds like snobby girls that reject guys in American/ Western nightclubs!


      • This isn’t my blog and in no way do I have any say about anything here. Freedom of speech for sure. However, I am getting a bit dismayed here that some of the very recent contributors sound more like single guys in search of a “good time.” Personally, that’s why I am not here. I want to help guys who are in search of a wife, and perhaps are heading down the wrong paths, such as the ones I am starting to read about (bars, singledude sites). If it continues down this path, I’ll probably drop out. Like I said, Freedom of Speech and Choice, so I’ll be making my own free choice. I think I have already posted enough anyway.

        • Alana says, “There are nice girls at night clubs in Russia, but they aren’t there to meet Men. They are there to dance and have a fun time.”

          Maybe I got the wrong impression, but I always thought that a nightclub was place where you can dance with girls and have a fun time. Does this mean that the girls at clubs just want to dance and have a fun time there by themselves? I thought they were nice girls. This sounds like snobby girls that reject guys in American/ Western nightclubs!

          I do not know your age, but you seem like a nice guy.

          You are right about guys jsut wanting to have a good time, but thing is me and friends are young guys and we want to meet girls and dance.

          I mean read Alana’s commentAlana says, “There are nice girls at night clubs in Russia, but they aren’t there to meet Men. They are there to dance and have a fun time.”

          If they are going to dance are just going to dance by themselves.

          I just want to know if there is any place for guys to dance with girls.

          I have guys I know that have gone Columbia and danced with the girls in clubs down.

          I have no problem meeting girls on the street, or in library because I am college and love to read and I love to go for walk.

          I am Christian so I could go to a church and meeting girls there.

          The thing is do not tell you have never been to a disco or place where guys and girls danced. This stuff has been common since before World War II. Dancing has been around for generations.

          I do not want to be a jerk, but do think dancing is wrong or sinful. If you do that that is your choice, but I think that is a little bit extreme.

          Thanks and take care,

          William Cavers

        • Rodney, I appreciate your comment. Let me respond.

          I only recently discovered the Single Dude Travel website. And while I don’t go for everything that they post, they have – in my opinion – some good travel advice and a view of life that is outside of the typical American:

          Go to college, get job, marry feminist woman, have a few kids, she gets fat, you get no sex, she leaves you for the bass quitar player of some front band, you raise the kids alone,” routine.

          I often read sites that I do and don’t agree with, I look at different info and I try to find the truth in there somewhere.

          The reason that I linked to that site (and I’m sure that its the reason they linked to WWS) is that we have some overlap in readership. More on that in a minute.

          Lets draw a parallel here for a minute:

          I’m a big traveler. I enjoy the “do it yourself” backpack adventures and I also love a good 4 or 5 star tour (think Princess Cruises or an Ambercrombie and Fitch tour). On either ‘vacation’ you’re sure to find a different kind of traveler. In the former, you might find a more “dropped out of society” kind of person, maybe someone who is counter-culture, tree hugger, pot smoker, never owned a home and thinks of work as a means to an end rather than their life. Take the 5 star tour traveler, this might be a doctor or lawyer or maybe a real estate developer. This person lives to work and likes to maximize their vacation time because they only get a few short weeks every year. Their priority is as much bang for the buck in as short an amount of time as possible. The pot-smoking surfer drop out is more interested in taking as much time as possible while on vacation. They’re willing to live in sub-standard housing so that they can remain on holiday for months at a time.

          I’ve traveled with both types. They are as different as night and day.

          And, if you look at surfer dude’s travel website, might you find a link to a website of a 5 star tour hosted by someone he met while on vacation? Sure. Because, maybe some of his readers occasionally want to splurge and have a “champagne and caviar” vacation. And would someone who reads the Abercrombie website want to know about a backpacker website? Sure, maybe they want to get away from the geriatric-laden tour bus and do some real “off the beaten path” trekking.

          And so, the two cultures will cross over from time to time.

          Now, lets look at the readership of SDT and WWs. The name “Single Dude” says a lot and it says that this site is geared towards single Men whereas my blog is all about finding a foreign bride. But, does this mean that there isn’t any overlap in readership? Lets take the case of Karl (name changed) who reads this blog. He is 52, 3 kids, all out of the house. He came home to find a note that his Wife is “done” being a housewife and wants a divorce to “go find herself.” He was depressed at first then came to realize that he’s not dead. He could still find another shot at love. He decided to log in to some Eastern European dating agency websites but despite talking to some lovely ladies, he realizes that he still has feelings for his X wife. Even though he knows it won’t work out, he knows that he’s not ready to move on. He has decided to take a sabbatical, travel to Eastern Europe and “get over” the X while growing his confidence and learn a little about himself. Maybe some stories in SDT are exactly what he needs.

