Seth Update: Visa Approved

The perfect body
Saturday Satire: Before and after marriage


Between this that and the other, I wanted to drop by and inform everyone that the Visa has been approved!  Taking only a blazing 16 days to come through, I am expecting to schedule the trip over to retrieve her sometime in June.  I plan coming back through Chicago, but I also like Texas GWB airport, so I’ll just have to see how the plane tickets work out.

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In the meantime, we continue in the holding pattern of waking each other off and constant communication via whatever means we’re using at the time.  Today we went for a walk and fed the ducks (via Viber video) and talked about everything from video games to bedsheets.  It’s great to have a girl who thinks you’re the best (and will be “offended” if you berate yourself) and is willing to do anything for you.  It makes you feel like a million bucks to finally have the girl who will treat you with the same care and attention that you are willing to invest into her.

As a final note, regarding the next most recent posting by Alana, it’s nice to have something closer to exhibit A (the first picture) as compared to the local variety exhibit B.

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The perfect body
Saturday Satire: Before and after marriage

5 thoughts on “Seth Update: Visa Approved

  1. Seth, Scott, any other poster on this sight that is married to a quality non-western woman. I’m green with envy.

    After reading this post and Alana’s. It’s true! I am still a feminist and I have a long way to go as far as deprogramming myself.

    Kudos to Mr. and Mrs. Connor!

  2. You wrote in February that the paperwork was submitted – in this post you said the visa was approved in 16 days.

    Can you give us some more details as to what/which visa(s) you’re referring to? A quick brief on the whole process would be helpful! :-)

    • Certainly. This is the K-1 marriage visa, a process that usually takes about 6 months. Ours is going to only take 4 months.

      The end of February I gave my end of the paperwork to the Lawyer (a Russian lady in CA) who filled out the necessary documents for us and then a sent us the application to receive our signatures. After receiving signatures from her and myself, the lawyer then sent the whole package the government application distribution center in Tennessee near the middle of March.

      The govmernment decided that they wanted to send it the CA processing center (we lucked out) so it went back to CA, and a week later I got a letter saying the CA center had received the application and had begun the approval process on March 27. Expecting it to take at least three weeks, I checked back about April 15th and found out that our application had been approved in the second week in April. Couldn’t really ask for a faster turnaround.

      The next step will be for the approval documents to arrive in Kiev and for her to make an appointment to be interviewed by the embassy to a. Prove her identity (US Visa probably worth a lot on the black market) b. Medical exam (no Eboloa) c. background check (not a wanted felon) and d. my tax returns (won’t be on the gov’t dole, nevermind the illegal immigrants….)

      Should happen in the next 2-3 weeks, and after the interview it’s Visa in hand and off to my country at the soonest time I can come to collect her (June).

      • Wow , wow , Seth ,

        Man are you moving fast.But I am really happy for the both of you.

        Yes , I understand pretty well , how you feel right now.And I am sure , your girlfriend , feels the same.

        I wish you 2 the best of luck.


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