          And lets say that there is a single dude who normally reads SDT and he’s been around the world a few times and he’s had a great time but he’s getting a little burned out on the party lifestyle. He has come to the conclusion that he wants to find the woman of his dreams and to settle down and have a family. He clicks the link to this website and finds what he’s looking for.

          So, don’t worry if there are others, looking for things other than you. Know that the majority of the readers here (at least those who come back), are looking for what I (and others) have found: a traditional Woman who you can share a life with.

          Thanks for visiting. Hope to have you back often and soon.

        • Rodney,
          Your contributions here will always be appreciated by most of the regular readers of this blog.
          I desire a great wife and healthy children…so I already know what my endgame is…a happy family. It’s just that her maiden name will end with something like an “oza” or “ova” and she was raised to be a real woman.
          I wouldn’t worry too much…that PUA crap only works in the femi-nazi west.
          My search for my future bride is still in progress.

          • Hi Seeker ,

            A reaction on this guys video , from me.I never knew , who he was , or what he did , until yesterday night , when I stumbled on more info , from him.

            I`m not sure , if you has seen that also.Furthermore , he wrote a book , about , how to “bang” women , in Ukraine!!!

            I believe , that it is , in that respect , that he made the video , of his embarrassing failed tries.

            For this book, and other reasons , he was on Ukraine tv show.He even did require , the help of a local guy.
            To whom , he apparently lied , about his real intentions.

            I`m not sure , if you have seen this tv show.Also , in the show , is appearing , the tv journalist , who was disturbed , by some Dutch fans , of the Dutch football team , in Kharkov , in 2012 , when we had the European Football Championship.

            Not sure , if this footage , was also shown , on American tv.
            Furthermore , there was a commercial , on Dutch tv , that warned , Dutch women , to NOT let their men go , to Ukraine , because , there are soooooooooo many beautiful ladies there.

            A short part from that ad , is also in the vid.

            So , all in all , it gave me an other impression, of this guy.Not sure , what to think of him!

            For those , who didn`t see the tv show , I add the link here.



          • I have to agree Paul,
            Saw the vid. Even though I don’t like a lot of his antics and actions, he does bring up some very valid points. It is interesting that he had adapt to the environment in Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe because the women there are different. In general, a man has to date them and treat them like ladies before they will even consider any type of sexual advancement. In my opinion these type of women are gems and would make great wives and mothers.
            As for me, Latina or Slavic? I don’t know but what I do know, I don’t want a western woman for a wife or the mother of my future children.

  8. Hi Scott and anyone who wants to try answering my questions,

    If you do not have time to answer all of my questions I understand.

    The most important question(s) is the question about Russian girls either in nightclubs or on meet beaches or anywhere else and how they might treat me and the rest of the guys in my class if we tried to meet or talk with them and how willing they might be to dance with us in nightclubs.



  9. I get that there are better beaches in Kiev Ukriane than in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    I also get that Russia/ Ukriane nightclubs are expensive.

    I have had friends that have went to places like Columbia where they danced with girls in some clubs.

    Is there any cheap places where guys can go to dance with girls?

    There must be some dance events put on by churches, or local colleges or universities.

    Dancing is a big deal in a place like Columbia and I have heard that if you know salsa that you fill always have a full dance card in Columbia/ South America.

    Do Russian girls not like to dance with guys? I would hope that this would not be the case. I always thought that all girls loved to dance

    Thanks for your help and advice,

    William Cavers

    • In Ukraine, I went to a “Salsa night” at one of the night clubs and the guys who could dance salsa just cleaned up – all of the beautiful Ukrainian Women wanted to dance with them. I cursed myself at that moment for never learning salsa.

  10. Thanks for your help Scott!

    Unfortunately, I can not dance salsa but there has to be other types of dances that they do.

    Maybe traditional Russian or Ukrianian folk dances.

    I rememember dancing at a wedding a few years and I danced pretty good.

    Whatever work right?

    Thanks and take


  11. One more question I just thought of how do you greet Russian girls when meeting them: with a handshake or a kiss cheek (that how its done in Europe right)?



  12. Hi Scott,

    I have two more questions and that is bascially all my questions answered:

    I have heard that there is alot of milfs and cougars in Russia/Ukriaine from Single Travel Dude. Is this true?

    I have also heard on you website (Western Women Suck) that the workplace is male dominated and the women can take a compliament. However, I know from reading your website that your wife is a female bosses. Are bosses common in Russia/ Ukraine/ Eastern Europe. I have heard that there quite a few female bosses in Belarus. My question is are they hot?

    Thanks for your help and maybe I will met you and or your wife Alana on my class trip to Russia.


    William Cavers

  13. oNE MORE question I just thought of:

    I should not smile when I first meet a Russian or Ukrainian or Eastern European and wait until to know them before I smile such at the second encounter.


    William Cavers

  14. I have read information about meeting in Russia. From what I read and from I have heard from others that have been overseas, EASTERN Europeans, especially Russians and Ukrianians can appear very cold in the streets and when you first me then but are more friendly and approachable once you get to know them. No doubt many years of communism has made this way regardless of their culture. Different countires and cultures are more outgoing and some like Russia and Ukrainae are more reserved initally. I get what you are saying now.

    Also the PUA guys like Deangleo have some good points, but many are obivious, just not in our Western culture.

    However, I think the PUA concept is really stupid. What would are grandparents or parents? The idea of paying a guy thousands of dollars to learn to talk to girls is something that never existend when our parents and grandparents were growing. I believed advice is great for both genders. but sometimes it is best to learn by trail and error just like those who can before us. Things worked out fine for them.

    Also I copied and pasted this article from Single Travel Dude about the PUA Scam:

    The Pickup Artist Scam
    by Boris · February 10, 2011

    Over the last ten years or so, an industry which has been becoming more and more mainstream is that of the “pickup artist” or “dating consultant.” The industry has been popularized by Neil Strauss’ excellent memoir, The Game and the VH1 show The Pickup Artist, featuring Mystery, probably the best known of these so called “pickup artists” or PUAs. Over the past 10 years this “industry” has spread like cancer, largely via the internet. Just google “pickup artist”, “pua”, or “seduction community” to see what I’m talking about.

    This industry is populated with a host of so-called “experts” who claim to be able to teach guys how to meet and be successful with women. They charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for their products, which include DVDs and live, in-person “bootcamps” where they claim they will teach even the most slovenly loser to be a Cassanova in a matter of days.

    Although we here at Single Dude Travel do not want to be associated with PUAs in any way, we have read a lot of their material. Some of them have some valid general points but many give terrible advice and charge an outrageous amount of money for it. In general I think that PUAs are modern day snake oil salesman.

    If you are a total disaster with women you need to clean up your own act and fix yourself before you can learn how to pickup chicks. If you don’t start from a base of self-confidence and a happy and fulfilling life PUA material is going to turn you into to some kind of weird, creepy social robot. Hell, most of the PUA guys admit that they were social rejects before they found their particular magic formula. The reality is most of the guys are just selling a bunch of useless CDs, DVDs and books that all say the same basic thing in different words for absolutely outrageous prices. In my opinion you are much better off just getting your shit together (job, finances, health & fitness, hobbies, etc.) and then going out and meeting a lot of people. If you are a cool, grounded, down to earth person you will meet more than a enough chicks through the course of your normal life especially if you follow our advice and put yourself in the right places at the right times.

    To prove my point let’s take a look at some of these guys. This toolbox calls himself Tyler Durden. Besides the fact that he looks, acts and sounds like a total douchebag, you have to ask yourself whether or not he’s really telling you anything you can’t figure out yourself. Besides using fancy words like “personality matrixes” (the plural is matrices, douchebag) and “irreverence lens” to describe a simple concept like “confidence is sexy” what does he really have to say? Use a condom? Don’t get fat? Carbs make you fat? Seriously? Who is paying this guy for advice?

    Here is a perfect [cartoon] example of the kind of social rejects The Mystery Method often produces. The cartoon dude is trying to pull off a pickup using the advice from the book pretty much verbatim.

    How about this loser, “London Paladin,” do I even need to comment?

    Mehow? Are you fucking kidding me? Another one destined for

    Here is another one from “Tyler Durden.” Listen to his lame attempt to explain why you have to keep buying his shitty DVDs, CDs and books. If these guys developed the magic method to get any girl you want 5 years ago or more, as they might have you believe, what’s the need for a new version? These guys were already supposedly gods with women, why not just keep doing that? Could it be because this shit doesn’t really work, or to the degree that it does work it only works for a short period of time until the legions of followers these dumbasses have start going out and repeating the cheesy lines and routines verbatim to the point that every single chick knows them? I’d say so. I’d also say that his comment about “backwards engineering” sounds suspiciously like he learns his new cheesy pickup lines and routines from his “sutdents,” then writes new versions of his bullshit and sells it for outrageous prices.

    Last but not least you have Gunwitch, aka Allen Robert Reyes who allegedly shot a 20 year old girl in the face recently…

    The choice is yours but I would highly recommend you avoid this whole PUA scene like the plague other than perhaps reading The Game and another book or two of your choice just to get the general overview. Then again you can get most of this retarded “PUA” shit online for free…

    • I believe that the PUA game is a waste of time for the simple reason that it really only works on insecure women, women with Daddy issues and women who have histories of abuse. Certainly no one you want to marry. And if you’re looking to just get laid, good luck. That game is a short play. If you’re looking for a long term committed relationship with a quality woman, you’ll need to be coming with your “A” game.

      However, DeAngelo is valuable not for his advice on how to run the PUA. His insights into the differences between the Man’s and woman’s brains is quite insightful. He gives factual ideas and suggestions on how to be more confident and how to act in such a way that all women will find you more desirable. In other words, how to be more confident and how to bring your A game. For this reason, I suggest that you read him.

  15. Me and my buddies want to meet, dance, hang out, party and maybe even date girls. We will only be in Russia for two months.

    Thanks and take care

    William Cavers

  16. Hi Scott,

    Would this information copied and posted below in this would this be helpful overseas?

    From the article that I have been directed to…

    • A bit long for the comments section. Would appreciate just a reference to the article; not the whole thing. Better yet, I think that the Forums would be even better! :-)

      • Hi Scott, and Seeker and Everybody Else,
        I have post my questions in
        Western Women Suck Forums › Western Women Suck › Eastern European Women
        What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

        I will look for your relpys.

        Thanks and take care,

        William Cavers

  17. Me and my buddies want to meet, dance, hang out, party and maybe even date girls. We will only be in Russia for two months.

    How much Russian is required in St. Petersburg?

    Does one need to be fleut in Russian or just know the basics?

    Would there be any English-speaking Russian girls in St. Petersburg?

    Thanks and take care

    William Cavers

  18. Hi Scott,

    By similing I was just refering to being friendly and flirting with girls. I understand that things are different overseas especially in Russia/ Ukraine and Belarus until you get to know somebody. i HAVE Probably said it before but I have heard that Eastern European, especailly in the old Soviet Union can be cold when you first meet them or on the street but open up once you see them at parties and homes and once you get to know them beyond the initial encounter

    Is this true?

    Thanks and take care

    William Cavers

  19. I know your wife is a boss. I was just curious what of kind of company is she a boss for and what do you do for work yourself?


  20. Hi Scott,

    It must be hard for you and your wife to get time together with her being a company boss and you doing your job. How do you do it and still maintain your relationships together?

    Do you live in the United States or Russia?

    I know that you prefer websites over marriage agencies. Have you heard of Dream Connections run by Mark Davis and his Ukrainian wife Anna, and or have you heard of Tony Bochene? Both of them have their own website and give advice and romance tours. They also claim that dating websites are mostly a poor way to meet quality women. Why do you prefer websites over group tours as a way of meeting women? How do you know who you are talking to is really who they are without meeting them in person?

    Finally, would a woman from the former Soviet Union mind living in a smaller town, even if she was from a bigger town?

    Thanks and take care,

    William Cavers

    • Interesting article.
      I wonder if this means Odessa and other busy local spots are going to become too expensive to visit?

      • It depends , what you want.When opting for a hotel , in the high season , yes , it can get very costly.

        In June , July and August , prices are rather high.And , sometimes , the temperature , can get high also.Better visit , before , or after these months.

        In my opinion , it is oke , to book a hotel , for some days.Then later , ask the hotel desk , to book you , a more cheap apartment.For the rest of your stay.

        That`s what I did , on my first trip.I also , let the hotel , pick me up from the airport.Although , the translator , was coming , to pick me up , also.

        But , being there for the first time , I just wouldn`t take to many risks.And , also not speaking , any Russian.The hotel receptionist and the driver , could speak English.

        But , yes , I wouldn`t wait too long , before making the trip over there.Competition is growing , in Odessa (just my vieuw ).


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